Author's Note: I hope everyone had a merry Christmas this year! I sure did. I got a Hello Kitty neck pillow and eye mask, My Little Pony stuff, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Man of Steel, the Hunger Games movie, some clothes, and some soap.

But I digress. This story is my first real Steven Universe fanfic (aside from Aerial Choreography, but that doesn't count since it was a crack fic.) and I'm sure it'll be awesome. Oh, and just a heads-up: there will be a rape scene later on, so I would recommend anyone under 18 to not read this fanfic. Regardless, enjoy!


"Can you tell me about those, uh, Crystal Gems or whatever they're supposed to be called?" a teenage Korean girl asked her Caucasian boyfriend like she was bored out of her mind.

"Well, I don't know very much about 'em, but I think they're from another dimension." he replied.

As they walked along the dark streets of Beach City, it was raining ever so slightly. None of them had an umbrella so they were forced to soak this one out, not that it mattered to the girl. They were touring from another city in California, so this was all obviously new to them. The girl Seo-yeon was wanting to look at a house that was about to be torn down and renovate the whole place, but having to come all this way to do it was tiring her out both physically and mentally.

"Are you sure these things exist? Are you sure the car wash guy we passed isn't just spouting nonsense?" black-haired double-bunned Seo-yeon cynically asked. "Because I'm starting to think everyone's nuts."

"Yeah!" the strawberry-blond boy Raymond replied with confidence. "Why, just the other night, I saw this woman with a pearl on her forehead produce a spear, like, out of nowhere! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if we encountered one right now!"

At that moment, two cloaked figures landed right in front of the couple. As it was too dark to see their faces, only white glowing eyes on one and a gray aura coming from another's forehead could be made out.

"Are-are you Crystal Gems?" Raymond eagerly asked the two incognitos, hoping the answer would prove his Korean sweetheart wrong.

"Yes." the one with the white glowing eyes answered. "Yes we are. And you must be humans, am I correct?"

Raymond nodded yes with vigor. Seo-yeon didn't know why, but something felt wrong.

"Ray?" the girl nervously squeaked out. "I'd back away if I were you."

"Why?" the boy asked out of curiosity. "They're Crystal Gems. I doubt they'd kill anyone."

"I don't care!" Seo-yeon shouted at him. "They're cloaked figures! Cloaked people are never-"

Before Seo-yeon could finish her sentence however, the figure with the gray aura from its forehead unleashed a lightning bolt at the girl and blew her to smithereens.

"Seo-yeon!" Raymond screamed in agony as he felt himself covered in what was left of his girlfriend. "Oh my God!" He fell to his knees and blubbered like a baby. "Why'd you kill her?! I thought you were supposed to be the good guys!"

"Well, you thought wrong." said the figure with the gray aura coming from its forehead, now revealing itself to be a woman. She turned to the figure with the white glowing eyes. "Shall I kill this boy too, Zoisite?"

"If you think it'll even out the score..." Zoisite replied. "You may kill him too. I insist it, Onyx. After all, it'll only serve those stupid humans right."

Raymond felt as though he had been personally insulted upon hearing that, worsening the pain he felt for his lost lady. Onyx walked over to him and telekinetically brought him closer. She waited until he was almost up to her face and then stretched and distorted his neck to the point of ripping apart the skin and muscles, leaving the vertebrae, trachea and larynx totally exposed. Zoisite felt a smile creep across his face as he watched Onyx slowly kill Raymond. When she was certain the boy was totally dead, Onyx dropped him to the ground like a girl who had grown bored with her ragdoll.

"Well, that was tiring." Onyx sighed. "But what about the other humans?"

"We'll kill them, too." Zoisite responded. "These things are too idiotic to be living the way they do. I almost find it pathetic that our species is even breeding with these vermin, creating half-breeds that will surely be the death of us all, especially one among them."

"I was going to ask: how do you suppose we find this 'half-breed' without being spotted? Surely, our shapeshifting powers will come in handy."