A/N This is an AU start to the story we know so well, what if it wasn't Mary who disturbed the yellow eyed demon? This story WILL have all members of the family in it and it will start right at the beginning and take us to the apocalypse.

The bed was comfy, and Mary snuggled deeper into the warmth of the bed. Just as she was about to drift off she heard Sam cry down the baby monitor. She opened her eyes and blinked sluggishly, her hand reaching to wake John up-it was his turn after all. But the bed was empty and the sheets cold, she heard a creak of floorboards down the hall and Sammy's cries stopped. She waited a minute longer to see if she was needed, but John didn't call for her so Mary sighed and rolled back over, waiting for sleep to reclaim her.

Just as the warmth covered her and sleep was looming a sound ripped through the peaceful house, it was a scream, a terrible awful sound that she would never forget. Her heart was in her mouth, she knew that scream, heard it every bedtime- Dean. Her mind wasn't working, she had forgotten her training but she needed to get to Dean, she had to save Dean. She jumped out of the bed and was running down the corridor before she even thought of grabbing the gun she'd hid under her bed, an old habit one that John still didn't know about. The floorboards were cold beneath her feet, he heart beating heavily in her ears as she burst through Deans door. But his bed was empty, the sheets rumbled and his little slippers gone. She turned and sprinted into the open nursery and there, pinned on the ceiling his mouth open in horror and pain was her baby boy.

"No!" She cried, blood dripped from his midriff, and fire engulfed him. He was burning. She screamed, frozen in shock until strong arms wrapped around her pushing Sammy into her arms and her out of the door.

"Take Sammy and run!" She blinked still frozen in shock, but he firmly pushed her again before racing back into the nursery. She thudded down the stairs, Sammy screaming in her arms and stumbled into the garden. She took one, two, three steps on unsteady legs before stumbling, turning to look at her home, waiting for Dean and John to come running through that door. John would save Dean, he had to. Without warning the house exploded, flames licking the roof and the air turning acrid in her lungs.

"John!" She gasped, "JOHN," she yelled his name and out of the wall of fire he sprinted covering her and Sammy with his body, his arms around her pushing her down the garden. "Dean, where's Dean." She desperately searched but Dean wasn't there and John wouldn't respond, his eyes vacant and tears pooling around the corners. He didn't need to speak. She knew, she knew from the second she saw him on the ceiling.

"No," Mary whispered, "No!"

The sirens wailed in the distance and Mary looked at her burning house, Sam bundled in her arms and John holding her steady. Dean was dead, her darling boy. It wasn't right, it wasn't right. Dean shouldn't be dead, he shouldn't be dead. "Not Dean," She murmured. John clinged to her, Sammy wailed in her arms

One thought was running through her mind... It should have been me.

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