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August 1st 1986

Harry woke up in an unfamiliar room and looked around. The room was twice bigger than the master bedroom in Potter Manor. It was well decorated and was very spacious slowly the event of yesterday stated coming back to him. Harry could hardly believe that he had ran away from Potter Manor, became incredible rich, buyed a castle and three other property and adopted a new name in just one day. Harry felt freedom that he never felt in all those year in Potter Manor He could now do what all he wanted no one can stop him from following his heart desire. A sound of pop distracted Harry from his thought. Harry turned around to see an unfamiliar female house elf standing at the edge of his bed.

"Good morning, master Harry my name is Windy I am your personal house elf I will take care of all your needs Master would you like to take bath windy can go an prepare it" Harry just nodded windy was gone with a pop sound and was back in few minute "Master your bath is ready" windy said To overcome by emotion as he had no one who took care of him except dobby and winky. Harry just muttered "thank you" and made his way toward the washroom After washing up he found that his cloth has already been sat for the day Quickly dressing up he made his way towards the dining room He looked around and found that the castle was not as dirty as it was at night all the painting were shining brightly and its occupant were watch their happily as if they approved of the cleanliness. He came to stop at the sight of the dining table it was laden with all is favorite dishes which he quickly attack as he was very hungry since he had eaten nothing from the time he left Potter Manor Just as he was finishing his breakfast a mass of white shelled down on his shoulder he turned to see the white owl he had brought from the shop " Hey girl I have to name you I cannot keep calling you owl can I" Harry said with a smile It nodded its head as if understanding "You are a smart girl are you not " Harry said while stroking the white owl. It Hooted and puffed its chest as if saying "Of course I am" Harry just smiled and said "Well how about Trisha" It shook its head and attacked harry with its wings while looking in harry eyes which were clearly saying do not you dare. Harry may be a boy but was a smart boy and quickly understood and said "Okay okay how about Hedwig "the owl seemed to consider it and after a while nodded its head and hooted. Seeing this Harry relax as it was clear that it liked its name and said "so Hedwig it is" Hedwig hopped down to Harry is lap and began to glow and shone the white light surround Hedwig and began enveloping Harry soon harry knew no more.

When harry woke up He was in a green field near a lake on the edge of the forest. "Hello is there any one" harry called out getting no answer he just sat down on a stone which was lying nearby. After a few minute he heard some disturbance in the edge of the forest He quickly turned to see a lion moving out of the forest and moving in his direction it was pure golden and head off-white mane it was a beauty as he was moving through grass field toward him. A normal reaction would have been to run when you see a lion approaching you but harry felt that it would not attack him so he stayed where he was the lion approached Harry slowly Once it was within Harry arm reach it puffed it chest as if wanting harry to stroke it . It took all Harry's bravery to compile with the lion demand his hand were shaking with nervousness but once he put his hand on lion chest he grew confident and started stroking the lion It seemed to like it as it lay in the grass while always keeping its chest within harry arm reach slowly harry grew more confident to sit down while continuing stroking the lion after some time harry grew tired and rested his head on the lion back just below its neck the turned its head sideways so that harry could see its eyes and licked his face if someone would have looked from above they would have seen a beautiful scene a boy and a lion lying together near the edge of the lake and the forest on the grassy bank with sun shining overhead the head of the boy was lying on the back of the lion while the boy was stroking the lion's chest. The beautiful scene was disturbed when the lion abruptly got up and began to roar in the sky protectively and soon enough a white bird began to descend from the sky but this put the lion at ease and it went back lying with harry slowly the bird cane and landed near harry and the lion it was phoenix but it looked very familiar to harry "Hedwig!" he asked "Hello young one so you have recognized me" the bird replied in his mind bemused. Harry how was still shocked from all of this happening and can you blame him for that one moment he was stroking his owl who he has just named Hedwig then there is this white light and he wakes up green field on the bank of the river then he meets a lion which does not behave like one then there comes a phoenix which looks like and is Hedwig which harry was still not convinced and can speak in his head so he only managed "how! What! Where!" Hedwig seeing harry confusion quickly replied "Harry we are in your mind this lion is your amingus form or should I say that it has find you worthy to become your form." Harry not believing that this majestic creature could be his amingus form quickly replied "but how did this noble and great creature found me worthy I am just Harry how was forgotten by his parents in favor of his elder twin brother" harry was crying now years of loneness getting better of him the lion roared angrily and it moved close to harry. He was very glad it was not him that the lion was angry with he did not want the lion angry with him Hedwig moved closer to harry and began to sing slowly harry controlled his emotion Hedwig seeing that harry was quite began to speak in much gentle tone "Harry never for one minute think that you are not wanted or not worthy Remus and Sirius love you your parent also love you but are frightened that Edward will die one day and are trying to spend as much time as they can with him But they never relished that by doing so they were neglecting you and do you think that I would have come to you in the shop and bonded with you today when I spend month refusing to go to anyone who came to the shop if I did not find you worthy you deserve everything you are getting Harry so please remove the thought that you are not wanted out of your head" Hedwig replied angrily while the lion nodded its head Harry who was caught off guard by Hedwig did not reply then a thought came to him to "what bonded? " harry asked "yes harry bonded as in I am your slimily I promise to be there for you for rest of your l life" Hedwig replied "Now first you have to understand that we generally do not come in your world we only come when we see a wizard or witch with great power which may require our help we come down close to where we feel the aura of the person and stay there till he or she find us before me the last white phoenix that came was in 1st century . Now we are similar to the other phoenix in many ways but we are more powerful our tears much more powerful than the normal phoenix if I drop a single tear in say this lake the water of whole lake will have the healing power as that of an ordinary phoenix although it will fade with time I believe that were the story of lake having healing power started our tears are also the sweeteners and increase the healing potential of the potion when we bond with wizard or witch we show the amingus form of that person as I did" Hedwig finished Harry just asked one question "How much time will the lake have the healing power" just few thousand years Hedwig replied plainly it was too much for harry to take and he fainted.

When he woke up he was sitting in chair of his dining table Hedwig was on his laps but Hedwig was not in her owl form but in her phoenix. Seeing that Harry asked " was it real Hedwig" to which Hedwig replied "I understand where you mistook it as a dream but it was very much real as this world more of later now you have a owl which is getting irritated" Harry turned around to see a owl which had a letter attach to it on the dining table.

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