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Jace P.O.V

I fumbled in the dark trying not to wake her up, reaching for my bottoms and slanting my eyes already seeing the cracks of sunlight beaming out again. I brushed past yesterday's clothes flung on the door of the wardrobe, stepping into deluxe bathroom. The shower sprays dropping forcefully on my skin like pellets of harsh violent rain.

Brushing my teeth slowly with the cheap plastic toothbrush, I let out a satisfied smirk curling at the bottom of my lips. The sound of my one night stand was waking up, slowly.

'J-Jace?' a whimper came from the door the bedroom.

I stepped out of the sliding shower doors making a slick creek of water go down the drain.

'Yes?' Oh shoot, I forgot her name. Well it didn't matter. It was better that way.

I walked in cautiously taking the stranger in my bed; her caramel skin glowed a little in the cracked sunlight, her hair ruffled at the top, with strands of her braids still in place from where I last spotted her at the bar.

She was getting up and I was getting ready.

'That was fun,' her cat eyes watched me pull on my slightly wrinkled suit but nobody could tell that.

I say nothing as I pull open the curtains letting in all the sunlight fly in freely.

'We could do it again' she tried again. I curl my lips, twisting my hands behind my back. I walk up to her where the covers are pooled around her waist, her upper half barely covered. I take no notice.

I pull my tie from the night stand, that I had flung it on last night.

'I'm free next week, so there can be a replay,' she seemed to say desperately.

I clear my throat turning to her. 'Now why would I do that?'

The stranger gives me a look of confusion, her eyebrows puckering up.

'Well you said last night-'

'Ah, last night,' I cut her off. 'You see I only did that to distract you,'

'I was already distracted,' she slips from the bed, her figure walking to me. 'You came,' she pulls my tie from her fingers tying it around my neck.

I chuckled as she smiled and looked up at me. 'No, that's where you are unfortunately wrong'

'What do you mean?' she asks still smiling, her hands creeping near my neck.

I wander my eyes around the bedroom, the bed, the furnished wardrobe and the purple dress I had spotted her in, just like I was told.

'Where are we?'

The stranger takes a step back from me, following my instruction in looking around the room. 'Oh yes, we booked a hotel,'


I loved playing these games, they were my favourite.

'You didn't want to go to my place; we decided the closest was a hotel since I was the most extravagant person at the dinner party for Michelle and Roberto,'

Oh the dinners party, the newly engaged couple.

She walked up close to me again, running a hand down to the front of my suit pocket. She patted it. 'And here is the address of my house, plus contact details for this to lead to something further,' her pink lips slyly worn.

She stuck her hand in my pocket reaching for the folded paper she had tucked in there last night. Her forehead furrowed as she came back empty handed.

'Where's it gone?' she asks confused a little shrill of panic in her voice.

'Memorised,' I pull her close to me, my lips touching the outer edge of her ear. 'You told me to destroy it,'

She pulled back an inch, her lips almost grazing mines. 'Well done,'

'Why did you panic?'

She shrugged. 'I don't want unwanted guests,'

'Oh that's too bad,'

She frowned at me. Her forehead wrinkling in befuddlement.

'Last night was great,' she gave a laugh at that, 'but it got even more brilliant when you got distracted,'

Within a split second, her hands from my neck are pushed down forced down her back, hand cuffs reaching out and clipping on with a soft click.

'Jace what the hell do you think you're doing?!' she yells angry as I push her down on the chair near the bed.

'Last night when we made sweet love.' I laugh, my face inching close to hers, my face hovering over her. 'over 50 police were over at your place that we have been tracking down for months, wanting to know where all those stolen goods got to from the Great British Museum.'

She screamed, her face blushed red.

'It was so easy to know that my charm could manipulate you into giving me your address at the mention of us maybe having a future.'

'And right now, on the dot,' I check my watch looking at the digital screen reading 6 am precisely. 'You are under arrest,'

'JACE!' she bellowed as a string of police men walked in heavily armed pushed her up.

She dragged her self. Turning around once more. 'Oh you are going to be sorry Mr Herondale, you may, all of you, think yourself so smart that you caught me but you don't know who the real person is behind all of this. Locking me up won't do anything,'

'Take her away,' I wave my hand still sneering.

'YOU WILL PAY!' a screech came from her that had left.

I chuckle as I fling my tie at a police, high fiving a random detective.

'Stop getting so full of yourself,' a snarky voice came from the door.

'Jealous Isabelle?' I say as I walk to where a bowl of fruits is contained. I toss an apple, catch it and take a bite.

'Of you?' Isabelle snorts. 'Please,'

She gives me one last look before storming off out of the room, her raven black hair swishing against her hips as she fumes away.

'You are so jealous!' I yell after.

I catch a glance at the clock 6.40am!? Oh shoot!

Tossing my apple at another detective, I leave the room.


'Late are we Jonathan,' an annoying voice chirps from behind me.

'Good morning to you Ms Fray,' I say to her coldly. Clary glares at me.

Clary and I have confused history. Yes I may have bullied her in school and called her 'carrot locks' which caused a riot at school where it was what she was called, even the teachers let it slip sometimes.

Then we somehow ended up with the same jobs working for the same company. Morgenstern cooperation. And we have bantered and fought since the day we got the job.

We both walked in the same direction to the lift, step in simultaneously letting the doors clunk shut.

Clary watches me press number 15-Morgensterns office.

'You going up to?' Clary says with distaste. 'Why?' she demanded.

'I guess Mr Morgenstern is congratulating me in bringing the suspect we have been looking for, for months,' I tell her stiffly, watching her eyes flare.

'And sleep with the suspect?'


'I wish I was, then maybe I would have reason why you still exist and why I haven't killed you yet,' Clary snaps as the elevator doors open.

'Ouch, that burnt,' I clasp a hand at my chest.

I stop Clary, teasing her some more. 'Can you check if there's a mark here,' I ask lifting my shirt just to see her narrow her eyes.

'A mark?' she asks a little worry in her voice. 'Where?'

'Erm just about….oh JESUS CHRIST!' causing onlookers to look over to the scene we were causing. That bitch just stepped on my precious manicure toes, with her 7 inch high heels. Talk about pain.

'Oops,' Clary holds back a smirk, her face dusted with freckles that seen more clearly as she tries not to laugh. She watches me hobble next to her as we make our way to the office. Her red hair is clasped tight on her head, a green brooch holding it high with only a few strands ticking her cheeks.

We stand in front of Mr Morgenstern office and because I have to, I lean over to whisper in her ear. 'Like it better without the clasp'

Before Clary can retort angrily, Mr Morgenstern opens the door.

'Inside now,' he snaps.

We are pulled into his completely furnished room, brown leather sofas with a red wine sweater thrown over one of the heads. Some logs in the corner with a bookshelf with vintage coloured books.

'You've redecorated,' Clary breathes smiling, her green eyes casting around the room. 'It's very nice Mr Morgenstern,'

Mr Morgenstern chuckles waving his hand, though he is delighted of the compliment. 'Thank you Clarissa,' he looks to me expecting something.

Oh right. 'Wow,' I take another look around to the woolly rugs and a head of reindeer. 'It smells like Shakespeare was conceived here,'

Clary sent me an outraged look, her eyes widening. 'Jace!' she hissed as I watch Mr Morgenstern's face tighten before releasing a short laugh.

'Only the best compliments from you Mr Herondale,' he offers me his hand, as Clary sits down, tucking her legs in neatly. 'I believe congratulations is in order,'

'Thank you sir,' I tell her with a smug smile pointed at Clary.

She rolls her eyes. 'Oh please, you slept with the suspect,' her eyes scanning my wrinkled suit. 'You didn't even bother change,'

I sit as far away from her as possible. 'Only because I was a distraction, so that the others could snoop her place,'

'I bet you don't even know her name,' Clary folds her arms.

I shrug, putting my arms on the back of the chair stretching. 'So, she's my reward,'

'Reward?!' Clary screeches. 'Is that how women are displayed to you? As a big fat present with ribbons that you can toss away because you got tired!'

I grin at her. 'See, I knew you would get it eventually'

'Once you're quite done with the quarrelling you kids are doing,' an amused tug of a smile at Morgenstern's mouth. 'Anyway the Queen was quite thankful, her diamond jewel is now returned back to her,'

'That task was quite easy,' I say smugly peering at Clary with a satisfied smirk.

She growled under her breath as Valentine raised an eyebrow. 'Was it?'

'Well, I expected a team of some evil baddies whatnot possessing the jewel, not just women,'

'Well, we all know her a girl loves big rocks' Valentine mocked causing me to grin.

Clary fumed. 'If you recall I found the location of where she was held,'

'Yes, Yes' Mr Morgenstern waved his hand as if irritated, his thin eyebrows twitching.

He held his hand as his speaker rattled on his black belt. We stilled quietening; Clary sat forward a little her pencil skirt hiking up a metre showing pale milky legs. Well, she has a body. I finally decide after scanning them.

Clary caught my gaze blushed then glared, before standing as Mr Morgenstern beckoned her forward, his conversation with the detective finished.

'It seems we have another case'

'I knew having a rest bite was a fantasy,' I groan

'You would probably sleep with women,' Clary snorts. 'Let's say, hmmm' she fingers her jaw smiling. 'Four,'

'Are you implying you want to join too?' I smile watching her raise her eyebrows quickly. 'I knew these hints suggested something, especially that picture you sent me of you chomping down a banana' I watch her turn red as Mr Morgenstern raises an eyebrow to her. 'Although you will have to go easy on me, I don't enjoy teeth that much,'

Clary clenched her fists angrily. 'You MANSLUT-'

'Ok enough!' Mr Morgenstern snaps angrily. We both snap shut. Clary straightens her hair back a little. 'This, this…' Mr Morgenstern seems to struggle with a word. 'Charade! Has gone on too long, much to long, ever since you started this job actually,'

I smile because I still remember the cute stomp Clary made when she found out we were working together after our first meeting.

'Well calm down, Clarissa. Don't get too happy. But remember, It's one chick per night,' I had winked leaving her screaming out frustrations.

'That is why both of you are getting a rest bite.'

'What?!' We say astounded. We never get rest bites besides bank holidays, Saturdays and Christmas.

Mr Morgenstern was a hard worker, one of the best, we were lucky to still be employed under his company. He made magazines unexpectedly in 2003, showing on news in the background solving every case becoming so popular that the Queen officially went out just to meet him and giggled!

Well more of snorted.

'May I ask why?' Clary inquired closing her jaw.

'I just told you! For the next case it will include you and Clary living under the same roof,' Clary and I snapped our jaws down simultaneously.

'S-same r-roof?' I stutter out.

'Yes, I am bringing a person over to help with your problems.' He held up his hand again not letting us speak. 'You will be staying at my summer house along with Isabelle and Alec, who will monitor you for duration of 6 weeks,'

'6 WEEKS!' Clary screeched.

'Where exactly will we be staying?' I swallow.

'In my summer house, I told you, in Paris!' Mr Morgenstern grins. 'It has indoor swimming pool that is heated,' waving his hands in a tada motion.

'Am I being punished for solving a case?' I ask feebly.

Clary snorts, obviously too tired to argue.

'No, but if you too settle your differences then you may get the next case to do together as a team in New York,'

Clary and I breathe sharply at that. It was our main goal. New York. That was where the dangerous big cases were, allowing gun fight, fast cars and pretty hot girls.

Mr Morgenstern spotted this, smirking.

'I see,' He grins. 'Now do we have an agreement?'

He reaches behind at his desk, pulling out the paper.

'A contract, seriously,' I raise an eyebrow as Mr Morgenstern hands me his silver bullet pens.

Clary gets her, rolls her eyes when seeing the top heading underlined in yellow highlighter pens. 'Operation Clace?'

'Yes I think it is rather genius,' Mr Morgenstern smiles as Clary chews her lip, her teeth biting down. 'Fine!' she scrawls her signature.

I snatch the contract from her scribbling mines before handing it back.

'Mr Morgenstern, when does this start?'

'Oh yes, plane tickets booked for 5pm at Heathrow Airport, rest of details will be texted. Phones switched on at all times. I'll see you in 6 weeks,'

He ushers out, quickly. Not before sticking his head out from the door. 'Have a safe flight!'

Clary and I stare at each other jaw dropped.

This was not happening. Pinch myself and this is not real.

'Ow!' I shout. I look down realising that it wasn't me who pinched myself. It was Clary. 'What the hell?!'

Clary smiles stiffly. 'Oh you better get used to do it Herondale, this is me for 6 weeks,'

I smirk sneering at her. 'Game on,'



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