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John was wrapping presents in his room- it was the only space not taken over by Sherlock's experiments, and even that had been a hard-won battle- and singing Christmas carols to himself, when a tapping came at his window.

Turning with his gun already in hand, he relaxed slightly when he saw that it was only his boyfriend tapping at the glass wanting in. Resisting the urge to shoot him anyway- he so deserved it after what John had recently learned- he doctor stood to let the man in.

Returning to his wrapping without a word, John attempted to ignore Jim until he would go away on his own- that of course would never happen.

"What? No welcome back kiss?" Wrapping his arms around the shorter man he tried to kiss at John's neck, only to be shrugged off by the ex-soldier.

"Don't you want me anymore, Johnny?" Jim said in a teasing manner. Getting no reply, he crawled into the middle of John's wrapping supplies.

"Don't tell me you're still mad about my cancelling our date last week? I told you: South American drug lords are a very unstable bunch. I had to go myself." When John still hadn't moved to make eye contact, Jim pulled his chin up with a gentle finger.

"You believe me, right? Please say something John." Looking up into big brown eyes, John could feel himself melt.

But he had to be firm on this, he reminded himself, he could not back down on this issue no matter how much he just wanted Jim to fix it for him. So steeling himself, John took a breath to answer.

"I'm not mad that you had an emergency business meeting to attend on another continent."

"Then tell Daddy what's wrong so he can make it all better."

"I met Sebastian Moran." Jim visibly tensed at this.

"Is it really true that you never broke off with him even after starting to date me?" When Jim refused to make eye contact John knew it to be true, and it hurt just as much as he expected it to.

"I don't cheat on my lovers Jim, and I don't date those who do. So long as you can't chose it's over between us." As Jim sat there, making no attempt to move or verbally defend himself, John decided to take a break.

Making his way to the kitchen for tea, John wondered what he would do without Jim in his life. Probably finally go crazy living with Sherlock, he thought.

Finishing his tea, the doctor headed back upstairs to his now empty room. This is what you wanted, he told himself, there is no need to feel like someone has kicked you in the gut. Finishing his wrapping, John crawled into bed. He was just too tired now to deal with anything else.

The next night, at the annual Christmas party Mrs. Hudson forced them to throw, John found a large package under the tree marked for him. Opening it he smiled.

He could see the appeal to the blonde sniper, he really could. The man was tall, ruggedly handsome and an incredible marksman. And if his head had still been attached to his body instead of sitting in this box, John would have said that he paired better with Jim than a broken down ex-army doctor.

As Sherlock asked if he could keep it, and Lestrade had hysterics about how it was evidence of a crime, John wandered off to make a phone call. After all, it was Christmas and he should spend it with his boyfriend.