So I figured that all of you deserved an update on where I am with this story. A Harsh Reality was getting closer to the end, but it really isn't close enough for me to keep going cause I have 0 motivation and 0 inspiration to keep going. It's hard to write for a story when you have no motivation so I'm just not gonna do it.

I know some of you were excited to see how this would end and I apologize. If anyone's really curious, please do send me a message or leave a comment and you can just ask "What would the end have been?" and I'll tell you.

I'll also say, sometimes people didn't really help how much I wanted to write this cause there's a lot of ways to ask what the status is on a story (especially one where the author has stated repeatedly that they could be in a better spot and writing is difficult) and there were a lot of times where people didn't follow that. So please, do be polite and kind to all of your authors who are doing this in their spare time. But my time here is done.

I'll still be writing, just other things. So until the next time