Chapter 1- Bar fights

-December 19th , 9:48 PM-

"Hey! Hey! Break it up!"

Shouts drifted upstairs, disturbing my peaceful evening. Annoyed I set down my book and strode downstairs. I was half curious about which pair of guys was fighting and half curious about what Izumo was going to do when they ultimately damaged his precious bar.

Descending the stairs to the first floor I found Bandou holding back a struggling Chitose and Totsuka dragging away a relatively calm girl with long black hair. Izumo on the other hand was stooped over at the far end of the bar, furiously wiping up a mired of spilled drinks all the while muttering something about his specially imported bar.

"Are we all good here or do we need a mediator?" I question with a small smirk.

"Don't instigate Chitose-san, Kita-chan." Warns Kamamoto as he sits and looks on from his seat at the bar.

"I agree." Grunts Bandou as he struggles to keep Chitose restrained.

"Sorry, sorry." I apologize, holding my hands up in defeat.

"Just let go, I'm done with this." Chitose says as he rips himself out of Bandou's grip.

"So he yielded first." Smirks the dark haired mystery girl.

"YOU-!" Chitose lunged towards the girl but Kamamoto stepped between them, successfully stopping the angered womanizer.

"Jeez, what's got you so worked up? Did she turn you down or something?" I question, leaning up against the bar.

Chitose shoots me a death glare but I just respond with another smirk.

I was surprised as Mikoto seemed to materialize out of thin air. I hadn't noticed him at his normal seat on the couch under the window but I could have been mistaken. He gripped Chitose's shoulder and I saw him wince a bit. The two men looked at each other for a moment before Chitose wimped out and looked away. Without a word Mikoto started towards the stairs, giving me what I would assume to be a warning glance before disappearing with Anna hot on his heels.

Chitose, with a hanging head, slowly walked towards a table and Dewa went to join him. Bandou sighed and went back to the bar and picked up the drink he had abounded when the fight had broken out. Totsuka slowly walked away from the mystery girl towards Izumo, who was still blubbering about his beloved bar.

I eyed the girl before strolling up to her, a grin stretching across my face. "So what exactly did you do to get him so worked up?"

"I don't even know." She shrugs "But it was fun."

-30 minutes prior, 9: 18 PM, Mystery girl's POV-

It had been a long day at the University. First I woke up an hour late because the piece of crap I call an alarm clock didn't go off so I was late to my morning lecture. Between my lecture and mid-morning classes I had gone to the vending machines to get a snack since I hadn't had time to eat breakfast. I bought some poptarts but when I opened the package there was only half of the sugary pastry left. In my afternoon web design class we received the scores back from our last test; I got a B minus, my first score this semester below an A. Then lastly I almost got hit by some drunken idiot freshman when I was crossing the student parking lot on my way to the library.

Definitely not my day.

I was currently on my way back to my apartment. By foot I might add, not that I mind too much. I may have forgotten my bus pass this morning but it wasn't a problem. I liked the exercise since all I seemed to do these days was sit through lectures or work on a computer, I would like it a bit more if it wasn't so damn cold.

I lived in a slower part of town. There were more apartment complexes and studio buildings than big cooperation buildings. Bars and clubs dotted corner buildings and small businesses shops lined the main roads. I stopped on a corner to stand near a bar door, the heat crept out into the darkness and I welcomed whatever I could get. Noise seeped into the evening as well, mixing with the street noise. One sound stood out among the chatter and clinking of glasses; the strumming of a guitar could just be heard. I turned towards the door and peered in the window. The bar wasn't too busy, it already seemed past rush hour actually, about half the tables were vacant and three men sat at the bar, all alone. Some tables were littered with empty bottles and glasses while others were in the process of being cleaned. In the back, at the end of the bar sat a sandy haired man with a guitar, I could see his lips moving but being so far and on the other side of a door I couldn't hear him, nor was I good at lip reading. My eyes traveled up to the large sign above the door: HOMRA. I'd been meaning to stop by and try their drinks so I might as well go tonight.

I pulled open the door and a chime sounded throughout the room. Only the blonde man behind the bar, my assumption is that he's the bartender, looked up at the high pitched sound. I slowly made my way to the bar, not needing a table all to myself. I took a seat near the middle of the bar, wanting to hear the guitarist but not being obvious that I came in to listen.

The tall, blonde man came over while wiping a clear glass. "What can I get you?" He asks, leaning his elbow on the smooth wooden bar, looking at me expectantly.

"Hmmm… just a beer." I wasn't looking for anything fancy or expensive, just a good ol' fashioned beer.

"Alright, but I'm gonna' have to ask to see you ID." He says, setting down the now clean glass.

" 'kay, give me a sec." I reach into my messenger bag and pull out my wallet, tugging my ID out and passing it to the blonde man. He looked over it and smiled. "Thanks." He hands it back and I slide it back into my bag. "I'll have your drink in a minute."

He walks off; humming along with the quiet song the guitarist was playing. I looked over at the sandy haired man as he started a new tune. He was young, probably somewhere within two years of me and not much taller. As I checked out the musical man another slid into the seat next to me.

"My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the bar. Wanna' buy some drinks with their money?"

I slowly turn to look at the brown haired man. He wasn't unattractive. No, I'm sure some girls would fall for that face easily. He just wasn't my type. Whatever my type is. "If it gets me free beer then fine by me."

Before he could respond the bartender came back with my beer, eyeing my buddy before attending to a group of rowdy men seated at a table near the door.

"So what's a beauty like you doing in a bar like this?" Asks the flirt before taking a swig of his drink.

"De-stressing." I take a long gulp of my beer and smile as the little buzz starts to settle in my head.

"What's making you stressed?" Was he seriously trying to get to me though my problems? Weird approach.

"Huh, I don't know. Maybe it was the almost getting killed by a car in the parking lot today." I shrug

"How dare that idiot. You want me to take care of him?" I can tell this guy has had a few more drinks than me, his grin was slightly lopsided.

"I think I can handle him better than you could right now." I smirk into me beer bottle.

The flirt set down his drink, anger obvious in his expression. "Darling, I doubt you could do any man any real damage." He says, scanning my stature.

"I beg to differ. I could take you down before you ever saw it coming." I frown, setting down my almost finished beer.

"Wanna' test that theory, darling?"

"My pleasure."

Before I could realize what had happened we were brawling. His punches were sloppy but his taunts were flying fast. I returned with a knee to the gut. I thought I had shown him and he would back off. Apparently he wasn't that smart. He came back twice as angry. As he sent another punch my way I could have sworn his fist my cloaked in red, but then again, I had just downed a beer in record time. Before his fist made contact he was jerked back by a guy wearing his hood up and dark round shades. I felt someone tug me backwards by my arm. I turned to find the guitarist frowning, at me or my opponent I had no clue.

As the brown haired flirt struggled against the hooded guys grasp I noticed a girl with light brown hair descend the stairs in the back of the bar.

"Are we all good here or do we need a mediator?" Smirks the girl as she adjusts her red beanie.

"Don't instigate Chitose-san, Kita-chan." Warns a particularly larger man from his seat at the bar.

"I agree." Grunts Hoodie-guy as he struggles to keep 'Chitose' restrained.

"Sorry, sorry." Apologizes the beanie girl, holding her hands up in defeat.

"Just let go, I'm done with this." 'Chitose' says as he rips himself out of Hoodie-guy's grip.

"So he yielded first." I smirk

"YOU-!" 'Chitose' lunges at me but the larger man steps in between us, restraining him.

"Jeez, what's got you so worked up? Did she turn you down or something?" The girl questions, leaning up against the bar.

Chitose shoots her a death glare but she responds with another smirk.

I flinch as a man brushes past me. I look up at the man as he stands next to Chitose. He has bright red hair that's sotra' brushed back, he's wearing a black leather jacket and the chains hanging off his jeans are obvious. He grips Chitose's shoulder and I see him wince. The two men looked at each other for a moment before Chitose wimps out and looks away. Without a word the red head starts towards the stairs with a small girl with white hair close on his heels.

Chitose, with a hanging head, slowly walks towards a table with a man wearing a maroon derby hat. Hoodie-guy sighed and went back to the bar and picks up a drink. The guitarist slowly lets go of me with a hint of a smile in my direction before heading off to assist the bar tender.

The beanie-girl eyes me before strolling up, a grin spread across her features. "So what exactly did you do to get him so worked up?"

"I don't even know." I shrug "But it was fun."

"Chitose-san get over here and apologize to my bar!" Shouts the bartender

"Apologize to his bar?" I question the girl.

She gives an obviously half hearted laugh, "It's my brother's precious bar, so whenever one of the guys damages it he makes them apologize."

"Your brother?"

"Oh, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Kita Kusanagi and the crazy guy behind the bar is my brother Izumo." She smiles and holds out her hand.

"Aiko Ikeda. Nice to meet you Kusanagi-san."

"Just call me Kita. Everyone calls my brother Kusanagi-san."

"Well then, nice to meet you Kita-san."

"Nice to meet you Ikeda-san."