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Shiz University - Part 1

If you had told Elphaba Thropp that at end of her first year at Shiz University she would be in a relationship with her roommate Galinda Upland, she would have told you to get your head examined. Or, if she had been feeling particularly annoyed, she would have told you where you could stick it. But now, as she lay curled with Galinda in their tiny dorm room, re-reading over her Ozian History notes in preparation for her upcoming final exam, she had trouble picturing it any other way.

Galinda stirred a bit, shifting against Elphaba's torso, her fingers curling into the fabric of Elphaba's oversized sweater as she nuzzled against her girlfriend's shoulder. Elphaba took her hand off of where it rested on Galinda's hip to turn the page in her spiral, then settled back into reading. This has become a ritual—Elphaba studied at her desk until Galinda harassed her to cuddle, and eventually the green witch would give in and allow the her girlfriend to drag her into her own bed, where Galinda would curl up against her in the tiny bed while Elphaba would rest her chin on Galinda's head and continue reading what she had been engrossed in beforehand.

"Elphieeee," the blonde underneath her chin whined softly, her warm breath tickling the skin of Elphaba's neck.

"Yes, my sweet?" Elphaba replied, her eyes never leaving the cramped lines of text she was observing over Galinda's curls.

"Let's dooo something. You've been studying for ages!"

Elphaba glanced at the clock. Barely an hour had pass since they had returned from their Sorcery Final and Galinda had insisted on getting some 'Elphie Time' before dinner. Elphaba had acquiesced, as long as she was allowed to read over her Ozian History notes. "It's hardly been ages."

The blonde in her arms rolled over, huffing in false exasperation. "Why are you always so difficult?!"

Elphaba chuckled. "My sweet, I've been this way since the day you met me."

Elphaba looks critically over the small dorm room that will be her domicile for the next four months. There are two twin beds of questionable sturdiness on either side of the room with desks pushed against their footboards. They have been provided with surprisingly decent rolling desk chairs, which surprises her. Her gaze moves on, and notices a small nightstand with a lamp resides between the beds. Behind it is a small window with faded navy curtains. When Elphaba stands between the two beds and turns to look back at the door, she sees two floor-to-ceiling closet/dresser contraptions taking up the walls on either side of the centered door.

Elphaba quickly judges how the swing of the closet door will affect sitting at the desks, which are in close proximity to them. It will be tight, but she will manage. It is not like she is not used to cramped quarters. The room is just about as big as what she had at home, only Elphaba had had more bookshelves.

The green girl sighs and sets her rucksack on the bed on the left, then heaves her suitcase on after it. She does not care who her roommate is, or what they have to say about the rooming situation. They (presumably a she) are late, so this bed is hers.

Nanny bustles in a few seconds later with her bin of miscellaneous supplies. "Well, this seems cozy!" she says as she sets the plastic bin on the desk at the foot of the bed.

Spare her. Nanny was trying to make small talk. Elphaba made a non-committal noise and begins to unzip her suitcase so she can unpack. Nanny sits down in the chair at what will presumably be her roommate's desk and watches the green transfer clothing from her suitcase to her closet/dresser. The jeans, the turtle necks, the t-shirts, her marginal collection of underthings and socks, all go in the bottom dresser section. Her few skirts and blouses and her two nightshirts get hung in the closet part. So does the worn grey peacoat. The gloves, the scarf, and some of the things she has brought for winter get stored in the bottommost drawer of the dresser.

She does not have much clothing. She never has, mostly because her father does not believe a green girl should have much clothing. That's alright. She clashes with everything anyway.

"You can go now," Elphaba says to Nanny after a while. "I can complete the rest by myself."

"Oh, don't mind me, I'm just resting my old bones." Nanny shuffles around in the chair, obviously having been waiting for Elphaba to dismiss her. She struggles to her feet. "But I really must get back and take care of your sister."

Nessarose. Elphaba is not sure if she is going to miss her sister's incessant pious prattle or be jubilant that she does not have to hear it for four months. She supposed time would tell.

"Have a safe trip back to Munchkinland," she says, more out of courtesy than anything. She is not one for goodbyes, or small talk, or any kind of talking that is not academic, really.

Nanny nods. "Have a good semester! Call if you need anything, won't you?"

Elphaba nods. The old woman pats her cheek then lets herself out. Elphaba takes a moment to take a breath, then gets back to work.

She is halfway through assembling a small bookshelf for one side of her small desk when a team of young men appear. They explain their presence to her—they are here to loft the other bed so that her roommate, whenever she decides to show herself, can have it done when she arrives. Elphaba lets them do what they do, and they complete the task with efficiency. She is shelving the collection of books (a small part of a much bigger library back home) when they leave.

The green girl gets her books in, her coffee pot and printer installed, sheets on her bed, her laptop and lamp set up, and her bin and suitcase put away all before midday. And still her roommate has yet to arrive. Elphaba could not care less. She has to go to the Bursars office and sort out a slight glitch with her scholarship, the only reason she is here at Shiz University in the first place, so she leaves the room still not knowing who her roommate is or what she even looks like. All she knows is that she's very, very late.

When Elphaba returned to the dorm, her roommate had arrived. The green girl paused in the open door, watching the short, blonde girl stringing fairy lights along her lofted bed. She was dressed in an alarming shade of pink, and there were far too many bins of clothes stuffed in the now empty space in between the bed and the closet to be necessary. She was humming some obnoxious tune to herself as she worked, headphones blasting.

Elphaba disliked her instantly.

….Not that she liked anybody to begin with.

Elphaba decided to just get this over with, and she walked into the room, depositing her bag on her desk chair. The blonde girl turned to look at her—and shrieked.

It was no one of those surprised yelps or even a yell. It was a full earsplitting shriek that made Elphaba wince.

"Who the hell are you?!" the blonde screeched, backing up against the far side of the wall.

"Your roommate," Elphaba replied icily.

"You're green!" The girl exclaimed.

"I am?" the green girl asked in mock surprise, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. "I had no idea. Thank you for informing me. And before you ask because I can see it written all over your face, no it is not contagious, yes I've always been this color, no it does not rub off, and no you cannot touch it."

The blonde girl blinked, obviously not used to such acerbity. "Well then." She sniffed and returned to rearranging the lights. "Not like I'd want to touch a green freak anyway."

Elphaba bristled, but bit her tongue. She just wanted a rise. That is all they ever wanted. Instead, the green girl grabbed her bag and stomped out, intent on finding the library and getting a head start on her textbooks.

Her roommate, she found out, was Galinda Upland of the Upper Uplands. The blonde, after finding out exactly who Elphaba was (the Thropp Third Descending), spent a period of two days trying to suck up to the green girl. However, after Elphaba proved she was not interested in the social status game, Galinda returned to ignoring her presence and gossiping about her with ShenShen and Pfanne.

The good thing about Shiz, or perhaps maybe the worst thing about it, was that it was a small, private college. There were barely five hundred undergraduates students—including freshman. They all fit into two sets of high rise dormitories—Crage Hall for the girls, and Briscoe Hall for the boys. The college was one of the better ones in all of Oz, and it should have been, for the cost it was requiring students to pay. Elphaba, had she not been award The Wizard's Prodigious Scholar Award, she would never have been able to go to Shiz. It was simply too expensive.

The most detrimental thing about Shiz that Elphaba had discovered so far was that gossip spread. Quickly. By the end of the second day, she was already known as The Green Girl. Something she had hoped would go away after secondary school, but seemed to be magnified in the small college setting.

Her roommate spreading rumors about her far and wide did not help matters either.

So, once again, Elphaba found herself shutting herself away in her room, or whenever Galinda was around, she left for the library. Books had always been her sanctuary for as long as she could remember. Ink and parchment made better compatriots than any flesh and blood friends she could ever possibly have. And they never stabbed you in the back or pretended to be nice simply because you were the granddaughter of the Eminent Thropp of Munchinkinland. Instead, they told her their secrets, gave her a place to lose herself for hours…and they never, ever made a comment about her skin.

Elphaba was already not fond of her blonde roommate to begin with, what with the rumor spreading and her general infuriatingly perky demeanor, but her least favorite thing was the partying. The green girl had heard the rumors about college parties back in high school, but she had never quite believed human beings were that stupid as to ingest addictive and highly disorienting drugs en masse.

Galinda set out to, unknowingly, prove her wrong in a rather spectacular way at the end of the third week of school.

She came back to the dorm smashed. Rip-roaringly drunk. Absolutely and positively hammered. Two upperclassmen had poured her into the dorm room at a time approaching three in the morning then left her with a bucket and instructions to Elphaba to get someone if she choked on her own vomit or fainted.

So much for that three hour mandatory Alcohol Education program the incoming freshman had been forced to complete before the start of the school year, Elphaba thought as she watched Galinda hunch in her desk chair. The blonde was still in her party dress, but she looked sufficiently less stylish now that her hair was pulled back and she was clutching the Purple Puke Bucket from the RA's desk in the lobby like a lifeline.

Elphaba was trying her hardest not to smirk at her misfortune…. And she was failing miserably.

"You are very lucky you don't have class tomorrow," the green girl commented snidely as Galinda surfaced from yet another round of retching.

"Sh-Shut up," Galinda whimpered weakly, not having the energy for the biting comments and harsh remarks that she and Elphaba had been trading all since they had met. "I d-don't need to hear it from you."

"Hmp." Elphaba returned back to jury rigging in place the cork board she had procured from Oz-Knows-Where in front of her desk. Galinda went back to her bucket.

Their cohabitation was a strained one, for certain. Galinda tried multiple times to get a room transfer, but to no avail. Elphaba kept her up at night with her desk lamp because she was studying. After she complained to the RAs, Elphaba moved her study activities to the Library. This was better, but she often materialized back from the Library in the wee hours of the morning and made no attempt to quiet her actions upon her arrival. She was also an insufferable know-it-all, and seemed to take great glee in making Galinda seem as stupid as possible whenever she could.

Alternatively, Galinda drove Elphaba up the wall. She was constantly humming, or blasting stupid preppy pop music, or chattering away on her phone. She did not study or do much work from what Elphaba could tell. Her weekends were spent partying, which meant Galinda often returned home drunk. Which, in turn, meant Elphaba had to watch her to make sure she did not choke on her own vomit in the middle of the night.

Not to mention the fact Galinda was the beginning point of approximately eighty percent of all the rumors about her. Elphaba's favorite one so far was the rumor that she was allergic to water. It was inherently untrue, but it amused Elphaba to see the tripe the student body believed. Some people were so empty-headed.

They took little victories from each other. Galinda took great glee in seeing what outfits her roommate cobbled together. They almost always did not match, and did nothing to accentuate her frame. She also gossiped endlessly about her with Pfanne and ShenShen. Some of it was little white lies, some was truth, and other things she said were just downright cruel. But Galinda did not care; she hated her.

In turn, Elphaba was forever amused by Galinda shortcomings in class. The two shared two classes, Introduction to the University and First Semester Calculus, and Elphaba outshone Galinda in both. She outshone everyone, as a general rule, but it felt particularly good to be better than Galinda. The rumors that Galinda told she simply ignored. She had heard it all a thousand times before, and was quite used to letting idiocy roll right off her back. Dealing with Galinda, college, and the rest of the student body, she figured, was no different.

Galinda did not know why she started noticing it—maybe it was because every morning she took a decided glee in watching Elphaba dress in things that clashed horribly—but after about a month, she noticed her roommate was losing weight. The girl was already skinny to begin with, and the several pounds—for it had to be several pounds that she had lost—made her ribs even more noticeable when she changed, and her knees even more noticeable from under her nightshirt.

What was the girl trying to get skinnier for? She was already a beanpole. She was bordering on skeletal, which triggered something in the blonde. She had seen friends in high school get that skinny, and it had never been for a good reason. Come to think of it, the only thing Galinda saw her roommate consume on a regular basis was coffee. But Galinda could not remember the last time she had actually seen her eat anything.

Was Elphaba anorexic?

Despite herself, Galinda felt a touch of concern wiggle its way into her thoughts whenever she saw the green girl. She might hate her, but nothing good came out of starving onself. Imagine if Galinda woke up one day and found Elphaba dead in her bed from a heart attack! Imagine the talk! Galinda shuddered, and resolved herself to pay more attention to Elphaba ….just in case.

After the first month and a half, Elphaba noticed Galinda settle down a bit. The party going became less frequent, and the studying became more. Elphaba figured it was because they had just had their first exam. She knew for a fact Galinda had come dangerously close to failing the Calculus one. She had heard her bemoaning it to her friends over the phone long into the night afterwards.

But she got serious…er. It seemed that about damn time to Elphaba. She supposed that even spoiled little rich girls had to look good for their fathers. That was something she could relate to.

The leaves were just starting to change when Elphaba got the package. The RA dropped it by their room while Elphaba was out at class, and Galinda, who was currently skipping her Geology class, inspected it curiously. She had never seen Elphaba get mail before. Galinda-well, she got mail all the time. Goodies and care packages from her Momsie and Popsie, stupid little letters from her friends that meant nothing since they talked every night over OzBook. But Elphaba had never once gotten a single letter, package, post card….anything.

So Galinda naturally went over to snoop.

It was a plain box, mediumly sized, sealed shut with packing tape. The address and return address were written in fancy cursive. The return address was to one Nessarose Thropp, in Munchkinland. Who was Nessarose? Galinda wondered. Did Elphaba have a sister? She had never heard of a Fourth Descending Thropp, and she knew the Second Descending Thropp had been the tragically late Melena Thropp. The name Nessarose Thropp rang no bells in her mind, which angered her. She knew all the high society names! How could she not know someone in the Thropp family, which was such a prestigious family?

Galinda shook the box and head some gentle thumping. She wondered what it was. Something Elphaba had forgotten at home r requested be sent to her? But what could that possibly be? Elphaba used very little, and wore very little, too. She seemed perfectly happy with her five outfits, which Galinda could never understand. How could Elphaba not want things?

This still did not answer what was in the box. She contemplated taking scissors to the box and opening it herself, but quickly discarded the idea. There was too high a chance that in retribution Elphaba would make good on the threats of pouring a bucket of ice water into her lofted bed at some obscenely early hour of the morning.

So Galinda resolved herself to waiting. Thankfully, she did not have to wait long.

Elphaba returned to the dorm room a little after five, looking tired. Galinda was not certain if her roommate had actually slept that night. Her desk lamp had still been on when the blonde had gone to bed, and as always, Elphaba was gone to class before Galinda woke the next morning. Despite her evident exhaustion, the green girl brightened a bit at the sight of the package. She dropped her bag on the floor in favor of procuring a pocket knife and slitting the tape.

Galinda pretended not to care, grabbing for the first time a textbook from the corner of her desk and opening it to a page at random. She pretended to read as she watched Elphaba over the top. The green girl withdrew a letter, which she quickly skimmed, brown eyes running back and forth across the lines of text. Then she did something that nearly made Galinda drop her book—she smiled.

It was not a big smile—just a small little upturn of lips, Galinda could not even see her teeth, but it improved Elphaba's entire being immensely. It was a pretty smile, the blonde realized, even in all that green skin. The smile was gone almost as suddenly as it had appeared, and Galinda was left a little disappointed.

But then Elphaba reached into the box and started to remove its contents, distracting Galinda from her thoughts. Several tins of coffee were revealed, and then two jars of peanut butter, and one of hazelnut spread. And, after a bit of rummaging among the packing, a spoon.

"Thanks, Nessie," Galinda heard Elphaba murmur. The contents of the package were put into the green girl's closet, while the letter went into Elphaba's desk. Then Elphaba went to go dispose of the box and its contents.

Galinda burned to know the contents of the letter, but her better judgment held her back. If she looked now, Elphaba would undoubtedly walk in and catch her. She would wait until tomorrow, when Elphaba had class.

Elphaba was gone by eight, which was when Galinda's phone alarm woke her so she could begin getting prepared for class. Galinda climbed rather ungainly out of bed and as she stretched, she noticed a jar of peanut butter on Elphaba's desk. It reminded her of the letter from the mysterious Nessarose Thropp, and Galinda nearly tripped over herself rushing to Elphaba's desk and opening the drawer.

The letter was there, and the blonde gingerly lifted it out, unfolded it, and read.


I hope this letter finds you well. Father will undoubtedly punish me when he realizes I've sent this to you, but I will give my repentance to the Unnamed God and he will forgive me for my sins. A young gentleman named Boq called, he apparently knows you, and expressed concern to me that you have not been eating. Are you spending all your money on all of those hedonistic books again? Honestly, Elphaba, the Unnamed God did not give you life, however sinful and green you may be, so that you may kill yourself by wasting away simply because you prefer books to company!

I've taken it upon myself to stock you, because I will not have you fainting or doing something equally stupid that will land you in the hospital and run up bills for Father to pay. Find enclosed your favorite coffee, two jars of peanut butter, and a jar of that hazelnut spread you like so much.

I paid this out of my own allowance, and Nanny exerted herself horribly fetching them from the store especially for you! As such, I won't be doing this again, Elphaba! I know your scholarship does not pay for your meals, and Father will not, but honestly. You have money from that summer job at the library! Spend your money on food, not your stupid book fetish! (If you even have any money left, which is not my fault if you don't. It is your fault for being so gluttonous regarding books.)

May the Unnamed God have mercy on your pour, unfortunate soul. (For you do have one, despite what you think. It is just very small and full of sin.)

Your sister,


Galinda stood stock still, clutching the letter in her hand. She was right. Elphaba had not been eating. But it was not for the reason she had initially thought. Also, Elphaba had a sister named Nessarose, like she had suspected. The girl seemed to be very Unionist of faith, but otherwise of sound character. Despite the tone of her letter, Nessarose (Nessie, Elphaba had called her) seemed to care for her sister, which sent a shard of ice through her heart.

The letter showed that Elphaba was a person, even under the green and harsh acerbity and biting sarcasm. She was a person with a family and a home and a caring sister. She was a person wasting away because her scholarship would not pay for meals, and her own father would not pay for it! Galinda had heard rumors that Elphaba's father did not like her, and the only reason she was at Shiz at all was because she had gotten The Wizard's Prodigious Scholar Award. But to not pay for her meals…that was horrible!

What kind of father would let his own daughter starve?

The peanut butter and hazelnut spread only lasted Elphaba three weeks, and by the middle of Fall term, Elphaba had resumed her practice of eating very little. This practice left her very tired and very irritable, and it was to her great relief that Galinda seemed to be being a bit nicer to her. There were fewer comments about her skin tone, and while the rumor mill still spun on strongly, many of them did not seem to be about her personal life anymore.

As such, Elphaba tried to soften her words and comments. Key word being tried. Her irritability from a combination of stress and hunger caused her to occasionally lash out. Thankfully, her roommate had either developed a thicker skin against her comments or just seemed not to care anymore.

Not that Elphaba cared, really, if her words hurt Galinda's precious rich girl feelings. But their arguments only worsened her attitude and distracted from her studies. If there was one thing Elphaba could not stand was when things cut into her studies.

Which was, nominally, how Elphaba excused not eating. It cut time into her studies to go down to the dining hall and grab a meal. It was not that Elphaba did not like eating—she thought nourishment was very important, and when she could, she did eat. When Nessarose had sent her the food, she eaten it, because the food was readily available in her dorm room where she did not have to break study to eat….and the fact it had been free helped, too. The time excuse was an easier explanation than trying to explain that she had, as Nessarose had predicted, spent far too much of her personal funds on books and had almost no money left more meals.

So it came as a surprise to Elphaba when one November afternoon she came back from her last class of the day and found a container of dining room-issue salad on her desk. She picked it up and looked at it critically, then looked at Galinda, who was lounging in her desk chair, reading for Sorcery. "What is this?"

"A salad."

"And where did it come from?"

"That boy—Biq, or something?—dropped it off about thirty minutes ago," Galinda replied.

"Boq," Elphaba corrected immediately.

The blonde looked up from her Sorcery book. "No, I'm pretty sure it is Biq."

Elphaba ground her teeth together and sat down in her chair. She powered on her computer and while it booted up, tore the fork off the top of the salad container and opened the box. She did not notice Galinda smile from across the room.

"Why have you been buying two meals almost every night?" Pfanne asked critically as Galinda swiped her meal card for both her low-calorie wrap and the vegetarian chili she was buying for Elphaba. She had been doing it for two weeks now. Going to dinner early, buying something extra, and then smuggling it back into their room and putting it on Elphaba's desk under the guise of Boq. Apparently Elphaba had cornered Boq several days ago and had chewed him out for buying her dinner for the past week and a half. The poor Munchkin had had no idea what Elphaba was talking about, and left the meeting seriously confused. Galinda had resolved to be more sneaky.

"I'm picking it up for my roommate," the blonde replied carefully, not wanting to spill Elphaba's financial situation to her two vulture-like gossip rag friends. …Which was strange, because a month ago, she would have no problem doing such a thing.

"Can't she get it herself?" ShenShen asked.

Galinda thought quick. "She's busy with schoolwork." It was lame, but it would do.

"I heard it was because she was actually poor," Pfanne cut in as they sat down. "You don't need to show her kindness, Galinda! Let her starve! Maybe she'll leave!"

Galinda frowned at Pfanne's mean words. "Even mean green things need to eat."

"You're so good, Galinda!" ShenShen fluttered.

"No," Galinda murmured quietly. "I'm really not."




Elphaba was back in their room when Galinda returned, soup in hand. The green girl was never back this early. She had a class at four!

"E-Elphaba," Galinda stuttered, hiding the soup behind her back. "What are you doing here?"

"Chemistry was canceled," Elphaba replied, not looking up from her book. Shockingly, it seemed the green girl was taking the time to get some personal reading done.

"Oh. Lucky you." Galinda maneuvered her purse around to block Elphaba's view of the soup, but the movement caught her roommate's peripheral vision and made her look up.

"What do you have there?"

"Oh, just soup for later tonight," Galinda replied lamely. Elphaba's eyes narrowed. "What?"

"You are constantly complaining about how the soup in the dining hall has too many calories."

Galinda swallowed, her bluff called. "Y-Yeah, well—"

"Are you the one who has been buying me food?" Elphaba hissed venomously, cutting the blonde off.


"You read Nessa's letter."




"I don't need your pity."

"It's not pity!" Galinda exclaimed, dropping her purse with a clatter. "Even mean green things like you need to eat!" Elphaba laughed at that. It was a full out cackle. Galinda was affronted. "Don't laugh at me!"

Elphaba stopped laughing and scowled at her. "Stop pretending you care, Miss Galinda," she said coolly. "Go back to your shallow, gossiping friends and let me be. I can handle my own affairs."

"Which apparently include starving yourself!" Galinda usually caved in arguments with Elphaba long before this point, but on this she was determined. "I'm not going to watch you waste away!"

Elphaba's scowled deepened. "I don't need your charity."

"Yes, you do!" Galinda set the container of soup down on Elphaba's desk. "Eat it."


"Eat it!"


"I didn't spend five dollars to buy you soup you won't eat! Eat the damn soup, Elphie!"

There was a pause. "Elphie?" The green girl's lips quirked up in an amused little smirk and Galinda flushed.

"Sh-Shut up. Eat the soup."

Elphaba frowned and opened her desk drawer. She pulled out the spoon her sister had sent her and drew the soup towards her. "Fine. This last time. Don't buy me anything else after this."


"Do you want me to eat the soup or not?"

Galinda pouted, and after a moment, resigned defeat. "Fine. But I'm helping you get a job."

"Excuse me?"

"If I'm not paying for it, then you are. And since you don't have much money left Job. You. Get."

"I'm not getting a job, Miss Galinda." Elphaba opened the soup and stirred it neatly. "I have classes to study for."

"And a body to feed." Galinda pointed her training wand at the green girl threateningly. "Don't make me spell you!"

Elphaba snorted derisively. "You could not spell me if you tried."

"Don't insult me!"

"I'm simply telling the truth."

"Why are you so mean?!"

Elphaba cackled and turned back to her reading—and her soup. Galinda huffed and flounced out of the room to go practice sorcery in the quad, determined to prove Elphaba wrong.




Later that night, Galinda looked up from where she was struggling through her Calculus homework. "Elphaba?"


"….I know we're not really friends but… is it alright if I call you Elphie?"

"It's a little perky… But if you insist, I suppose. I've been called worse."

The blonde grinned. "And you can call me….Galinda!"

Elphaba deadpanned. "Riveting."

"Elphaba, this is Fiyero Tigelaar. Fiyero, this is Elphaba."

The green girl observed the Winkie in front of her. He was a beautiful nut color, with blue diamond tattoos dancing over his dark skin. He had eyes the color of chocolate, and they sparkled at her when he smiled. "Nice to meet you."

Elphaba took his proffered hand. "Pleasure is mine. Galinda, why are you introducing me to Master Tigelaar?"

"Because, Elphie, Fiyero is the manager of the Ozbucks on campus, and he can get you a job!"

The green girl scowled. "I told you I wasn't getting a job because it would interfere with my study schedule."

"I know! I took that into account. Fiyero?"

"If I have you working register, you can spend a lot of your time reading. Also, we can schedule you at times that don't have lots of traffic. When are your classes?"

"One o'clock to around five thirty, except Friday, when I have class from eight in the morning to half past noon. I spend most mornings otherwise in the library."

"Hmm. I could put you on the night shift. Six to ten? You'd close, but that's easy enough. Not a lot of people come in then. You'd have a lot of spare time to do work. We pay eleven an hour, and you don't have to work every night."

"Four nights a week is enough to feed you all week," Galinda added.

"And free coffee!" Fiyero piped up. "Galinda tells me you like coffee. What is better than a job that lets you drink coffee all the time?"

Elphaba turned and looked down at Galinda. "You've put a lot of thought into this."

"Of course I have!?"

The green girl sighed. "I'll have to think about it."

"Let me know by the end of the week!" Fiyero smiled.

Elphaba nodded. "I will."

The two girls bid the Winkie goodbye and started back towards the dorm. Elphaba stuffed her hands in the pockets of her greatcoat. "Barista?" she asked after a long silence.

"All the other jobs were taken!" Galinda huffed defensively, crossing her arms over her chest. "Be glad I found you Fiyero!"

"Hmp." Elphaba rolled her eyes and brought her ID out of her pocket so they could get back into the dorm. She swiped it in the reader and Galinda got the door. The two walked in and past a flabbergasted ShenShen and Pfanne.

"Since when does Miss Galinda share the company of Miss Elphaba?!" Pfanne hissed. ShenShen shrugged her shoulders.