All character are owed by J K Rowling

July 31st 1980 St Mangos

Lily Potter nee Evan stared at the twin in her arm. Her heart filled with joy, as she stared at the two boy who were not even hour old but aleardy occopied a large section of heart. Although they were twin the had some noticable difference. Her older son Edward John Potter (John was the name of her dad) had inhereited her red hair and james brow eyes while, Her younger son Harry James Potter was a replica of James execpt her green eyes.

Just then she heard the door open James, Sirius and Remus came in Peter their other friend had some work to do so he was not with them

" Lily were are you hiding my two little prince" James said with a small smile on his lips. Rolling her eye Lily handed Edward and Harry to James. He took them carefully. Lily could she the joy in his face as Harry and Edward were staring at him with big eyes .Then a recognisation passed through Harry eyes as if he recognized the man in whose arm he and his brother were when he was born "He will be intelligent" Lily thought to herself

James caught Lily eyes and she nodded James turned toward Remus and said " Mooney Lily and I have decided to ask you to be the godfather of Edward."

Remus eye went wide as stared from Lily to James for few second. A smile lit on his face as he noddes and extended his arm to take Edward. James passed Edward to Remus and soon giggle could be heard from Edward.

James turned to Sirius and asked him to be godfather for Harry.

Sirius face lit up and said "Of course I will be the godfather of prongslet"

The three mauders laughted while lily said " Prongslet!"

Sirius with a smile said " I know that I am not smart as you but even I can see the similarity between him and prongs (James eye lit up at the comment) but he has your eye so with your eye so with your brain and prongs boldness he is going to be greates prangest and wizard

All men laughed while Lily smiled

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