A/N: Okay, my songs got booted off because they violated some rule *sticks tongue out at ff administration* so now I'm just gonna hafta write a whole Lion King spoof. Geez, makin' me work.and I'll incorporate songs into story. (If that is allowed. Probably not, but oh well. I'll find out later.) Disclaimer: Didn't invent Lion King. And I don't hate the Lion King. It was one of my favorite movies. I just like pokin' fun. Oh and one more thing. It might not quite follow the movie in some parts.

~~~The Opening Credits~~~(I don't know African so please bare with the improvisions. This is how it sounded to me when I was six.)

A bleary sun crept up over the horizon and apparently it struck the spirit of song into a resident of the African plains for he began his call:

Naaaaaaa seqoia ba ba keysinaba in in gwah yeh ba alibi.. I see a booterfly la la la (binya binya polliwog Binya binya Binya Binya...)

Hinki ta ta hinki hinki ta ta. Hinki ta ta hinki hinki ta ta.

A cheetah lifts its head, ants march, flamingos take wing, and an elephant almost steps on a purple feathered bird. Zebras race and cause a tremendous splash in the water hole. This spurs a rhino who then begins at a slow plod to a gallop after the herd. All this because of the Hinki ta ta wake-up call? Was his singing really that bad to start all this?

No, no. They are all hurrying to see a bent old monkey hold up a lion cub on top of a large over hang. The animals had to show their "respect" to a new ruler or risk being torn apart by "Daddy". It was just easier to bow. As they plod over the flatland a new voice picks up over the whispering morning breeze.

On the day we arrived on the planet, We stood coughing an' gagging in the sun. There wasn't more to see There was nothing here green 'Cause we were covered with mud

There's far to much at stake in here Too little to lose and can never be found. But the sun that's gonna die In that dark blue sky Will kill great and small on the ending round.

It's the square of life And it'll kill us all Through death and blood We we're covered with mud

We'll never find a place Where people quit whining In the square The square of life

A bird had flow over the menagerie and almost hit a couple giraffes along the way. But he reached the big ass rock and bowed to the mightily maned king. Then, his job done, he flew back home and went back to bed because waking up at dawn just wasn't his thing.

An old, bent baboon heaved himself up onto the rock the hard way completely missing the nicely cut stairway a few yards to his left. Well, he was getting old. Maybe it had just slipped his mind.

"Now then," he said clearing his throat, "where's that new whippersnapper?"

Mufasa, the king, proudly led him over to where his wife held the cutsie wootsie patootsie chubby wubby cubby (sorry couldn't help myself) in her paws. Rafiki began his shaking of the rattles and sand and melon goo on the forehead. Sarabi glanced up at Mufasa with a look of "does he have to do this every time?" When Rafiki was padding over to the edge, Mufasa whispered to Sarabi,

"Just let him. He's the only animal with opposable thumbs and the only baboon that won't eat our young."

Sarabi sighed and the song kicked up again.

They'll never find a place Where the people quit whining In the square The square of life BOOM (Camera panned away and accidentally knocked over a rhino)

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