This story popped into my head after I watched Andromeda over the weekend and was fascinated by the incongruities is the behav

This story popped into my head after I watched Andromeda over the weekend and was fascinated by the incongruities is the behavior of Trance.

This is not only my first fanfiction posted here but also the first fiction of any kind that I have written since high school, so please be kind. Specific constructive criticism is welcome.

From the Diary of Trance Gemini

I decided to start keeping this diary so that my friends will know the truth and so they can deliver it to my people if anything happens to me . I suppose I should start at the beginning. For my people the beginning is the fall of the Commonwealth.

Refugees are an inevitable product of war. The crew of a single High Guard ship, damaged and retreating, found its way to my homeworld. They were able to establish contact with us from orbit and we agreed to allow them to set up a small community on our world. There ship's computer was almost completely destroyed but they managed to jury-rig it so that it would remain in orbit.

The High Guard lived among us and they told us of the glories of the Commonwealth. The ideals of the Commonwealth fascinated my people and we adopted them as our own. Over the centuries we retrieved and reverse engineered the slipstream drive. Finally in my parents generation envoy's were sent out to see if anything of the Commonwealth remained. What they found horrified them. The Commonwealth seemed to be completely gone. The Magog and the Nietzcheans preyed upon whoever was weaker than they were. After years of deliberation we decided to send out many young people to seek any remnant of the Commonwealth or any group with the same ideals. If they found such a group they were to remain with them, gathering data to see if they were both worthy of our support and capable of producing results.

I had not been away from my homeworld long when Beka recruited me. I took on the job since it would take me to many different star systems. When Harper told us that the Captain of the Andromeda was still alive I was ecstatic. But then the mercenaries came aboard. I did what I could, distracting that cyborg mercenary so that Dylan could disable her. When Beka and her crew started wondering if we were on the wrong side I made my opinion known.

I was a little surprised when I saw Gerentex was going to shoot me but I managed to protect myself in time. When I woke up from my trance (I can't believe none of the others have made the connection between what happened and the name I chose for myself) Dylan was there asking me to help him convince the others to join him in saving the ship. It was perfect. When he asked us to stay permanently that was even better.

Now we are a crew. I happily donned the uniform jacket of the High Guard. When I went to the station Mapes impressed me. He was young, adaptable and idealistic. I am glad we were able to save him. Perhaps he will live to see the Commonwealth restored. As for Dylan, I believe he shows great promise as a leader. He both maintains his ideals and is able to achieve his goals. He told those children the truth even when it could have destroyed their faith in him. However, he was tempted to lie to them. It is probable that any human would be. I find myself wishing we knew more about human behavior, sometimes they seem incomprehensible. I need more information and I know where I will get it. You see I remember what Harper, Tyr, Beka and Rev Bem seem to have forgotten, there is still one Nova Bomb on this ship. I know Dylan kept the bomb from Mapes' ship. It will be interesting to see how he deals with the temptation it presents in the difficult Fsituations that doubtless lie ahead of us.