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Tali ducked behind a pillar as a Geth Juggernaut fired his rocket laucher at her. She did her best to hack it but to no avail. She saw Garrus leaning out from behind more rubble firing his sniper rifle at the geth. She sabotaged it's shield and popped up from behind her cover and shot it in the face plate with her heavy pistol. It sunk to its knees and fell over on its face dead. She nodded to Garrus who came out from behind his cover. "You okay," he asked.

"Yeah I'm fin…" an armature dropped out of a fast moving geth fighter and it unfolded forcing Garrus and Tali to duck behind more rubble. "Where's Shepard!" she yelled. Just as she said it the Mako jumped a pile of rubble over Tali and Garrus' position, all six wheels screeching as it landed on the Armature. The Geth sparked a bit as Shepard exited the vehicle, her crimson and black armor shining in the Feros sun. Tali guessed that it looked Roman minus the skirt, if her Earth history was right.

Shepard gestured for them to run to the Mako while she covered them with her assault rifle. Tali was the first to get on and quickly took the gunner seat and covered Shepard as she moved in. She sat in the driver's seat and gunned the Mako down the Prothean skyway toward the colony. Joker radioed in that the colonists were acting out of sorts and forced Wrex, Kaidan, and Ashley, who were hunting down powercells in the geth infested tunnels below the colony to retreat to the Normandy or risk injuring the colonists.

Shepard's group managed to get some herbicidal grenades that could combat the Thorian, a large plant creature that can influence the minds of other species. The grenades, hopefully, would be able to knock out the colonist infected with the Thorian's spores. It appeared that the Human Company EXO-geni was using the colonists as test group to test the creature's influence. The whole deal had Shepard furious however. Tali noticed Shepard kept muttering about the Human Company being honorless sloths.

Tali was worried about the colony and how she would be of use against a horde of perhaps the most dangerous race in the galaxy, right after krogan as Wrex would add in. She looked at Garrus who was making sure his rifle was in top shape. Shepard looked at the turian. "Here," she shifted slightly to allow her shotgun unclip and handed it Garrus. He took and weapon, it was little bulky, but he didn't argue.

As they approached the end of the sky way they stopped at the door. They exited the vehicle. Tali was the last one out and that's when she noticed the giant human sized creeper running toward Shepard who threw a herbicide grenade at it. The creature exploded sending green goo everywhere. "What was that?" Tali asked.

Shepard shrugged and handed her all the grenades in her belt, "I'll draw their attention and you and Garrus will toss out the grenades, hopefully they'll knock out the colonists as well." Tali and Garrus both nodded and Shepard punched the door control to the colony. It opened and more creepers came streaming out.

"Shepard I've been wondering," Shepard looked over at Garrus who shot another creeper with her shotgun which knocked him back slightly with the recoil.

"You want to do this now?" She called back.

"Well I need to kn.." he shot another creeper, "How come your Mass accelerator cannons on human dreadnoughts, being half as short and turian dreadnoughts manage to have close to about the same fire power?"

Shepard shook her head as she cut a creeper in half and twirled around an asari clone that was about to send a warp at Tali and kicked her off the ledge of the old Prothean ruin the giant plant had rooted to. "Mass effect fields." She grunted in reply as she sliced the head off another creeper. Part of her couldn't believe she was having a conversation while in a close quarter battle for their lives.

"What! Impossible!" he yelled over Tali's Shotgun blast.

"Not if you twisted the fields into using emitters placed spirally around the cannon. The field that is created has spiral like effect that acts as temporary barrel extension when fired."

Garrus didn't say anything for a while he mulled over what she told him, "I still don't believe it,"

"I don't care, now if you would. Would you mind focus on the seemly continuous amount of asari clones that seem to being coming out of nowhere."

"Right, but we'll have to talk more on this later," Garrus called back earning an annoyed grunt from Shepard as she sliced another creeper in half with her sword.

Watching Shepard cut down the thorian "creepers", as Tali had dubbed them was as pretty intense. It brought him back to boot camp, and his drill instructor teaching them all how to handle different species in close quarters fights. If you ever find yourself going toe to toe with a Human in CQC, then you might as well put your pistol in your mouth and pull the trigger. While you may a have small chance of killing a krogan with some sort of blade, they are slow. Humans are a different story, they are too quick, and are trained from birth in how to fight in CQC before even learning how to fire any type of firearm. So other words, don't let them get up close.

Seeing Shepard only seemed to reinforce his instructor's point. The creepers were dangerous in close proximity, but Shepard was slicing them apart like butter. Garrus threw an herbicidal grenade and killed about five of the clustered creepers coming at him and Tali, who guarded his six. "So Tali, is this what you signed on for?"

"What I signed for was blowing up geth, not killing creepy plant zombies, so no. Is this what you had in mind?" Garrus chuckled.

"Nope, just making sure I wasn't the only one." He ducked a swipe from another creeper, and fired Shepard's shotgun at it." I am going to be sore tomorrow, he thought while firing another shot feeling the recoil.

He noticed that the creepers where know seeing Shepard as the biggest threat. They piled on her despite her hacking them to pieces.

"Shepard!" Tali cried out. That is when it happened, the first time Garrus had ever heard a human bloodscream. It was somewhat muffled under the mass of creepers piled up on Shepard. Then a blue aura surrounded the pile and the creepers were ejected off, and Shepard began charging and tearing the plant creatures apart. Even the Asari clones could not stand against her.

"GARRUS! TALI! Find a place to hide and do not, I repeat, DO NOT, get into her field of vision!" Kaidan ordered over the comm. They both nodded and moved back a bit as Shepard charged bioticly into the next room and began hacking at the Thorian's supports.

"What going on?" Tali asked.

"It appears that our Commander is a berserker. Liara and I are coming to help you guys down there. Just stay away from Shepard, especially if she just seems to be standing there, looking off into space." Garrus, out of curiosity looked around the corner to see what Shepard was doing. What he saw chilled him to the bone. Not one creeper or Asari clone was standing and Shepard was long gone. That's when the massive plant creature screamed and fell into the pit below. And a not so green Asari ran past screaming. Garrus grabbed her and shushed the woman hysterical sobs as they watched Shepard fly by. Her eyes looked dead and her stance was more animalistic as she ran past. First mutant plant zombies and now berserking humans, it was all most too much. Seeing Shepard did make him shiver a bit. He hoped that Kaidan and Liara got here soon and that the two biotics could handle her.

Codex: Berserkers: are almost as rare a human biotics only one with both the Berserker gene and biotic ability is in existence as of today. They generally descend from those of the old Viking Clans' blood. However, those with the berserker gene are not hard to pinpoint since when they are young, they tend be overly aggressive. Youths born with the gene have to have special training to help keep the monster inside at bay. Berserkers are feared widely amongst their own kind and are sometimes treated as like the Asari Ardat' yatshi in certain parts of human space.

Roman Clan: was the only one of the one Old-Clans not to fall at the end of the Three-thousand Year War. They lost most of their land and power to the Allies and Children of the Great Mother. While they still follow their polytheistic religion, they are still considered a minor Clan and have abolished slavery as part of the treaty. The Alliance of Clans uses their armor styles as both a sign of respect and as a trophy to commemorate their defeat.