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Patchouli Knowledge, the Unmoving Great Library of the Scarlet Devil Mansion was a considered one of the most knowledgeable people within Gensokyo, which was a relative title. Her long purple hair, adjourned with many ribbons, matched her violent and purple daily attire which resembled a pajama.

Currently it only served to make her stand out in her current location. The bright colors of her current attire contrasted harshly with the gloom of the stone room.

She was truly perplexed. She had detected the intrusion on her library in an instant but did not expect the intruder to come in the form of a green portal which quickly sucked her in. In all honesty she had thought that Kirisame had decided to chance another raid despite running into the combined forces of herself, Koakuma, Remi and Sakuya; the latter two coming down to share tea.

And now she was no longer in her library. The grand room which contained the endless rows of magical tomes and grimoires, gathered from across the world, was replaced with this dull and bleak cell.

She swore that if this was some sort of retaliatory prank by that thieving rat then she would… dangerous thoughts of live barbecues and human burials filled her mind as she envisioned what manner of punishment she would have to administer to the human magician.

Her train of thought stopped when she noticed the second occupant of the dreary room. A male human dressed in noble finery consisting of a deep blue fur long coat over a white suit where a crest containing two staves and one crown was proudly displayed on the chest. The most noticeable feature of his appearance was the teal colored hair which was, to her understanding of humans, was unnatural.

"…bless this being and bind it as my familiar."

It took only a moment for Patchouli to recognize the chant as a familiar binding spell and it was moment too late to intervene as a strange magical feeling itched across her forehead.

Her fingers gingerly touched her forehead to feel a series of deep grooves that she assumed to be the seal placed on familiars. She frowned as the foreign magic began to intrude upon her own.

Seeing the human magician making a move towards her; the Youkai magician reacted instinctively.

"Not another step, human." Patchouli commanded in a threatening tone as she began to bring her magic to bear. An armory of spells was already on her mind and only a moment away from being unleashed upon the human magician.

"And if I don't?" the human coldly quipped in return as he slowly lifted his foot to take another step.

The air rippled with shimmering deep blue polygons as scores of triangular blades formed all around her person. The lethal weapons were bristling with barely restrained blood thirst as they directed themselves at the human's heart.

The ease of which her magic flowed through her startled the witch. Whilst Autumn's Blade was a basic metal spell, nearly all her magic caused her discomfort or occasionally pain whilst casting. This interfered with her focus during casting and in general limited her ability as a great magician.

The sole reason why that bumpkin magician could defeat her. Patchouli added as anafterthought.

This usually meant she was having one of her good days where her sickness had receded. If only she hadn't already known that this was not the case prior to being kidnapped.

That led her to suspect that the familiar seal had something to do with this. It wasn't uncommon for masters to give their familiar powers to make them more useful.

Nevertheless the human did correctly stopped and returned his foot, keeping a composed face as he faced the array of sharp missiles inches away from taking his life.

As he waited for Patchouli to make a move, said magician was busy processing the situation.

She has been apparently summoned by an unknown male magician, already ruling out the possibility of her still being in Gensokyo. The chances of her not being aware of a male magic user within the small boundaries of Gensokyo were slim; considering the disparity of gender in the Eastern Wonderland.

His attire and facial features suggested that he was of western origins so she was probably in Europe instead of Japan. The boring appearance of the room itself also hinted at a western theme; unless Japan had decided to build western themed buildings in the century or so she was in Gensokyo.

Her eyes widened in surprise when she realized that she couldn't sense his magic reserves. That itself was impossible. Even humans with no experience in magic had a miniscule amount of magic within them that would only grow if they nurtured it with practice.

By summoning her; the human had proven himself a magician. Yet he was empty of any magic at all. It was like there was a void within him.

"What is your intent in summoning me?" Patchouli asked, keeping her blades at ready.

Yes, she could investigate his lack of magic later. The present situation was far more demanding.

The human seemed to think over his choices before answering. When he did it was in the same confident tone he used earlier; not the least intimidated by the sharpened metal hovering before him. "I need a familiar."

Patchouli Knowledge, the centuries old Witch of Spring Haze, become a familiar to a human magician. She scoffed at the very thought of that. Even Marisa Kirisame didn't have the audacity to suggest something as ludicrous as this.

She ignored the fact that he had already branded her as his familiar. That predicament itself was simple to resolve. Familiar contracts required a living master and familiar. Remove one and the contract will be null.

Still one shouldn't resort to such a crude method immediately. She still didn't know for absolute certainty that this wasn't Gensokyo and the last thing she needed was a nigh invulnerable Shrine Maiden chasing after her for killing a human.

"I refuse." Patchouli answered, the blades disappearing back into nothingness as she showed her intent to talk this out instead of outright attacking him. The human didn't even bat an eye at the disappearance choosing to maintain his still demeanor.

"I am busy with research on protection spells for tomes and I have sparse time to play servant for another." Patchouli continued. She was close to finally completing the perfect defense for her books against the thieving rat in light of the inability of the cats to consistently stop Kirisame's constant intrusions.

"Simply remove the seal and this can end without conflict." She offered to the human. She didn't need to add that she could likely force the end of the contract if he refused.

"I'm afraid I cannot do that." The human replied. As Patchouli's eyes narrowed, the human quickly continued. "The seal cannot be undone."

"If it was done then it can be undone." Patchouli insisted. What magician would use magic without fully understanding it first? It left too many chances for mistakes; which in the craft of magic could prove fatal. "Unless you mean to tell me that you're superbly incompetent."

"My magic is quite unique in my world and not fully understood. And openly practicing it may earn the attention of some… dangerous person." The human defended himself with.

So he was a hedge mage or something similar practicing forbidden magic and hiding it from someone of unknown power. Nevertheless… "You're problems are not my own."

"I would disagree; you're still my familiar if there is no means to remove the runes." The human countered.

"Killing you could remove it." Patchouli suggested; putting it as a statement rather than a threat on his life. It would remove her ability to discern the nature of his interesting lack of magic but such a thing wasn't interesting enough to warrant herself being stuck as his familiar.

"Unfortunately, I would rather not die."

"As I said, you're problems are not my own."

There was a brief moment of silence as Patchouli debated on whether she should forcibly end the contract. "Tell me, do the terms Gensokyo or Japan mean anything to you."

"And what if they don't?" the human cautiously replied.

That was all the confirmation needed. This was in fact no Gensokyo, and it was questionably not even Earth. The probability of her being in another dimension went up proportionally. It wasn't outside the realm of possibility for her to be summoned to another dimensional plane. She herself summoned Koakuma from Makai.

And while it meant that the Hakurei wouldn't come to exterminate her; it also gave her the problem of being in another unknown plane that was not her own.

She briefly entertained the though of the Gap Youkai would chance across this world and pick her up. Given her dedication towards the defense of Gensokyo and her lazy personality in regards to everything else; the chances of such encounter occurring were not in her favor.

Still… being trapped upon another dimensional plane was no laughing matter. Back in her library where all her tomes and resources were; it would still take months of preparation for her to prepare a successful to and return trip for Makai.

Of course this time she didn't need the return part; however she was left without the knowledge that her library provided. And while she herself was her greatest asset; she still needed material and equipment which were no longer available to her here. It would likely take longer than a year before she was prepared to return. This was hardly an inconvenience considering the life time of an average Youkai.

Perhaps it was better to remain as his familiar for the time being. The boost in magic would likely prove to be beneficial. At least until she could properly identify whether this boost in her magic was the result of the runes or otherwise.

"Are you perhaps not human?" the human magician suddenly asked.

"What a brilliant deduction." Patchouli said off-handedly in a sarcastic tone. "Was it when I called you a human or did you finally notice my aura is different to humans?"

The Youkai magician ignored the human magician as she thought over her next move. She was still bound to the human and was stuck in another dimensional plane with next to no resources or support.

Still that did mean that the Spell Cards Rules were off so she was free to use her powers to defend herself. That and the said runes engraved on her forehead appeared to be some boost to her magical abilities far surpassing that of her ribbons. She was certain that she should be capable of defending herself from threats.

Her current condition was near perfect and it was as if she did not suffer from poor health at all. Likely due to whatever positive effects the runes were bestowing upon her. Still the fear that such an effect would wear off while facing a threat was foreboding.

She glanced at the human magician. Killing him would not serve to aid her in any manner aside from perhaps giving her the satisfaction of dealing with the instigator of her problems.

"Perhaps this is a bit late but I am Joseph de Gallia, King of Gallia. And you are?" de Gallia introduced himself.

Patchouli gave him a thoughtful look as this small tidbit of information brought new prospective options. "I am Patchouli Knowledge."

Certainly his title of King did not impress her in the least; but it did mean whoever he hid his unique magic from was a tad more significant that she had first assumed. If this Gallia was a kingdom them the unknown threat was likely the leader of a larger kingdom or empire.

Still that did not concern her. What did concern her was that she now had a means of obtaining resources. If this was an absolute monarchy then it was certain that she could obtain what she needed from him: from mundane things like writing equipment to more expensive ingredients such as chemicals like arsenic and mercury.

But he was a human and he had already made his intent clear. Nothing was free in her world and it unlikely to be any different here. In exchange for anything she asked for; he will demand something in return.

"Perhaps we can come to an arrangement." Strangely it was the human that offered this, not her. "There must be something I can offer for your services. As the king of one of Halkegenia's wealthiest nations; there is little I cannot attain."

"Access to all archives regarding magic and an unlimited budget in regards to whatever I choose." Patchouli demanded. There was no reason to investigate his oddity in magic while she was here. Whatever tasks he had could not be too difficult for a magician of her caliber to achieve anyway.

Her first priority would still be in researching a means to return to Gensokyo. After she was certain of a safe return; then she could turn her attention to learning more; safe in the knowledge that if something were to go wrong then she had a ready escape route.

"Done, on the condition that you will perform the tasks I assign you." de Gallia agreed without hesitation.

"As long as I retain the right to refuse if the task is unreasonable; then there is no problem with that." Patchouli added as insurance.

de Gallia's eyes twitched slightly in displeasure but otherwise didn't show any other sign as he nodded his agreement. "That is acceptable."

"Then I will… assist you for whatever you're doing." Patchouli concluded.

"Excellent." de Gallia clapped his hands together and the door behind him opened. A small girl with the same odd shade of teal hair entered the room.

Adjourned in a robe that was far too large for her small physique; her face shared the earlier impassiveness that the King of Gallia had shown earlier. Her grip on the staff that was twice her height trembled as she saw de Gallia.

Unlike the King; this human's reserve was far easier to detect. While nowhere to the same scale as Kirisame; the girls own magic was sizable for one so young. Though she doubted that it would match Kirisames' even should they be the same age.

The bumpkin magician had at least one thing going for her: what she lacked in prowess she made up for in sheer power.

"This is Tabitha. She'll see to your needs for now." de Gallia waved off. "A few days to adjust yourself here, hmm? I'll give you something to do later."

Patchouli narrowed her eyes at the sudden display of arrogance. The manner in which he assumed that he had complete authority over her was a stark contrast to his more cautious nature. The man was certainly an oddity.

It reminded her of Remi in a sense. The manner in which she assumed the Patchouli would follow after her in whatever scheme she concocted. The main difference being that while Remi's trivial schemes were a pain; she was willing to follow her rashness. They were best friends after all.

She wondered how Remi would take the news of her being summoned and becoming the familiar of a human.

Patchouli deadpanned at the thought. Remi would probably just laugh at her plight while Sakuya expressed her sincere apologies at Remi's thoughtlessness.

She missed her library already.

This man on the other hand… he just reeked of sourness.

Further investigation on him was necessary to analyze him. If she could understand him better then it would allow her to predict his moves better.

There was a brief thought of telling him something along the lines of "she wasn't a servant" or the like but she decided against it. Such things would merely make her seem pathetic.

If she was to ever need to work against him then it was far more logical to lull him into a false sense of security over her loyalty. It was only then could any threats from her could be substantiated.

Without another word in answer; Patchouli followed after the small girl out of the room. The dim room she was summoned in was replaced with a long corridor that was just as barely illuminated with sparse torches spread out across its long width.

"Where?" uttered the quiet girl in the form a short vague question.

"Everywhere please." Patchouli answered just as vaguely. She may as well learn the premises of wherever this was.

Understanding this; Tabitha led Patchouli along the deep corridor before taking a left and pulling open a stoic oak door that let in mornings sunlight. Walking through; Patchouli was then given a bland tour of the palace.

It was bland in that; there was hardly any interaction being her guide and herself aside from the brief mention of the name of the particular section of the palace. The small girl seemed to be the extremely quiet type.

Tabitha watched the violet clad mage in the corner of her eyes as she lead her towards the small empty wing of the palace that was to house her uncle's new familiar. She had eavesdropped on the conversation she had with her uncle and discerned a few things about her.

It was clear that she was not familiar with Halkegenia and her reference to this 'Gensokyo' and 'Japan' only made her status as a foreigner to these lands clear. Her place of origin was likely somewhere east of the Holy Lands; likely Rub Al'Khali.

However her mention of not being human set that off. While her long hair mostly obscured it; her ears were definitely not pointed meaning that she was no elf and there were no other demi-humans who resembled humans this closely.

Quite frankly; she had no idea what she was and what she was capable of; and that scared Tabitha. Unlike the orcs, ogres and other monsters she dealt with on the uncle's suicide missions; she didn't have an inkling on what to expect except that she was likely skilled in the magical arts.

This almost certainly meant that her supposedly safer assignment of watching over her uncle's new familiar and stopping her if she went on a rampage was equally as dangerous as clearing out a den of wild drakes.

But, for once, she would hopefully not be alone in attempting to detain her if by chance this Patchouli Knowledge did go on a rampage. This was the Palace of Versailles and there was a full contingent of Royal Guards stationed inside. Even her uncle wouldn't be mad enough to withhold them while the palace was destroyed piece by piece.

"Is there somewhere isolated nearby?" the woman she was leading asked behind her.

"Why?" Tabitha inquired. So far she had made little conversation with her, admittedly her own subdued nature attributed to this.

Several possibilities of what her motives could be drilled through Tabitha.

The most prominent would be her using this chance to eliminate watcher and escape from the palace. It would leave her undetected for a variable amount of time and wouldn't bring the wrath of the entire palace guard down upon her.

"There is some magic I wish to test. You may observe if you deign to."

Tabitha hesitantly nodded. There was no good excuse to refuse her. She could at least take advantage of her not fully knowing the layout of the palace and lead her through sections where they were in plain sight.

At the very least a few of the Royal Guards will notice where she is heading and note the unfamiliar person she was towing behind her.

And she had the perfect location. The destination was mostly empty and yet not too far from the main palace. The palace's gardens were wide and extensive and aside from the gardeners; there was hardly anyone there since the current King preferred to stay indoors.

Not at all like her father.

Tabitha brushed away the thought like a fly. Her father didn't matter anymore. Dead was dead. Her mother was what was important.

The duo scored a few interested looks as the passed by the numerous inhabitants of the castle. Suspicious glares were sent their way from the armed retainers of the palace while there were more interested looks from the common servants who toiled about their work.

The early morning sun shone down on them as the exited the grand doors the led to the garden of the Palace of Versailles. The entire 8 square kilometers garden was one of the grandest and most beautiful landmarks in the whole of Halkegenia.

However access to it was severely limited. Aside from the gardeners who maintained the botany; only the Royal family, and whoever they choose to invite in, had free access to the garden. Given Joseph de Gallia's disposition; it has rarely been used ever since her grandfather's time.

That of course didn't stop from entering the garden. Even if she was no longer considered royalty; no one would dare stop her. She was, after all, a Knight of the North Panterre and therefore acted with the king's authority.

The end destination was about full circle with its entire circumference built of tall hedges with the exception of the entrance to which there was an arch adjourned with exquisite flowers. A marble fountain lay at the very center with rows of flowerbeds built circling away from it.

"Is this it?" Patchouli asked as she scanned the area. "I had hoped it would be farther but this will suffice. Regardless, you have my thanks."

Tabitha nodded in acknowledgement and took a few steps back as the inhuman mage stepped forward. When Patchouli's feet began to levitate off the ground and glide towards the center; Tabitha took a few seconds to understand the significance of such an action.

While levitating itself was a basic dot level spell; it was done without a wand or any form of foci at all. In fact now that she looked deeper; there appeared to be no incantations or even a gesture to signal her use of magic.

Speaking in an unknown dialect; Tabitha could feel the power behind each syllable that Patchouli uttered. Her earlier astonishment was trumped as she speechlessly watched the strange mage conjure a great wave of ball of fire.

The fireball itself was a giant compared to the puny mage that was keeping it hovering above her head with no visible effort. Yet despite all the obvious flames that Tabitha could see; there was no heat emitting from it.

"The spirit populations of this world appear to be more powerful and dense." Tabitha heard Patchouli say to herself amidst the crackling flames of her red ball of flame.

"I hypothesize that the science of this world is not on par with my own, resulting in a stronger belief in the supernatural aspect of the world. The lack of any strain on my abilities is likely the result of the strengthening that these runes provide."

Patchouli paused for a moment as if to look at something before continuing her emotionless monologue. "The fact that they are glowing during this process indicates that they have affected my magic in a beneficial manner."

"Furthermore the improvement on my physical health is likely a side effect of the runes. Understanding and replicating such runes will be extremely beneficial in the long term."

There was a long pause as Patchouli closed her eyes in thought. "Kirisame is likely to empty half my library by the time I return. However returning with these runes keeping me fit will make me more than a match for the mushroom magician. Probability of retrieval of all stolen books at full health: 100 percent."

By now screams could be heard from afar as the ball of fire only enlarged in size as Patchouli continued on with speaking aloud what appeared to be research notes. Tabitha was now also starting to edge towards the entrance of the circle of hedges.

While the flames didn't seem to be burning anything or even giving out any head whatsoever. She was already sweating from the anxiety of staring at the huge flaming ball of death.

Her uncle's orders were specific: to act as an assistant to his new familiar and watch their every move until he says otherwise. If there were to start having traitorous intentions or genuinely threaten him; then she was to confront them and execute them.

At first she was confused at how he didn't send her on a near impossible mission to get her killed in action like he usually did. Now she understood that her chances of beating Patchouli in a direct confrontation were near zero.

Her uncle worded his orders very specifically. And since he wants her to directly confront a being like this; she knew that he wanted her to get killed again.

Tabitha sighed. It was just another ordinary day then.

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