To Decide the Fates of Others

POV Assistant Head Game Maker Tressa Vipointe

As I walk down the hall I see one of my co-workers coming outside one of the business meeting rooms. He immediately hands me a stack of papers and storms down the hallway furiously. I realize what most likely happened as I looked at what the sign said on the door. It said in white bold letters "Staffing Changes". I love it when I realized the man that gave me the papers was the old assistant head game maker.

I smile sadistically as I look through my papers. I will be the second in command, third actually, including the President, for the games. The first female assistant head game maker will be me, and on a quarter quell too. This will be the best games ever, and so what if I fail I won't die, the head game maker will. My name will be etched in the face of history, Tressa Vipointe, the first female assistant head game maker in 125 years. The assistant head game maker will make the most important decision in these games, what will the quarter quell be.

I have three choices that the head game maker drew out in front of me. The head game maker made every detail of all three quells sketched out on paper. Every mutt, every twist, and every area of each arena was in the each packet. The packets were at least a hundred pages each. These were the future of twenty-four tributes and twenty-three deaths. All three were great, perfect actually, but one would surely surpass the rest. In all three there were sketches of all the mutts and areas of each different arena. As I went to my office to check these over, I realize that whoever drew out these is more sadistic than me.

The one on top of the pile, I know I won't use because it is always overused. I read through the entire packet anyways. It was based on fear, something we already incorporate in the regular games. This had a twist to it though, because our head game maker is much more invented than that. There were twenty four sections in this arena, one for each tribute. Each section was based on a tribute's greatest fear. The cornucopia was based on the capitols greatest fear, rebellion. We would need to gather information about the tributes and put this all together before the games begin. It's hard to do, but not impossible. The mutts in this arena were based on capitolites trying to find more information and eventually kill the tributes.

The second packet was a bit more interesting. It was mainly about death and disasters. There would be a star in the sky for each tribute. Each time a tribute died there would be a district inspired disaster in the area the star was above in the arena. The colors of the stars would correspond with the tribute's district's color. Each time a tribute dies the star will not be there that morning. Even if a tribute dies in the day time, there disaster will happen the next night, at midnight. One of the prized items in the cornucopia was a map with each of the tributes star on it, so the tribute will know where to steer clear of once they see a face in the ten o'clock sky. There will be various mutts for each of the district inspired disaster.'

I feel so strongly about this that I don't even look at the third packet. I take down my pitch black up do and take out my blood red contacts and go to my home and get some sleep. I will tell the head game maker my decision in the morning. I know that I have made the right decision.

When I wake up I get on my work clothes and go straight to the office. I grab the packet I want and go to the head game maker's office. I will give the answer to the head game maker now so the starting of the games shall commence. "Come in." the head game maker says sternly.

"I have the decision."

Hello fellow fan fiction writers. I'm writing a new SYOT (submit your own tribute) story based off of The Hunger Games by Susan Collins. I hope it will be a success and get completed. Because this is my first story on Fanfiction, I will tell you what you should expect. Each chapter I will try to make at least two thousand words and each POV at least five hundred. Most spots for tributes are currently open so look in my profile for the form for them.

I will try to put up the first reaping for this in a couple of days. There will be a president and a head game maker throughout this story so in my profile is the form for those. If you want to send in one of these make sure it is before the start of the training sessions. If there is no one that submitted a person for either of these positions I will make one myself.

I know this wasn't two thousand words but in my profile there are the forms that you can private message me. But do not put them in the review section. The review section is only for reviews, not forms. So, I will disregard all forms posted in the review section. Though, if you want to private message me a review, you can. If you do that, please make all of your criticism fairly constructive. All yelling and/or spamming in my message box will be ignored and/or deleted.

Here are the currently filled spots in my SYOT

District One: Female Victoire Gemini (17) -BlueAbyssofShadows Male Royce Gemini (13) -BlueAbyssofShadows

District Two: Female Raina Frait (18) -Saine199611

District Three:

District Four: Female Catherine Danielle Odiar (16) -Acoustic Gutairs

District Five:

District Six: Female Nyomi (Nym) Hardix (15) -katsparkle13

District Seven: Female Astrid Kensington (16) -ClovelyLittleReader

District Eight:

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District Twelve: