~ is internal speech

bold is symbiote speaking with symbiote voice

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Denver, April 14th 2000 (Friday)

"This is really nice." Sam observed. She emptied her wine glass and tried to reach the table to put it there, without moving from the nice place where she was sitting, leaning against Martouf.

Martouf smiled and took the glass from her, placing it beside his own. "It is. Very nice." He leaned back and pulled her close to him again. She kicked off her shoes and snuggled against his shoulder.

~I think we can safely assume Samantha would not be too opposed to a kiss. She has, after all, agreed to date us, and she kissed us earlier.~

~I believe you are correct. Well, I hope so.~ Martouf turned and pressed his lips against the top of Sam's head.

~Of course I am correct!~ Lantash insisted.

Sam made a happy sound and put her hand on his leg, giving him a squeeze. Encouraged, Martouf placed his hand on top of hers, and caressed it with his thumb.

She turned her head to him and kissed him on the neck, then again, further back. She reached up and placed her hand on his neck and massaged him softly. Martouf gasped and Sam giggled when she felt movement under her hand. "Lantash? I hope that wasn't unpleasant?"

Martouf caught her mouth in a heated kiss, and pulled her up in his lap. "Unpleasant?" His eyes flashed as Lantash took over. "Not at all. Quite on the contrary. Symbiotes are...most receptive to caressing, and you happened to stroke me in a very sensitive place. What you did would more correctly count as... foreplay, I believe you call it."

"Oh..." Sam blushed, and was about to apologize when Lantash kissed her again.

"My sweet, lovely Samantha." Lantash murmured between kisses. "Martouf and I love you so much."

Sam smiled happily. "Thank you." She pulled at his shirt. "I want you," she ground out, hoarsely, before claiming his mouth in another hot kiss. "And I also love you. Both of you." She whispered, a bit shyly.

~She loves us?~

~Yes.~ Lantash sounded almost disbelieving, and very happy. ~She does!~

~Do something!~

~I am!~ Lantash slid his hands down over Sam's body, caressing her. She moaned into his mouth, and he slipped his hand under her dress and pulled it up.

"Yesss..." Sam helped him get her dress off, and then pulled at his clothing again.

Lantash ripped off his shirt and threw it aside, before pushing Sam down on the couch. "My Samantha..."

Martouf woke up when someone kissed him. "Mmmm?" he mumbled, sleepily. Then he remembered. "Samantha!"

"Yes." Sam giggled and kissed him again. "I like your bed!"

They had moved from the couch to the bed at some point yesterday evening, and after making love they had fallen asleep together.

"Thank you." Martouf ogled her shamelessly in the low light. She was not wearing anything, and the blanket had fallen off her when she rolled over to kiss him.

Sam caught him looking and blushed a little. "Naughty." Her comment did not stop her from looking, though, and Martouf was also naked. She clearly liked what she saw.

"It would seem we are both naughty then. How fortunate..." Martouf grinned and pulled Sam in for another kiss.

"Very true." Sam smiled. "You are not tired, I hope?"

Martouf raised an eyebrow. "I am not in need of sleep right now, no." He cleared his voice. "What did you have in mind?" He looked at her, with clear anticipation.

Sam licked her lips. "I have several ideas..."

Martouf made a pleased sound as Sam proceeded to show him the first of her ideas...

Sam had wrapped a blanket around her before going to the living room and looking for her clothes. She blushed and smiled as she saw her own and Martouf's clothes spread over the room, wherever they had thrown them the evening before when they had been eager to get out of them.

She began picking up her clothes, and had found most of them when Martouf entered the room, smiling at her. He had obviously taken a quick bath as his hair was still wet. He was also completely naked. "Good morning, Samantha."

Sam smiled. "The Tok'ra have a different view on nudity than most people on this planet... and good morning, Martouf and Lantash."

Martouf nodded. "I know. Does it bother you?"

Sam shook her head. "No. No, it does not." She smiled wider. "I rather like it."

"Good." Martouf swiftly covered the steps to her and took her in his arms and kissed her. "Mm, I love you so much! May I cook breakfast for you?"

Sam laughed. "Yes, you may." She returned his kiss. "I think I'll take a bath and get dressed."

Martouf nodded. "We do not have any coffee, I am afraid. Would tea suffice?"

"Sure, it will be just fine." She winked at him. "I can bring some coffee next time."

She went to take a bath, while Martouf went to make breakfast.

When Sam had bathed, Martouf had cooked breakfast - and put on some clothing.

Sam sniffed. "Mmm, it smells wonderful!"

"I had prepared some dough yesterday, so we could have freshly baked bread for breakfast." Martouf said, removing the baking sheet from the oven just then.

"It looks fantastic!" She went to kiss him. "I don't deserve such a great guy!"

"You deserve so much more." Martouf returned the kiss. He dipped his head and let Lantash take control.

"My sweet Samantha." Lantash kissed her as well. "We very much hope you will agree to 'date' us, as you mentioned?" He looked at her with concern. "You have not regretted that?"

"Lantash! No, of course not! I mean, yes, of course I will date you!" She smiled. "Colorado Springs isn't so far away. It only takes me about 1 1/2 hour to get here. So, maybe we can meet at least once a week or so? Unless I'm on a mission, I mean."

"We would love that!"

"So would I... I thought maybe we could spend the time you're here on Earth on getting to know each other better? I mean, meet, go on dates, go see stuff together..." Sam suggested. "No one needs to know - I mean, I'll tell my team mates I've met a guy, and I suppose they might want to meet you at some point, but probably not for a while, so your secret is safe."

"That is good." Lantash took her hands and pulled her towards the table. "Come, sit, eat some breakfast. We can talk about our plans while we eat?"

"I agree. I'm hungry too."

It was late afternoon before Sam was finally getting ready to return to Colorado Springs.

"I have some things I need to prepare for a short meeting tomorrow, but unless something changes, I expect to have all the weekend off next week. So, can I come visit?"

"We will look forward with anticipation to seeing you again! Will you be on Earth some during next week? May we text you? Or call you?"

Sam laughed. "You are so sweet! Yes, I will probably be on Earth shortly on Wednesday. You can absolutely text me, just remember to not mention something someone from this world wouldn't know. Just... nothing about the Stargate or aliens, or the Tok'ra." She grinned. "God! That sounds so strange!"

Martouf smiled as well. "We will be careful." He kissed her. "We look forward to seeing you again."

Lantash took over and kissed her as well, before Sam left to return to Colorado Springs.

~We are dating Samantha!~ Martouf grinned happily as he closed the door.

~We are. I am so happy!~ Lantash agreed. ~I had never imagined things would turn out so well when we had to hide here.~

~Nor had I. Now I actually look forward to spending more time on this planet!~

~Yes.~ Lantash grinned. ~Spending time with Samantha!~

A/N: That is sort of the end of the story - I had some more material, but my computer crash made all of that disappear, and I decided it was better to rewrite what I could remember and then post that, than waiting even longer before posting.

I have started plotting a sequel, which will be from both Sam's pov and Martouf/Lantash's pov, and look a bit at some of the things that happens while they date, and how Sam's team react. It will probably not be a very long sequel, maybe a few chapters.