A/N I've changed Xanxus' and Squalo's ages to that of the present time in the manga/anime, as they'd be much too young to be adopting if I left their ages canon.

EDIT: I am currently re-writing this story in order to continue it from where it had been left off months ago, and though I will be keeping true to the original plotline, there will be plenty of extra scenes added in, but what I REALLY am aiming for is completely upheaving the level of grammar and characterisation that had been used previously; having still been getting used to writing for the fandom and getting to know these characters, the entire story had been written so appallingly bad, I don't even know how people were reading it in the first place. Please enjoy this new, VERY VERY improved version, because having re-written the first half of the story, I can safely say, reading this will be far easier on you now.

Xanxus wasn't the kind of man who could see himself having children, much less adopting one, but here he was, following his lover of eight years into an orphanage because Squalo was complaining of their home being too quiet - how the twenty-two-year-old could possibly have come to that conclusion was beyond Xanxus as Squalo himself seemed void of the ability to not scream everything he was saying.

But here they were, following one of the workers through the orphanage, and all because Xanxus had had a particularly bad migraine and had given in to his partner's whining to shut him up. Was it worth it? He didn't think so.

"And just through here you'll find that the children are out of their rooms and playing." The female worker who was handling their request opened a wooden door, revealing what seemed to be a large living room filled with children. There were toys scattered all over the blue carpet, stains from paint all over the white walls, and masses of children all over the place.

"As you can see, we have quite the variety." The woman's long, brunet hair fell into her face as she pointed out some of the cliques and explained a bit about them. The majority of children were grouped up, talking loudly and laughing amongst themselves, and from what the two men could see, there were only two children who had been left out of the social activities.

The children in question were identical in looks, both with blond hair that covered their eyes. One of them wore a purple and black striped shirt while the other wore a simple black button-up. On their heads they both donned small tiaras that looked as if they had been made out of paper, and the black pants they wore were small, hinting at thin frames for both of the kids.

The blond with the striped shirt had his head resting on the other's lap, his tiny hand gripping the white shirt tightly. The other blond was sitting with his back to the wall, playing with building blocks. He stacked them carefully, not a single block out of place, before knocking them all over once the last piece had been added. Squalo couldn't help but think that the boy was venting on those blocks.

"Why aren't those two with anyone?" Squalo asked, pointing out the two blonds.

"They've only been here for about a week." The woman shifted uncomfortably as she glanced over at the boys, almost as if she didn't like them. "It seems they don't get along with anyone else. They're usually by themselves. Very quiet boys."

Squalo gripped his lover's hand, tugging him over to the boys - twins? Were they twins, or just so very, very similar?

Xanxus grunted, pulling his hand from the silver-haired male's. "I can walk by myself, trash."

Squalo ignored the dark-haired man's words, moving instead over to the two boys. He noticed the one playing with the building blocks had stopped in favour of watching his approach, and his eyes were sharp enough to notice the way the tiny boy tensed, almost as if the younger was expecting something bad to happen.

Just when the long-haired man was within talking distance of the boys, he knelt down, his arms resting on his knees as he observed the two closely. He could see the one that was watching him had a fading bruise on his cheek, almost as if someone had hit him previously. The other blond's face was hidden in the white button-up, so the long-haired male couldn't compare if the other was injured or not.

"What's your name?" Squalo asked, his dark eyes watching carefully for any hint of discomfort.

"..." The boy glanced down at the blond in his lap before he looked back up at Squalo, his hidden eyes giving the man no indication as to what he was feeling other than the frown that crossed the small face. "...Jill... This is Bel."

"Jill?" Squalo snorted. "Who was the moron who gave you both girl names?"

Jill pouted before he spoke again, his voice quiet. "They're only nicknames. My real name is Rasiel, and he is Belphegor. Our parents called us those names."

A smirk crossed Squalo's face; what interesting children. "How old are you both?"

"Eight." Rasiel looked down at Belphegor, his tiny hand reaching out to run through blond locks. "We're twins."

By now, Xanxus and the woman had come to their sides, listening to Squalo's conversation with the twins. Xanxus wasn't interested, really not wanting any kids, but the woman was biting her lip as if worried about something.

Squalo reached out, resting a hand on Rasiel's cheek. His thumb caressed the fading mark, and his eyes softened. "Who gave you that bruise?"

At that question, Rasiel pulled away from the man's caress, his head dropping. "..."

"Don't ask stupid questions, trash," Xanxus growled to his lover, his hands clenching. "It's obvious."

"What?" Squalo looked up at the older man for a few seconds before looking back down at the twins. "Anyone could have done that."

Xanxus, a man who had been street-bound as a child with his mentally disturbed mother, was very familiar with beatings; he had had to fight - whether it be with adults for the food he stole, or other kids who were just cruel. He knew, just from this kid's reaction, that it had been a parent who had left that bruise - scuffles were something only weaklings were afraid of, and it had only just started fading a few days ago, healing only because no one had hit the kid again.

Rasiel was still silent, looking at his brother. His body trembled slightly, his tiny hand reaching out to grip the tattered striped shirt Belphegor was wearing.

Xanxus, who knew what it was like to be rejected and abused, spoke to his lover - as much as he didn't want children, he had no choice right now, and he would rather take these two than any of the others; if they had been abused, it was likely they would eventually find themselves back in that vicious cycle. "Want them, trash?"

Squalo nodded. "I do."

"We want those two." The stronger male pointed at the twins, growling to the woman.

The brunet woman was hesitant for a few seconds before she replied in a timid tone, "...They're... a handful... Maybe it's better if you -"

"-We said we want them," Xanxus repeated. "We want those kids."

"..." Weak arms hugged the clipboard tight to the woman's chest before she nodded, knowing that she may as well give the twins away while someone was interested in them because she knew no one else would want them – if Xanxus and Squalo had trouble with them, they could always bring the kids back, right? "...Alright... Just come out the back with me and fill out the paperwork."

Neither man paid any more attention to the twins as they stood up and followed the worker back out of the room, unaware of the way Rasiel's eyes followed them until they were out of sight.


It had been a quiet drive back home for the two adults - had, being the keyword. After the men filled out the paperwork, Rasiel had carried his sleeping brother out to the car, letting him rest again on his lap. The older twin had been silent during the drive, staring out of the window absentmindedly. But when Bel started to stir and found himself being taken away from the orphanage, he had thrown a fit - and still was.

"I don't want to come home with you!" The tiny boy shouted, kicking the passenger seat in front of him, which Xanxus happened to be sitting in. "I hate you! I hate you both!"

"Brother, please..." Rasiel's frail arms were wrapped around his struggling brother, trying to calm the boy down. "It's okay, brother, it's okay."

"Stupid!" The younger twin kept shouting, much to both Xanxus' and Squalo's growing temper. "Stupid! You're both stupid, and I hate you!"

When Bel kicked Xanxus' chair once again, the scarred male snapped. Turning around in his seat, he reached out, gripping Belphegor's dirty hair. He pulled as hard as he could, bringing the younger towards him, before he roared, "That's enough of you, scum!"

Bel recoiled instantly, clinging to his brother's side. He buried his face in his twin's shoulder, starting to tremble. He jumped as he felt Rasiel's hand rest on his shoulder, but the brother he hated wasn't enough to soothe him - all he could remember was the shouting, the pain he had to endure back before he had been taken from his family.

Squalo, who had pulled Xanxus' hand from the boy they had just taken in, spoke in a low, dangerous tone, knowing that if he shouted, he would only scare the twins further. "Don't shout at them, you dumb shit; can't you see you just scared them both?"

"The piece of trash should learn to keep his mouth shut, and to stop kicking my fucking chair," Xanxus snarled back.

"He's a kid, and he's scared." Squalo kept his eyes focused on the road, knowing that this wouldn't be easy, but he had to try - for all of their sake's. "He just wants to stay in surroundings he feels comfortable in."

"You had better get me a fucking steak for this, shark trash." Xanxus crossed his arms over his chest, glaring out of the window as if everything they passed was the reason for his bad mood.

"There's a bottle of wine with your name on it, too." Squalo glanced in the rear-view mirror, seeing the two boys sitting on the backseat. Rasiel's arms were wrapped tightly around his brother, frowning, while Belphegor curled around him, shaking.

Squalo glanced at the file sitting on Xanxus' lap that they had been given, recording all known information about the two boys. He knew that, before he tried to work on Bel's temper, Xanxus would be the one needing fixing first; no matter what he did with the twins, it wouldn't make a difference if the older man kept shouting at them like that.