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He was the last.

Sure, Harry had known this was coming for years. Ever since he had died the second time things just had not been the same. Dying the third time just put everything in perspective. None of the hundreds of times he died did anything to change the truth. Not only had he stopped aging somewhere in his 20s, but Harry Potter, Master of Death, was well and truly immortal.

So in reality he had known this day was coming. All the signs were there. First he was the last of his friends, they had all moved on without him. He was there for each of his loved ones, with a respectful nod to Death each time. Yes, Harry was Death's Master but he had to respect the work ethic.

Centuries later he was the last Magical person alive. While Harry was immune to everything up to and including death, the rest of the magical populace were not so lucky. The newest Dark Lord had the brilliant plan of creating a magical plague which spread through the magical communities of the world leaching the magical cores of every witch or wizard it could find, those lucky enough to live were stripped bare of their magic. Harry still couldn't guess the plan of said Dark Lord, he was the first victim of the plague but not the last.

And so came the day when Harry Potter was the last human on Earth. An utterly unfortunate series of events beginning with the pluck of a flower and ending global annihilation left Harry looking over an empty world feeling positively nostalgic as the minutes counted down.

Over two thousand years spent wandering, learning and just generally living. He'd fought in too many wars to count, read every book,and graced the beds of lovers around the planet. Harry had seen the best (and worst) of all the world had to offer.

"3...2...1...Happy Birthday, Harry" He whispered to himself.

And so it was on his 2,011th birthday that Harry left. And that really is where our story beings after all. For when dealing a improbability apparation with no chance of a set destination, one never knows where, or when, one might land.

Harry landed with a stumble, barely catching himself from falling to the ground.

After years spent researching he was finally able to test his newest and most impressive spell to date. The Improbability Apparition theory had come to him while reading a story that featured a ship that could travel impossible distances in the blink of an eye, the only trouble is you never knew where you were going to end up, or which species you would be when you got there.

After patting himself to ensure every bit was accounted for, and that he was in fact still human, Harry took in his new surroundings for the first time. The first thing he noticed was that it was hot, steam seemed to rise from the very ground. Harry was standing in a to be a small alcove, he followed his senses into a large cavern. Cells lined the walls three stories high, all of the floors were men covered in dirt and wearing rags. Of all the places he could have ended up, it looked like Harry had landed in prison. Sometimes he really did have the worst luck.

Inmates were standing along the rim of the large cave staring at what appeared to be a large, muscular man chained by his wrists from a long cord falling from a whole in the the ceiling. As Harry stood in the shadows, he watched the man pull himself up by his arms until he was upside down, he left himself fall using the momentum to spring himself back up wrapping the cord around his waist as he did so. The prisoners began to bang on the bars and rails as they were all captivated by the sight. Using his legs and arms he spun on the cord going higher and higher, his muscles rippling in the low light of the cave as he went.

As he gained enough height, the man let go of the cord and spun down the cord unraveling around his waist until the force of the decent snapped the chain connecting the shackles at his wrists. The man flipped off the cord and landed fifteen feet below in a crouched position in the center of the pit.

Being the Master of Death had changed Harry in several ways through out his life. He had long since come to accept that death is a part of life, and moved on to revel in death. That is not to say he had become evil but he had grown to appreciate death in much the same way as one would an artistic masterpiece.

Though he preferred magical combat, Harry himself had trained and mastered all the arts his lean body would allow, and had never seen a man come close to his level. This man was incredible, in every movement he made you could see the raw animalistic fury lying just beneath his golden skin. This was a predator who could not be tamed, and would kill anyone who tried.

While Harry was struggling with his libido, one of the prisoners came running at the man with a piece of metal. The man punched the prisoner in the throat and tossed him over his shoulder as if he were weightless. Another prisoner came running at his back and without even turning around the man grabbed the prisoner around the neck and slammed him on the ground.

Harry moaned low in his throat and subtly adjusted himself. The man whipped around to stare straight at Harry, who got his first full look at the bald man. He was tall and his impressive chest rising as he inhaled, muscles glistening with sweat. The lethally gorgeous man had full lips made for sin, but was wearing blackout goggles so Harry couldn't see his eyes.

As a ghost of a smirk played across those sinful lips, Harry couldn't help but think. Maybe my luck isn't so bad after all.

5 years he had been in hiding. 5 years without a merc breathing down his neck. 5 years on an arctic wasteland. Hell, he had almost missed the excitement. When a ship showed up looking for him he ghosted the crew after finding there was a new 1.5mil bounty on his head from Helion Prime.

5 years ago the holy man Imam, a young girl named Jack, and Riddick were the only survivors of a ship wreck on a distant planet where the only thing living were the monsters. There was only one man he told where he might end up, a holy man looking for New Mecca. Lesson learned, Riddick thought, no such word as friend. Can only end badly when you let someone get too close. Bad for them. Riddick took the ship and went to find his answers.

When Riddick had arrived in Helion Prime, he found Imam. The bounty on his head was placed there by an Air Elemental, envoy of the Elemental Race. She told Riddick of a race of being called Necromongers on a voyage to a place called Underverse. Along the way they visited planets converting people along the way. Those who failed to convert were killed, the planets destroyed,

A man called the Lord Marshall was leading this Necomonger army across the universe and none could stand against him. Aereon, the Air Elemental, told Riddick of a prophecy the Lord Marshall had commissioned that stated a warrior from Furya would be the only one who could stop him. After hearing this the Lord Marshall ordered all Furyans killed even babies, who were strangled with their own umbilical cords.

Before anymore could be said, Helion Prime soldiers stormed the home looking a spy thought to have come in on a stolen merc craft earlier that day. Before they could capture Riddick the Necromongers invaded the capital resulting in his capture. Riddick was found to be a survivor of the Furyan genocide but escaped before they could kill him. Once outside the ship he was captured by one of the mercs whose ship he had stolen.

A few hidden well placed suggestions and now here he was hanging in the middle of a pit on a triple max prison, the no daylight slam Crematoria. Imam had told Riddick of how after he left Jack had gone wild, and eventually ended up in this hell hole.

As Riddick worked to free himself of the chains he could hear the prisoners below, vultures looking for an easy meal. The chain snapped and Riddick dropped to the ground below, quickly putting down those who ran forward to challenge him. Did not know who they were fucking with, Riddick thought.

A low moan, out of place in the chaos of the prisoners, caught his attention and Riddick turned to see man in the shadows. The man himself was just as out of place as the noise he made. He was small, clean, his dark hair falling to his shoulders. The mans pale young face was staring straight at Riddick, wearing a look of hunger. A quick glance down made Riddick smirk.

Another inmate came running at Riddick's back but before he could get far a chain came out of the darkness wrapping around his neck, flinging him to the stone ground. Riddick ripped of his goggles and searched the darkness and saw a woman holding the chain. Jack.

"There are inmates and there are convicts." Riddick turned to see a man on one of the floors of cells was speaking. When he turned back to see Jack she was gone. "A convict has a certain code, and he knows to show a certain respect. An inmate on the other hand pulls the pin on his fellow man. Does the guards work for him. Brings shame to the game. So...which are you going to be?"

"Me." Riddick said, "I'm just passing through."

As Harry watched the man fade into the shadows, he wanted to follow. To find out more about this man who called him so, but sadly business before pleasure. Activating his invisibility cloak, he took a running jump and grabbed the rope in the center of the room that the man had been chained to. Relishing in the physical work to rid himself of the pent up...energy... watching the man had left him with.

After the final battle all those years ago when Harry had gotten rid of the Hallows, he believed that was the end of them. Until they started popping up wherever Harry went, always appearing the same way: the Invisibility Cloak folded into a a triangle, the Elder Wand placed down the center, the Resurrection Stone balanced on the wand. For years Harry ignored them when they popped up every few months. It was startling, but no one else ever saw them so he felt safe just walking away. He ignored them when they showed up on his bed and in his breakfast. But eventually Harry grew frustrated, the final straw was when they shimmered into existence on his chest in the middle of sex.

Furious he'd grabbed the Hallows to shove them to the floor, but as soon he touched them a burning pain shot through his spine. Gasping in pain, Harry had looked down at the Hallows to find them gone. It was a few days before he had realized that the Hallows had bonded to his core resulting in his wandless magic, the ability to turn invisible at will and to bring people back from the dead. The last was the hardest to deal with but he found if people were brought back for less than 24 hours they would not lose themselves. This was was Harry guessed he had stopped aging, at 25. Though because of his height, build and fair features people always assumed he was a teenager.

As Harry finally reached the platform above he heard voices speaking.

"I'm telling you, boss. He's trouble, I can smell it."

"And I told you Antonin, Riddick is the biggest payday we have had since they brought in that merc bitch."

"Boss, you gotta see this," another voice came from further back. "Look. They are coming our way, boss. Following an ion trail straight to us."

"That is the trail left by these new mercs. They must be after the Riddick."

"I told you, boss. Trouble."

"Shut it, Antonin. How long do we have?"

By now Harry was inside what looked to be a wardens office. There were about 4 men in the office. Harry read the surface thoughts of one of the guards to find out where he was. Crematoria, highest security prison built under a volcanic planet. Once the sun rose the planet was a mine field, and anyone on the surface was boiled alive. Nice place.

"I'd say two days, if we're lucky," the other guard replied.

"OK. Start packing. I want everything ready in time. We should make it out before they get here"

"What about the prisoners, boss?"

The man in charge scoffed. "What about them?"

To that there was no reply as the guards were rushing to pack. Harry slid back down the cord to the ground below. Just as he touched ground a loud buzzer rang. Convicts began running, and he could hear growling and snarling. Unconcerned he went in search of his Riddick, hearing screams and the ripping of flesh as he went. Well, serving them for dinner will certainly keep the masses terrified.

When he did find Riddick, his goggles were off and he was crouched over a large grey cat with spiky scales instead of fur. There was a terrified man in a cell staring at them with astonishment, leading Harry to believe this was not normal behavior for the purring beast. Another alarm sounded, and the beast got up to leave but not before it's body turned red then jumping and snarling at the man in the cell who cried out and backed away in fear as the cat tried to reach him. The prisoner looked at Riddick in confusion.

"It's an animal thing." Riddick growled in response.

Harry moaned again. Oh, Merlin that voice! The cat at the cage heard Harry and whipped around sprinting straight at him. Harry braced his legs and caught the beast against his chest. The excited cat began licking his face making Harry laugh and pat the cats scaly flank.

"Off! You beast." Harry laughed pushing the cat to ground. The cat rolled over and presented his belly to Harry who laughed again and reached down to pet him. After a moment a loud grumble came from the cat. "You hungry, Spike?"

Harry stood and the cat got to his feet with him. Harry walked over to the cell with the man inside and with a silent command the lock sprang free and Harry swung the door open. "Here you go, Spike. Hurry so you don't get in trouble for being late."

As the cat prowled inside, Harry ignored the pleading man and went to find his own prey. Riddick was standing at the end of the walkway staring at Harry with curiosity. Harry finally got a look at the mans eyes. They were the color of mercury with no pupil, but seemed to change color slightly as and looked pointedly at the man being devoured and tilted his head slightly to the side in a silent question.

"It's a Master thing," Harry shrugged and strode closer.