Zoro turned his head, a grin spreading across his features as he noticed the lone silhouette of a merman appeared at the opening to his cavern. He knew this moment would come, he had to just be patient. It wasn't like he hadn't been watching through his magic orb at all the things happening the last few days.

Even so, he couldn't help feeling a little bad for the devastated expression on the blond mermaid's face as he swam in closer, his posture tense and arms folded across his chest. His heart was broken no doubt, unable to successfully make his part of the bargain, that his so called 'true love' could kiss him before the moon rise, work. There was also the faintest hint of surprise at the fact that he wasn't sea foam like Zoro had warned.

Be it as it may, he could only swim before the rock chair the fishman Zoro was sprawled out on, unable to truly vocalize his anger and confusion due to their contract. His voice had been taken from him for reasons unknown, but he had a feeling it was the way he'd harassed the sea witch, erm wizard, on their first meeting, calling him a marimo.

Said marimo sat up in his seat, shifting his legs to the front and continuing to shine his shark teeth in the pale light of the water. He loved winning this, mostly 'cause that bastard had been so smug.

"Plan didn't work out the way you wanted it to, did it?" He asked casually, forcing his smile away to at least try and take this business transaction seriously. "She dumped your ass the moment she found out you were a fish, right?"

Sanji lifted his chin, sending the bastard a glare before raising his hand and giving him the finger. He couldn't talk, even if he opened his mouth to try. He just simply closed it and jerked his head away again in frustration. He didn't remember this humiliation being a part of the end deal.

"And now you're wondering why you are still here and not sea foam at the surface?" Zoro ventured a guess to his thoughts.

When Sanji didn't make much of a protest to change his guess, only tensing at the insanity of it being correct, the Marimo had his answer. He huffed before lifting himself out of his chair and walking on the rocky bottom of the cave toward his newest victim.

"The rumor's you heard about me, they were that bad, weren't they?" He snorted. "I don't turn people into sea foam. Not cause' I don't want to either, it's just not how I work."

Nor how he was taught either, from his previous master. After all, being a sea witch was not normally the profession of a fish man. In fact, fish men weren't even frequent in the ocean so close to the mermaid kingdom. It was highly unusual, yet for some reason the born prince of mermaid kingdom felt it was safe enough to make a deal with him. Really now, who was asking for bad things to happen?

Even so, he looked away, not feeling the slightest content at the hurt that came across Sanji's face. No doubt he was humiliated enough by failing to court the human female he thought his soul mate, he didn't appreciate the salt Zoro was rubbing into the wound. He would much rather get on with turning him into something that would take his conscious mind about the previous rejection away.

Zoro scratched absentmindedly at the back of his head.

"So you'll just have to stick around I guess, pay your dues that way."

Sanji reached out, grabbing the fish man by his shoulder to forcefully get the marimo to look at him, ignoring his hiss because this was the only way he could get his attention without his fucking voice. Which was his next question. He gestured to his throat, watching as Zoro reached for something in his possession, a pocket on his unusual wear to reveal their golden contract Sanji had signed in blood.

"Unfortunately for you, like the contract stated..." He unrolled it, turning so that the text was readable by Sanji. "The voice is mine until the spell is lifted, which would now be when your debt is fulfilled. Got it?"

The blond mermaid took a moment to read it over once more before shoving Zoro's hand and the contract away. Then he gestured to just breaking it, surely the magic man could, but it just made Zoro avert his eyes, clearing his throat.

"About that... I never really got to learn how to break contracts, so I've always set them up kind of this way... OI!"

Sanji's blue tail fin had rounded, smacking him clear against his head. His lips were moving silently in his growing anger as he went in for another hit, Zoro covering his head with his arm that time. This was not what he signed up for, dammit!

Zoro finally jerked out, latching his hand on the fin and yanking the blonde forward, scowling at him.

"Oi, listen here you curly asshole! I didn't have to do shit for you. I'm letting you live, you don't get to decide your punishment for not holding up your part of the deal!"

Their faces were a bit closer now as Sanji had been pulled forward, his face softening slightly at the fact that yes, perhaps he did get lucky not becoming foam like Zoro had said he would at first... He pushed away from the fish man, his face lowering. Fine, if he had to work and make it back up to Zoro, he was ready to be put to work.

Zoro was still rubbing at his head, glancing over at the blond, waiting for his sentence patiently. Truth was, Zoro hadn't planned this far. No one ever usually didn't hold their end of the deal so he never had to deal with giving anyone work to pay it off. He sighed.

"So, shit Prince," He began. "What can you do?"

Author's Note: This was actually really fun to write and I think I might take prompts to string it along cause I kind of like it. XD so does myladyday (the beta reader yada yada). So yeah, Hope you enjoyed, as always reviews/comments welcome! Thanks so much for reading!