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Chapter 15: Time without End

At the crack of dawn, the Crown Prince of Greenwood was awoken by a soft knock upon the door of his talen. The Lady had arranged for the Fellowship to each have their own room. This was partly due to her need to speak with the Ringbearer alone before Frodo leave Lothlòrien; but mainly the reason for the arrangement was to give the Elf and Man privacy to prepare for the binding ritual.

Without opening the door, the mage knew that his father and Lady Galadriel, along with a handful of Elf-maidens were waiting for him on the other side. Though Legolas was an Elf and did not require as much rest as the other members of the Fellowship, he wished that they would let him sleep for a while longer. He had only parted with Aragorn less than four hours ago; after getting ready for bed, the Elf had scarcely had three hours of sleep.

The ceremony was at least eight hours away. Being one who was not fussy about his appearance, Legolas knew he would not need that long to get ready. Besides, it was clear that Aragorn did not fall in love with him for his looks. There was no point in wasting so much time on dressing for the ritual; especially since preparations needed to be made for the company's departure from Lothlòrien. They could not linger here much longer. The Prince knew of the alliance between Saruman and the Dark Lord; he could feel the ominous presence of evil growing ever strong over Middle Earth.

Grudgingly, the Elf rose from his bed to answer the door, "Yes, may I help you?"

"It's already dawn, little one. You must start getting ready," exclaimed a very excited Thranduil as he pushed into his son's talen. Judging from the expressions on the faces of the calm Prince and the animated King, one would have mistaken Thranduil to be the one getting married.

"Father, it's only dawn. How long can it possible take to bathe and dress? I have other duties to attend to, like making sure everything is ready for our departure in two days," answered Legolas.

"Don't worry about that, my golden Prince. Everything will be taken care of, I promise. Now we must get started. I spent so much time and effort on this ceremony. I will have it be the most beautiful in the history of Middle Earth. Ladies..." said Galadriel.

At her prompting, the Elf-maidens began approaching the reluctant Prince. Legolas quickly realized that being faced with six females bent on dressing him up was much more frightening than fighting all nine Nazgûl leading Sauron's biggest Orc army. The Elf was soon backed against his bed, crowded by his attendants. With a gulp, the Prince admitted defeat, "Okay, fine. I will indulge your wishes willingly. There is no need for this coercion."

Both ancient Elves laughed as the Elf maids began to file out of the room; each assigned a task to make the Golden Prince of Greenwood shine as befitting of Earendil's star.


Aragorn could not sleep at all after parting with his beloved. The Man was simply too overjoyed at the prospect of being bound to the Elf forever. He knew he should try to get some rest, for Aragorn had planned not to sleep tonight. There was so much he wanted to do, fantasies that filled his nights for the past fifteen years; and the Man knew that after they leave Lothlòrien, they would not have the chance to share intimacy for a long time. This opportunity was simply too good to waste.

The Man tried to will himself to sleep. It was almost noon when he came close to succeeding; but before the welcome arms of sleep could claim him, Aragorn was startled by a loud knock on the door. The Man rubbed his eyes and groggily went to see who it was that disturbed his much needed rest.

"You look so tired, Estel. I could see the dark circles under your eyes. This is definitely not good. Lady Galadriel would be so upset," said Glorfindel.

"Don't worry. I have prepared for the occasion. I figured Estel would be tired after the long journey here, so I bought a rejuvenating potion. We wouldn't want Estel to look like a panda for his own wedding," said Elrond.

"My Lords, I don't understand. Why would the Lady of the Woods be upset with my tired appearance?" inquired the confused Man.

"The Lady took it upon herself to arrange the most beautiful wedding there ever was for Earendil's Star. As we speak, the poor Prince was being prepared for the ritual. They started working on him hours ago. You escaped only because Glorfindel and I promised to ensure you look appropriate for the ceremony," replied his foster father as he dug into his robes to remove a clear green liquid and handed it to the Man.

"Drink this. You should look much better in no time," commanded the Lord of Rivendell.

"I don't have any formal clothes to wear for the ceremony," said a worried Aragorn. He did not want to slight Lady Galadriel by not looking his best; nor did he wish to appear an unworthy match for his golden beloved. The Man knew that Legolas was unconscious of his beauty; but even then, the Elf was a treasure for the eyes to behold. If the Prince was to be dressed especially for the occasion, Aragorn had no doubt Legolas would stun and steal the hearts of their audience with his radiance.

"Your clothes had been prepared for you. They were especially made for the occasion by the Lady and her handmaids," answered the fair-haired Elf-lord.

"Do you have a ring for Legolas? If you don't, the Lady had prepared one for you as well," inquired Elrond.

"I will give him the Ring of Barahir. It's a family heirloom and I have been wearing it since I came of age at twenty. In a way, it's a part of me; I cannot think of anything more appropriate to give as a symbol of my love to Legolas," replied the Man.

"Very well then. We will go fetch your clothes and a chain for the ring. While we are gone, I suggest you take a bath, my son. You smell of Orc blood and sweat. I don't know how Legolas could stand being close to you with that stench. Elves have very keen senses, including a sensitive nose," chastised Elrond.

The Man smiled sheepishly and walked to the bathing room to draw a bath. Before the Lords of Rivendell left, the Man asked them to find some mallow flower scented soap. Though the Elf-Lords did not understand why the Man would not use the one provided by Lady Galadriel, they complied with his request, knowing it must have some secret significance for the soon-to-be wed couple.


Dusk was fast approaching. After hours and hours of preparation, Thranduil and Galadriel finally deemed the Prince ready for the ceremony. The only remaining thing the young Elf would need was a ring to exchange with his beloved.

"I brought this for you from Mirkwood. It has been in the family for years. I think it will be a good choice to give to Aragorn after the exchange of vows," said Thranduil as he took out an intricately designed ring from his robe. Two golden vines entwined to form the band, while leaves crafted from marquise cut emeralds extended from the intersections.

"No, Father. I will give Estel my ring," answered the Prince as he removed a simple mithril band from his slim finger.

"But, my Prince, you cannot possibly..." Protested Lady Galadriel.

"I gave Estel my heart, Lady. What is one ring?" reasoned the golden Elf.

"I only hope that Aragorn will take good care of it as he will of you, my Prince," said Galadriel with resignation, seeing that there was no changing the mind of the Star of Earendil.


At dusk, the binding ceremony was about to begin. Shafts of gentle bronze light illuminated the stage where the vows would be spoken. The leaves of the mallorn trees gathered the dying light of the sun, glittering brightly to create sparks of gold upon the forest floor where the audience sat. All were quiet in anticipation of the entrance of the Golden Prince.

The Lord and Lady of the Woods sat at the center of the stage, presiding over the ceremony. The Lords of Imladris were seated to their right as representatives of the Man's family. Aragorn stood alone on the platform, eagerly awaiting his beloved's appearance.

The Man wore a black velvet shirt and matching breeches. The outfit hugged his muscular frame tightly, showcasing his broad shoulders and the rippling muscles of his hard chest and strong limbs. Black complimented his soft brown hair while the gleam of velvet highlighted the color and intensity of his steel grey eyes. Aragorn had shaven for the occasion; with his angular features clearly visible under short stubbles, his rugged handsomeness was on full display. Underneath the bronze light, the Man resembled a sculpture created by a wild genius to depict the epitome of masculine beauty. So regal and handsome was Aragorn that the other members of the Fellowship could scarcely believe it was the same Man who traveled with them these past few weeks.

Suddenly, the stillness was broken when the air shifted to give a gentle breeze. The branches of the mallorn trees swayed with the wind. The soft rustling of their leaves provided soothing music as the specks of light joined the trees in their dance. Using the symphony of nature as background, an Elven choir began to sing, creating an ethereally beautiful song of love.

A soft glow emanated from the forest behind the audience, adding a dream- like quality to the scene. Slowly, in harmony with the lilting melody, the light moved towards the glade where the ceremony was held. A collective gasp of awe was heard from the audience when its source came into view. Legolas stood amidst the pale silvery light, a heavenly creature out of a dream.

The Prince wore a silver shirt of raw silk and deep blue velvet leggings, which shone as they caught the gentle light radiating from the Elf. The silk and velvet cling to his lithe, desirable body, accenting his slim waist, his shapely limbs and buttocks. The glittering silver of his shirt was a perfect complement to his soft creamy skin, while the shine of blue velvet showcased his stunning azure eyes. Intricately woven into Legolas' flaxen mane were white orchids and leaves on silver threads, a symbol of purity, elegance and nobility. The Prince's fair hair glittered in the soft illumination; its magnificence highlighted by the contrast of white and green among the tresses of golden silk. His lustrous locks drifted slightly under the gentle caress of the breeze, framing a delicately sculpted face. The Elf wore a serene expression as he and King Thranduil moved gracefully moved down the aisle.

When Legolas took his place opposite the Man, his delectable rosy lips curved exquisitely into a bewitching smile as deep-set sapphire beauties, brimming with love, bore into Aragorn's grey eyes. The Elf was so strikingly gorgeous that the Man was surprised his knees did not give way in worship of the golden Prince.

As the King of Mirkwood took the seat to Lady Galadriel's left, Lord Celeborn stood to begin the ceremony.

"Aragorn, son of Arathorn, do you vow to take Legolas as your true mate; to love and cherish him always till the end of time?" asked the ancient Elf as he regarded the Man.

"I do," replied Aragorn.

Turning towards the Elf, the Lord of Lothlòrien repeated the same question, "Legolas, Crown Prince of Greenwood, do you vow to take Aragorn as your true mate; to love and cherish him always till the end of time?"

"I do," replied Legolas.

"Then repeat these vows after me: With this love, I hereby promise to stay with you come what may. With this love, I give my all to you, forever and always," prompted Celeborn.

As Aragorn and Legolas finished reciting their vows of love, the Elf-Lord spoke, "As a token of your love, rings will now be exchanged. Please, bring forth the rings."

Lord Elrond and King Thranduil walked to the young couple and presented to them their rings on a velvet cushion. Both rings were placed on strong mithril chains, to be worn around their new owner's heart for all time.

Aragorn took the ring from the Elven Lord and put it around his beloved neck. It seemed strange to the Man, seeing an ethereal beauty like Legolas wore such a ring. Its design was elaborate, two mithril snakes intertwined to meet head to head in the center, where a single emerald was mounted. It appeared so unwieldy around the Elf's slender neck that Aragorn was beginning to wish he had accepted the one Lady Galadriel had prepared for him instead.

Suddenly, the lilting voice of his beloved spoke in his mind, "I know how much this ring means to you. I am honored that you chose to bestow it upon me for safe-keeping."

The Man stared at the Elf mage in surprise as Legolas took a simple mithril band from the Elven King and slipped it around Aragorn's neck. He knew that Elves could share a mental bond with their lovers, but he and Legolas had not completed the binding ritual yet. He wondered if that was one of the powers Legolas had as the Star of Earendil.

The ring that his beloved had just given him also intrigued him. He had known his mentor for fifteen years, but he had never seen Shadow wore it. Yet, he knew for certain that the ring was not the one provided by the Lady of the Woods. He wondered where his Elf came by it.

The Man was startled out of his reverie when Lord Celeborn spoke again, "As demanded by tradition, the new couple shall now link arms and drink to their love."

The couple did as instructed; when the jeweled goblets were emptied, the Elf-lord spoke again, "To complete the ceremony, the vows must be sealed with a kiss. Aragorn, you may kiss Legolas."

The Man laid a gentle kiss upon his beloved lips. He wished for much more, but with the entire population of Lothlòrien as audience, Aragorn knew he would have to wait.


When Aragorn was finally alone with his golden Elf, they found themselves staring at each other in tense silence. Legolas knew it was time for their joining but was worried that in his inexperience, he would be unable to please his beloved in bed. Because of his insecurities, the Prince decided that he would remain quiet and wait for Aragorn to make the first move.

Desire was almost overwhelming the Man. He needed his Elf now, but he realized there might be more to the binding ritual before their joining. Legolas was Earendil's Star and had mentioned that he would be sharing his immortality with the Man. Aragorn waited patiently for the golden beauty to speak, but the situation was quickly becoming unbearable.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Aragorn finally.

"I don't know. I thought you knew, so I didn't ask anyone. I have never done this before. If you wish, I can ask Father," stammered the Prince as he turned crimson.

Aragorn had never seen the Elf flustered before. His former mentor was always in control, even when facing Orc armies at odds worse than fifty to one. Despite their talk last night, Legolas was still so much of a mystery to the Man. Aragorn was glad that he would have an eternity to discover the pleasant surprises his golden Elf had in store for him.

It took several minutes before the Man deciphered Legolas' cryptic answer. When he did, Aragorn moved and pulled the Elf close to claim those sweet rosy lips. The Man could not believe someone as exquisite as Legolas had never taken a lover. At the same time, he was overjoyed that his Elf would be giving him the gift of his innocence.

For a long while, their tongue danced to the passionate rhythm set by Aragorn's demanding mouth. Out of breath, the Man finally pulled away and said mischievously, "I don't think you will need to ask your Father, Legolas. If you let me, there is a lot I can show you."


After their joining, Legolas laid exhausted in the Man's arms. The Prince never imagined that the release of their mutual desires would be so amazingly pleasurable. He had never felt anything akin to ecstasy he experienced when Aragorn made love to him. The Elf had been worried that the Man would find his lack of experience displeasing, but Aragorn seemed to relish in the fact that their roles were now reversed; that Legolas was the student and Estel the teacher. And what an excellent instructor Aragorn was, passionate yet considerate, strong yet gentle. The Golden Prince never thought he would enjoy submitting to anyone's domination; but to Aragorn, he surrendered willingly his heart, body and soul.

There was one last thing the Elf mage must do to complete their binding ritual; the passing of part of his light into his beloved. Gently, he placed his hand over Aragorn's pounding heart and chanted, "Everything that I am I hereby pledge to you. My light is yours to take, my immortality yours to share. Spirits of Middle Earth, obey my voice and come forth. Acknowledge this Man as my true mate. What grace you have given me, let it pass to him. Protect him as you have protected me. "

The Man felt a jolt of energy pass from his beloved hand into his heart as brilliant white light exploded from the contact. Aragorn could sense the power spreading within him, expanding to fill every fiber of his being. When the process finished, the Man was brimming with energy. He had never felt so refreshed in mind or body before.

"You are now immortal, Estel. We are truly bound as one until the end of time," said Legolas weakly. The night's activities were very draining to the Prince. He would need to rest to recover his strength and magic.

Through their lovers' bond, Aragorn could feel the Elf's weariness. He cradled the Prince in his arms against his chest and whispered softly, "Then I wish for time without end, for I never want to be without you again, Legolas; my Prince, my love and my Shadow."