New Devil of The Gremory House

Life 46: Revert

Merry Christmas everyone! And Happy Holidays!


A small fox ran along the top of the building adjacent to the hotel the Kuoh students stayed in during their time in Kyoto. She jumped off and carefully landed from spot to spot until she reached the street. And when no one was looking she slipped inside to find her target.

There were suitcases and duffel-bags filled with students' belongings lined along the floor by their rooms. They were there so they could be picked up by the attendants and loaded onto the bus during their trip to the train station. Which meant it was almost time for their saviors to go home.

Kunou sniffed the air and caught the scent of her friends wafting off their luggage. She followed the most familiar scent and arrived by Naruto and Issei's luggage. She transformed into her human form and started to unzip the red bag belonging to Issei. With a small smile she reached into her pocket and pulled out a short but sincere letter for her friends and everything they did for Kyoto. She slipped it in the bag and smiled, "Thanks for everything guys-"

"This hall too?"

"Yep, there should be a few more."

Kunou flinched and looked around when she heard the unfamiliar voices come from the corner. She immediately turned into her fox form and was prepared to run before she realized she was in a dead end. The only way to escape was in the direction the voices were coming from. In a panic she jumped into Issei's bag to hide until whoever was coming left and gave her an opening.

"There they are. Oh, this one's open."

"Geez, kids are so forgetful."

The zipper was closed over her and she suddenly felt the bag she was in lift and get carried away. Kunou panicked and squirmed inside the enclosed tomb of stinky and sweaty clothes.

Really stinky.

I-It was so bad she was-

Everything went dark for the next few hours.


"And that's the last thing I remember." The little Yōkai solemnly said as she sniffled and rubbed her eyes, "I passed out and just woke up here. Uhh," She whimpered, "Mother is going to be so worried about me."

"Don't worry, Princess." Azazel reassured the young girl, "I'll reach out to Yasaka-dono and make sure she knows you're safe. After the trials you both went through I'm sure keeping abreast of each other's safety is your top priority now."

"T-Thank you, Governor-General-dono."

"No problem." He snickered, "But then again how could I miss the opportunity to see how this all plays out."

Kunou sniffled and then turned her attention to the group of the Occult club she had owed so much to. Or more specifically she noticed just how tense and uncomfortable the atmosphere had become.

The saviors of Kyoto no longer had the kind and soft expressions that had helped her solider through the unsettling period when she was separated from her mother. Issei looked pensive and ashamed while Naruto was stone-faced after returning home. Both men sat across from a group of Devils that hadn't joined them on their trip to Kyoto.

Akeno looked down at her phone and sighed, "You know it's not uncommon for the actions of the supernatural world to slip through into normal life. I mean we had to take care of it when you fought the White Dragon and caused that huge explosion out of town."


"But we try as best we can to avoid attention, and if the need is required we also sway people's thoughts and memories. So they might equate a giant explosion they couldn't understand with a gas leak or a small earthquake. It was because of Azazel's people that we avoided any serious problems during that incident." Akeno sighed, "But in this case…"

Her phone was filled with a timeline of interviews, personal accounts, pictures, and recordings of women around the world with glowing breasts. Scientists trying to rationalize it. Politicians trying to quell any rumors or conspiracies about it. Internet stars and celebrities exploiting it for entertainment. It was all making its rounds. The only thing people around the world could seem to agree on was the largest percentage of the glow happened in Japan.

And the largest demographic seemed to be porn actresses, no matter where in the world they might be.

"I-I just want to remind everyone that anyone who touched the gem added their boob view count onto mine! S-So it wasn't all just on me! A-And I didn't see all the porn stars that were glowing!" Issei suddenly found a lot of skeptical looks being aimed his way. He relented, "Most. I probably saw most of them."

Akeno rubbed her eyes as Irina sighed, "Issei-kun, I know it might be too much to ask you to stop being so perverted, but maybe you could…" The lovely Angel shrugged, "I don't know - dial it back a little?"

"I-I'll try."

To the side Kunou noticed that the short white-haired Nekomata was seated with the Devils that had helped in Kyoto and was speaking with them, "So you all joined with Bijū as well?"

"That's right." Xenovia answered, scrunching her face and trying to initiate the connection like she had before. Yuuto and Asia quickly did theirs, their eyes changing to signal that their connection had been made. After some concentration and furrowing her brow Xenovia's eye changed as well, "You make it look so easy when you connect with yours in an instant. But it takes more concentration and focus than I expected."

"You just need to ease into it. It's like doing an exercise for the first time. It might seem difficult at first but keep going at it and it will become easier." To give as an example Koneko closed her eyes, opened them to reveal the mismatched color they had become, before closing them and returning to normal, "You'll get it in no time."

"I can work with the connection," Yuuto said as his eyes became star-shaped like Shukaku's, "But it's the voice in the corner of my subconscious that I'm having a little trouble with."

"Oh yeah, it can be a little uncomfortable hearing a new voice at first. Matatabi was very confused and anxious when she first came to this world, so she'd reach out and speak to me without warning and it can be startling. But they just want to talk and it can help them a lot. Another good idea is to visit them in person. Although that's easy for me because she's residing in the Gremory territory and we don't know where your Bijū will be staying yet."

"I-I want to connect with Saiken-San and make the transition to our world a little easier." Asia spoke up, "I've been trusted with this responsibility and I'll treat it with respect!"

"Koneko-chan," Rossweisse quickly sat down with them and looked at her fellow [Rook] with a pleading expression, "Can you help me? My conversations with Isobu-San have been short and rather lacking in any meaning compared to yours. And after this fight in Kyoto I realize I need to hone my abilities more thoroughly." She looked down frustratedly at her hands before looking at Koneko, "We became Neo-Jinchūriki around the same time but I think you're the authority on how we develop these relationships and abilities properly?"

"Me? Really?"

"I think so too."

"Please guide us Koneko-chan!"

"We're counting on you!"

The little freshman didn't show any reaction but it was clear from the light blush on her face that she was flattered by their words. She nodded and accepted their requests, "Okay, how about we start by diving down and introducing ourselves to everyone. That should be a good start."

"How do we do that?"

"Follow my lead." They all closed their eyes and all went silent as they dove into the deepest part of their minds.

Kunou was confused by whatever it was they were talking about. But since they had gone quiet it looked like it wasn't something she'd get to hear. So finally she turned and looked at the last two Devils conversing with each other.

Or…more like sitting in silence across from each other.

Naruto and Rias sat quietly, the rapid onslaught of information they had learned over the last few minutes leaving them silent. Rias sat up and took a breath, "So…you had a counterpart on this world centuries ago?"

"Yeah, seems like it."

"And he was the White Dragon Emperor of a previous generation, and was killed by a Red Dragon Emperor of another generation."

"That's right." Naruto leaned back and sighed, "You have no idea how much of a surprise that was when it hit me."

"I can guess."

"And while we were gone…" Naruto rubbed his face, "You adopted a stray I saw."

"Ugh, yes."

"How did that happen?"

"The first day you were all gone we decided to wash up and she snuck up behind me in the bath and started fondling me." She noticed her boyfriend sit up a little more attentively and look at her with wide eyes, "Calm down." She said with a small pout, Naruto immediately sputtering and trying to reel back in reaction, "After that it was about a day of chasing her, restraining her, losing her, and repeating the cycle. Then when we were called to help hold back the Hero faction's forces, I…negotiated terms with her."

"And those terms were…"

"Help us fight, protect Koneko, and make sure we all come back safely. In return, she'd be granted amnesty here with full room and board no questions asked. That deal doesn't extend to all of Vali's group by the way." She added on real quick, "I know that probably doesn't make you feel much better but I thought I'd let you know."

"No that's appreciated. I don't think I could stand handling something like that. As sucky as this situation is - and it sucks a lot - it could be a lot worse." The couple sat in relative silence for a moment as they let their conversation lull. Naruto drummed his fingers on his cheek before speaking, "So Koneko kissed me. Any reason that would happen?"

"Some extraneous factors playing while you were gone. Mostly Kuroka. Some…others." Rias said cryptically, "Safe to say you aren't the only bad influence on her anymore." Her expression quickly turned to an accusatory frown as she looked at him, "Issei's gem made you fondle Xenovia, right? What about the kiss, huh?"

It was Naruto's turn to feel anxious as he scratched his cheek, "Uh…she was helping me deal with all the crap regarding the predecessor and also his descendent looking like my dad and a bunch of other shit at the time. So I appreciated the comfort and solidarity and…" He blushed a little and coughed, "We kinda got lost in the heat of the moment. Are - are you mad?"

"Not at all. They both made their feelings for you known and it's good that you answered them."

"B-But you're pouting."

"I'm not pouting."

"Your face is totally-"

"I need a bath." Rias stood up before he could ask again. She walked over and bowed her head gently to Kunou, "Princess, would you like to accompany me to the baths? I'm sure you'd like a wash after traveling here in Issei's bag like that."

"O-Oh yes." Kunou nodded and followed her to the bath, "I appreciate that very much."

"Not at all. You're our guest until your mother comes to get you so we'll be as hospitable as possible for you."

"T-Thank you, Gremory-sama."

"You can call me Rias."

Akeno and Irina shared a look before they followed after the pair. Issei slumped down in exhaustion after he had finally gotten a moment to not feel guilty about his screw-up. He spared a look to the side and saw the Neo-Jinchūriki crew still deep in the midst of sharing their consciousness with their new roommates. He stood up, walked over, and plopped down by Naruto's side with a groan, "Doesn't feel like the unwind I was hoping for when we got back, huh?"

Naruto shook his head, "No it does not."


"T-That was a wonderful bath." Kunou said earnestly but with a tad bit of apprehension in her voice. Even though she had been welcomed and accepted into the Gremory territory with open arms, she was still an unwelcome guest in unfamiliar ground. After her mother's recent disappearance she had to learn the lesson of being respectable and presentable in the face of other dignitaries. And she wanted to be respectful in the home of the people who helped save Kyoto.

"I'm glad you liked it. Although I'm sure the baths in Kyoto are far more extravagant in comparison."

"Oh they were amazing!" Irina nodded, her usual twin-tailed hairstyle down as she dried her hair, "It was so beautiful and warm and Issei-kun was so busy dealing with the Hero stuff that he barely even tried to sneak a peek at us."

"Oh that sounds nice." Akeno giggled as she dried her head, "But even so I'm glad to have everyone back home with us."

As they walked back through the halls to rejoin everyone, Kunou took a moment to marvel at just how lovely these women were. Asia, Xenovia, Irina, and Rossweisse were stunning beauties that Kunou had to simply marvel at. But Koneko, Akeno, Rias, and even that Nekomata she had only caught glimpses of while they walked through the halls were just as gorgeous. It felt like she was surrounded by beautiful goddesses of faraway lands.

At least she wasn't jealous of their breast sizes. That insecurity had been crushed and pulverized to dust long, long ago. Because when your mother was possibly the most buxom woman in the world, comparing yourself to her was a road that would drive you to madness. Kunou was small and she'd never try to compare herself again.

"Everyone, the baths are open. Asia, Koneko, Xenovia, Rossweisse, you should go first before the boys get a chance to wash the day off them." The girls walked out and found that everyone else was currently seated or standing around to watch TV. Rias tilted her head as she walked over, "That's strange. What's so interesting that you're all watching together?"

"That would be my doing." Azazel said as he waved the remote over his head, "I suggested they see the new episode of Oppai Dragon." That got a surprised reaction from the girls just joining them, "I know right? It's a very special episode that they just can't ignore. Get over here."

They stepped over to join the others, Rias sitting by Naruto's side as Koneko sat on his lap and stared at the screen. Once again they were shocked to see how effectively they got the actors on the show to match their appearances. The image of Yuuto's character appeared onscreen-

("You fool! You would turn on me so close to the end?") Darkness Knight Fang lamented in the middle of a cloud of ash and smoke after weathering the Oppai Dragon's attack. However his ire was not placed on his enemy, but rather the tired and exhausted man standing beside their former foes, ("You've never once wanted to do or try anything before so I thought you'd work with me until the end. So what changed?")

("You know why I worked with you.") The Lazy Sage responded in contempt, beaten and exhausted as he glared his former partner down, ("All the evil deeds and horrible things I did by your side…I did them because I had no choice.")

Darkness Knight Fang glared him down but lowered his weapon. He looked between the Lazy Sage, Oppai Dragon, and Breast Princess before shaking his head, ("And I thought we could have seen things eye-to-eye.") He stepped into the smoke, ("Until next time.")

("No you don't!") Oppai Dragon rushed after him but ran into the smoke and found nothing, ("He got away!")

"W-What's happening?" Rias whispered to Naruto as they watched, "Why did your character switch sides?"


("Are you alright?") The Breast Princess inquired to the injured Sage as he caught his breath, ("Your wounds-")

("That doesn't matter. Is she okay? Is she safe?") The Lazy Sage actually showed some concern as he looked up at the Princess, ("You said she would be okay now so did you-")

("Special delivery.") Hellcat-chan appeared with a girl in her arms and gently lowered her to her feet, ("I think you've been waiting for this.")

A young blonde woman with eyes matching the Lazy Sage's nervously stepped up and looked around at her new surroundings. She spotted the blond man across from her as her eyes started to water, ("O-Onii-sama?")


("Onii-sama!") She exclaimed as she ran forward and jumped into her older brother's arms. He immediately caught her and squeezed her tightly as she wept openly, ("You're okay! I-I can't believe I get to see you again! F-Fang-San said that I wouldn't get to see you until he controlled the kingdom! A-And I was worried that-")

("It's okay. It's okay. You're safe now.") He squeezed his little sister in close and gently rubbed her head as she sobbed into his shoulder. He looked at Hellcat-chan and nodded, ("Thank you.")

("You owe me now. Wait until after I collect to start giving me thanks.")

The siblings' embrace lasted a little while longer until Lazy Sage raised his head and looked to Oppai Dragon and the Princess, ("Thank you. Thank you for rescuing her.")

("Everything you did for him…it was all to save her?")


("And if he asked for worse?")

("I would have done that too.") He honestly answered, ("Now that she's safe, if you want to take me into custody-")

("Just go.") The Princess ordered, not giving him a moment to finish as she shook her head, ("But you are banned from this kingdom. If you ever show your face here again…")

Her threat loomed over but the Lazy Sage nodded and led his sister away. The two Sages walked into the horizon as the heroes of the kingdom watched them disappear.

The episode ended and the Occult club stared in shock. Xenovia looked at her friend, "Asia, you're a star!"

"A-Azazel-sensei and Lucifer-sama called me one day and told me they needed my likeness for a special project. I didn't know it would be a scene in Oppai Dragon." She smiled and wiped a tear from her eye, "And I didn't think it would be for such a heartwarming scene either."

"And now you're a part of the show!"

"Congratulations Asia!"

"Way to go!"

Rossweisse stared at the screen with a blank, lifeless expression, "B-But I was the one that asked to be in the show. I-I needed the money."

"So this is what that little magic girl was talking about in Kyoto?" Naruto turned and looked at Azazel as he nodded, "But why did you do this anyway? Isn't it going to be bad for the show to lose one of its villains?"

"Eh, Kiba has enough raw animal magnetism to carry the villain torch all by himself." Yuuto tilted his head curiously at the way the Fallen Angel said that, "And besides, you haven't heard the best part of this decision!"

Naruto saw the glee running across Azazel's face and could only grimace in dread as he knew something awful would happen, "Oh shit, what else is going to happen?"

"We're making a spin-off show!"

Naruto curiously looked at Azazel with a raised eyebrow. He turned back around and still looked bewildered before Rias clarified.

"Spin-offs are shows set in the same world as another show starring a set of characters from their cast." She rubbed her eyes, "In this case Azazel is going to take Lazy Sage and give him a new show based around his adventures."

His eyes widened, "Oh fuck-off!" The blond ninja looked back at the Fallen Angel skeptically, "You are not going to do that!"

"I am! And I have! So I suggest you fuck-on and get ready for the fun!"

"Hey, congrats Senpai!"

"That sounds like fun."

"No it doesn't! Why did you even make another show?! And why would it star a bad guy?!"

"Well him being a bad guy is sorta subjective now that we know that the things he did were for the benefit of protecting his only family under the clutches of Darkness Fang." Azazel ignored Naruto's petulant glare, "Well we're going to get into morality and the subjectively of guilt as well as the weight of the responsibilities a person should carry in the show-"


"But more importantly you remember when you rescued Rias during the stage play? After that a few of the kids started asking if Lazy Sage was actually a good guy for helping the Breast Princess before she got hurt."

"That was just me catching Rias."

"Yeah but that was the first example of someone children viewed as a villain doing a kind act. A touch of moral ambiguity they weren't familiar with." Azazel smirked, "That's the whole point of the show. To introduce kids to a different point of view. Let them see that some people aren't just evil. Let them see themes and stories that would benefit a new generation to learn now that our cultures are trying to change."

Rias turned to look back at Azazel with a puzzled look, "You're…going to teach the children lessons like that?"

The Governor-General showed a thoughtful expression before smiling and shrugging, "The kind of lessons that will hopefully make sure more of the next generation isn't the same as the last."

"Oh my fuck! No way, nya! Frogger's getting his own show?! Ahahaha!" All attention turned to the side as Kuroka walked in and guffawed at the news they were getting, "Y-You're gonna be on a kid's show? T-Teaching lessons or something? Hahaha!" The black-haired Nekomata nearly doubled over in laughter as she got a stitch in her side, "O-Oh, oh you have to dress him up like that Mr. Rogers guy! That's the only way this could be better! AHAHAHAHA-"

As Kuroka toppled over and gasped for air on the ground, the Occult club looked on unimpressed with her levity. As Naruto's eyes lost all shine and life in them, resembling empty pools of blue, he looked at an equally stone-faced Rias and whispered, "You know I bet your reasons were really good when you extended that olive branch but for the life of me all I'm seeing is the negatives."

Rias solemnly nodded, "I'm losing sight of the original goal as well."

Kuroka struggled to grab the back of the couch and pull herself up. She gasped for air and coughed violently when her lungs started to burn. Once she finally caught her breath she looked at the screen and stood up a little straighter when she saw her sister's character, "Oh shit, nya. Shirone is that you? Damn that outfit looks so cute on you! Way to go!" Despite herself Koneko couldn't stop the faint blush on her face that came from her sister's praise. Kuroka stared at the screen curiously before tilting her head, "Do you think I could wear something like that?"

"OH FUCK PLEASE DO!" Issei immediately responded without hesitation. When he got some dirty looks he ignored them entirely, "THINK WHAT YOU WILL OF ME! I WON'T DENY HOW HOT THAT WOULD LOOK!"

Koneko slightly turned in Naruto's lap. She glared him down coldly as he sweated, "W-What is it, Koneko?"

"I feel your blood pumping. You pop a stiffie to the idea of her in my costume and I'll never forgive you."

Naruto suddenly found himself being glared at by Koneko and Rias in unison, "O-Oh shit."

"H-Hey, are there more episodes of this show? A-And when does the show come out with Naruto in it?"

All attention turned to Kunou as she looked up at the screen utterly enraptured with what she was seeing. Azazel smirked, "The new show should be coming out pretty soon. And if you want we have the old episodes recorded for viewing. You wanna watch, Princess?"

"Yes please!" Kunou nodded in anticipation.

"You like the show, Kunou-chan?"

"It looks so cool! And it stars you guys!"

The older people shared a look of surprise as Azazel put on some older episodes for Kunou's enjoyment.


Rias shuffled around in her sleep and reached out for her bed partner for some comfort. As her hands reached and found nothing to cuddle she was slowly stirred awake in confusion. Realizing that Naruto wasn't anywhere under the covers with her, and with Koneko and Xenovia taking a break from approaching their bed since the last incident, the young heiress was left alone.

She yawned and sat up to wipe her eyes, "Naruto? Where did you go?" The crimson-haired beauty looked around and couldn't find her lover anywhere in their room. Pulling a dressing gown over her she started making her way down the hall to find where he might be. He wasn't in the lobby. He wasn't in the kitchen. And the staff downstairs hadn't seen him yet, which meant he could only be in one place.

As the elevator door opened at the bottom level of the basement, Rias felt a startling rush of wind and power wash over her. Bracing herself against the worst of it, she struggled up to the railing and looked over to see the source of the commotion.

"EAT THIS!" Issei yelled as the bulk of his Scale Mail shedded away and left him in a leaner, more mobile suit of armor. In the blink of an eye he disappeared, rushing forward in a blind dash faster than the eye could see. If someone were to get attacked at a speed like that it would be impossible for someone to prepare, let alone move or doge out of the way.

Which was why it was just as surprising to see five versions of Naruto all covered in wind and avoiding the Red Dragon's speedy new form. With every move Issei made at high-speed, Naruto avoided by conjuring a vortex of wind under his body and giving him enhanced mobility. And every time he focused enough wind in his hand to release an intense projectile, Issei avoided with a burst of speed.

Rias watched from above as Naruto unleashed a barrage of air blasts that Issei weaved through. And when he picked up slabs of rock and tossed them up at his blond attacker, the Naruto clones had to twist and evade out of the way before they could get popped. She watched this exchange go on for a few minutes until the fight reached a lull.

"Dammit," Naruto cursed under his breath as his mobility slowed to almost a complete stop, "Issei, I feel the limit coming. Hold on." The original looked around at his clones and nodded as they dispelled themselves, leaving a gust of wind and a smoke cloud behind. Naruto closed his eyes and grit his teeth, pushing out the wind that was built up in his system before it could reach an apex and explode violently. He descended back to the ground, deploying his wings to stop the sudden drop and caught his breath as he landed, "Shit. Doesn't feel like I'm making any progress."

"That ain't so Senpai!" Issei's armor returned to normal as he stopped by, "The timer says your run just now was about 12 seconds longer than last night's. That's a big improvement in just one training session."

"Heh, guess it was a good move using the clones." Naruto wiped his cheek and then stood up while stretching his back, "Let me just catch my breath."

"Wow, so you're actually using that Elemental Nirvana move now?" The boys looked up as Rias descended to their side with her wings extended. They folded back behind her as she smiled at her [Pawns], "I know you've been working really hard on perfecting that move but not making much headway in its application. I'm glad to see that's changed."

"We were pressed pretty hard in our battle in Kyoto. I had to pull it out and gained some valuable insight while fighting. That old monkey guy showed me what the perfected version of it could look like and I've been trying to reach that again." Naruto stood up, opening and closing his fist, "Best experience is on the battlefield after all."

"Should I be worried you might be trying to brute force this technique?"

"Don't worry, I'm not just brute forcing it." Naruto assured his girlfriend, "When that old monkey settled my natural energy I got a feel for what the perfected version of my technique should be. My natural energy is still and clam while my Demonic Power is rampant and yearning for release. Trying to mash them together without harmonizing them was the reason Elemental Nirvana always failed. But if I'm right I'm supposed to use my natural energy like a - I guess a barrier around my Demonic Power. So that whenever it wants to lash out it'll have to do so through the serenity of my natural energy."

"That sounds tough, Senpai. That's actually pretty technical, isn't it?

"Well I just think that's the best way I can explain it. Honestly I'm just trying to match the feel of what I experienced then." As he started to catch his breath and roll his neck, "I'll definitely get there faster if all my clones work on them one at a time."

Rias looked at Issei, "And how about you, Issei? Was that part of the power you achieved through that worldwide breast glow?"

"That's right! With the use of my [Evil Pieces] and Promotion utilized with my Boosted Gear I reach a whole new level of power! My new move I finally unlocked; Illegal Move Triaiana!" He noticed Rias and Naruto's confused looks and confessed, "I was struggling with a name and Ddraig helped me come up with one."

[I thought it was appropriate seeing as it was a move that defied the rules of the Evil Pieces.]

[Heh, he used an illegal move just like you are an Illegal Piece. More similar than you expected, huh?]

"Shut up Kurama."

Rias watched them bicker and argue with each other and their companions. She was pleased to see that even though the trip didn't go as smoothly as she had hoped, it did wonders for her servants and helped them emerge better than they were before. Not only had Naruto and Issei reached new heights of power, but now Yuuto, Asia, and Xenovia were connected to Bijū as well. And they had created an unbreakable bond with the leaders of Kyoto that would benefit everyone in the future. She was happy to see them grow…

And yet, she couldn't ignore the strange tightness in her chest when she thought about it.

She shook her head and smiled at the two, "Are you done training? If so we should go upstairs for breakfast. I'm sure everyone is awake or arrived by now."

"Oh, sorry Buchou but can it wait?" Issei excitedly pumped his fists, "I helped Senpai with his training and now he's gonna help me with mine. I want to test my new abilities against his Golden Hour Revival and see how they stack now."

"Yeah, yeah, promise is a promise." Naruto sighed in exasperation as he pulled down his sleeve and summoned his Sacred Gear. Before he did he looked at Rias, "Hey, do you think Kunou slept well last night? I'm not sure when her mom is going to get here."

"She was pretty tuckered out watching Oppai Dragon episodes yesterday so I'm sure she slept well. Koneko offered to sleep with her and she wasn't alone last night so I think she should be okay."

"I didn't think she'd like the show that much."

"Of course she did. She acted pretty tough with us back in Kyoto but she is still a kid. And kids should be able to enjoy watching shows and having fun."

"Do you think she has any kids her age to play with back in Kyoto?"

"There must be a few Yōkai her age there."

"Yeah but do you think she gets to play with them?"

"As someone born into nobility I can attest that it can be difficult to have friendly connections with people your age. I was lucky to have Sona and then Akeno when I was given my [Evil Pieces]. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that was the first time she's been able to hang out with people in her age range without any political underline weighing on the moment."

"Shit, that's sad. Poor kid. If she could make friends her age-"


A golden light blinded them all.


Kunou yawned, "Good morning everyone."

"Good morning, Kunou-chan! How did you sleep?"

"Really well, thank you." The little fox Yōkai said pleasantly as she and Koneko joined the others at the table, "The bed was extremely comfortable and Koneko made sure I wasn't lonely."

"No prob." The little Nekomata said as she wiped her eyes clean of sleep. She smelled the delectable meal being cooked by Akeno and Asia as her tail shifted behind her in excitement, "That smells wonderful."

"Well I thought we should have a big celebratory breakfast to commemorate everyone coming back safely." Akeno said, "So everyone make sure you eat what you can. There's plenty enough for everyone."

"Thank you!"

Another set of footsteps started approaching from the side and they were greeted with Kuroka walking in. The older, wanted Nekomata entered with a loud and drawn-out yawn. She smacked her lips and rubbed her eyes, completely oblivious to the fact her kimono was half open and slipping off. The boys quickly averted their eyes and the girls looked on in surprise as she walked by and grabbed a piece of toast. As she started to partake she sleepily walked to the counter and sniffed the air, "Oh shit, that smells great. You done yet, nya?"

"Almost." Akeno dryly said as she glared the Nekoshou down, "You're not going to eat with us, are you? Please say no."

Kuroka smirked around her mouthful of toast, "Now Queen-chan, you know the rules. Room, board, and food. We had a deal."

"Yes but I expected a SS-Class criminal to be wary of staying in enemy lines and treating this more like a safe house in desperate situations. Not lounging around like a lush and taking advantage of Rias' hospitality."

"Hey, I'm being careful, nya!" Kuroka countered, "I only bragged to Bikou and the others for - like - a minimum of 5 hours last night!" The others didn't look very convinced as she took another bite and looked at the Devil/Fallen Angel hybrid, "So are you gonna make me a plate or what?"

"Sure! Of course!" Akeno said in a pleasant, high-pitched voice and smiled, "Just don't be surprised when you find out I spit in it!"

"Heh, jokes on you, I'm into that."

Akeno smiled fell into a frown and Kuroka just smirked in return. The two dark-haired women stared each other down unflinchingly as everyone else in the kitchen looked on tensely.

"Morning." And like a hammer on ice, Azazel walked in unbothered by the girls' focus on each other, "Oh that smells yummy. Can't wait to have some." He then noticed everyone looking at Kuroka and Akeno with baited breath before he scoffed, "Wow, you can feel the sexual tension." He moved his head slightly and avoided the cleaver that flew by and imbedded itself in the wall, "Well don't stare at each other like that and I won't make totally accurate statements."

"Shut. Up." Akeno growled out before turning back to cooking the rest of breakfast.

Asia sweated slightly before walking over to the table and placing plates of eggs and bacon around, "Western-style breakfast to celebrate. We have a big day ahead of us." The sweet blonde nun smiled as she looked around the table, "What is everyone going to do today? I'm going to spend some time conversing with Saiken-San and better develop our friendship."

"I-I need to do the same!" Rossweisse spoke up frantically, "I'm the senior Neo-Jinchūriki so I need to do a better job with Isobu-San!"

"I'm gonna help Xenovia get used to her new power!" Irina cheered with a pump of her arm, "She's kinda dumb so someone needs to keep her in check!"

"You're the dumb one." The blue-haired [Knight] petulantly stared while frowning at her best friend. She then closed her eyes, focused, and opened them as they changed form to signify the Bijū's influence, "Kokuō has so much power to offer that I need to figure out how to get a handle of it." As she clenched her fist she waited to be berated for her focus only on power but it never came, "Kiba, have any thoughts on that? Words of wisdom?"

All eyes turned to the senior [Knight] in the peerage. And when they did they saw the handsome, composed gentleman they all knew look haggard with small bags under his eyes. He was tired and trying to stay awake during breakfast.

"Y-Yuuto-senpai?" Gasper spoke up, "Are you okay?"

"Mwah? Huh?" He blinked a few times before wiping his eyes, "S-Sorry, I'm still a little tired. Shukaku-San - h-he doesn't sleep. And he wanted to spend all night talking and asking me questions and stuff."

"What did you talk about?"

"Not things I should bring up at breakfast." Yuuto cryptically said, "He has…a very active imagination. A-And he really wants to see me get into a fight. Like really bad. And he wants in on it too. And he wants to - wait, can't say. Breakfast conversation." He shook his head and then smiled, "So when are we getting to the hotel?"

"We've been here for awhile."

Yuuto looked around s, "Oh dear."

"Okay, other than Kiba's slowly slipping mental state I think everyone is off to a good start today. I'm waiting and preparing things for Yasaka-dono's arrival later so Princess, you can go home soon."

"Thank you so very much. I'd like to repay your kindness-"


They all stopped when they heard Rias' ferocious voice carry out from further down the hall. Azazel tilted his head, "Uh-oh, that's her angry voice. But I don't think I've done anything today to piss her off yet."

"Maybe you did something yesterday?"

"Noooo~." The Fallen Angel mused, rubbing his chin as he actively tried to figure out if he'd done anything to irritate the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess, "I don't think so. All I did yesterday after getting back was scroll the internet for news of the Boobie Glow and tell you guys about the spin-off. Maybe something from before that? Or maybe she's foretold the future and figured out how I'll piss her off next?"

"I'm worried you already know what you can do to get a reaction out of her." Akeno noted with a bemused frown before tilting her head, "And is it me or did her voice sound…higher than usual?"

"Is it not always that shrill? I don't hear her talking in a normal tone with me." Kuroka rubbed out her ear to emphasis the point.

Before the talking could continue any further, the source of their discussion arrived.

Along with others…

"What is this?!"

"What happened to us?!"

"You have to fix this! You have to fix this now!"

Rias, Issei, and Naruto rushed into the kitchen in a frenzy and begged for help

Everyone could only stare at them in shock and awe.

Because they looked like children. Their bodies had been reverted to childish forms they had inhabited years ago. Rias was in a simple but expensive dress and much shorter than before. Issei was small and wearing a sentei t-shirt to celebrate his childhood heroes. And Naruto was in a bright orange and blue jumpsuit he'd worn when he had first become a genin.

In short…the trio had reverted to a younger age.

"I need sleep." Yuuto noted with a shake of his head, "I'm hallucinating now."


"Fascinating." Azazel muttered as he examined Naruto thoroughly. He circled around the irritated whiskered boy whose leg bounced up and down impatiently waiting for an answer. He touched Naruto's head and turned it aside to get a better look, "And you aren't doing that thing when you change your form to look like something else? This is really you?"

"Yes this is really me!" Even though Naruto's mentality was still that of his older self, he felt like his petulant, uppity attitude better suited the younger body he was in and his feelings right now, "I mean I didn't transform Rias and Issei like this just for shits! What is happening?!"

"I have an idea but I need more information." The Governor-General stated as he started writing some notes down. Instead of the usual trolling and ridiculous manner he carried himself in around them the Fallen Angel was in rare form and focused solely on studying the change they were experiencing, "If you had to make a rough guess of how old you are, what would that be?"

"Are you serious?" The young Naruto groaned and looked himself over, "I-I don't know! Can't you carbon date me or some shit?" The whiskered boy pulled at his clothes, "Well I wore this outfit all the time as a kid, but I didn't get my headband until I became a genin, so somewhere around 12-years old."

"Wait they made you a ninja when you were dressed up in bright orange and blue? How the hell were you supposed to sneak around like that?! Do they not understand subterfuge, nya?!" Kuroka called out from the side, watching the examination with the others as they curiously waited for some answer on the phenomenon. The older Nekomata shook her head, "First toads teaching frog karate and now ninjas in neon color?! You're world has some backwards-ass pageantry!"

"Fuck off!" He snarled back and turned to Azazel, "12 to 13 I guess. M-Maybe 14? I don't know! Wouldn't Rias or Issei be better to ask for stuff like this?"

"Maybe, however they are currently…indisposed."

"Ahhhhhh! You're so cute! Rias, I forgot how adorable you were as a child! I always thought you were pretty but it's only now in hindsight that I comprehend your true appeal! Kyaaaa!"

"H-Hegeno! Hegeno, e kunt treathe!"

"I can't believe I get to have another little sister!" Akeno squealed with glee as she hugged the little Rias close to her chest, "Now you can call me Onee-chan, right? You'll do that, right?"

"GAH!" Rias finally pulled herself away from the deep valley and the gargantuan breasts that surrounded her head. Even though she was unable to slip away from Akeno's grasp, she did shimmy around so her mouth could reach fresh air. Once she did she started flailing her arms and legs around weakly to try and escape, "Akeno, stop it! Let me go!"

"Not until you call me Onee-chan!"

"Stop forcing your fetishes on me!"

"Oh you're one to talk! You always asked us to call you our big sister! This is just your comeuppance!"

"Ah! I hate this! I wanna be an adult again!" The little crimson-haired Devil whined before she noticed a flash of light. She looked up and saw Koneko stand just a foot away as her phone flashed and took pictures, "K-Koneko, what are you doing?! Stop taking pictures and help me out!"

"No can do, Buchou. I need to take pictures now while you're all cute and young. This is exciting." The white-haired freshman smiled as she looked at the pictures she'd taken, "I'm finally older than others around me. Maybe now I'll finally get to be the older sis…ter…"

As Koneko looked at the pictures of little Rias thrashing around in Akeno's grasp she noticed something surprising. And as she lowered her phone and looked at the girl proper she got a better look at it. Something she had nearly forgotten after all these years growing up-

Rias developed fairly early in her youth.

Koneko watched on in a silent mix of disappointment and jealousy as a younger Rias' more developed chest jiggled and bounced in the grasp of Akneo's monstrous jiggling and bouncing.

Koneko frowned and started typing away, "I'm sending these to Lucifer-sama."

"No! Not Onii-sama! You can't!"

"Just bear with it."

"Issei-kun! It's Issei-kun!" Irina cheered as she glomped the young brunette possessively, "He's like I remember him when I left! Just a little older! Hehe, I can't believe I get my childhood friend back! We should go watch a stage play together, Issei-kun!"

Despite the oddness of the situation and that he was somehow de-aged into a child, Issei couldn't help but appreciate that Irina was cuddling him close and pressing his head firmly into her breasts. The boob-obsessed boy nearly fainted from glee as he was smothered in the chestnut-haired Angel's chest without a care in the world. He almost wanted to fade away into the gentle embrace before-

"I-Irina-San, that's enough!" Asia ran over, grabbing Issei's arm and trying to pull him out of her friend's tight embrace. The young nun cried out, "I-Issei-San might be Issei-kun right now, but even an Issei-kun is still an Issei-San to me! So let him go!"

"N-No! He's my childhood friend!"

"No, he's mine!"

Issei's eyes lingered in a haze of delight as he was smooshed and pulled between two beautiful older girls, "Is this it? Was I wrong all along? When I thought I had to get older and cooler to become popular, was the real answer to be young and incorrigible?" The two pairs of breasts on either side of his face seemed to indicate he was right, "I'm human again so I wonder if I'll go to Heaven like this."

Naruto looked at their situation and felt a tick in his eye. While they were being coddled and smothered, he was stuck in a chair being examined by an old man, "Well that's just not fair." He then looked over at the others watching the madness unfold, "A little help!"

"I-I'm sorry Senpai! I don't know what to do!" Gasper reacted in fright, hiding away behind a sleepy Yuuto to avoid the young Naruto's ire, "A-And I'm scared to approach because apparently your regression is contagious now!"

"How did that even happen?" Kunou asked curiously, "I didn't think you could use that ability on other people."

"I couldn't! And it's not a disease, Gasper! I was just taking to Rias and Issei and my thoughts lingered and then the light just shined out! The next thing we know we look like this!"

"Don't freak out Naruto." Xenovia tried to calm him down by stepping up from the others, "Just wait until the hour passes and you'll return to normal-"

"No! We won't!" Rias called out, getting everyone's attention while she was still in Akeno's clutches, "We spent an hour underground waiting for the effects to wear off! But we're still like this!"

The joking and levity of the experience seemed to stall as the surprise and shock took its place. Irina and Asia looked down at Issei as Azazel turned back to Naruto. The whiskered ninja nodded, "Azazel, how is this happening? Remote Looper has only ever let me change for an hour at most! How could it be taking this long?"

Azazel grabbed Naruto's wrist and turned it to he could get a look at his right arm. Even though the Sacred Gear didn't physically exist when Golden Hour Revival was activated, he stared down at the limb suspiciously before looking back up at Naruto, "I think…your Sacred Gear evolved again."


"Well a Sacred Gear's evolution is theoretically infinite in the hands of a capable user. Yours started out as a low/mid-tier Sacred Gear when I implanted it in you. Then Kurama fused with it and altered it slightly. Then you achieved Balance Breaker in the heat of the moment. It's nothing new that its abilities have grown before."

"Yeah, my Boosted Gear has changed a lot since I activated it."

"Exactly, Issei's has achieved lots of changes in the time he's been using it. He couldn't hold his Balance Breaker for more than a few seconds at first but now he can hold it for hours. This is the same, a strengthening and extension of your Balance Breaker abilities."

"But why now? And how did Rias and Issei get affected too?"

"O-Oh! Oh!" Everyone looked to Issei as he gasped in surprise, "Senpai! You got stronger with that new technique, right? And we just had a huge fight with the Hero faction!"

"That's right." Azazel nodded, "Your Sacred Gear probably sensed your increase in power and ability and tried to match it. You've grown after that fight and now your weapon is trying to match. As for Rias and Issei being affected…" He shrugged, "Possibly a by-product of its growth? You can change times from different ages, for longer, and can even do it to other people now. On one hand that is a very drastic change in how the Sacred Gear can be applied." The next moment his shit-eating grin returned, "On the other hand my genius is even greater than originally expected!"

"Oh great, he's back." Naruto rolled his eyes, "So what do we do now?"

"Well as funny as the idea of you three running around as munchkin versions of yourselves for eternity sounds, I say we wait for until the time limit hits. Even if your Balance Breaker has evolved, I doubt you'll be like this for more than a few hours. In fact we can keep track and see what your new limit it."

"Okay but what do we do until then?"

"I'm taking Rias shopping!" Akeno announced as she dragged her young [King] away. All they heard was the defiant cry of the young Devil as she was hoisted away against her will.

"I wanna cook treats and watch TV with Issei-kun!"

"M-Me too!"

Issei was carried away by Irina and Asia while he remained in a blissful haze of joy.

Only Naruto was left behind to suffer from the effects of his Sacred Gear. He crossed his arms and grumbled, "I hate this. I hate this so much."

"Don't be like that." Naruto blinked in surprise as he felt a gentle pat on his head. He looked up and saw Koneko patting his head, the white-haired Nekomata looking quite pleased with herself at finally being the older half of the duo giving pats to the younger half. She gave a sly smirk and ruffled his hair as he frowned in response, "Why don't you hang out with your sweet senpais and we'll share with you our wisdom."

"That's very funny Koneko," Naruto grumbled as he ducked away from her hand and then stood up, "But you're missing one crucial part of being the senior in a relationship."

As Naruto stood up by Koneko's side she looked up and-

L-Looked up?

Her eye twitched…

"And I was short for my age." Naruto joked, "So think what that - GAH!"

She shoved him to the ground and then walked away in a huff, "Jerk."

As Naruto groaned on the ground, Kuroka scoffed and shook her head, "You're a fucking idiot, Frogger."


Rias stomped along behind Akeno with a put-upon frown as the walked through the shopping center. As they did she looked down at her phone as she was bombarded with a series of messages from her brother.

What happened?

Are you really a kid again?

That's terrible I'll be right there.

I'm bringing some of your old clothes and toys just in case.

We should probably let other people know in case they can help.

Take pictures too.

I'll be right there!

We're gonna have so much fun!

As it became more and more clear that her dear brother wasn't going to be of any help, she then got a message from Grayfia instead.

Apologies. Lucifer-sama is extremely busy right now and won't be able to visit. I hope your current affliction doesn't bother you too much.

Rias giggled and typed back she was fine. She also sent her love while she could.

You do still look quite adorable.

Rias' cheeks flushed a little before she put her phone away.

"Wow, look at them."

"Is that a mother and her child?"

"They're so pretty."

"They look pretty enough to be actors."

Oh that wasn't going to help things.

"Ria-tan, where shall we go shopping now? Do you want to visit the toy store? Or go clothing shopping? How about something to eat?" Akeno said with a bright smile and bubbly voice while looking at the younger girl, "Oh we're going to have so much fun."

"Akeno. Stop. Please."

"Aww, come now, Ria-tan~." Akeno said in a sickeningly sweet voice as she reached down and pinched the crimson-haired girl's cheek, "You know this is just part of the process. I can't count how many times we went shopping as kids and you dressed me up." A dark, malicious light shined in Akeno's eyes, "I think it's only right I get some payback."

Rias grabbed Akeno's hands and peeled them off her cheeks. She struggled against her [Queen] - noting that the only reason she wasn't being overpowered was because Akeno was just playing with her - and glared up at her best friend, "The reason I did it back then was to get a reaction and emotion out of your stoic face! I'm perfectly fine as is until the change wears off!"

"Now, now," Akeno fought back against Rias' struggle and the crimson-haired girl's arms wavered as a result, "Young lady if you keep acting like this I'll have to spank you until you behave."

"I-I'd threaten you the same way but I know you'd like it!"

The two girls fought against each other for a few more seconds until they separated. Akeno fixed her hair and Rias tried to catch her breath, "Come on, let's sit down and get something to drink."

"Huh? Why? Didn't you make a big breakfast?"

"Well we can enjoy something while you tell me what's bothering you."

Rias quirked a small eyebrow at her friend, "Nothing's bothering me."

"Then we can just enjoy a nice treat in silence."

Rias reluctantly followed her into the coffee shop and got a sweet coffee to enjoy as they sat together. As they both drank their drinks in silence, Rias felt the heavy expectation of a conversation topic weighing down on her from Akeno. She tried to fortify her defenses and resist…

"Akeno," Rias muttered softly while looking down at her drink, "Are you worried that we're being left behind?"

"Oh, now you feel like talking?" Her [Queen] giggled at Rias' pout before putting down her drink, "What do you mean?"

"I mean just look at me." Rias looked over herself, "Naruto couldn't do this before. But after what happened in Kyoto he has grown even stronger. And Issei achieved a whole new level of power that affected everyone in the world. Koneko and Rossweisse made pacts with the Bijū and now Xenovia, Yuuto, and Asia have done the same."

"To some detriment." Akeno added in, "In case you didn't see Yuuto looks like he was barely conscious when we left."

"Fair point, but you understand what I mean, right?" Her [Queen] nodded while Rias rolled her foot along the ground, "This is my peerage. I'm supposed to guide them. Lead them. Protect them when they need it. But now…" She shook her head, "I feel like I'm being left behind."

Akeno hummed and sat back against the bench completely. Even though Rias might have looked and sounded like her younger self, it was clear her best friend hadn't changed inside. The dark-haired girl nodded, "I understand how you feel. I certainly have gotten stronger in multiple ways compared to myself one-year earlier. But if I'm comparing myself to everyone else, it feels like my growth is basically stagnant."

"You too, huh?"

"Yeah. But not everyone has to be an exceptional fighter like Issei and your dumb boyfriend." Akeno smiled, "Asia is irreplaceable in our peerage and Gasper isn't exactly one to jump into a fight."

"But Asia is a remarkable healer whose abilities blow ours out of the water. And even if he isn't a fighter, you know Gasper would jump in to fight and protect us if our lives were on the line." Akeno conceded the point with a small nod, "So if they can do that-"

"Rias," Akeno turned to face her friend, "I know it's easy to lose track of things, but being strong and powerful is not a benchmark for usefulness and leadership. The others might grow stronger than us, but they are still young. They need guidance and help when things become muddled and difficult to see through. Naruto might have experience, power, and as much as I loathe to admit it wisdom - you ever tell him I said that I'll deny it," Rias giggled before Akeno continued, "But he needs help too. He's shown us that time and time again. And in case you've forgotten," Akeno crossed her arms petulantly, "I wasn't convinced to calm down and believe in my friends during the Loki incident by a powerhouse who handled the fight all by her own. So if you start doubting yourself now you're just going to be giving me an excuse to go back to the old ways."

Rias showed a faint smile, "Point taken."

"We can still get stronger. Don't know if we'll do it at the exponential rate the others are going at right now, but slowly and steadily we'll follow." Akeno stood up and looked down at her crimson-haired friend, "And while we do, the others will come to rely and trust you. So you can't go doubting yourself like this, okay?"

Rias struggled to not think about her lack of strength, but she knew Akeno was right. There were qualities she had that didn't rely on power, and when the going was tough those qualities would be needed. So she would work on her strength on her own time, and be the pillar of support her friends and peerage needed her to be.

Akeno nodded happily, "Good, on the right track. Now, about those clothes we were going to get you!"



"What about a cake?"

"Well sure that sounds nice, but you really don't have to go that far."

"It's okay, Issei-kun!" Irina said in a bubbly tone as she tied her apron behind her back and smiled, "I can't cook a ton of stuff but I can make sweets really well! So one tasty cake, coming right up!"

Issei sweated a little at her intensity, "Um, if you say so. But make sure not to make a mess."

"Don't worry, Issei-San!" Asia ran in while fixing her apron over her body, "I'll be cooking as well to make sure everything is fine." She leaned down by his face as he sat down and smiled warmly, "When we're done you'll have the best cake to taste in the whole world."

The brunette boy felt his cheeks warm up from her bright expression, "A-Are you okay today, Asia? You seem a little different right now."

"I-I'm not sure." Asia touched her face and felt her warm cheeks, "It's strange. For some reason when I see you like this I really want to play with you. A-And protect you. And make sure you're happy and fed and warm!"

"Oh, you feel that too?" Irina asked as Asia stepped up by her side to help her bake the cake, "I think these are my feelings from early childhood re-emerging and demanding to play with Issei-kun."

Issei watched the girls cook and realized that their maternal instincts were activating while trying to take care of his childish form.

Or it might have been a fetish. Hard to say for sure.

Huh, usually when his mind wanders like that someone was there to chew him out. Issei's eyes widened as he looked down at his left arm and tried to summon Boosted Gear.

It didn't appear.

He was a child again…which meant he was human…which meant his Sacred Gear hadn't activated yet.

Wow, he'd been so preoccupied with all the fun and celebration that it was only now hitting him. He was human again and Ddraig had vanished. That was kind of surreal now that he thought about it.

Over the last few months Issei had grown so used to being a Devil and having his constant companion at his side. Now that they were both temporarily gone Issei felt a faint longing. There were certainly some perks to being a kid again - the attention of the two beautiful girls cooking in front of him being a huge part - but whenever this finished he had to welcome his friend back properly.

"Asia-San, can you grab the flour? I'll grab the eggs."

"Okay." Asia opened up a cabinet over the counter and spotted the bag of flour. She reached up but it was just out of reach from her fingers. As a last resort Asia had to stand on her tip toes to try and reach it before her fingers grazed the bottom.

Issei watched the bag tip over and he immediately rushed out of his seat, "Watch out!"

What ensued was a mess of body parts and cake ingredients. When the cloud of flour settled, Issei was pinned the ground underneath a dusty Asia and Irina. They quickly noticed the boy under them and jumped up, "Oh no!"

"Issei-kun, are you alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." The young brunette sat up and rubbed his neck, looking over his almost ghostly white form and laughed, "Geez, what a mess."

"I-Issei-San." Asia nearly teared up in delight seeing her beloved was still so kind even in his childish form, "Thank you."

"Oh, it's no problem."

"Well we're kinda dirty. We should take a bath." Irina said while looking herself over, "Issei-kun you should come with us."

His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, "What?"

"Yeah it's fine for kids to bathe with girls! Come on!"

All the pure and noble thoughts Issei had just moment ago were flushed in a wave of hormonal joy.


"How are you doing buddy?"

"This is bullshit." Kurama grumbled from his newly reformed and small cage inside Naruto's sewer-like mind. It had been quite a few years since his internal consciousness had been in this form, with flooded flooring and everything, "I can't believe I'm back behind bars."

"Well it's only for a little bit longer. Just hold out until then." The young Naruto tried to appease his fox friend with a smile. Kurama only grumbled in response before Naruto asked, "Hey, how did this happen anyway? You should know, right? You were the one reverting us."

"Look I'm not sure how it works. I interact with the Sacred Gear in this place and when I do you change to your younger age. I think when you were talking with Rias earlier about the little fox girl not having friends her age, you changed the range of it."

"Huh, we have new range now." Naruto rubbed his chin before smirking, "We're gonna have fun with this when it finally passes."

"Yeah well until then I'm going to stretch my legs - oh. Wait. I can't. Because of this cramped ass cell!" Kurama whined before huffing and dropping his head on legs, "I'm taking a nap. Wake me up when things are normal."

"Baby." Naruto opened his eyes and found himself on the couch with his friends.

"Naruto! Focus!" Kunou complained as she furiously mashed the buttons of her controller, "We're being creamed!"

On the screen, their characters in Smash were on the receiving end of a brutal takedown by both Koneko and Kuroka. Somehow, the bickering and dysfunctional sister duo acted in perfect sync to attack and destroy their team. To say it was a beating would be too generous. Two amateurs going against what was apparently a pro team was just a massacre.

"Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnndddddddd~, boom nya!" After an unnecessarily long combo, Kuroka ended her attack on Naruto with a flashy uppercut that sent him flying off the screen in a beautiful explosion, "Suck it Frogger!"

"I-It's okay, Naruto! I got this!" Kunou said optimistically as she worked the buttons, "I only have one life left but I know I can - oh I fell off." As her character died and the battle came to an end, the sisters shared a quick hi-five and the losers moped, "Dang."

"Maybe you'll do better next time." Koneko tried to cheer them up.

"Unless you're against us again. In which case you will die over and over, nya." Kuroka added on, getting a jab to the side from her sister and simply laughing at their misery.

Kunou frowned and looked upset until she felt Naruto tap her shoulder, "Hey, it's okay that we lost. Koneko is a pro at these games so she was bound to win. And Kuroka…" He paused and looked at the older Nekomata, "She's a freeloading hobo with fleas so you don't need to feel any shame from her."

"Man I hope you stay a runt forever."

"Hey everyone, get presentable." Azazel announced from down the hall, "We have a big guest appearing."

They looked over the couch and the moment they did Kunou jumped up in joy, "Mother! You're here!"

"Kunou!" Yasaka gleefully called out her daughter's name as she ran from Azazel's side to check on her. Kunou jumped off the couch and ran up to her, reuniting in a tight embrace as the relieved mother smiled and laughed, "Oh, you silly girl! How could you take a train all the way here?"

"I'm sorry, Mother." Kunou apologized, her face buried in her mother's cleavage as she felt her hand run through her hair and over her ears, "I won't let that happen again."

"Me either." Yasaka said warmly as she cherished her daughter's presence, "I'm just glad you were with friends."

Naruto watched the scene in front of them with a fond smile.

Koneko and Kuroka could only stare…in disbelief.

"W-Wow," Kuroka marveled, grabbing the edge of her kimono and pulling it out to look down at her chest, "Been a few years since I felt lacking in the asset department. But damn, those are just unreal, nya." She stared for a few seconds longer before patting her sister's shoulder, "Shirone, don't look at them. Ignorance is bliss."


Naruto rolled his eyes at their response. They might have had a few problems but from the way they acted it was clear they were family down to the bone. And sure hers may have been huge and bouncy and when you were in the middle of them you could hear the ocean-

"Focus up!"

Right, but they were just exaggerating. Naruto leapt off the couch and straightened out his orange and blue attire before greeting the Yōkai leader from Kyoto, "Hello again." He said, looking up at Yasaka after she had finished with her reunion with Kunou, "Sorry for making you come all the way out here after the recent trouble. But we made sure Kunou had fun-"

"Kyaaaa! Lil'Naruto!" Yasaka squealed and wasted no time, scooping Naruto up in her arms, and squeezing him as tightly as she could. It just so happens that when she did his head got buried in the massive valley of her breasts and the rest of his body went limp like a noddle, "Oh you're a kid! I never got to see you when you were a kid! Ah, you're so small and your hair's so spiky and your clothes are so orange! So cute!"

Ahhhhh, there's the ocean.

"Wow, Frogger's dead just like that." Kuroka marveled at the sight. She looked down, "Could I have killed him faster if I just did that?"

Koneko on the other hand saw her crush go limp and panicked, "W-Wait, you can't choke Senpai like that! He needs oxygen!"

Yasaka stopped twirling around and looked down at the yellow urchin of hair popping up in her cleavage. She smiled, "Oh no worries. It might not look it but there's plenty of oxygen in there."

"It's true!" Kunou nodded, "There's an abundance of airflow in there!"

As the Nekomata sisters just looked at the mother and daughter duo oddly, Yasaka turned to Azazel as Naruto stayed limp in her embrace, "So why is he so young? I'm not complaining - if my Naruto looked like this at any point I would have either pinched the shit out of his cheeks or teased him mercilessly - but how did this happen?"

"First off, love to here the antics of a fellow tormentor. And to answer your question his Sacred Gear evolved after the fight he had the other day. It reverted him and some of his friends back to a younger age. We're waiting for the time limit to break and for them to return to normal."

"Well how long has it been going on?"

"Hmm…" Azazel pulled out his phone and looked at the stopwatch, "Uh, roughly an hour before they came to see me, a quarter of an hour inspecting them, and since then it's been awhile. So we're just south of-"

[3! 2! 1!]

With a shine of golden light Naruto's childlike body disappeared and reverted back into his older form. With his body now larger than before and his head still in Yasaka's boobs, his legs dragged limply on the ground to compensate for the difference in height.

"Just south of three hours." Azazel clicked the button and nodded, "We're definitely gonna be testing that later."


"How do they look?"

"Surprisingly nice." The young Rias said as she turned around and looked at her back with the help of the mirror, "I hate to admit it but this was actually a fun idea."

"I told you." Akeno said with a chuckle as she poked her head into the changing room and watched Rias' spirits lift with the quick dressing they were doing, "Now aren't you glad you came along?"

"You dragged me here and we aren't confusing that." Rias retorted before she looked at the tag, "It's too bad this doesn't fit Koneko. It's really cute and seems a waste."

"Well we're just here window shopping." Akeno said, stepping away from the curtain as she looked over the next extravagant choice, "You'll return to normal at some point so the real waste would be to pay for clothes that size when you won't-"

There was a bright glow from behind the curtain followed by the loud tear of fabric. Akeno looked back curiously before peeking inside, "Well that's a shame." As a store attendant walked by Akeno quickly got their attention, "Excuse me, can you pick up some clothes from the women's section? My little sister has apparently grown more than I expected."


Issei took in deep breaths to calm himself down as the water started to run in the mixed bath of the hotel's upper area. Even without his heightened senses anymore he could feel the two beautiful girls behind him getting prepared to help wash him. On one hand it was quite rude to have these girls wash him when he was completely able to do it himself.


"You ready, Issei-kun?"

"We're going to start cleaning you, Issei-San."

The young brunette's breath hitched in excitement as he nodded, "Yep, whenever you're-"

His body glowed in a golden light before his body expanded and he found himself in his Scale Mail once more. After his sudden transformation, the revitalized Sekiryuutei sat completely still and waited for something to happen. He slowly turned around to look at the two girls…

Asia was surprised by his sudden transformation back to normal and probably regained herself in the heat of the moment. And Irina, realizing that she was no longer dealing with her childhood friend but his true older self, felt her mind start to unwind in the heat of the moment as her white wings started flashing black.

"I-I'm sweaty." Issei offered, "Is that enough for a wash?"


"Are you ready Kunou?"

"Yep." The young fox nodded before turning and bowing her head respectfully to her hosts, "Thank you for taking such good care of me everyone!"

"You're welcome."

"Azazel-dono," Yasaka turned to the Fallen Angel, "I hope you will reach out to me and my people in the future if you still wish to broker future relations with us. And I hope you will find a good home for our tailed acquaintances now."

"No worries. They're in good hands." The mixed-haired man assured before coyly smiling, "You know, our dear Princess here had quite a lot of fun playing with her new friends. If you two ever want to stop on by and relax, you're more then welcome."

"Really?!" Kunou's ears twitched with elation as she looked up at Yasaka, "Mother, can we come back here sometime? Can we?"

"I don't see why not. If our dear hosts will have us."

"Yasaka-sama, you and your daughter are more than welcome to visit any time you want. And Kunou, I promise I will still around to play when you come again."

"Oh thank you Rias!"

With that the fox duo stepped onto the magic circle from Kyoto and gave one last wave before they disappeared to return home.

"Woohoo! That was fun!" Azazel wiped his forehead and grinned to his younger comrades, "We made a strong new diplomatic connection and Naruto also achieved a new power! I call today a success! What about all of you?"

The Occult club looked a little drained after their hectic day, espcaeilly the three people affected by the Sacred Gear's new power.

Naruto nodded, "I - um - I think I lost a few minutes of consciousness in there." He admitted, "I just remember…marshmallows…marshmallow hell."

"Kids have it good." Issei realized with a tear running down his cheek, "The barriers around them are let down. I was almost in Nirvana! Almost."

"Well I for one hope something like that doesn't happen again."

Azazel nodded, "And your new clothes?"

"I couldn't walk home in my nightie and gown! I had to wear something!"

"And that something had to be one or two sizes small?"

Rias shuffled uncomfortable in the tight top and pants she wore that only worked to constrict her large breasts and curves. Walking home like this after leaving the shopping center was just as bad as walking in her PJs for everyone to see.

"I had to pay for those ruined clothes." Akeno noted, "Not my fault the attendant didn't get her size right. She thought she was buying for a preteen."

Rias' eyes watered as she sniffled, "S-Stupid. So stupid."

||||||||Omake: IS THAT A REFERENCE?!||||||||

Azazel wiped his forehead and sighed from a job well done, "Yep, I think that's done it."

"You're sure?" Naruto pulled his arm back and looked at his Sacred Gear, "You were actually able to change its function?"

"I've never seen someone tinker and change the abilities of a Sacred Gear before." Rias said as she, Xenovia, and Koneko watched from the side as Azazel helped Naruto change his Sacred Gear, "Are you sure it will work?"

"Well I did make this Sacred Gear so I'd know how it works." The Fallen Angel said as he watched Naruto stand up and work the kinks out of his arm, "Kurama requested an independent-style Sacred Gear so that he could be let out. And I am nothing if not accommodating."

"I can think of a few other words." Koneko snarked as the girls chuckled under their breath.

"Now just focus and clench your fist and it should work."

"Okay, ready Kurama?"

[Born ready!]

Naruto focused his power and tried to use his Sacred Gear like before. He waited and waited for the new results to appear but didn't feel anything different. He opened and closed his hand a few times, "Uh, Azazel, I don't think it worked. Maybe you screwed up somewhere or-"


Looking over at the girls, he saw them all staring in his direction in surprise. Koneko slowly pointed behind him and Naruto spared a look back.

Back at the ethereal spirit floating behind him. It had the head of a fox and its orange and red fur was an indicator that it was Kurama. However the body was large, fully developed, with muscles like a bodybuilder and arms the size of a normal person's body. And for no reason whatsoever it was posing.

Rias blinked a few times to see if the image of the muscular fox would disappear. As it continued to float behind her love she whispered, "U-Um, I might be wrong, but is that-"

"No. You're right." Koneko nodded, "That's a Stand."

"Hmm…" Xenovia hummed and nodded in agreement with the other girls' deduction. But after a moment she shrugged and looked their way, "Actually I'm not quite sure what that is supposed to be. Is that something famous?"

"If you know you know." Koneko replied unhelpfully.

"I'll try to explain it later." Rias offered her [Knight].

"PFFT - AHAHAHAHAHA!" Azazel cracked, breaking down and wheezing for air as with every breath came a uproarious fit of laughter. He pointed at Naruto and the floating buff fox behind him and just kept laugh, "O-OH I CAN'T! I CAN'T! IT'S TOO FUNNY!" The Fallen Angel took a deep breath, let out one more strangled laugh, before wiping his eye and standing up, "So I changed Remote Looper around. I call this How Does The Vulpine Talk?"

"Boo." Koneko piped in, disgusted by the reference.

"I know but I couldn't help myself. It's a joke! He can't even move or do anything properly in that form." Naruto looked back at the muscular human-like Kurama behind him, "So I'll fix it back to normal, but you gotta say 'Oh, you're approaching-'"

Naruto was gone.

Azazel's eyes widened in shock as he sensed the arrival of something behind him. With an over-dramatic turn he looked back and was shocked to see the Devil and his Bijū friend standing behind him. They were striking odd poses as a tension filled the air, "W-When did you get behind me?! How is that possible?!"

"You thought we didn't have any abilities in this form but you are wrong!"

"I might look like a ridiculous, roided up furry on his way to a yif party but it's still mobility I can use! Plus we haven't lost our time powers like you thought."

"B-But how did you get behind me like that! It - it wasn't speed! It was something far faster!" Azazel's eyes widened in horror as realization struck him, "No! Impossible! Don't say it! It can't be-"

"It's a Stand's time-abilities so it just works."

"Dammit! The loophole of time Stand abilities! You bastard!"

"I am so lost right now." Xenovia shook her head.

"That's okay we're barely following either."

"Get ready for this." Naruto dramatically stated as he cracked his knuckles and Kurama started powering up behind him, "Because you're gonna feel this for a long time coming."

"Bastard!" Azazel seethed out, "If you're going to beat me I expect nothing less than a 7-page Muda!"

"He could have run away in the time it took him to say that sentence."

"It's not as fun that way."


HDTVS attacked with a rapid flurry of devastating punches that beat and crunched Azazel's entire body. The Governor-General was beaten with this barrage of fists for nearly a full minute before, with a mighty uppercut, they sent him flying back in a trail of blood. And with another perfectly coordinated pose, fighter and Stand stood together as their foe crashed.

The three girls watching gave a complimentary clap before Xenovia spoke, "We should probably get him to Asia for healing."

"Yeah, and then we need him to put Senpai's Sacred Gear back to normal. Buchou, can you grab his legs and help me?"

"Actually I need to stay back here and make sure Naruto is okay. We're not sure what this change in his Sacred Gear might have done to his psyche so we need to be careful."

Rias noticed Koneko's judgmental look and blinked in confusion, "What? What is it?"

"Was it the posing? The manliness? Or the beating up Sensei part?"

"W-What are you talking about?"

"I'm asking which part got you horned up."

"W-What?! E-Excuse me, y-you - I am not - t-the nerve! I will have you know - I-I'm still your [King] young lady and I-"

Koneko crossed her arms and stared at her unflinchingly.

After a moment Rias hung her head, "I'm sorry."

"First we fix stuff, then hanky-panky."



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