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'Twas the night before Christmas that angst filled the air
While all around families sang in houses of love and care
The orphans sat before empty fires and empty trees
A lone cassette winding empty notes and empty keys

For eight years, the Uchiha residence shared this fate
But not this Christmas, not this date
From the windows hung lights of red and white
Under the tree laid boxes mighty in weight and height

Carols danced and the fire crackled in heat
Between them was a mug of cocoa bitter and sweet
Because there was no tale that could be as delighted
As the tale of two brothers reunited

They sat enclosed exchanging whispers and taunts
Teasing gestures and unspoken wants
Only to crash from the couch onto the floor
When there was a knock at their door

While for eight years the Uchiha residence sat cold
For eight more Naruto had grown up told
Of joyous celebration and merriment he never had
His greeting made to mask a face lonely and sad

Sasuke readied to kick his teammate away
But a look from his brother guaranteed his stay
For what act of gratitude was it to spurn
The man who had granted his return

So dinner proceeded rowdy and robust
Sasuke sat fuming in unsatisfied lust
The cheers and rambles that began to rankle
Only offsetted by a furtive brush against his ankle

Breaking their contact, Itachi offered a toast
And resumed his role as their unspoken host
A merry Naruto ate and talked without a clue
Of the underground exchanges between the two

As the night lengthened, the games piled higher
Sasuke hoped movies might help Naruto tire
And fall asleep on the couch without having known
That they escaped upstairs to be alone

Yet, no matter what the activity may be
Naruto remained the most energized of the three
He watched the ghosts horrors engaged in fear
And grew jolly upon seeing a red nosed reindeer

His conversation did not disperse as he was led
Upstairs where there was only one bedroom one bed
But he found nothing strange of the sight
Collapsed in the middle and retired for the night

Itachi seized Sasuke before he could deliver a kick
Under the mistletoe was a peck gentle and quick
But before Sasuke could do what he desired
Itachi collapsed beside Naruto, too fucking tired

'Twas the morning of Christmas that there was a stir
The world was decorated in jingling bells and fir
Excited, Naruto jumped with the youth of a child
While Sasuke buried under a pillow, Itachi smiled

In between apples and cinnamon and warm vanilla cider
They unwrapped gift after gift, their grins growing wider
For within each box were warmhearted thanks
As well as many cruel jokes and pranks

But all good things must come to an end
And it was time for departure between dear friends
They may not have shared the same father nor mother
But nonetheless Naruto saw them as close as brothers

He waved his presents and gave warm regards
When the door closed, they dropped their guards
Pressed together with hands interlaced
And leaned close for an awaited taste

The door swung open. "Hey, Sasuke, about New Years-"

Naruto's face was introduced to a shoe
As Sasuke continued a kiss long overdue