Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Except lots of LOTR merchandise =)

Warning: This is a slash fiction, i.e. male-male relationship. If you don't like it, please do not read. This is also alternate universe, since lots of liberty needs to be taken in the LOTR universe to fit the story. Will not say more since I don't want to give anymore of the plot away.

For those who are not sick of Aragorn/Legolas yet, here is another one. I know, not very original, but I happen to LIKE them together =) This is inspired by Phantom of the Opera and Beauty and the Beast.

Major WARNING: Legolas is NOT beautiful in this story, well, for most of the story anyways.

Yet another warning: This fiction does not have a beta-reader yet. Annakas is beta-reading for Light in the Grey since she was reading that before she became my beta. She is already doing a lot for me out of kindness and I didn't want to further burden her with this new one, which she may or may not be interested in.

Which brings me to the next point, that is please, please review if people want a continuation of the story. My major commitment is Light in the Grey, so if not enough people are interested in this new fiction, I will not spend more time on this until the other one is done. I have written the prologue and the first chapter, which will be posted tomorrow, to set up the premise, but until I get 10 reviews, I will not continue. Especially since I just got loads of work to do to prepare for a conference.

Rating in this fiction is PG-13 / R. It will be darker and contain more adult/sexual contents than Light in the Grey. Please be warned.

All that said, let's get on with the story =)