5 years later….

"Beast boy, where are we going?" Raven asked as Beast boy shielded her eyes with his large hands.

"You'll see." Beast boy said with a smile on his face.

"This better not be like the last time." Raven said.

Beast boy gave a laugh. "Trust me. It's not one of my pranks."

"It better not be."

It was a summer night. The crickets chirped silently in the bushes. Raven wore a short, black dress. It fitted her well. Beast boy wore a nice black suit. They were coming home from a fancy dinner at a restaurant. Beast boy led Raven to a stop in front of a large, beautiful building. He took his hands from Raven's eyes.

"Ta da!" Beast boy said as he extended his arms in front of the large building.

Raven looked up at the tall, marble columns. She looked at amazement with the beautiful French doors and the large windows.

"Beast boy, what is this?" She asked.

"I'll show you."

Beast boy took hold of Raven's hands and opened the large doors.

Raven gave a large smile as she saw a large group of titans in the building. Titans from almost every coast were standing in the building with smiles on their faces. Raven turned to Beast boy who smiled down at her.

"What's going in?" She said with a small smile.

Beast boy got on one knee as he searched in his pocket. Tears were running down Raven's face as she saw the diamond ring in Beast boy's hand.

"Will you marry me?"

Raven nodded her head and hugged Beast boy tightly as the titans cheered.


"You may now kiss the bride!"

Nightwing removed the white veil that covered Starifre's beautiful face. Starfire's eyes beamed with joy as she kissed her husband. Nightwing and Starfire broke their passionate kiss and walked down the aisle, hand in hand. Everyone stood and cheered at the new married couple.

Beast boy gently nudged his fiancé as they clapped for their friends. He leaned over to Raven and whispered in her ear "That's going to be us soon." He whispered with a smile.

Raven rolled her eyes and gave a small smile. "This is Nightwing and Starfire's big day. Not ours."

"Just sayin." Beast boy said as the two followed the crowed to the reception area.

"Alright ya'll! This is to the new married couple!" Cyborg said as he held his glass filled with wine above his head in front of the large crowd of titans who were sitting at circular tables over the room. The crowd extended their own glasses and cheered.


Beast boy sighed tiredly as he walked into his bedroom. He saw Raven already laying peacefully on the bed looking out the window. He crawled into the large bed and cuddled close to Raven. He wrapped his arm around Raven's waist and kissed her cheek.

"You ok?" He asked.

Raven silently nodded her head.

"It doesn't seem that you're alright." Beast boy said.

Raven sighed. "Beast boy, do you ever think of Terra?"

Beast boy didn't say a word. The question hit him like a bullet. He never really thought about his former lover. He completely forgot about her.

"No." He said. "Why are you asking?''

Raven shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I just feel as if we should do something for her."

Beast boy looked at Raven with a very confused look. "What are you talking about? She tried to kill us all. We should have kept her dead body on the shore where we found her."

Raven gave Beast boy a hard look. "I know that she did bad things, but I think we should do something for her as a little respect."

Beast boy sighed and laid his head on the large pillow. "Well, I understand what you're talking about, but I still don't forgive her for what she did."

"I'm not asking you to forgive her, but I believe we should do a little something." Raven said as she rested her head gently on Beast boy's chest.

Beast boy ran his hand slowly up and down Raven's smooth back. The two laid peacefully in the comfortable bed for a moment.

"Raven? Why are you so forgiving on Terra?" Beast boy asked as he looked down at his fiancé.

Raven merely shrugged and yawned. "I don't know. Can we go to sleep now?"

Beast boy gave up and nodded his head. "Alright fine. Night."

"Night." Raven said softly as she fell into a deep sleep.


"Friend Raven, is this not the cutest dress you have seen?" Starfire asked as she pulled out a long, bright pink bridesmaid dress. Raven looked at the dress in disgust.

"No thanks, Star." Raven said as she walked toward the dark colored dresses.

"Oh Raven, why must your attire be so…dark?" Starfire asked as she reluctantly followed Raven toward the rack of navy blue dresses.

"Does it look like I'll wear a pink dress, Star?" Raven asked as she skimmed through the dresses.

"Well….no, but you should try."

Raven and Starfire were escorted to the back of the store that held the fitting rooms. Three wedding gowns were carried by the two girls as Raven walked into one of the dressing's rooms.

Two minutes passed and Raven walked out of the fitting room in a small, long, white wedding dress. The dress fitted Raven's small body perfectly. It showed her curves, but also made her body look elegant. The top of the dress was plain with a sweetheart cut.

Starfire gasped in awe as she saw her best friend cladded in the white gown. "Friend Raven, you are beautiful!"

Raven gave a small smile as she looked at herself in the full body length mirror. She loved the dress. "Thanks." She said as she continued to examine the long dress.

"Raven, you must try this dress that I had picked out!" Starfire said excitedly as she brought a large, poufy, pink wedding dress to her friend. Raven gave Starfire a skeptical look.

"I'll stick with this dress, Star" Raven said as she walked back into the dressing room, leaving the pouting Starfire standing in front of the door with her arms crossed over her chest.


Beast boy carried Raven into their bedroom bridal style with a large smile on his face. They laughed as they fell over on the bed. The two laid on the bed in each other's arms happily. Beast boy turned to his new wife.

"We're married." He said as he began to kiss Raven.

Raven gave a small laugh. "Yeah, that's what this ring symbolizes." Raven said as she looked at her wedding ring.

"Rae, let's make this night count." Beast boy said as he pulled Raven closer to him.

Raven gave a small smile. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you. Me. And a night of passion." Beast boy said with a mischievous smirk.


5 Months Later….

The titans walked along a beautiful beach shore. The sun was shining in the sky as the birds chirped and flew happily in the air. The blue sea crashed along the warm, tan colored sand.

Nightwing wrapped his arm around Starfire who was now two months pregnant. When Starfire announced her news, the titans were in shock, but also ecstatic. Beast boy would usually confront Raven on having their first child as well, but Raven would regularly put that idea on hold. Cyborg was now dating his girlfriend of a year. He was thinking of proposing to her.

The titans walked up to a small tombstone. There wasn't much written on the stone. The shade from a large cloud hid the words that were engraved.

The titans found Terra's mangled body on the beach near the cliff years ago at this spot. Her body was quite traumatizing to see. Not one word was said when the titans saw her body that day. There was nothing to be done. The titans had no comment. Terra's actions were unforgivable.

Starfire walked toward the tombstone with a simple white rose in her hand. She gently laid the flower on the tombstone.

"She may have been crazy, but we shall miss her." Starfire said as she walked into Nightwing's arms.

"It's sad to see her life end like this." Cyborg said as he looked at the stone.

"C'mon guys, let's go." Nightwing said.

The titans turned their backs to the tombstone and walked away quietly.

The white rose stirred gently against the wind as it rested on the tombstone. The stone stood peacefully on the ground. The sun shown down on the rock as the large cloud flew out of the way. The stone read: Here lies a traitor named Terra.


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