A/N: This is the sequel to Grace Like Snow but can be read on its own and was originally written for the Fandom Against Domestic Violence. A huge thanks to Midnight Cougar for doing this at such short notice and for helping me keep my tenses straight! I couldn't do this without your help and support.

Graceful Fantasy

The campus was nearly empty as I made my way across the quad; book bag slung over my shoulder, filled to the brim. The sky was starting to darken, covering the campus with a glow of twilight. I wasn't often here at night, but tonight I was on a mission.

Today was Edward's thirty-third birthday and I wanted to make sure it was one he would never forget.

Things had been fairly easy for us since our encounter in the snow earlier this year. The fact that I no longer had Edward as my professor helped greatly. Of course, it was still taboo, but one we were able to get around, for the most part.

I thought back to some of our previous rendezvous and couldn't help the smile that graced my face.

In the beginning, we were very cautious about being seen together, even though Edward assured me he wouldn't get in too much trouble. But I was a bit paranoid and didn't want him to lose his teaching position because of me. Which in turn had us meeting up at his cabin, just outside city limits, for the majority of our first encounters.

We would snuggle close by the fire, enjoying one another's company or watching movies on his plasma TV. I was still in awe of the inside of his home compared to the dreary, run down exterior.

Of course, we made love in Edward's king size bed on several occasions. Not to mention, the couch and the kitchen table. We made the best of our secluded time until we couldn't take the cabin fever any longer.

The next step we took was small outings in Edward's city, where hardly any students or faculty would visit. It was nice to have normal date nights again. Edward was a true gentleman, too, taking me to a few fancy restaurants and, of course, never allowing me to pay.

Finally, Edward let me in on a little known secret, which brought us to where we were today.

Apparently, sleeping with, or dating students was more common than I knew. It was understood that it happened and as long as you weren't flaunting it on campus, most faculty turned a blind eye.

We would meet on campus and leave together, heading back to Edward's. I hardly ever stayed in the dorms anymore and my roommate, Angela, was more than happy with that arrangement.

But we had never done anything remotely sexual in Edward's office or classroom. Yes, there was the chaste hug and kiss every now and then in the privacy of his office. But that was about it.

Until tonight.

Edward was a passionate man; there was no doubt about that. But tonight it was my turn to return the favor.

The classroom was pitch black as I opened the heavy, wooden door and flipped on the light switch, giving my eyes a few moments to adjust to the light. When they were finally accustomed to the brightness, I looked around the room, fondly seeing the seat I had occupied on numerous occasions.

In my mind's eye I could see Edward as he would avoid my gaze during lectures. It still amazed me that if it wasn't for my encounter in the snow bank this last Winter Break, I would be clueless to the true reason Edward would not grant me attention in his class.

My body tingled at the thought, but glancing at the clock on the wall I knew I did not have time for trips down memory lane at the present. I had things to attend to before Edward arrived.

Making my way farther into the room, I passed Edward's large old fashioned desk and walked quickly to the door to the left of it. Fingering the metal key in my pocket, I took it out and unlocked the door, grateful that Edward had the foresight to make me a key in case of emergencies.

Of course, this in no way constituted an emergency, but I was pretty sure he'd forgive me when he saw what I had in store for his birthday surprise.

Turning back to the door, I locked it and placed my bag on the desk next to me. I didn't want to take any chances on someone walking in on me before I was ready.

Unhooking the clasp on my messenger bag, I slowly pulled out the first item and laid it over the chair next to me. Quickly I slipped off my t-shirt and dropped it on the floor, leaving me in a lacy, red bra that made my tits look pretty fucking amazing. Someone should really send a thank you card to Fredrick or Victoria, or whoever it was that invented the push-up bra.

I grabbed the white button down shirt from the back of the chair and slipped it on, leaving the top buttons open so that my bra was peeking out and tying the bottom half in a knot above my belly button. Not wanting to take any more unneeded time, I shimmied out of my jeans and seized the pièce de résistance to my ensemble: the tiny, plaid skirt. I stepped into it, zipping it up on the side.

The black knee highs and closed-toed, high heels came next, and as I slid the stockings over my smooth legs I started to get goose bumps imagining Edward taking them off. I shook away such thoughts and took hold of the last items from the bag: a hairbrush and rubber bands.

Expertly, I took the brush and let it glide through my silky, auburn hair. I parted my hair down the middle and used the hair ties to secure it in to low ponytails, completing the look. I stuffed my discarded clothing back in to my bag and straightened my skirt and top.

All of a sudden I was hit with a case of nerves. I knew Edward and I had talked openly about his fantasies, but what if he was disappointed or angry that I chose to go through with one of them here. I shrugged away the thought as the clock chimed in the courtyard outside, signaling my time was done.

Squaring my shoulders, I walked out the office door and headed over to my old seat in the lecture hall. It didn't take long for the footsteps I knew so well to be heard in the hallway outside the room. I took a deep breath.

As I heard the doorknob turning and the door creaked open, I grasped one of the ends of my ponytails and twirled it around my finger, waiting seductively with my shoes propped up on the chair in front of me.

I heard his sharp intake of breath and finally looked up innocently to see his jaw practically on the floor.

"Holy shit, Bella!" Edward exclaimed, before he quickly turned to lock the door behind him. He stalked predatorily toward me, his eyes filled with lust, and I knew I'd made the right decision.

When I texted Edward earlier today with my "change of plans", all I told him was that I needed him to meet me at his office before we left for dinner. He had no idea I'd no intention of taking him out to dinner in the first place.

It seemed fulfilling one of his sexual fantasies would be more than satisfactory with him.

"I waited after class just as you said, professor." I tried to make my voice sound as naïve as possible, and when Edward gulped hard in return I knew I had succeeded.

It was like a light bulb went on inside of Edward's head as I spoke, and I could see him becoming fully aware of what I had just offered him.

"You have been very naughty, Miss Swan," Edward stated after a moment's hesitation, the command in his voice clear. "I'm not quite sure what to do with you."

"But Professor Masen, what have I done? I come to class on time, listen quietly to your lectures and participate when needed." I laid it on thick here, but I wanted it to be as realistic as possible and that was how I behaved when I was a student in his class.

Edward stepped even closer, his eyes on my stocking covered legs, following upward until he reached my short skirt; the way I was sitting gave him a small peek of my butt cheek. He swallowed thickly once more and continued his perusal greedily. His emerald eyes spent a moment on my bare stomach but kept on going until he reached the red, lace bra peeking out of my top.

His eyes darkened; the lust and desire evident in them, and I clenched my thighs together in anticipation, the wetness already starting to pool between my legs.

Edward cleared his throat and continued. "Well, Miss Swan, you are a very good student. That much is clear, but it is your blatant display of your sexuality that has caused me to summon you here tonight."

His gentle British lilt had become even stronger now that he was laced with desire and it made him even sexier. But my mind was having enough trouble staying focused on his words; I could see his hard cock straining through his dark jeans.

"Every day, Miss Swan, you come to class with your tight t-shirts showing off your perky breasts. The fitted jeans you wear show off your amazing ass when you bend over to retrieve your belongings. And your innocent, chocolate eyes are a cover for the naughty minx I know is inside of you."

It was my turn to gulp in surprise and desire. Edward was playing this perfectly and I squirmed imperceptibly in my seat, dying for him to give up the charade and take me now.

"But sir, I promise I didn't mean to upset you." The words flowed easily as if reading from a script.

"Isabella, it does not upset me, cheeky minx. It turns me on more than I have ever thought possible." Suddenly he grabbed at his dick, signaling my eyes to return to his jean clad groin. "This is what you do to me. Each and every day I have to hide my erection behind my desk as you walk out the door with your voluptuous tits bouncing with every step."

All of a sudden, Edward's hands were on my legs, softly and torturously rubbing his large hands over them. He inched as high as he could reach from his position in front of the seats and then came to a halt.

My eyes stopped their mesmerizing watch of his hand and flashed quickly up to his eyes at the disruption.

"Now please come over here, Miss Swan, and I will show you what happens to naughty girls in my classroom."

Immediately, I dropped my legs from their perch and walked around the seats to stand in front of Edward. His stance was one of control and power, his arms crossed over his chest and his face in a frown. The glimmer in his eyes showed me how much he was really enjoying this, though, and put me at ease once more.

"I need to show you who is in charge here, and you are going to listen. Is that clear?"

"Yes, professor," I said, not sure where he was going with this but trusting him implicitly.

"Step over to my desk, Isabella, and place your hands firmly on the edge, back facing me."

I nodded mutely, and did as I was told, unsure if Edward was indeed going to spank me or not. The sound of his belt buckle behind me caused a shudder to run through me. Perhaps he was more into this dominant thing than I thought.

The sound of the zipper that followed led me to believe he wasn't going to hit me, at least not yet, and I relaxed a bit more.

I could feel Edward as he stepped closer to me, the body heat emanating off of him and bouncing between us. Silently, he used his foot to widen my stance, causing my ass to be more exposed to him.

Within mere moments, Edward was right behind me, his body close to mine, pressing his chest against my back. My chest was now pressed up to the desk, my tits touching the cold, wooden desk and my nipples hardened with the contact.

I felt Edward's hands on my ass, fingers playing with the edge of the skirt, touching the bare skin before he reached the matching lacy G-string I had hidden underneath.

"What did I tell you, Isabella?" He spoke gruffly and I knew he found the panties. "This is the kind of behavior that tells me you know exactly what you're doing. Isn't that right?"

"Yes, professor," I replied in submission, the position I was currently in making me even more vulnerable to him.

"Then I think I need to fuck this temptation out of you. For your own good."

The sound of his pants hitting the floor was all I heard, along with my heavy breathing. Without warning Edward was up against me once again, but this time he grabbed my wrist, forcing it behind me to touch his rock-hard cock.

"Feel what you do to me, you naughty minx." My hand was wrapped around his length and I squeezed it gently at first, earning a groan from Edward.

The sound spurred me on and I began to stroke it, the foreskin sliding smoothly up and down with my movements.

"Fuck, Isabella," he cried out and stilled my hand. "I am in charge here, this is my classroom and you will do as I say."

"Yes, sir," I agreed, but the smile was evident in my voice. I loved how I could turn him on and the power I had over him and his gorgeous, uncut cock.

The smile quickly left, as I was pressed up against the desk and my skirt flipped over my back, leaving my almost bare ass in full view.

There was a hum of appreciation from Edward, and then I could feel his fingers around the thin material of the G-string. With one hard pull I was completely bare and Edward held the mutilated fabric in his hand.

He leaned once again on top of me, his mouth by my ear, and I could hear the smile of satisfaction as he spoke. "I am going to fuck you so hard, my sweet girl. Are you ready?"

The words were kind yet the tone was anything but and a shiver of excitement ran through me. This was perhaps the sexiest thing we had ever done and it seemed both of us were enjoying it.

I had no time to answer Edward's question when he roughly thrust two fingers deep inside my pussy.

"God, you are so wet for me," he groaned as he spoke. "I want you to fuck my fingers, Isabella, until you come, because my cock is begging to be buried inside of you already."

His long, slender fingers thrust quickly in and out of my tingling pussy and I moaned in delight. My insides clamped down on his fingers, begging for more, and he curled them slowly inside me, hitting me just right.

"That's it, Isabella, come for me," Edward commanded, as my moaning got louder. I was thankful I had chosen a late evening to come on campus for this, as most of the students and faculty were long gone.

In mere moments, I was falling over the edge in ecstasy with one of the fastest orgasms I had ever experienced.

Who knew role play was such good foreplay?

Before I had time to come down from my high, Edward had his cock sheathed and buried inside me as he'd promised. He slammed hard in to me and my chest was splayed on his desk, my body moving with each jolt.

Edward laid his head next to mine briefly and whispered with concern, "Is this okay, love? I don't want to hurt you."

"It's good, Edward. So good, don't stop," I rambled incoherently, pleading for him to continue.

He obliged willing, reaching his hand around the front of me to rub my clit as he pounded in to me from behind. It didn't take long and both of us were coming undone, him shuddering inside of me as I milked his dick for all it was worth.

"I love you, Bella," Edward murmured in my ear as he collapsed on top of me, his arms holding the brunt of his weight.

"I love you, too, birthday boy," I told him and kissed him on the lips chastely.

Edward eased his body off of mine and took my hand, ever the graceful, charming Brit. Both of us took a moment to straighten out our clothes; Edward putting his pants back on, and me trying to cover my ass as much as possible without my undergarments.

And then, once again, my body was flush with his as Edward wrapped me in a warm embrace. I rested my head on the hardened planes of his chest, feeling his heartbeat starting to slow. The smell of musk, sex and Edward filled my nose and I reveled in the scent.

"Happy birthday, Edward," I whispered softly into his chest. Edward's arms wrapped tighter around my body, drawing us closer.

"That was amazing, love," he answered in reply. "That was much hotter than the fantasy could ever be. Thank you."

"You are very welcome. Sorry there's no dinner, but we can go grab a bite now, if you like?"

"I'm fine, Bella. But there was one thing missing from tonight."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" I asked with a quirk of my brow, wondering how serious he really was.

"Just this," he said quietly and leaned down, placing his lips firmly on mine.

If I could have swooned, I thought I would. The intensity and passion behind the kiss was staggering, unlike any kiss we had so far.

I tilted my head to the side, allowing him to consume me from the inside out. My hands went to the back of his neck, trying to close any gap between us. Our tongues caressed and glided through each other's mouths and my stomach began to tighten with craving once again.

The heat between the two of us was intense, our hands searching for more contact and our mouths barely breaking free to breathe. In one such moment, Edward walked me slowly back to the desk and picked me up, setting me gently on top of it.

"Remember the first time we did this?" He spoke softly. "I couldn't believe you had come in to my life in such a way."

"It really was a miracle," I told him, my chest panting heavily. "You saved me that day, Edward."

"No, love, it was you who saved me," he whispered and began to undo his pants once more. "You've graced my life in more ways than one."

The kiss started out slow and languorous, his tongue searching every crevice of my mouth and I gave in to him willingly. I eased my body to the edge and reached out to Edward's boxers, slipping my hand inside and feeling how hard he was already.

I let my fingers glide up and down his shaft, still in awe at the ease in which the foreskin helped make hand jobs so effortless. The wetness of precum was starting to pool at the top of his head and Edward rolled his eyes in the back of his head at my ministrations.

Watching how turned on Edward was made me even more ready for him myself, and I had to take him. I used one hand to bring his hips to mine, and once I had him protected, I spread my legs even farther, welcoming him inside me.

The feeling of fullness as Edward thrust slowly in to me made me cry out, and he grabbed my hips, angling them higher to reach even deeper.

This time it was slow and sensual. It was more than evident that we were making love this go round and not just fucking like earlier. Both were pretty spectacular, if I did say so myself. But I loved that we could be rough one minute and tender the next. It made for a great variety in our sex life.

With both of us panting and clinging to each other for a second time tonight, Edward lifted his head from my shoulder and softly kissed me on my forehead. It was a signature Edward move and I loved him dearly for it.

"Let's go home, my love," he said to me, signaling an end to his birthday celebration. "I need you in my bed."

Well, maybe not the final ending, after all.

"Whatever you say, birthday boy."

I hopped off the desk, grabbing my belongings, and we made our way off in to the sunset.

Or the twilight.

Whatever time of night it was, didn't really matter. I was still very thankful to have this wonderful, sexy, British man in my life.

And I was going to do my best to keep it that way.

So, did you enjoy Professor Masen's birthday surprise as much as he did? Let me know in the comments :)