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~Back off herbivores, He's mine~

"Uhm. Tsunayoshi Sawada, right?"

"And you are Takeshi Yamamoto, your dad makes the best sushi in the world!" Tsunayoshi's eyes sparkled. Takeshi blushed at the sight. Oh shit, the Vongola is just too cute it's almost a crime. Actually, it is a crime and Takeshi doesn't mind locking him into a prison known as his love...

Wait! Did he just fantasized about him and the Vongola Decimo?

"Ahaha! Thanks I'll be sure to tell him that" Takeshi laughed his thoughts away. That had been embarrasing. Not that anyone else knows.

The Vongola himself looked oblivious with the other's thoughts. Tsuna though had noticed the slight blush that dominated the others cheek and tried his best not to focus on it. Better pretend you haven't noticed a thing.

"I am pleased to have met you in person Vongola Jyuudaime!" Hayato Gokudera approached the man and bowed, yes bowed down a total ninety degree infron of the man.

Tsuna blinked "Ah, Hayato Gokudera-san, right? Pleased to meet you!"

"I've idolized you eversince even if I hadn't seen you yet! You are so much cooler than all those phatetic adults!"

"Ahaha..." Tsunayoshi laughed awkwardly "Thanks I guess?"

"Hm~ You look quite delicious Vongola. I want to eat you up"

Tsuna inwardly cringed at that. Byakuran of the Millefiore, quite a charming one and with a sweet thooth too…and very much devious as told by Reborn.

"I don't think I'm eligible to be eaten, Byakuran-san" Tsunayoshi tried his best to remain calm, knowing exactly what Byakuran meant by his words.

"I think you'll taste perfect and even if you're not, a bite won't hurt~ You look so fluffy like marshmallows~ I like marshmallows"

Tsuna had been thaught about situations like this and how to avoid it without looking phatetic and rude. The power of words with a little acting does work wonders. "My apolgies but I would have to refuse, Byakuran-san. I can't see myself fancying over being eaten by you and better slow down on the marshmallows "

Okay that came out a little harsh. The albino looked unnafected though and simply licked the corners of his lips "Someday I will take my bite and savor it~"

"Never going to happen Ushishi~ He obviously belongs to me, a prince who can ride with him on a white horse under green pastures and soft-blowing winds"

"Stop living in your world of dellusional fairytales sempai" A monotonous tone from behind Belphegor spoke immediately irritating the blond prince. It didn't help when Fran added in an equally monotonous voice "You should be with me, Decimo. I can make all your sexual fantasies oh so real"

"Shut up Froggy and go cook yourself in a pot of boiling water, Ushishi"

"Sempai is just envious I came up with a better pick-up line"

Tsuna inwardly cringed. The people surrounding him, minus Enma, Dino and a bunch of other people -who had eyed him with equal lust, but thankfully for some reason didn't approach- is trying to flirt with him. Tsuna suddenly thought of his lover and what his reaction might be. Kyoya definitely won't be happy. How long is he going to have him waiting anyway?

"You are the perfect Uke to my Seme, we shall be wed in the morn"

Mukuro deviously inched closer. A little too close for Tsuna's liking. Mukuro snickered and gave the Vongola a hungry stare and is about to kiss the other's ear when...


...He was met with a tonfa on the face and a piercing glare from one murderous Kyoya Hibari. Tsuna inwardly sighed with relief upon seeing his lover.

"I never gave you permission to touch what's mine, pineapple herbivore"

"Oya, the aloof man is here~ and who told you that Tsunayoshi-kun is yours? There's no more fitting to be with him but me as I am more seme than all you people combined~"

Hibari scowled. "Pineapple herbivore stop fantasizing"

"I agree with the tonfa trash. We all know that the trash named Tsunayoshi belongs to me" Xanxus spoke his words as he eyed the Vongola heir meaningfully. Tsuna almost, no actually he cringed at the sight. Curse unbelievable luck to draw people with ultimate moe-ness. Now even the scary leader of the Varia seemed to be smitten and Tsuna hadn't even done anything at all. Except being an adorable fucking piece of 'meat'

He blame it all on fate and his great by how many's grandfather named Giotto. Yes it was all Giotto's fault.

"Shut your traps! The royalty which is obviously me, deserves the best and the adorable brunet is a great dish fit for the royalty" Belphegor fixed his crown.

"Hey~ I wanted to taste him first" Byakuran smirked evilly "I bet you're sweet and delectable, Tsu-na-yo-shi!~"

"He's my meat you scums!" Xanxus glared heatedly.

"Kufufu~ why don't we all just settle this like men?"

"Fine. Winner gets Tsunayoshi" Byakuran then added "I'll win for sure~"

Xanxus snorted. "Like hell you will"

"Hn. How uncanningly useless..." Hibari Kyoya smirked at the others before walking towards the brunet -who for some reason had been silent- and started unbuttoning the first two buttons of the others dress shirt. The others turned envious when Tsuna didn't look like he minded it at all.

If only they knew, Tsunayoshi is actually almost ready to faint. He's just good at hiding.

Oh wait...What is Kyoya doing? Why is he unbuttoning his shirt?

Kyoya smirked as he found the hickey he gave his lover yesterday before they parted ways. He moved around and wrapped his hands over his lover, hugging him from behind and intentionally showing the others his love mark. "...After all, I've already marked Tsunayoshi"

He smirked.

Tsunayoshi hurriedly button his shirt back "That was embarrassing!" Tsuna half shouted but made no move to unwrap the other away from him. Instead he even intertwined their hands together.

The others look dumbfounded. Except for given few as being dumbfounded is not their forte

Dino simply smiled at the lover's antics.

Enma covered his lips with a napkin and started to silently giggle by himself. Kyoko gave him weird, questioning looks.

Takeshi smiled sheepishly,

inwardly thanking himself for being able to stop himself from his unnecessary fantasizing.

Hayato scowled. The Jyuudaime doesn't deserves such a violent being for a lover!

Everyone else, minus a given few had inwardly gulped in fear having known that they had been staring lustfully at the actually already taken boy. Taken by one Kyoya Hibari whom everyone knew is one of the most violent person who ever walked the planet.

They had just unintentionaly signed a too early for a death contract with the grim reaper.

Holy Shit.

"Kufufu~ ditch the skylark and be with me instead. I can be more of a seme for you than he'll ever be" Mukuro whipered sulkily on the brunet's ears not even minding if the skylark is actually within the same vucinity. Apparently Hibari's warning never worked on him or he downright and stupidly at that, ignored everything.

"Back off pineapple herbivore. Sawada Tsunayoshi belongs to me" Kyoya pulled his smaller lover out oif harms way before hitting the pineapple herbivore with his tonfa yet again.

"Kufufu~ possesive much, skylark-kun" Mukuro Rokudo touched his face. It's most definitely going to leave a mark.

"Kyoya, you don't have to hit him that hard" Tsuna sighed as he glanced at the guy with a small amount of pity.

Kyoya Hibari scoffed. "Yet you were planning on using martial arts on him"

Tsunayoshi smiled sheepishly "Maybe but that's only because he's advancing too close for my taste"

Kyoya smirked as he held a hand towards his lover. "Come on, it's too crowded here with these herbivores"

Tsuna took the awaiting hands and Kyoya lead his lover outside.

Mukuro hummed and started planning a devious scheme regarding taking one Tsunayoshi to himself. Chrome kicked her brother's knee and gave the older sibling a glare "I know what's going on in your mind. Don't you dare or I swear I will reveal your embarassing secrets"

Mukuro twitched. Curse sister who is actually a fujoshi.

Byakuran licked his lips. Oh well what a waste of a great potential dessert. At least his marshmallows are still with him.

Xanxus drank more wine.

Fran went of to who knows where.

Belphegor shrugged, smiled creepily and walked towards the punch bowl.

And the lucky photographer who should have been documenting the whole event? The poor soul had long since fainted due to blood lost.

"EXTREME! WHAT DID I MISS?" Ryohei had went to use the bathroom and had just came back totally missing the whole thing.

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