August 1 st 1986 Leaky Cauldron

With a pop sound Harry, Winky and Dobby appeared in front of Leaky Cauldron with a promise that he would call winky and dobby at first sign problem he made his way in the pub. As Harry didn't have a wand he approached Tom who was washing plate. Seeing the confused look Tom was giving him. Harry quickly said that his parent were waiting for him on the other side of the alley but he couldn't make his way there as he did not have a wand harry knew it was a lie but he didn't have any other way. Tom quickly gave him a smile and said "Just a minute I will be finished here and then I will open the alley for you". A few minute later Harry was making his way toward Gringrotts as it was still early not many shop had open which harry was grateful as he did not want to draw unwanted attention toward himself which a six year old boy moving alone in Diagon Alley would have caused. He quickly reached the hall inside Gringrotts were a large number of goblin were already doing their business he made his way to a goblin "Sir, my name is Harry Potter and would request you to take me to the measuring department I have some precious thing which I would like to sell" Harry said in goblin tongue orGobbledegook as it was called the Goblin was shocked not only the boy in front of him was speaking in Gobbledegook but also being respectful both trait which are difficult to find in wizard "Of course Mr. Potter follow me I would take you there right away by the way my name is Griphook if you don't mind me asking what are you doing here as your family is currently in brazil and would not be returning before the end of this year" griphook enquired in his native language. Open hearing this the anger at his family for leaving him returned he closed his fist tightly to control his emotion. Seeing this Griphook felt bad for making harry sad by asking a personal question as he could clearly see on his face so he tried to apologize but harry cut him off and said "It's okay is it all right that I tell you my story as we make our way to the department" harry knewthat any person who can help him right know where the goblins and it was never good to hide something from those who can help . "not at all"Griphook replied as he slid of his desk and start walking gesturing harry to follow him. So harry began giving him a short version of his life after the faithful Halloween by the time he finished the story they had reached the door which had measuring written on it in Gobbledegook so a slightly relived harry who looked that a great burden on him had been released after telling someone of his life and a angry goblin made their way in the measuring department. It got its name as here most of the gold brought are weighed thus the name. After leading him to one of the goblin who was free Griphook said "Mr. Potter this is Ironfist and he will be helping you" Ironfist was a very old and experienced goblin harry deduced and replied "It's a pleasure to meet you Ironfist my name is Harry Potter" Ironfist expression was of a shook as he looked at the boy who could speak Gobbledegook. Masking his expression quickly he replied "Pleasure is all my Mr. Potter let see what you have brought" harry nodded and for the first time since he had got the trunk he opened the second compartment which harry could see were filled with Twenty large crystal and many more small crystal. He couldn't figure out what was so important about this crystal so he took out three crystal large crystal he was hoping that he could get about two to three hundred galleon for this so he could buy a nice house and live there but he was greeted by a gasp from both Griphook and Ironfist He looked up to two shocked faces "Mr. Potter where did you found this crystals they have not been seen for at least five thousand years never mind that do you know how much these crystal are worth"Ironfist asked still staring at the crystal. When Harry shook his head Ironfist sighed and replied " Mr. Potter each crystal is worth of five billion galleon as they are made of pure magic so they are used just as wardstones but they are used for bigger area such as Castle area larger than hundred acres they could even provide power for fidelus charm to cover a castle the ward which are powered by this crystal are impenetrable by any one I could not deal with such expensive item Griphook please take Mr. Potter to Director Ragon"

Harry head was spinning he had just wanted two hundred galleon for the crystal combined now he was getting five billion galleon for each crystal Griphook voice brought him back to earth "Mr. potter could I inform Director Ragon about your family there might be something he could do"Griphook asked "Yes please do that and call me Harry" harry replied

Griphook nodded and answered " Okay Harry wait here till I go and inform Director Ragon" with that griphook was gone Harry shook his head and thought why something normal could not happen to him

After a few minute Griphook came through the door and replied " Harry director would meet you know please follow me" Harry nodded and began to follow Griphook they made their way deep into Gringrotts until they cane in front of a magnificent white door it had different carving on it and it read Director Griphook knock and enter It was good looking room

"Ah! Mr. Potter Griphook told me about you please seat" Director Ragon said.Harry took the offered seat and said "Thank you Director Ragon please call me Harry"

"Then call me Ragon" the director replied" Mr. Potter as I understand you are planning to runaway and have came here to buy a house" Ragon asked when Harry nodded he continued " It will cause a problem as you are an minor as well you have not bend is honed thus you cannot be considered adult but there is a old law which states that if a minor wants to move away he could do so by creating a new house mean that if you decide to move forward than your new name will be Harry Potter and the name of new house you have selected than you could purchase and sell thinks which belong to you as you are considered adult by magic but you have to earn minimum of 20 hundred galleon per month or this house would be taken by house potter and you will again be under your parent control so do you want to proceed Harry" Harry again nodded after understanding every thing

So Ragon handed him a form and said to fill it with the house name on the top after a few minute of thought he decide to name his house" Watson " and filled the rest of the form and then he gave it to Ragon who signed the paper glowed and then disappeared "Congratulation Mr. Harry Potter Watson" Ragon said with a smile Harry just nodded and he was free at last were the only thought he had at the time .

"Now Harry for your property I have decide to give you three land each of them are 100 acres or more but I have still not decide where you will leave there are few Manor a castle you may be interested" Ragon said

"I could leave in a castle" Harry asked in awe he always wanted to leave in castle

Seeing the look Ragon laughed and said "That settles were you will leave now you have to sign these paper to take control of the properties" next hour was spend by signing various document at the end he was the proud owner of 4 properties. Ragon asked him to go and shop while he take care of some other formality.

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