The sun rose over the Titans Tower. Light filled the living area. Beastboy and Cyborg sat on the couch playing their videogames as usual while Starfire cooked one of her Tameranian dishes. They nudged each other trying to lose each other's concentration from their part of the game. Sweat dropped from their faces as it became more intense as Beastboy's car was just about to cross the finish line. Beastboy kept his concentration on the videogame. His eyes were glued to the TV screen. His eyes got big as he saw the big letters on the TV screen saying "YOU WIN". Beastboy jumped up from the couch with absolute happiness and triumph. Cyborg threw the controller onto the ground angrily. Things in the tower didn't really change though the gang changed. Beast boy was no longer a scrawny, short boy. He finally hit his growth spurt and was now the third tallest of the team. With his height came the muscles that he dreamed he had. With the help of Robin, Beast boy was now broad. Though he wasn't as big like a very strong man, he still had a nice torso that made girls drool. Cyborg, due to his machinery, hasn't as much grew in height, but he did update his weapons and robotic parts making him more powerful and stronger. Starfire has grew, but not too much. Her body filled out very nicely which was great for Robin. Robin is still his bossy, old self. His body, however, was not. He became the tallest of the group and grew the most muscles out of the boy. He was now a big, but fit, strong man. He also changed his name to Nightwing. Last, but not least, Raven. Raven is now the shortest on the team. Her body filled out giving her even more curves that would get some stares, and she let her hair grew, but only till it was about her shoulders. Though, her body changed, she still had emotions to control.

"Oh yeah! Take that chrome dome!" Beastboy said as he danced in victory.

Cyborg rolled his eyes and sat back in quietness.

Starfire looked up from the stove. "Oh friend Beastboy! Did you win the game?"

"Yeah I did!" Beastboy said with happiness as he kept dancing.

"Oh how wonderful!" Starfire said with a big smile.

"It was only one time! I bet there was a glitch in my controller." Cyborg said as he checked the controller.

"Face it chrome butt! You lost fair and square!" Beastboy said with his intimidating dance.

Cyborg sat back in the couch muttering away incoherent words and insults.

Raven walked into the living are and walked straight to the kitchen to get her daily morning tea. She looked at her green team mate and rolled her eyes. She took the kettle from the cabinet and filled it with water and placed on the stove to boil. Beastboy turned around and saw Raven in the kitchen. A smile grew on his face.

"Raven, guess what!" Beastboy yelled with excitement from the living are.

Raven winced from the sudden loud voice. "You learned better jokes?"

A laugh was heard from the couch by Cyborg as he started playing the video game again. Beastboy glared at him and punched his arm.

"Uh, no! I finally won a game! I defeated Cyborg in the videogame!" He said with a smile.

Raven continued making her tea. "That's great." She said in a monotone. Beastboy soon plopped down on the couch and started to play the videogames once again. Raven sighed and shook her head. "Looks like you'll still be the immature kid I met, Beastboy."

Nightwing came in through the sliding doors. He had a towel around his neck which indicated that he has just finished his daily workout in the gym. He sat at the table and took out the newspaper. He started to read until Starfire walked up to him with her Tameranian dish.

"Robin- I mean Nightwing, would you like to try my dish?" She said with a smile trying to cover up her mistake as she held the goop out for him to eat.

It was held in a large metal pot. It bubbled from the heat. Nightwing looked at it and saw that it was a purple color. Nightwing kept looking at the goop in the pot and could have sworn he saw an eye wink at him.

"Uh, no thanks Starfire. I'm not hungry." He said nervously as he kindly tried to push the goop away from him.

Starfire looked at him hurt. He saw the tears welling up in her eyes. Nightwing sighed. "Fine, but only…" Nightwing was never able to finish his statement as Starfire put a spoonful of the goop into his mouth. Nightwing's eyes grew big from the foul taste and the sudden action. He reluctantly swallowed the goop. Starfire stood in anticipation of what he would say though it wasn't the reaction she quite expected as Nightwing's face quickly became pale. He ran out of the room holding his mouth trying to contain his stomach's content. Cyborg and Beastboy laughed as their fearless leader as he ran to the bathroom. Raven rolled her eyes and went back to her book as she waited for her tea. Starfire looked at her dish in confusion. She tasted it with the spoon she had in her hand. She made a twisted face from the foul taste.

"It needs more of the mustard." Starfire said as she went back to the kitchen to try and perfect her dish.

A loud siren rang throughout the entire room indicating that there was trouble. Nightwing came back into the common room with a serious face. He screamed. "Titans, trouble!"

The team sprang into action and ran out of the room.


Screams were heard from scared civilians. People ran out of the way as falling debris and cars were being thrown in different locations. Doctor Light laughed as he threw blasts of his light energy at buildings. He had a bag of money in his hand left hand. He used his right hand to blast the buildings and shoot at the scared civilians. He was about to blast at an unprotected civilian when he was hit in the chest by a black energy blast. He flew a couple feet away, dropping his bag of money and landed with a thud. "It's not nice to shoot at people, Light." Nightwing said as he crossed his arms.

Light quickly got up from the ground and looked at the team and smirked. "Oh titans, what a pleasure to see you!" He said with an evil smile.

He shot an energy blast at the team which they easily dodged. Robin soon screamed. "Titans, go!"

Starfire quickly flew towards Light firing her green starbolts. Light jumped away from the attack and threw bolts right at her. She quickly dodged them and threw more at him. He generated light bolts and threw it at the building that was standing right next to Starfire. Starfire continued throwing her starbolts to injure the man until she realized that the building was coming down. She looked up at the building that was quickly falling down. She did nothing from fear. Her eyes grew big. The building was just about to crush her until she was rescued by Nightwing who quickly pushed her out of the way. Cyborg ran up to light with his sonic cannon. He blast his cannon at Light. He grew a shield effortlessly which protected him from the sonic blast. He shot a light bolt at Cyborg's cannon. The bolt directly hit the cannon. Cyborg looked at his now destroyed hand in shock.

"That's my arm!" Cyborg yelled angrily at Light.

Light laughed and hit Cyborg square in the chest causing Cyborg to fly back. Beastboy was next and transformed into a cheetah. He pranced to Light with incredible speed and threw his claws out. Light threw bolts at the quick animal trying to keep it away. Beastboy jumped onto Light and started to bite at his suit. Light panicked and punched the animal forcefully on the head. He quickly shot at Beastboy with a big light bolt. Beastboy fell back as well. He landed on the ground with a big thud. Nightwing ran up to Light with his bo-staff in hand. Raven looked at Beastboy and saw that he wasn't moving. Raven panicked and flew to him. She felt his pulse and saw that it faint. She saw the bruise that was behind his head begin to bleed. She took her hand out and a bright blue glow appeared. She placed her hand on the back of Beastboy's head. Raven looked at him with worried eyes. She observed his facial features and noticed how good looking he became. He no longer had the face of a boy anymore. He was turning to a man. He looked more attractive than he did when he was younger. She looked at his body and saw his abs and muscles showing itself through his uniform. Raven shook her head and pushed the lustful thoughts that were starting to appear to the back of her head. "Wait a minute, I never had a lustful thought of Beastboy…EVER! What is going on?" Raven thought as she looked at Beastboy. Beastboy slowly opened his eyes and saw Rachael. It looked as if it was a dream to him. Raven stood above him looking as beautiful as ever. Her hair was flowing in the wind making her look angelic. Her face shown concern which Beastboy thought made her look as cute as ever. Her eyes shone in the sun. He looked at her soft beautiful lips and just thought what it would feel like if his were on hers. "Whoa, I never knew she was so beautiful." Beastboy thought as he stared right at her. Beastboy quickly came out of his trance and got up. Raven and Beastboy both looked each other awkwardly.

"Uh, thanks." Beastboy said nervously as he blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

Raven gave him a small smile. "No problem."

A loud bang was heard from the battle scene. The two looked back at the team.

"It's great to see you guys having fun, but could you get your butts over here and fight!?" Cyborg screamed as he threw objects at Light who shielded himself from them and quickly kicked Cyborg in the chest throwing him back.

Raven and Beastboy sprang into action and ran back to the fighting scene.

Light was soon sitting on the ground in pain and cuffed in handcuffs and sent to jail. The team gave a sigh of relief. Everyone was tired and either bruised or cut.

"Man, who knew Light was so hard to defeat." Beastboy said as he rubbed his arm.

"I think we need to work out more, guys." Nightwing said as he rubbed his neck.

"Who cares about working out?! Look what he did to my arm!" Cyborg said in dismay as he showed everyone his destroyed arm.

"Well I'm hungry. Who wants pizza?" Beastboy said with a big smile.

"I guess I could go for some pizza." Cyborg said quietly as he stared at his arm defeated.

Nightwing shrugged. "Ok then."


Raven sat on her bed in a lotus position, meditating. After spending most of the afternoon healing the titans, she decided to rest and check on her mind. She repeated her manta, and soon started to levitate from the bed. She concentrated and entered Nevermore. She walked along the passageway that floated in the air. She reached her emotions and noticed that all her emotions were sitting in a group conversing. Once they saw Raven, they stopped and looked at her. Happy ran up to Rachael with the biggest smile on her face. Raven looked at her confusingly and walked past her to talk to the rest her emotions.

"What's going on?" Raven asked as she looked at the other emotions who looked at her.

Happy looked as if she was about to burst. She jumped up and down and hopped around Raven in a circle.

"What's wrong with you?" Raven asked in annoyance at the bubbly girl.

"THERE'S A NEW EMOTION!" Happy yelled with excitement in Raven's face.

Raven looked at the rest. "Wisdom, what is she talking about?"

Wisdom walked up to Raven and calmly said "Apparently, there is a new emotion. Her name is Love."

Raven's eyes grew big. "What!?" She asked.

"Love." Wisdom said again calmly.

"But…but how?" Raven asked in disbelieve.

"Don't you get it, stupid? You're in love with Beastboy." Anger said in a duh tone as she rolled her eyes.

"I can't be! I don't even look at him that way!" Raven yelled.

"Well…you actually do. Remember at battle today?" Wisdom asked.

"Only once!" Raven said as she raised a finger indicating one.

"Not really. You've been looking at him here and there over the years." Wisdom said.

"You're wrong." Raven said.

"I beg to differ." A voice said from the shadows.

A dark purple colored Raven said as she walked up to Raven.

"And are you Love?" Raven said in anger.

"No. I'm Lust," She said with a wink.

Raven's eyes grew big. "Oh no! I do not have lust for Beastboy."

Lust laughed and wrapped her arm around Raven's shoulders. "Sweetheart, yes you do. You know you dream and think of him. You know you wish you could get him into bed with you."

Raven shook her head and covered her ears. "That's a lie! I don't"

"Well apparently you have bad memory." Lust said with a seductive smirk as she put a hand on her hip.

"Whatever!" Raven said with anger.

Raven sighed. "Where's the other one?" Raven asked.

"Right here." Love said as she walked out of the dark. She wore a violet purple cloak.

Raven sighed put her hand on her face. "I have to think this over."

"Raven, go back and sleep." Wisdom said.

Wisdom walked up to Raven and put a re-assuring hand on her shoulder. "Go to sleep, Raven. You need your rest."

"If you think about it, it isn't all that bad." Happy said as she skipped around.

Raven opened her eyes and fell on her bed. She laid on the bed in complete shock.

"I love Beastboy." Raven said in complete shock.


Darkness filled the cold, lonely cave. Water dripped from the roof of the cave hitting a wet stone in the abandoned cave. Mice squeaked to each other sniffing different spots looking for food and scratching walls on the cave. Bats also squeaked from the dark cracks and corners of the cave. A bright light shone from the end of the end of the cave causing bats screech and fly away. The mice squeaked in fear and squeaked away. The ground began to shake. Rocks were clashed against each other. Boulders fell from the cave onto the hard ground. The light became even brighter, covering the cave completely with the angelic light. The light suddenly stopped, and the cave was completely dark once again. A thud was heard, and Terra laid on the cold, wet ground unconscious.


Beastboy laid on his now big bed. Since he had his incredible growth spurt, he replaced his small bunk bed for the now king sized bed, though his messy room still showed the kid in him He laid there staring at the top of his bunk bed with his arms behind his head. He didn't have his usual uniform on. He wore sweatpants, but no shirt.

"She's so beautiful. Her purple eyes were glowing in the sun and her hair….It was amazing. I never noticed the beauty in her."

Beastboy soon stepped out of his daze and shook his head. "Whoa. Where did that come from?" He asked himself. "I think I'm starting like Raven." Beastboy said as he sat on his bed. "I never thought I would say that about Raven. I mean she's pretty." Beastboy got up and stretched his legs. "What if I'm falling in love with her?" Beastboy shook his head. "Nah. I can't. Maybe it's just puppy love." Beastboy said. "Food will help me."

Beastboy walked out of his room and walked to the common room. He was about to pass Raven's door when it suddenly opened. She had her leotard on, but not her cape which showed her curves even more. Raven looked at Beastboy. They both looked at each other with wide eyes. Raven saw the chiseled biceps of Beastboy. She then looked his rock hard looking abs. Lust soon came into view of Raven's mind. Lust smirked and licked her lips. "Like what you see, Raven?" Lust said to Raven in her mind. Beastboy looked at Raven's round hips that was being shown perfectly through the tight fitting leotard. He then looked at Raven's big and matured chest. Beastboy's mind went crazy. He soon looked at his feet to prevent himself from getting excited, as well did Raven. They both blushed at each other and nervously laughed.

"Uh…So, what are you doing this late at night?" Gar asked nervously while he rubbed his neck which showed his abs even more causing Raven to blush even more.

"Um, I can't sleep. So I was going to get some tea." Raven nervously said as she looked at the floor.

"Oh cool. Can I join you?" Beastboy asked.

Raven shrugged. "Sure."

They both walked down the long hallways to the common room in awkward silence. They reached the common room and both walked to the kitchen. Raven made her tea while Beastboy made himself a sandwich. They both sat there talking and eating among themselves. Through their conversation, they felt a bond begin towards them.

Beastboy got up from his seat. He stretched his long, muscular arms and yawned. "Weill, I should head off to bed. Thanks for talking to me Rae"

Raven got up from her seat as well. "No problem. Good night."

"Night." Beast boy walked out of the common room leaving Raven alone in the kitchen.

The thought of her loving Beastboy still frightened her, but after the friendly talk, she began to see Beastboy in a new light. "Apparently, I was wrong about him being immature…He's really turning into a man." Raven thought as she smiled. A voice from Happy ran through her head "I told you it isn't that bad!" She said in an excited voice. Raven gave a small smile. "Maybe your right." She said as she got up from her seat to rest.

Beastboy laid in his bed. The lights were off so he looked out the window at the bright moon that shined throughout his bedroom. "Raven isn't all that bad like I thought she was…..Maybe I do love her." Beastboy thought as he closed his eyes and dreamt of the dark beauty.


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