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Chapter 1

"Jesus fuck" Edward grunts as he thrusts in and out of her.

Bella holds onto his shoulders, her nails claw his skin. He takes her to another place when they are together like this.

"You gonna cum for me?" He pulls back from the hollow of her neck to whisper into her lips.

"Yeah" She gasps when he rubs the pad of his finger around her hard clit. "Oh my gosh, oh god" She stills and her legs shake around his hips.

"Come on" He encourages. "That's it" He feels each tremor as it goes through her body. "That a girl" He kisses her cheeks and empties into the condom with a long groan. "Shit" He drops his head and kisses her shoulder. God he loves this with her. She is so different from when they first got together. She makes his body shiver with so much pleasure.

Bella walks her books to her chest, her backpack over one shoulder, head down. High school is hard, she doesn't fit in, and she has never fit in. She feels like a woman trapped in a 16 year old body. She is not thinking less of the people she goes to high school with but she doesn't click with any of them. Maybe if she did high school would be easier, and it is not like she cries every night over it, she doesn't. But she is looking forward to the day it is over. She just went 16 before school went in. Her birthday was spent at the diner with her dad having a birthday dinner. He gave her a red pickup truck. She loves it, it makes so much noise starting, parking, driving. But it is from him, and it's perfect for her.

"Ugly duckling, got a clunker I see"

Her eyes shut a moment, her head stays down, and she walks on. Its takes so much not to respond. Responding in a snarky manner would only fuel the comments and dislike.

"Watch it" He growls getting her attention effectively.

Bella lifts her eyes to his; they don't look like they looked last night and the nights before that. They look like his school persona. She understands, she has accepted that since they started this. Whatever this between them is. Behind closed doors he is someone else. She is not the 'ugly duckling' and he is not the head of the popular pack at school.

"Yeah Duckling watch it" Lauren growls, her shoulder knocking into Bella's.

Edward's eyes flicker as she stumbles. He stares at her and he feels a clenching in his chest for her, for their situation. High school is all he has now, it is important to him, his status is important, so is his role in Forks High. He has never faltered in telling her what is important to him. She has never made the list, only in a sense that it is important she remain a secret. Just like he is different when they are alone, so is she.

Bella looks away and continues to her class. Their class. She doesn't expect much from him. She doesn't know why she allows what they do to continue, maybe because alone he is so different. Bella shakes her head and bites her lip.


Hands grab her upper arms keeping her upright.

"I'm sorry" Bella sputters out.

"My fault" He smiles down at her.

"Trust me, it is my fault"

He smiles. "No harm done"

Edward stands at the lockers; Emmett just joined them as he making another joke. Tanya is hanging off one arm, Lauren the other. Rosalie is rolling her eyes at Emmett's antics. He doesn't notice anything. He does however notice Bella and a boy he has never seen before down the hall. He should be joining her in Biology in less than two minutes.

"I feel sorry you, your bio partner is Duckling" Lauren touches his chest with the flat of her hand.

Edward says nothing just scoffs.

"I wish she were my bio partner, she is smart that Duck" Emmett looks over his shoulder to the biology lab. Bella is a junior, and she takes a senior class

Rosalie rolls her eyes and looks at her nails. "I don't know what your problem with her is"

"Who is that guy?" Tanya says stepping away from Edward for a moment looking to Duckling and new guy.

"Hmm, I dunno, but she is disgusting" Lauren continues. "Plus her dad busted us trying to buy liquor and he broke up Mike's party this summer"

"That party was lame anyway" Rosalie says she glances at new guy and Bella.

"Well she is just hideous, look at her long mousy hair"

Rosalie looks over her shoulder at Bella again, now heading into the lab. "Eh" She shrugs. "I have English, you coming today Tan?"

"Yup" Tanya smiles, she turns to Edward. "See ya?"

Edward looks at new guy as he looks at his slip. "Yup" He says as his gaze is on new guy looking at what he assumes is his class schedule.

Bella sits at the desk she shares with Edward and runs her fingers through her hair. He walks in, his walk, his stride is so James Dean. All the girls in school want him; they all melt when he looks their way. She melts.

He slides next to her without a word, he doesn't look at her.

Bella fidgets; this time between them is always awkward. Because what is between them is hidden, a secret and his friends for some reason hate her, talking to him in class or in school is almost always out of the question. Almost.

"Who was the guy?" His voice and tone are very low. She is a junior in a senior class, and his lab partner, talking sometimes happens.

She whips her head to the side to look at him because him talking to her about anything which is unrelated to biology in school never happens.

Edward cocks an eyebrow up at her waiting for her answer.

"He is new" She answers her voice just as soft.


"Hmm" She responds before turning away from him.

"Hey new guy, over here" Jessica calls out.

Edward looks towards the new guy. Their spot in the cafeteria is full, he loves the group of friends he has. Lauren, Tanya and Emmett he has known since kindergarten. Rosalie moved to Forks from Seattle about 2 years ago. In a second Emmett was on her and he never came off of her. Edward she has known since kindergarten as well. They are tight. Then there is Tyler and Jasper, they are nice guys, both on the football team. The girls are the classic cheerleaders, it is all very movie like.

"Hey" He greets the bunch of people.

"What's your name new guy?" Tanya calls out with a smirk on her face. She likes the way he looks but her goal is and has always been Edward Cullen.

"Garrett Brandon"

"Well Garrett Brandon, sit with us" Tanya says with a smile.

"I'm waiting on my little sister"

"What year are you in?" Jessica questions.

Emmett continues to eat, he grunted a greeting out. Jasper nodding one. Rosalie smiled, and the girls are still ogling. Edward stares his eyebrow cocked up like a cocky bastard he is.

"Senior, you guys?"

"Seniors also" Jessica answers. "Can't wait to damn well graduate next spring"

"My sister is a junior" He offers.

"Hey Gar" Alice walks over. "Hi" She grins at everyone.

Edward arches his eyebrow higher at this girl. He can see this not going over too well.

"Hi" Lauren says in a condescending tone.

"I'm Alice Brandon" Alice office.

Garrett looks at his sister and smiles.

"Lauren, Tanya, Rose, Emmett, Jasper, and Edward" Jessica says making introductions.

"I'm happy to meet you" Alice chirps.

Lauren looks at Jessica and smiles.

Garrett frowns; he places a hand on Alice's lower back. "Alice, let's go find a seat, huh?"

Alice turns and looks up at her older brother. "Sure" She answers; she glances at the table full of people before heading off. "Oh I know her" She says pointing. "Hey, Bella"

Bella looks up and frowns at the waving girl. She remembers her from Geography.

"Can we sit with you?"

"Um, sure"

"Thanks, so we just" She indicates Garrett. "Ran into a bunch of vapors" She turns her head to the table they just left.

Bella's eyes drift to Edward's table. "Hmm"

"Hmm indeed, they liked my brother, you can sit with them Gar, I won't be mad" She tells him.

"No" His eyes go to Bella. "I'm good here, hey"

"Hi again"

"Do you two know each other?" Alice frowns looking between the two.

"She ran into me this morning" He grins at her.

Bella smiles.

"Oh god, what could he possibly see in her?" Lauren groans.

Rosalie shrugs one shoulder. "Maybe she isn't trying to get in his pants, you ladies are too transparent"

"I didn't even say anything" Lauren defends herself. "Jessica was the one thrusting her tits in his face"

"Bitch" Jessica gasps.

Tanya smiles, she rubs her hand up and down Edward's thigh.

"Knock it off" He whispers to her, into her ear. He looks at Bella, Garrett, and Alice sitting and talking together. He is not interested in starting anything with Tanya, or Lauren or Jessica, or any other girl in the school. He loves the attention but he is not interested in them one bit.

Bella got the note left by her dad when she came home. He is normally at the station at night on the shift. She doesn't mind being alone, she enjoys it actually. She has some reading for English to do. Her empty plate from her grilled cheese sandwich dinner is on the side table of her bed. She is showered and fresh, relaxed. Her legs are propped up and her book is on her knees.

The chirp of her cell phone pulls her from her reading. 'I'm downstairs'

Swinging her legs from her bed she walks down the stairs slowly.

"Hey" He says when she opens the front door. His hands are deep in his jean pockets and his hoodie is up. It is September but this is Forks so it's pretty cold already.

"Hey" She steps aside. She shuts the door after him, and takes a deep breath before turning around.

"Your dad at work?"

"Yup" She can tell he is just making conversation because he wouldn't have come over if her father were home.

This part is awkward as well. "Garrett Brandon" He says.

"What about him, this is the second time you have asked about him today"

This is the Bella he knows, the smart mouth one he gets to see in private. "So I'm asking a third time"

"Why?" She leans on the shut door.

"Because I am" He looks at her and crosses his arms over his chest.

Bella huffs and pushes from the door walking into the kitchen.

Edward sighs and follows her. He doesn't even know how this started. Well he does. She is so god damn sexy, too sexy for her own good. Natural sexy. She is down to earth, funny, kind, but she has the fact that she is the chiefs daughter, and an outcast not on her side. That stereotype doesn't work for him in high school. He has an image to uphold. Captain of the Forks High Football team, the Quarterback. The Quarterback looked up to by all doesn't go out with girls like Bella Swan, it doesn't happen. They go with girls like Tanya, or Jessica, even Lauren. He doesn't touch those girls because they don't interest him. But that is the stereotype his kind goes for. Emmett is doing it right. Rosalie is perfect for his image, and they really enjoy each other. When she started Forks it for some reason fell into place for her. When Bella started last year she didn't click with anyone. She doesn't act smarter or better, she just doesn't fit.

Bella pulls the fridge open. "Do you want a soda?"

"Tell me about your boyfriend Garrett Brandon" He goats her.

Bella laughs and tosses him a soda. "Like he would date someone like me"

He stares at her, her long brown hair, her bare face, and her long pale legs. He knows that's not true, she sees herself the way his friends see her, they way the rest of the school sees her. The chiefs daughter, pale, plain, boring, bookish. Not the way he sees her, the way he sees her when they are alone together. Beautiful. Boys don't ask her out because of who her father is, because of his group.

"I'm sure you will have him on your team in a matter of days, Alice too"

Edward watches her eyes. "Bella"

"You know I don't care" She brushes it off. Of course it tugs at her heart sometimes. But she doesn't dwell on it, she doesn't dwell on the fact that he uses her for sex, and she does the same because it feels good. She doesn't hang on to the fact that there is a sting after, after the cuddling when he allows his friends, when he doesn't stop his friends from making comments to her. He doesn't make comments but the fact that he sees her naked, touches her explores her and it is alright for his friends to make comments, it does hurt.

Edward watches her fingers run into her hair and she turns for a moment.

Looking back at him she shrugs.

Edward rests his unopened can of soda down on the table and moves closer to her. Lifting his hand he tucks her long hair behind her ear.

"Not tonight" She pushes against his stomach. "I already showered" She complains dropping her face to the space between them.

He ignores her, and tips her head back kissing her mouth.

She knows she could fall for him, like a silly girl fall, like a girl she isn't. She also knows he won't fall for her like she could fall for him. And she doesn't know how she feels about that. She just went 16 and doesn't understand half of the feelings running through her. He will be gone in the spring; all his friends will be gone in a year. She likes that idea, spending her last year of high school without that cliché hanging around.

Edward sucks her lips, and tongue kissing her deeply, he steps back making her press more into the counter, both hands cradle her head. He pulls away and his nose presses against hers as he pants. Their eyes meet, pressing a kiss to her mouth one more time he goes without another word.

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