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Jace POV

'You idiot!' someone bellowed in my ear.


'You told the guy the wrong directions!' the person bellowing screamed, spit spraying out.

'Euk!' I squirmed as I fought against my attacking opponent.

Blindly, I hit the person right in the chest as I tried to regain my eyesight back.

'Ouch!' the person squealed before landing square on my chest.

I squint my eyes open, seeing Clary squirming on top of me, as she defends herself by punching me in the gut.

'Ok, ok, stop.' I order as I reach for her clenched hands.

'The wrong house! The wrong villa! Are you this dense?' she snaps as she uses me for leverage to get back up.

She throws me a piece of paper, showing an address and a door number. 'See you Jace,' she grins before ducking out of the broken front door.

Wait what?

Wait a minute; they haven't just left me here?

Clary cannot be that evil.

There is a rev of the engine outside, a boot of the car snapping shut.

'WAIT!' I yell, as I trip over the covers sending myself sprawling over the floor. I quickly pull myself up, rushing to the outside. Sunlight hitting me straight on my torso.

I saw the yellow cab with Isabelle, Alec and the evilest of them all Clary drive away.

'You suck, jackass' Clary cheered from the rolled window. The cab rolled away, a trail of smoke running from its engine.

'You will pay Fairchild,' I mutter sniffing slightly.

I stalk over grabbing my case from the patio, throwing the sheet away. Who knows what germs came from that house?

I sigh. How am I going to get a cab now?

Clary POV

'Now this is what I am talking about,' I smile as I look out of the rolled window as a breeze of summer flew by my face. There in front of me was a polished glossy picture of a villa straight out of a magazine.

'Whoa,' Alec's jaw dropped as he smiled wide.

The cab drew up; thrusting the money at the driver we unbuckled our self out of our seats rushing to the door.

Iz whistled impressed as she looked at the mini garden leading to the front patio.

'I'm not surprised. Mr Morgenstern sounds like he eats caviar out of a golden plate.'

Alec snorts rolling his eyes.

'Do we knock?' I ask.

'We have no key,' Iz shrugs.

Alec wipes his palm, as if the sweat from his palm may affect the brass knocker on the door.

The door swings open and a tall man shirtless stands. His hair rumpled with bits of glitter rubbed in to it and smudged eyeliner.

'Oh,' was all that left Alec's mouth.

'You are?' Iz rudely moves her brother out of the way. I turn back, seeing our suitcases on the mini garden ground.

'Bane. Magnus Bane.' Magnus says smiling as he inspects Alec hungrily.

My insides curled uncomfortably.

'What are you doing in our summer house?' Iz snaps.

'Your summer house?' Magnus looks befuddled.

'Yes, our summer house,'

'You must be the tourists,' Magnus says nodding with an amused smile.

'No. My name is Isabelle,' Iz says frostily.

I watch the exchange confused. 'We are staying here via Valentine Morgenstern,' I say helpfully.

A look of recognition goes across Magnus's face. He gives a stiff smile. 'Why didn't you say so?' he gestures in. 'Come on in, the suitcases will be fine. I'll get someone to bring them in,' He winks at me before I say anything.

We walk in and gasp simultaneously.

It was beautiful, a dash of brown and comfy rugs thrown on the floor along with a fairytale flock of stairs going up to other wonders.

'Wow' Alec breathes.

'Want a tour?' Magnus says smiling.

As we walk past paintings of men on horses.

Alec clears his throat. 'Not to be rude, but who are you?'

'I'm Magnus Bane. I work for Valentine.'

'As?' Iz inputs in.

'Let's just say, I work my magic on his company,'

I look suspicious as an edgy look crosses his face. 'Magic?'

'Magic,' Magnus nods before smiling at Alec, who ducks his head blushing.

He shows us the bathroom. A deep bathtub made out of gold, with gold shimmering taps.

'Are you serious?' Alec surprises us by snorting. 'You take a crap on gold toilets,'

Magnus coughs, shifting on his feet. 'Well,'

I laugh. That was pretty ridiculous.

'Poor Valentine can't handle normal toilets can he?' Alec shakes his head as he watches Iz work the taps. 'Is he afraid that his sore bottom may get disease?'

'It was my idea.' Magnus mummers looking embarrassed.


Magnus shuffles his feet. 'What have you never heard of a golden toilet seat before?'


Magnus points. 'That's why!'

Alec shakes his head. 'WOW. Do you know that their people starving in Syria because you wanted to poop on a gold toilet.'


'I bet there are people who collect your dump of crap, because it came out of a bloody gold toilet!'

'I do send money to charity,' Magnus pleads.

'Like what?'

'Tea parties,'

'Tea parties' Alec says slowly. 'Tea parties, did you hear that guys?' he looks to us before looking back to attacking Magnus.

Iz and I look on in fascination as Alec rips open Magnus. Metaphorically of course.

Iz pulls me back as Alec rants on something else to. We watch him hop over to the taps, running his hands through it.

'Is this water filtered?' was all I heard before Iz dragged me out.

Iz blew out a deep breath.

'Wow, remind me to never get on the wrong side of Alec again,' I chuckle. I have never seen him like that before.

'He tore apart that guy,' Iz says proudly.

We hear a yell as we walk down the stairs.

'Eek, 'I flinch as I hear another sound. 'I hope nothings damaged.'

I went to the open kitchen, spotting our suitcases. 'Look at this cutlery!' I examine them as I open the drawer. 'I could make money out of this,'

'Big spender,' Iz mutters as she looks in the fridge already stocked up with food.

'This is incredible. Remind me before we leave to grab a bunch of kitchen attire,' I say. I knock on the smooth wood of the kitchen cabinet.

'Where's Jace?' Iz says as she pulls out some bread and cheese. I pass her a knife.

'Trying to get here,'

I laugh smiling.

'You are so evil,' Iz smiles. 'I'm proud of you,'

'Really?' I smile. 'So do we have to do this bonding thing that Valentine wants us to do so much,'

'Yup,' Iz pops a cheese in her mouth.

'Why?' Iz motions me to open my mouth planting food there.

'I love seeing you suffer,'

'Of course you do,' I give her a nudge watching as she chokes and gags on her cheese.

She rushes to the sink slurping water.

'Like I said evil'

'You love me,'

We hear a moan upstairs, and something that sounds like a thump. Then another moan.

'Erm, I think Alec is-'

'I don't want to know!' Iz cuts me off glaring, as she wipes the water from her chin. 'That's my brother'

It was evening time, turning 8pm. And no sign of Jace. Which is deeply worrying.

'Have you tried Jace?' I ask Iz the third time.

'Still no answer,' Iz gives me a shrug relaxed. Her shower must have been nice. I felt warm and soft in my clean flannel shorts and a big oversized 'naitsabes' band t-shirt. I had found it amongst my things when leaving my mum's house. And I felt comfortable in it, refusing all pyjama tops.

'Nothing,' Alec snaps his phone shut.

'It would seem that you're worried about Jace,' Iz smirks.

'I hate him; he can rot at the bottom of the Nile River, while I chuck food at him,' I quickly say annoyed.

'Would that make you happy?' Iz says as she plucks another chocolate button from her box.


'Would it turn you on-'

'Get lost Iz,' I snark at her, kicking her leg.

Alec flicked the TV channels using the remote.

His throat covered in love bites.

'You look like you had fun,'

Alec blushes training his eyes to the TV.

'You know-'

The door bursts open, two figures coming in. I squint spotting a shrivelled Jace, and a. I gape. A girl. With strawberry hair and smoky eyes.

'Jace, you made it,'


I hear a crunching sound behind as Iz smirks tucking into her crisps aside from the chocolates.

'I see you've brought someone,' I remark watching the smoky eyed girl give a sly grin. She hoisted Jace as if he was her handbag, on her hip.

'I'll see you in the morning,' Jace shot back. His eyes angry.

He left the room, his suitcases dumped in the corner as him and the smoky eyed girl slithered upstairs.

'Well what crawled up his arse and died?' I smirk because I know perfectly well.

Alec sighed and gave me a look, with me returning it as an innocent farad.

'I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning,'

Iz blew out a breath.


'God, you two are so stubborn. You two should just screw each other,' Iz says as she plucks another chocolate button folding it in her crisps.

I wrinkle my nose. 'Your tastes are impeccable,'

'Don't off subject!' Iz snaps. 'You have a matter of weeks so that both you and Jace can woo Valentine into letting you go to New York believe me, it's worth it,'

She licks her fingers, sucking the chocolate moisture.

'I do believe New York is worth it. But that's not my reason unalike Jace,' I cut Iz off before she can inquire. 'Good night Iz,'

The morning is quiet as I get up to explore the luxurious villa. I could almost hear waves lapping past as I moved softly downstairs.

There I found Magnus, talking into his phone.

'No, the beige. It must be perfect!' Magnus hisses in the phone in French. 'No they only got here yesterday, I assure you-'

Magnus stops mid rant as he spies me in the corner. He ends the call.

I raise my eyebrows, 'trouble in paradise?'

'Nothing I can't handle,' Magnus ends smoothly. 'So I never asked, what brings you here? Valentine hates details.'

'Since you're such good friends, why ever not?'

Magnus gives a slow grin. 'Oh you're good. I can see why he likes you.'

I give him a confused look as I reached for some bread to toast. Magnus goes through the fridge reaching out a block of cheese.

'Who likes me?'

'A very good question,' Jace voice cuts in. He gives me an annoyed look before stealing my toast with cheese on it.

'Jonathan, did you have a good night?'

'It was satisfying,'

'Really, having a slumber party was satisfying?'

Jace ignores Magnus, sidles up to me smiling menacingly. 'For someone that hates my guts, you obviously care too much about me,'

'What gave you that idea?'

'You seem to want to know everything about me constantly?'

I stand up on my tip toes close to Jace's nose. 'You wish,'

Magnus clears his throat, his eyes widen as he takes us in. Oh, forgot he was here.

'Ah settled our differences have we?' Alec says as he walks in his joggers. Then I realise this whole time, Jace and I are inches from kissing each other or worse.

'I find myself wanting to throw up, excuse me,' I say stiffly burning humiliation.

'You love it!'

First therapy lesson

A man with a stiff beard, with glasses perched on his nose. He smiles. 'Fred,'

Jace and I could perfectly mirror the movie of Mr and Mrs Smith or something.

We are both sitting down on a peach sofa in the villa. Iz and Alec stand behind us as if they are our lawyers.

I almost want to laugh, but I control myself.

'Over the course of the weeks, you two will go through a course of activities. Most of all to get to know each other and like each other,'

'You cannot force two people to like each other,' Jace scolds at him.

Iz puts a hand on Jace's shoulder giving him a look. He sits back down.

'What is it for this week?' Alec says already with a pen and a pad.

'You two will be going sightseeing around France, taking in its beauty whilst getting to know each other,'

'We already know each other!' I protest. 'We have been to the same high school,'

Fred arches an eyebrow. 'How well do you know each other?'

'He is an infuriating manslut that thinks the earth revolves around him,'

'Objection!' Iz startles us with. 'How is any of this relevant?'

'Miss, this is not a course case,' Fred tells her calmly. 'Jace what to do you think of Clary?'

Jace takes a big sigh, as if taking an audition for a movie. He turns directly to me, even daring to pick up my hand that was nestled in my lap. He holds it smiling. Fred I see also smiles. I start to wriggle my hand.

Jace takes no notice. 'Clarissa, you have some how wormed yourself into my life making it a misery. You have been a scrub of rubbish I can never recycle because you keep coming back. You're a spot that scratches the absolute misery out of me.'

I use my other hand to slap him hard across the face. 'How dare you?'

'How dare I?!' Jace suddenly yells freeing my hand as I continue reaching to slap him and punch his guts. 'You left me yesterday in that abandoned house! With no taxi, I didn't even have any money!'

'To which you resulted in being a prostitute!' I spit back at him.

'Well what did you want me to do? You left me no money!'

Alec in the background reaches to Fred. 'I think the session is over,'

I see Fred give a meek nod. He shuffles his papers. 'I can see you have a lot of work to do. No wonder Valentine loathes this. You two are worse than my wife and I,'

Jace pushes me back on the sofa, his face angry and irritated. 'You want me to play this game? Because I will.'

I stand up, my eyes narrowing. 'May the best spy win,'

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