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"What is the status of the boy?" The Queen of Naboo looked to the sleeping young man submerged in the bacta tank, having been transferred once his natural healing abilities had finally allowed him to be safely moved. His own regenerative capabilities - which by themselves were already extensive - had been accelerated even further. Never before had the Queen, or anyone on the medical staff, seen anything like this. It was a curiosity, and Amidala had found herself taking any spare moment she could find to come and monitor the blonde's progress.

His burns were now completely gone, and his skin had taken on a much healthier tone. His hair had grown back to what everyone assumed was its natural length, and showed no signs of lasting damage. Despite the boy's age, which couldn't have been more than thirteen years, he seemed to have fairly toned, lean musculature. Captain Panaka immediately had been able to pick that out, pointing out to the Queen that the boy was obviously built as a fighter.

"His wounds and burns have almost completely healed. Remarkable for only three days," The medical head announced. "But he has not regained consciousness. His brain activity seems to fluctuate in patterns I've never encountered. Whatever he's thinking of in there, it's quite erratic." The Queen, her face a blank, unreadable mask, simply turned back to the boy within the tank.

"I want to know immediately if he so much as twitches his eyelids." Panaka raised his brow at Queen Amidala's parting command, before following her closely.

"Your Highness, I know this boy has captured your attention, and peaked your curiosity, but you mustn't worry so much about him. You have your own duties to attend to and we have no idea what kind of danger he could pose," he announced. The young queen - only fourteen herself - furrowed her brow, her emotionless facade breaking slightly as she glared at the Captain, before entering the elevator.

"I do not like being left in the dark, Captain," she announced, attempting to keep that same, even tone. "I wish to know who this boy is, where he comes from, and what it is that grants him the power to heal at such an alarming rate." Panaka sighed, but unfortunately, Amidala's word was law.

"Will there be anything else?" he asked, he and the Queen having just reached the floor she needed to be.

"I believe Padmé has hand-to-hand training with you shortly," she replied. "She'll meet you in the courtyard once she is ready." Panaka nodded. As the Queen, Amidala was untouchable, even by him. But simply as Padmé, perhaps he could be a bit more forward in voicing his concerns to the young girl before him.


Obi-wan rubbed his eyes, both of which were bloodshot. The Padawan yawned and leaned against the wall. Ever since he had delved into the Force, he was having trouble narrowing that connection. He hadn't had a decent night's sleep in days, and despite his training - physical, mental, and spiritual - he was beginning to have trouble keeping his head together. A hand on his shoulder caused him to snap to attention. He looked behind him to see his master, delivering a look of deep concern, yet at the same time deep understanding.

"I had the same problem the first time I immersed myself fully into the Living Force," he shared. "I was a wreck for days. I couldn't focus, couldn't sleep. What you must do is learn to not just hear the call of the Force, but to listen for it. Once you can listen to what the Force is trying to tell you, you will be more able to properly handle the strain. Allow the Force to flow through you, not bombard you."

"But I don't understand what the Force is telling me, Master," Obi-wan replied, again rubbing his eyes. "In my dreams, I see a boy. He is young. And in pain. There is a being or creature...some large, malevolent force that looms behind him. And then I wake up..." Now Qui-gon was intrigued. Was this some sort of prophetic dream? A glimpse into the future for his apprentice? It wasn't unheard of, and the Force did tend to make its will known in strange ways.

"We shall speak to council about this, Obi-wan," the Jedi Master proclaimed. "What you are experiencing may be due to whatever it was that caused the great disturbance in the Force recently. When you connected that deeply with the Force, just as the disturbance was occurring, you may have somehow tethered yourself to its source. Linked yourself to it. And if so, we may be able to find it." Obi-wan though, seemed even warier at his Master's theory.

"But Master, if I can barely think straight, how am I supposed to find the source of the disturbance? I need your help, your guidance." Again, Qui-gon placed a reassuring hand on his apprentice's shoulders, looking the younger man in the eye.

"Trust your instincts," he announced simply. "Trust yourself as I myself trust you. You'll be a great Jedi Knight one day, my padawan. But first you must rid your mind of self-doubt and not dwell on bad feelings." Obi-wan attempted to control his breathing, but nodded. It was all a bit much to deal with at once, even for a Jedi. But his Master had faith in him, and it honestly did quite a bit for his nerves. "Come on," Qui-gon continued. "The council will want to hear about this immediately."

And Qui-gon was right. As soon as the two had informed Masters Yoda and Windu, the council had once again been convened to discuss the matter.

"This boy...seen him how many times, have you?" asked Yoda, looking at the padawan with more curiosity than anything resembling worry.

"Every time I sleep or try to meditate, Master," he replied, earning a curious 'hmmmm' from the Jedi Grand Master. Yoda stood, hobbling up to the two Jedi standing before the council.

"Merit, Master Qui-gon's theory has." Tapping his gimmer stick on the floor, he motioned for Obi-wan to sit. "Meditate, we all shall. Speak with the Force, follow your dreams, you must." Waving his hand, Yoda called on the Force, dimming the lights and lowering shades over the windows. "Calm, your mind must be," he continued, as the other Jedi Masters of the council gathered around the padawan.

Following Qui-gon's instructions, Obi-wan again opened up fully to the Living Force, and almost immediately entered into a trance. But within, the padawan felt as though he were caught in a whirlwind. He could see the boy before him now, standing in ankle-deep water, leaning against a wall, as though he could barely stand. Obi-wan began to reach out, but hesitated.

"Hello?" he asked, his voice tentative and quiet. But it seemed to echo through the space they now occupied. "Where are we?" Again, just the echo, no answer from the younger blonde. Slowly though, the younger boy turned to face Obi-wan, leaving the Jedi aghast as he noticed the gaping, bloody wound in the boy's chest.

"Where am I?" the wounded blonde asked, his voice devoid of emotion, his eyes dull and almost empty of life.

"Get...Out..." hissed a deep voice, before the walls began to crumble around the boy and Obi-wan. Trying to save the younger boy, the Jedi reached out his hand to grab hold of him, but was blasted back when an utterly massive, clawed hand burst through the floor, acting as a shield between the two.

"Leave...the Boy...Alone!" The voice growled again, and Obi-wan was assaulted with a feeling of murderous intent. It was so strong that the padawan learner froze, paralyzed by what he was sensing.

"I mean you no harm," he replied, trying to move, to calm himself. "What happened to the boy? How can I find him and help him?" For a moment, nothing happened, before another clawed hand burst out beneath the Jedi, queezing tightly around him, pulling him through the floor. On the level below, he found himself staring up at one of the most massive beasts he had ever happened to lay eyes on.

"You can't" the creature growled once more, squeezing the air from the padawan. Obi-wan's vision began to blur, before he completely blacked out.


"Obi-wan!" Gasping for air after what seemed like an eternity, Obi-wan Kenobi returned now to the land of the living, the council and his Master each looking at him with deep concern. Whatever they had done, it worked, and they knew it. For a moment, it seemed like they had failed, but then they were each hit with a crushing pressure - as though they were being compressed into nothingness - and the Masters all could sense both malevolence and fear radiating from all around and resonating through the padawan.

The visibly shaken padawan was determined to at least deliver the news of what he had seen - the location of the boy unfortunately not included - and so did his best to steady himself and regain control of his breathing. He addressed the council, telling him of what he had seen when in his heavy trance, much to the concern of the rest of the present Jedi.

Unable to help any further, Obi-wan was dismissed, his master staying behind to discuss the recent events. "Hmmmm," Yoda sighed, deep in thought. "Disturbing, these revelations are."

"Whatever the beast was that the Padawan saw, we all felt it. The malice and deadly rage. What could it be but a manifestation of the Dark Side of the Force?" Master Ki-Adi Mundi asked.

"Perhaps, but the way Young Kenobi described it, the creature seems to be more of a mental guardian for this young man, and reacted to Obi-wan as though he were a threat. Based on the injury of the boy, his mind is obviously in turmoil, and this could have prompted violent outrage." This theory was presented by Master Plo Koon, and seemed to be more accepted by the Council. Nevertheless, Master Windu spoke up.

"These happenings are indeed a dark omen. I do not wish to believe in a resurgence of the Sith," he said. "But we cannot rule anything out. However, based on our current knowledge, I see no reason to believe this boy to be a Sith Lord." Turning to Qui-gon, the Jedi Master sent him a look of untold seriousness. "In any event, we do not know enough about him to rule it out. And I want you and your padawan to do all that you can to attempt to find this boy, somehow, and bring him before us. There are too many variables for us to throw caution to the wind." Qui-gon bowed, agreeing with the decision.


Panaka was thrown on his back, before leaping back to his feet. "Good," he announced, looking at the girl before him. "But in a real situation, once your opponent is on their back, you either run..." In a burst of speed, he had a blaster pointed at Padmé's head, forcing a look of shock onto her face. Both from his speed and her unwillingness to believe the Captain, her trusted protector, would ever point a blaster at her, even for training purposes. He'd never tried anything like this before. "...Or you make sure they can't get back up."

Replacing the weapon back in his holster, he gave her a hard stare. "My apologies, your Hig-...Padmé, but this was merely my way of telling you to be cautious. And I again urge you to reconsider how exactly you treat this boy in the medical room. We have no way of knowing who he is, where he comes from, how he arrived..." Padmé narrowed her eyes, lunging in and slamming her knee into Panaka's gut, this time surprising the Captain. Removing the blaster from Panaka's hip, she whipped her leg into his, knocking him off balance, before shoving him to the ground again, pointing the blaster at his chest.

"You've taught me well, Captain," she announced. "I believe I can handle one unarmed boy who will likely be weak from his injuries, despite how quickly they've healed."

"My job is to protect the Queen," Panaka countered. "From anything that may be perceived as a threat."

"Then you must do so, Captain, but you cannot merely perceive everything as a threat. We know nothing about this boy. We can not make assumptions based on ignorance...He needs help, and the Queen understands this. So should you," the handmaiden announced.

"Now who's making assumptions based on ignorance?" Panaka asked, and again, Padmé narrowed her eyes. Casting aside the blaster, she turned and walked from the room, moving to the medical wing. She stopped in front of the boy's bacta tank. She knew deep down Panaka was right. She was putting too much faith in the idea that this strange blonde-boy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But she just could not shake the feeling that she was right. That the boy in front of her was in need of help and wasn't a threat.

He was now completely healed, and she could see he was only about her own age. Despite this, Panaka had informed her than this boy was trained to fight. Probably from a very young age. Perhaps the boy was a Jedi. She had heard that the Jedi took in children from a very young age, even infants, to be trained in their order of peace-keepers. But they were merely one of hundreds of warrior sects in the galaxy, and even more important was to question how he arrived in the manner that he had.

It was only at this point that she realized she was staring into his eyes...and he was staring back...He was awake.


Sidious rose, replacing his hooded robe with his Senators' garb instead. As he neared the planet of Naboo, he could practically feel the entire flow of the Force change. After word reached his office about the strange boy that had been found, he knew that it was far more than coincidence that the arrival of the child had coincided with the massive distortion of the Force. Now that he could feel the very Force surrounding the planet, he knew that not only had this young man arrived at the same time as the disturbance, it was very likely he had been the cause of it.

As he neared the city of Theed, he began transmitting his senate landing codes to be processed. A great thing about being in the senate, were the proper codes to permit landing on any planet which was apart of the Republic. Though keeping secrets - such as his identity - was made difficult. He couldn't well use these codes to land and then emerge as his true self. But there were many ways to conceal oneself, and Sidious knew and utilized many. His landing clearance was transmitted back in short order, and he made his way to the palace hanger.

He could see his welcome party outside and waiting for him. Completing his landing, he put on his best face and made his way out to meet with them. "Senator Palpatine," Captain Panaka greeted. "It is good to see you...I see you didn't take your Ambassador's Ship." Indeed, Palpatine had chosen to fly his personal craft - with he as its lone passenger - rather than his Senatorial vessel and its crew.

"Yes, I decided, given these bizarre circumstances, that some secrecy would be in order," he replied. "Events such as this aren't quite everyday happenings. Speaking of which, have there been any changes regarding the boy's condition?" Panaka nodded.

"He's healed at an alarming rate. At the moment, all of the medical staff and droids say he has nearly returned to full health, and it has only been a few days. He awoke nearly an hour ago. We've been holding him in the medical wing, but so far he hasn't said more than a few words," The Captain announced, motioning for the Senator to follow him, to which Palpatine complied. Walking a few steps ahead of him, Panaka didn't notice the strange look on Palpatine's face, let alone realize the thoughts moving through his head.

"I trust our newly elected Queen has done nothing but monitor the young man," Palpatine noted. "Her curiosity and desire to help others has undoubtedly caused her to lose a large deal of sleep." Panaka sighed.

"That's not the half of it. She's spending every free moment obsessing over him. She's been stubborn for as long as I've known her. More-so no that she's become Queen. I swear she's going to be the death of me..." This declaration drew a lighthearted chuckle from the Senator.

"If I recall, the people thought her stubbornness and drive, when combined with her giving, kind nature, would make her the ideal ruler of the Naboo. Especially when compared to who she was replacing..." he announced as they neared the room in which the boy was being kept.

"I remember," Panaka replied, using his pass code to unlock the door. "The man was a great politician, but a terrible leader. I'm surprised he wasn't killed as acting ruler."

"Veruna's recent death is a tragedy indeed. Has your investigation turned up any foul play?" Palpatine inquired, the Captain shaking his head.

"The details surrounding his death are still a mystery..." he replied. "Right now, we've been looking into several leads, most of which go nowhere. We turned up some old shady dealings with Hego Damask of Demask Holdings, but we have no proof that Demask had anything to do with this...we have no 'proof' of anything at the moment." Palpatine retained a look of indifference, but within his mind, a much different emotion was brewing.

As the door shot open with an audible hiss, the two looked at the sole occupant of the room, save a few medical droids. Magnetically shackled to the bed - a consequence of attacking one of said medical droids - the blonde lay quietly, motionless.

"Why is the boy being restrained?" Palpatine inquired. "I thought he hadn't said much since awakening?"

"He hasn't," Panaka confirmed. "But the minute he was out of the Bacta, his eyes changed color and he tore apart a droid like it no more than some fragile trinket." This actually stunned the Senator, and his eyes widened in visible shock.

"My word!" he cried. "The Queen was not around, I hope..." Panaka shook his head.

"That's the weird thing. He jumped between the Queen and the droid...it was almost...defensive in nature. Like he saw a medical droid as a threat..." Sighing in relief, Palpatine placed a hand over his own chest.

"It sounds like you have some competition, then, as the Queen's protector," he joked.

"If I had any idea of his intentions, and who he is allied with, I probably would put him on Queen Amidala's security detail. I've never seen anyone tear apart a droid with his bare hands as easily as one would tear paper. I mean, I heard stories, but those are all about Wookies. This is a human boy, who probably isn't even the Queen's age yet." The seriousness with which Panaka spoke intrigued Palpatine, and deep down, he knew that he would have to get this child to reveal some of this hidden talent. He also realized - cursing himself for not doing so earlier - that his own Master had undoubtedly sensed the disturbance as well. In fact, it was a shock that he had not already been contacted by him. This could indicate a number of things, ranging from Plagueis looking into other possible sources on his own...or more disturbingly, that his Master already knew about the boy. Due to his dealings with the former King, Plagueis had connections across the entire system...This was not good. It was not what Palpatine had foreseen. If his Master knew, than it was too late. If not, then he was going to have to accelerate his plans.

No matter. He had contingencies. He could still manage to get elected to Supreme Chancellor without Plagueis, it would just be a tad more difficult to pull off. He was vaguely aware that he was being watched, and turned his attention to the young boy magnetized to the hospital bed. Looked into the bright, blue eyes, narrowed in a wary manner. Palpatine managed to gleam a few stray emotions through the Force. Anger, confusion, anguish. Some of the greatest fuels for the Dark Side of the Force. Yet they seemed so strange - almost out of place -within the child. It was as though he were becoming unbalanced from within, and it intrigued the Sith greatly. Who was this child? Where had he come from? What about him caused such a cataclysm in the Force? Since then, his foresight had nearly been robbed from him, almost as if this singular being had re-designed the entire course of the future.

"Senator Palpatine." Both the Senator and Captain Panaka turned to witness the entrance of the Queen, as well as a large portion of her handmaidens, enter the room now, each of the young ladies eager to get a good look at the young man who had caused such a stir. Palpatine bowed to the teenaged ruler.

"You're Highness," Palpatine replied. "It is so good to see you again...the circumstances aside." The emotionless - as ever - Queen of the Naboo did not even seem to register his words, more concerned with the blonde, who still gazed at them all in wary confusion.

"If you have something you wish to say, please speak. Your silence only forces my Captain to prolong your restraint," she announced. When the boy continued to say nothing, she inched closer. "You tore through metal as though it were mere paper. Leapt between the droid and myself as though you believed it meant me harm. All I want are answers, nothing more." Still, silence permeated the room, before Palpatine spoke up.

"Your Highness, if I might..." he began, sending glances over at the blonde, attempting to read any shred of thoughts that he could. It was decidedly difficult, as though something - a force separate than

the young man - were actively attempting to block him out. "Given the rather...bizarre way which the boy arrived, and his utter silence, perhaps he is merely lost? His hostility toward the droid may come from sheer inability to recognize its purpose. For all we know, he may be from a planet in the outer rim. Likely an uncharted world." Panaka scoffed, unbelieving what the Senator was proposing.

"I find that hard to believe. If the world he comes from is really that primitive, there should be no way for him to have arrived here," he replied, adamant. A small mumble drew their attention away from each other and onto the boy. "What?" demanded the Captain. "What did you say?"

"I asked...Where am I?" Stepping forth, the Queen took a place beside the bed, standing and looking even closer at the blonde. His whisker-like marks - which were an oddity in and of themselves - seemed to have softened somewhat, and become subdued compared to earlier on.

"Can you tell us your name?" she asked, her eyes moving back to his own, seeing the deep crystal blue. She took a cursory glance at her handmaidens - one in particular who nodded slightly, unseen - and knew that a decision had been made.

The blonde nodded, before again speaking. "My name is Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki." The Queen nodded in kind, before motioning toward one of the other girls beside her. "I am Queen Amidala, of the Naboo. And this, is my handmaiden, Padmé. I leave you in her charge to answer any questions you may have." Panaka nearly choked on nothing as the words left her lips, but steeled himself. To keep up the facade, which was his idea to begin with, he could not argue with the Queen - even if she was not the Queen - here before the Senator and the few doctors. Amidala had found a loophole, and it was the mere fact of being in public. As the 'Queen' and her handmaidens turned to leave, they signaled for Panaka and Senator Palpatine to follow. It was obviously not a suggestion. Padmé obviously wanted to be alone with a potential assassin.

As the door slid shut, Padmé sat on a stool next to the bed. "Would you like some water? Or food?" she asked. Naruto shook his head.

"I just want to go home," he replied. "I have to go home. I have to save him!" His eyes flashed red for a moment, and he almost wrenched the magnetic cuffs from the bed, but they were soon pulled back, slamming into place. Padmé looked startled for a moment, both from the outburst, and what he had actually announced.

"Save who, Naruto?" she asked. "Save who?"

"I need some water," Naruto sighed. Padmé knew he was avoiding the question, but obliged, fetching a cup of water, holding it to his lips as he drank. "How long have I been here?" Naruto asked. "Wherever here is..."

"Going on four days, now," the girl replied. She snapped away when the young man took in a sharp breath as something in his mind just connected. Screaming at the ceiling, he began to thrash, attempting to break free of the magnetic shackles. He froze at the contact - a hand gently squeezing his - from the girl at his side, and she did the same at the wild, almost terrified look in his eye. It was then that the secret Queen made a decision. Moving to the controls near his bed, she gave him a look before deactivating his restraints.

Standing - rubbing his stiff, sore wrists - Naruto gave a look at the curious girl, sharing her curiosity. "Why did you let me go? The other guy said I was 'a potential threat." Padmé shook her head.

"Captain Panaka means well, but he can perhaps be too cautious..." She replied. "I think you're only scared and confused, and I want to help you. But we need to trust each other. I'm going to trust you, but I need you to trust me." Naruto could practically see his friends, turning their backs on him. He failed. He failed to bring him back.

"I don't know if I can trust myself..." Padmé quirked an eyebrow at this whispered proclamation, but still, she moved forward toward him and took his hand.

"Come on. Let's go for a walk around the palace. Anything you want to say, you can tell me while we walk." She smiled brightly at the blonde, even more-so when a weak smile briefly crossed his face. "I don't know where you came from, but until we find out, I think you'll like it here."

Chapter end.

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