A/N: Hey guys guess what I have? A CHRISTMAS FIC! It's my first one like I promised yesterday. So hope you enjoy!

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On the night before all was quiet in the sewers where a unique family lived. What type of family you may ask. A family of five consisting of four mutant turtle tots and a fatherly rat. All were calm and sleeping in their beds but one little tot who couldn't wait for santa to come. The little five year was becoming very excited for christmas that he could not sleep. "Oh man I can not wait for Christmas tomorrow!", screamed Mikey. Without knowing Mikey's scream of excitement woke his other brothers. "Will ya shut up bonehead I'm tryin' to sleep here!" Raph yelled."Yeah Mikey we all know you love Christmas but you're being so loud about it." said Donny and Leo just nodded in agreement.
Mikey didn't mean to wake hs brothers up, he was just filled with joy about the holiday. So he apologized, "I'm sorry guys. I just can't wait for tomorrow. I bet there will so many presents for us. Maybe even for Raphie even if he's a big fat hothead!" Hearing this did not go over well with the little hothead and he responded,"Well ya might not get any gifts if ya keep that up and don't go ta sleep!" Leo then said," I agree with Raph if we don't get some sleep we won't get any gifts and Sensai will be mad." "I suggest we all go to sleep then" yawned Don. Soon all the tots figured it was late ans should go back to sleep. Mikey rubbed his eyes and yawned," Alright goodnight guys" and then all the turtles fell into a deep sleep. Later on Master Splinter went to check on the children in their room and saw they were all sleep. He smiled and then left to his room.
The next day little Mikey was first to wake up. "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" he screamed. He went to awaken his brothers and then to his father. After everyone as awake they went to the den where their christmas tree stands. "AWESOME!" was the cry of the litte five year olds as they ran for the presents. Leo recieved a new practice sword, Raph new combat warrior action figures, Donny a new chemistry set, and Mikey the newest addition of Silver Sentry comics. Even Master Splinter got a present which a beautifully drawn picture of him and his sons by his sons. "Thank you Master Splinter." the turtle tots said gratefully. "You are welcome my sons, Merry Christmas" said Master Splinter. "This is the best Christmas ever!"exclaimed Mikey. His brothers looked at each and said "Oh yeah" and they all said "Merry Christmas!"

I hope you guys enjoyed this! MERRY CHRISTMAS!