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My First Inuyasha fic! Alright, this may be a two-shot but they're separated by POV. First chapter is Kagome's side of the story, second is Inuyasha's. I actually made this story a long time ago but was never able to upload it until now.

For my other stories, they're still ongoing. I just haven't been active until…well now xD OHFT is probably going to be updated soon, and Born Kind Taught Cruel is still in progress since I have no idea what I wrote previously D:



Warning: Mild citrus at beginning, nothing explicit though.

The bed's mahogany headboard rocked against the beige-colored walls as moans and grunts resounded everywhere in the house. Calloused, rough hands gripped ebony locks of his lover as her name was a mantra on his lips. An earth-shattering scream singaled his lover's release, her inner muscles clenching, nearly painfully tight around his erected member, resulting him in going over the edge as well.

With a fierce howl, not caring whoever heard, he quickly pulled out of her heated core and sprayed his hot seed onto her flat, toned, stomach. Spent, a silver-headed male rolled to the side of his lover's body and panted, trying to catch his breath.


Said man turned his head, looking at the beautiful face of the woman he fucked not so long ago. A smirk lit his features at the brief glimmer that fleeted her chocolate orbs. Tucking his head in the crook of her neck, he inhaled her scent before letting out a breathy sigh.

"Get a bit of sleep," he muttered, "we still got round two to get to."

A small smile donning the woman's face, she closed her eyes as she exhaled slowly. "Alright…" she sighed before letting sleep overtake her.

"Feh," He smirked. "Night…Kikyo."


Tissue paper littered the wooden floor as a feminine figure curled into a ball. She lay upon satin and golden covers. Clear, reddened, blue eyes stared emptily at the blank ceiling of the room. The noises had stopped. Peal-white teeth released the plump, pink flesh of her lower lip as a shattered sigh exited her mouth.

She knew it was just a matter of a few hours before the heart-wrenching noises came alive again. After all, it was only midnight; it was still too early for those two to be over already. Ocean orbs clenched shut as she turned her head to muffle, yet, another painful cry. It's not like he would care, he would probably just pound against the wall and tell her to shut up.

Although, she should've gotten used to this treatment already, after all, she had for the last five years of their marriage.

A young, radiant, naïve Kagome Higurashi was happily engaged at the age of 25 o a wealthy, successful, brilliant young man, Inuyasha Taisho. She and the man met by attending the same high school in sophomore year. The two always fought at one another, like cats and dogs, but for some miraculous reason, they fell in love and started dating in junior year.

From that year on the two were nearly inseparable. They even attended the same college together. Hell, she was even there when Inuyasha constructed his own empire. Two years after the two graduated at Shikon University, he proposed to her.

Of course, she said yes.

So a week before their wedding, she was foolish enough to introduce her stepsister, Kikyo, to her groom. The two talked non-stop since their introduction, and have gotten awfully close in the brief amount of time they've spent together. Kagome didn't suspect a thing though, figuring it was good to have her husband-to-be and the person she looked up to the most to have a good bond.

She shouldn't have been so stupid.

The telltale signs of conspiracy were going on behind her back. Right after her's and Inuyasha's wedding reception, he asked to call off the honeymoon because there was an "emergency" at work and he can't have anyone else take over for him.

She believed him.

When she asked why he came home so late that day, he said he ran into Kikyo and treated her to some dinner.

She didn't find that suspicious.

Her best friend, the maid-of-honor at her wedding, Sango, called her a month after their wedding day and told her she felt cautious of Kikyo's and Inuyasha's relationship, saying it was weird that the two have been seeing each other more than Kagome to Inuyasha.

She hung the phone on her.

That same day once her silver-haired husband came home late yet again because of "work", she confronted him. His answer was one that done damn broke her heart.

"I just ran into Kikyo…we're having an affair."

From that day on, her stepsister and husband didn't make their intimate relationship a secret anymore. Her sister would come freely into her home sometime at night and go to what used to be her room and wait for her husband. Or they would come tumbling in through the front door, sucking each other's faces off as they practically rip at one another's clothes while making their way up the stairs.

And to make matters worse, Kagome was still a virgin. Never picked, never had her cherry popped. She was saving herself up for someone special, but that someone didn't even care about her.

Of course, she had full regulation to divorce him. Oh how Sango, Ayumi, Yuka, and Eri pressured her. Hell, even Miroku, and he's her husband's best friend, not to mention Sango's loyal husband.

She wasn't that stupid as to not think about it though. She even discussed it with him in fact. Two years after her husband's and sister's sexual affair, she filed an annulment against him and even handed him the papers in person. He didn't even open the manila folder. Once the brown parchment went into his hands, he threw it into the active fireplace and let it burn, the stench of burnt ink and smoke stinging her nostrils.

He didn't even bother explain his actions. Then again, he barely talks to her anyway. He just walked off towards the door, grabbing his coat and keys, and slammed the wood shut. He left her, left her to stare at the white papers being reduced into black ashes of what used to be her ticket out of this painful marriage.

She never tried again after that attempt, knowing he'd probably do the same thing again, or something much worse.

She could run away, run away to a place where she will be loved. To a place where she isn't cheated on constantly and trapped in a marriage she couldn't escape. But she didn't know of such a place, she wasn't even sure it existed. All hope and joy left her being agonizingly slow for the next three years of her shit marriage.

And let me tell you, it left a toll on her, both emotionally and physically.

She hasn't been able to get a night's good of rest. She developed dark circles around her eyes; her skin has become less tan and more of a sickly pale. Her figure has grown to an unhealthy stage of skinny where her cheek bones are practically jutting out of her face and her rubs could be easily counted. Even her hair seemed to have lost its glow.

Kagome Taisho, the fool, has been reduced to nothing more than a walking skeleton.

Kagome Taisho, a fool because even though her husband tore her heart out and let it be run over, over and over again, she still loved the bastard like she did in high school.

Even knowing he'll probably never love her the same.

Another tear squeezed its way out of her eyes as the noises began, crushing her soul (or what's left of it). He was always open with her, there wasn't anything he held back from her...He was honest. But when he said he'd never hurt her...well he lied. He loved her, even if it was short lived. Was it stupid to love that part of him?

"I still love you…Inuyasha."

Kami, she truly is a fool.