Look at me I'm Sandra Dee

ZellyBaby: I know I'm gonna get a lot of flames for this one

Sorry guys it the only one that would fit the song

A parody of "Sandra dee"

"Look at me"

By: ZellyBaby

Look at me I'm Rinoa the whore
gave away my virginity to who I will never know
I'll go to bed even if your legally wed
I will cause I'm Rinoa the whore

Watch it! Ya I'm doris day
I was not brought up that way by general calaway
Squall wont come near cause he know I've already lost it
His heart to to anyone but me

I drink I swear
I rat my hair
I get "ill" from all my "bad" experiences
Keep your filthy paws on my silky drawers
Would you pull that crap with just anyone

As for you cid
I know what you wanna do
You've got your crust I'm an object of lust
I'm Rinoa the whore

dogs, dogs, let me be
Keep those pelvises far from me
Just keep your cool now your starting to drool

Hey dogs don't forget, I'm rinoa the whore


please don't flame me for this, I like rinoa, but I thought that this was funnyJ