Chapter 7 – Grades are In

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Years ago, when I had been an undergraduate myself, I had a few sessions with a psychologist. It was not required, but recommended for those of us studying the field to have a first-hand experience as a patient.

I was about ten minutes in before I was ready to leave and ask for my money back. Aside from being the ridiculousness of being asked to lay down on an actual couch – as if any self-respecting psychologist still had one of those in their office – the grey haired doctor had asked me to take three deep breaths in order to calm myself if I found I was uncomfortable with what we were discussing.

I had been accepted to fucking Harvard, and at that point in my studies I was sure I knew more about psychology than that quack. And I certainly knew how to breathe. The idea that inhaling and exhaling could actually have an effect on my emotional or mental state was so ridiculous I had asked him if he was indeed a therapist or a yoga instructor.

As I stood outside Bella Swan's off-campus apartment one fine summer morning, my heart in my throat and my palms sweating, I found myself counting each gulp of air in and out until I get to three. And then, I knocked.

"Just a second," came her sweet voice from somewhere inside.

I arranged me features so as to not give away my inner angst as Bella opened the door. Behind her, I could see a mess of cardboard boxes that seemed to be erupting with old text books, reams of paper and various pieces of clothing. Bella herself was wearing a red tank top and cut off shorts. She had clearly been working too hard, a smudge of dirt marred her pretty cheek. I wondered how many days she had given herself to pack up her college years into various containers she had scavenged. Not enough, certainly.

Bella's eyes rounded into perfect circles when she caught sight of me. She looked down at her clothes and flushed a deep red to match her shirt. "Professor," she breathed, then began to stammer out something.

I spoke over her, "As graduation was yesterday, Ms. Swan, I don't think you need to call me that anymore. However, I did want to discuss some unfinished business regarding my seminar you attended. May I come in?"

Bella bit her lip and glanced over her shoulder at the mess.

I chuckled. "I assure you, I've seen much worse, and I won't judge you or trouble you long."

Bella nodded and stepped aside for me to enter.

Despite the apparent chaos, I could tell that she had cared for the apartment well. It showed none of the dinginess that so often hung to a college student's abode. The walls were painted a pale yellow that appeared to be only a few months old. Her furniture, while mismatched, showed obvious care – the upholstery clean and the wood polished.

"Can I get you something to drink?" Bella asked, looking unsure of herself. "I'm afraid I don't have much at the moment. I'm in the process of moving out, as you can see."

"I do see," I stated. "Did you decide this apartment was not to your liking?"

"No," Bella replied. "I'm moving in with some friends of mine to share expenses for a little while."

"Until you find a job?" I asked.

Bella shook her head. "I have a job, actually. I'll be starting at a small clinic next week. But, the pay isn't that great and I need to start paying off my student loans."

"Ah, I see," I replied. "It does take a while for most people in the field to start earning an annual salary that is near what they paid for a year of school."

Bella rolled her eyes a bit. "If that ever happens."

"I'm sure it will, Miss Swan," I told her, earnestly. "You are a very gifted young woman, and you'll no doubt go far in whatever career you chose."

"Even if I chose practice, over research, Professor Masen?" she questioned in a teasing tone.

"Of course." For the first time, I smiled, rather than smirked at her.

Bella flushed at my sincerity. "Is that what you came to tell me, Professor?" she asked.

"No," I cleared my throat. "I came to make sure you were aware that since you are no longer enrolled in my seminar, your classmates may feel that they are no longer bound to the agreement that you all signed. I felt I should warn you that may receive some unwanted advances."

"You're not still jealous of Jacob Black, are you Professor?" she asked with a giggle.

I chuckled back at her. "You'll forgive me that one lapse of judgment, Ms. Swan. But, I'm sure you noticed that Mr. Cullen and Mr. Hale were quite anxious for your attention after the final."

"I didn't notice," she said. "I had other things on my mind."

"And it was just that manner of distraction that I worried about," I said, still in my classroom voice. "Times of stress can make us forgetful. For instance, you keep referring to me as 'Professor,' and that is no longer a relevant term between us."

Bella blushed a deeper red and gazed down at the floor between us. "I suppose I'm just used to calling you that."

"Well," I said, "you'll need to get used to something else. I really don't want to be referred to as such in my own home, Bella."

Her head snapped back up. The confusion on her face almost made me break character.

"Was I being too familiar? Did you want me to continue to refer to you as Miss Swan?" I asked, cocking my eyebrow. "I suppose I wouldn't mind a double standard. Life is full of those it seems."

"What do you mean?" Bella asked, her voice turned upward at the end like a little girl's.

"Well, there are examples everywhere," I said, gesturing vaguely. "For instance, did you know that the College cancels the health insurance for its instructors the day they teach their last class? Yet, as a new professor, one must wait a full month before they can enroll in a plan. Why this country can't get behind a single payer system is beyond me."

"I don't need a definition for double standard," Bella began, then stopped and shook her head. "Why are you talking about not teaching?"

"Oh, did I not mention that?" I answered. "I've decided to resign my post in order to focus on my research. It's incredibly difficult to publish when you have classes to keep up with."

"I see," Bella said. She was standing perfectly still, it reminded me of the first lesson. Despite the fact that we had our clothes on, we were now bare to each other in a way we never had been before.

"Yes," I said. "Luckily I have plenty of savings and a rent controlled apartment. Otherwise, I might have to ask you to contribute toward the living expenses, and that's just not how I was raised. Call it a generational thing."

"What?" Bella asked, her face now truly scrunched in confusion.

"Ah," I sighed in mock disappointment at myself. "Am I being unclear again? I'm so sorry, Bella. It appears you do that to me often. I just meant that I don't want any money from you, even though many couples who live together share the household bills. Soon enough everything of mine will be yours anyway, so let's not fight over that."

Bella shook her head violently. "Professor…," she began.

"Edward," I corrected her. But, before she said anything else, there was a knock at the door. "Perfect timing!" I called.

"What?" Bella said.

Ignoring her, I answered the door and let in the two men wearing overalls that were waiting outside. "Hello," I said to them. "We've got just about everything boxed up, so you can start here," I gestured to Bella's pile.

"Edward!" Bella's voice was raised and there was color in her cheeks. "What the hell is all this?"

Ignoring her, I stepped back to give the moving men room and gestured at her furniture. "I'm fine if you want to take the sofa for nostalgia's sake," I said. "But, it really won't fit in the living room. I suppose we could set up a little reading area in the basement. I know you'll want to have your own bookcases."

"Who's living room? Who's basement? What bookcases?" Bella growled.

"Ours, of course," I told her. "You're moving in with me."

"I am?" Bella could not hide the delight behind the irritation and surprise.

"Yes," I said. "Clearly that is the only conclusion we can make here. You need someplace to live that is private from your former classmates and I need you near me. What other solution could there be?"

"You need me?" Bella asked. She was now completely ignoring the two men who were taking their first load of boxes out her door.

I walked up to her and placed both my hands on either side of her face. "My beautiful Bella," I whispered. "My brave, intelligent, compassionate, and incredibly sexy former student." I watched her suck in a shaky breath before I went on. "Of course I need you. After this last semester, could you honestly question there isn't anything I wouldn't do to make you mine? Can you doubt there isn't anything I wouldn't give you?"

Her mouth fell open and her brown eyes widened as I held her, forcing her to look up at me.

"Well?" I asked.

"I wasn't sure," she said. "There was always that tension between us, but I thought I was perhaps imagining or that it was something different for you." She paused, sinking her teeth into her lips. "That class…At first I was just so overwhelmed by what you asked me to do and the way you looked at me that I told myself I didn't care if that's all you wanted. But, then with Mike and Jake…"

"Yes," I growled. "Two mistakes I assure you I will regret for a very long time. Although their lessons did help me realize that bringing you pleasure through a third party would never be enough for me. That was perhaps the most egregious lapse in judgment I've ever had. And I intend to work very hard to earn your forgiveness."

Bella raised one of her hands to caress mine against her cheek. "I've forgiven you," she said, and my heart swelled. "I didn't think I'd ever see you again, but I still forgave you. I had been replaying the semester in my head, and I thought about all the warnings you gave me, all the opportunities I had to walk away. But, I never wanted to."

"I don't think I would have survived if you tried to walk away," I whispered to her. Our faces were so close, I could see all the tiny variation of color in her eyes dance as her pupils dilated.

"In that case," she said. "I'll live with you, Professor, but first you need to give me something I've wanted for a long time."

"What's that, my love?" I asked her.

"You," Bella whispered.

At these words, I crushed my mouth on to hers, and kissed her greedily. Behind us I could hear the men continue to move the boxes Bella had packed. Neither of us wanted an audience, but our hunger for each other was too great to be denied. Bella's fingers twisted in my hair and my arms pulled her tight against me. We were so caught up in the kiss that I almost pulled us both to the floor before Bella pulled away.

"If we keep this up, you're going to think Jake's theory was right," she gasped around a laugh.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "Don't tell me he shared his paper with you?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No, but I'm guessing he diagnosed me as an exhibitionist. Just like I'm guessing Emmett believes I'm a dominant, and Jasper believes I have a breast fixation."

I chuckled. "Miss Swan, I wonder how I could have ever doubted your logical abilities. Well done."

"But, you know the truth, don't you Professor Masen?" she asked, twisting the last words with irony.

"What is that my love?" I asked, drawing out the endearment. Bella shivered in my arms.

"I'm none of those. What turns me on is you," she said.

"Me?" I asked, enjoying this playfulness we could now share without all the unspoken needs creating tension between us.

"Yes, the thought of turning you on, of fulfilling your needs. That's what got me wet every time you had one of them do something to me."

"Mmmm…" I said. "That reminds me, I may have gotten quite a bit of enjoyment from you in class through sight, sound, and smell" I smirked at this word, "but that leaves two senses that I've been woefully deprived of. You're going to make that up to me."

"I am?" Bella said. "When?"

I looked around the apartment. We were temporarily alone. Out on the street, I could hear the men going up and down the truck's ramp, loading up Bella's boxes.

I chuckled. "Despite all the evidence that points to the contrary, I haven't planned everything I want to happen with you down to the last detail."

"And here I thought you had all the answers," Bella shook her head in mock disappointment. "Don't tell me that the Professor who was always in control doesn't know what to do with the former student he's been lusting after now that she's let him know she's his."

It was my time to shiver. "Say it again."

"Which part?" she teased. I crushed my mouth to hers as if I could take the words I needed from her without allowing her breath.

Bella began to laugh at my wild display and we broke apart. She must have read the seriousness on my face, however, because she brought her lips to mine briefly once more before saying, "I'm yours, Edward. Now take me to your home before we end up rolling around on my bare floor like animals."

"Hmm…." I replied. "As tempting an image as that is, I did have something a little different in mind for our first time. I think we'll have to experiment with the impact of delayed gratification today."

I took her hand and led her to my car, opening her door for her to allow her to slide in. I was grinning like an idiot as I ran to the driver's side, and couldn't stop smiling as we drove across town. I gave her a short tour while we waited for the movers, but Bella's eyes never left mine. It would most likely take a while for her to get acquainted with the place.

Despite Bella's previous work and the efficiency of the men I had hired, it took a few hours to complete the move. Most of the boxes of old texts books we just put into the garage, but a few she had labeled as especially important we took to what would now be our office and Bella set them up lovingly on the empty shelves I had set up for her.

Finally, we were alone in our home, most of Bella's things already in place. It made me grin to see how perfectly our lives had melded together, at least materially.

Bella was in the kitchen, peeking in some cabinets. She stood on her toes, which make her legs and ass look even more tempting than usual. Her shirt had risen up to show an inch of her back. I snuck up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. "Shall we order dinner in tonight, my love?" I asked, snuggling her neck and reveling of the feeling of her press back against me.

"I'm actually an excellent cook, Professor Masen," she said. "But as it seems you don't have much food in the house, I guess we'll have to order take out if you're hungry."

"I'm not particularly hungry for food," I answered. "But I don't want you fainting on me, so perhaps we'd better."

"Umm…" Bella twisted in my arms and kissed me before replying. "Since you wouldn't let me do much of anything today, I've got plenty of energy left."

"Is that so?" Despite my concern for her well-being, a growing part of me was becoming more and more impatient. I wasn't sure I would be able to make it through a dinner without exploding from Bella's proximity. Her shorts were definitely making it hard, but the idea that she would actually make her home with me was really turning me on.

Bella brought her lips to mine again, this time the kiss was more greedy and intentional. My hands cupped her perfect round ass and she jumped up, wrapping her legs around my waist. I grunted, not from her weight, but the pressure this put on my groin.

"Easy, my Bella," I jokingly warned. "I'm an old man, you know."

"You are nothing of the sort, and I'm going to make you prove it to me," Bella growled. "Take me to your bed, Edward."

I didn't need more convincing. Thankfully our house was a ranch and there were no stairs between the kitchen and the master bedroom. I carried her down the galley as Bella planted kisses on my neck, still wrapped around me. As I kicked the door open, I crushed my mouth against hers allowing my eyes to close in delight at the sweetness of her lips.

Before I knew it, my shins knocked against my bed and we toppled over, Bella laughing as she hit the soft mattress. I pulled back to make sure she wasn't hurt, and my breath caught at the sight of her. Bella's lips were still parted and her brown eyes burned with a hunger. Her hair had come loose and spread out in a fan against my bed.

"How do you want me?" she asked in a husky voice. "You've given me so many of my fantasies, Edward, I want to fill one of yours."

"Bella," my voice was an almost unrecognizable moan, "Watching you do all those things so willingly, I thought you were fulfilling my fantasies. But, I know now that all I ever want is to see you brought to pleasure."

"It was always you that brought me pleasure, Edward," she said, drawing her fingers through my hair. "I can't tell you how many times I listened to the recording you gave me, and imagined you performing Mike's lesson."

I groaned a little. "Let's agree never to mention that name again, especially in the bedroom."

Bella smiled and nodded.

"But that does give me an excellent idea of where to start," I smirked at her. Bella fell back on the bed and I slid my fingers into the waistband of her shorts. I traced the line of the fabric along her stomach and then undid the button and slowly unzipped them. In the opening they made, I saw Bella's underwear matched her red top. The contrast against her creamy skin made my already alert member bounce in his salute to her beauty.

I kissed her skin right above the red fabric and then grasped her shorts to begin sliding them down her body. I marveled at the perfect shape of her hips and thighs, tracing them with my hands again after I had removed her shorts. Anxious to have her bare for me, I hooked my fingers into her panties and dragged them slowly down to her feet as well.

Though her shirt and bra remained on, I was stunned by the sight of her. I hadn't allowed myself to properly look at her pussy in class. I had known it would be too much. Like the rest of her, she was perfect down there. A well-groomed triangle of hair pointed proudly to the glistening folds. I felt an odd rolling sensation in the pit of my stomach just gazing at her, laying there ready for me.

"Do you have any idea how long I've wanted you here in my bed, Bella?" I asked, surprised to hear a small crack in my voice the fervor.

"Show me, Edward," Bella commanded.

"I need you to take off the rest of your clothes, first," I told her.

Bella smiled, and gestured to me. "You, too."

My heart was beating wildly as I stood up to kick off my pants. I thought it might explode in the brief seconds it took me to pull my shirt over my head, as I lost sight of Bella removing her own top. I was frozen as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

Though I had memorized the sight of her perfect breasts, this was different. I was now close enough to reach out and touch her myself and there was no reason I couldn't partake however I wished. Part of me couldn't believe this, and I hovered above her, kneeling between her legs and staring at her chest rise and fall with her breaths.

Bella touched my forearm with her fingertips and broke me out of the trance. I smirked at her, before asking, "Shall we review all the lessons, Ms. Swan?"

Bella's teeth sunk into her lip and she nodded. "Yes, please," she said. "I need a complete review. There were some points I think my classmates may have missed."

"I'm sure they did," I said. "But, I have no intentions of missing anything." I brought my mouth to her left breast and began to explore the feel of it with my mouth while doing the same to her right with my hand. Bella moaned as I cupped her fullness and pinched at her nipples.

I explored her cleavage with a dozen tiny kisses and marveled at the smoothness of her skin and the sweet taste of her. Gooseflesh rose on Bella's skin and she began to pant.

I lifted my head from her chest to meet her eyes. She smiled radiantly at me and I grinned back. "I'm afraid there won't be much of an element of surprise when I lick your pussy," I said. "Since I've already shared my routine with you. But, are you still interested?"

"Oh, fuck, yes!" Bella cried. "Please Edward, I've wanted your mouth on me for so long. Please give it to me."

I could not form words in response, but grunted appreciatively as I scrambled to the bottom of the bed. For a moment all I could do was gaze in wonder and appreciation. The sweet smell caught me up short and I had to hold still for a moment to gain control before I began to explore her with my mouth. She was like honey, and before I knew it I was beyond conscious thought, responding to each buck of her hips and flutter of her insides on animal instinct.

The ever-present analytical side of my brain warred with the sex-starved demon that had taken over, reminding me to check that Bella was enjoying the lapping of my tongue and curling of my fingers inside her. I wanted to drink from her forever, but more than that, I wanted her to desire it just as much. From between her legs I looked up at her face as Bella gasped and moaned. Her hands were pulling at her own hair and she was shaking her head wildly. It was like nothing I had ever seen from her before, and I swelled with pride knowing that I had brought her someplace entirely new.

My eyes remained on her as my thumb began to circle her clit, building pressure as I suckled from her. Bella's breaths and movements became even more frantic and I felt her walls start to flutter around my fingers. As her orgasm built, her screams echoed off the walls of my room.

I needed to be inside her now.

As I scrambled to the side of the bed and opened my nightstand drawer, I felt Bella's fingers dance across my back.

"Edward," she whispered. "I'm on the pill and I was just tested last week. I've never not used protection before."

I twisted to face her. Once again, she had made me speechless. Moonlight from the window on the other side of the room danced around, making her long hair shine and her pale skin glow.

"I understand if you would rather be extra careful," she started, misinterpreting my pause. "I just meant that…"

I brought a finger to her lips, while I slid the drawer closed with my other hand. "I only wanted to be careful for your sake, my Bella," I told her. "But I've been tested, too. Besides, I haven't been with anyone for over two years."

Her eyes grew wide. "You're kidding," she gasped.

I shook my head. "Once I had decided what I wanted, I knew I couldn't settle for anything but the real thing." I wrapped my arms around her and rolled her onto her back as I held myself just above her. "I know you don't want more of my apologies, but I have to tell you that my foolishness in trying to seduce you through my lesson plan was partially due to the fact that I haven't been able to think straight since you debated my belief about Freud's dream theory."

"Did I do that?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. "Your arguments were quite rousing." At this I angled my hips against hers and Bella's eyes drifted closed. "Tell me what you want now, Bella."

She opened her eyes to stare into mine. "I want to make love with you, Edward. Slow and sweet, with nothing between us."

At this command I positioned myself to enter her. I kissed her gently one last time before whispering. "I love you, Bella Swan. I've waited so long to make love to you like this, face to face, staring into those beautiful brown eyes, feeling your heart beat against my chest, with nothing between us."

"I love you, Edward Masen," she answered. I could see in her eyes that she understood that I would never have allowed anyone else to experience her like this. Other men may have had Bella's body, but I wanted her mind and soul for myself.

As I slid into her, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of serenity, more powerful than the thrill on endorphins from the physical contact. Despite the calm, I was driven to move inside her. Bella met me with each thrust as our eyes stayed locked on each other.

I tucked my arms around her as I moved, savoring the feel of her skin each place we touched. Her body fit mine in every possible way. Despite how long it had been, I remembered well enough to know that no woman had felt like this. She was tight and perfect around my cock as we moved together. I probably could have made her come again just like that, but after so long waiting, I was anxious for more.

Reaching between us, I rolled my thumb against her clit and Bella's eyes grew wide as her head arched back against the pillows. I felt her clench me tighter and my own orgasm began to build.

Just as I was about to lose all control, Bella hooked one leg tight against my ass and rolled us both so she was on top of me. My muscles were all beyond my command as I lay splayed beneath her as Bella bucked on top of me, her gorgeous body on full display as her climax took over both of us.

"Edward, Edward, Edward," she groaned.

"Bella, Bella, Oh, Bella," I cried.

For an instant everything went black as the pleasure coursing through me became too intense for my five senses. Bella was beyond any comprehension of traditional thought or feeling, but every molecule of my body cried out in praise of her and her entire being called back to me in a joyful response.

It could have been merely a second or several minutes later that I became aware of my hand rubbing small circles on Bella's bare back. We were still connected, but I could feel myself growing soft inside her.

She turned her head from the crook of my shoulder to give me a smile. It so reminded me of the sly grin she had once given me in class that I had to bite the side of my cheek to keep from laughing at the memory.

"That was," Bella began, then her brow furrowed as she struggled to find a word that would fit.

"That was the result of everything we've learned," I filled in.

"Mmmm…." she agreed, starting to roll off me.

"Not yet," I said. "Lie here with me while we decide what to order for dinner."

Bella giggled, but made no other effort to move away from me. "Don't tell me you're a snuggler," she said. "That's the last thing I would have guessed."

I kissed my way up and down her neck a few times, listening to her sigh before responding. "I guess we can both be wrong then," I said. "A good lesson to learn."

"Yes," Bella breathed, her head still tilted up toward the ceiling as I continued to explore her throat. "Let's never run out of things to teach each other."

"Never," I promised.

We locked eyes again and sealed the agreement with a kiss.

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