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Alex groaned as he pulled himself up onto the shelf of rock the signified the halfway point of the exercise, as he watched he saw Rat put his foot on a piece of moss.

"Rat!" He exclaimed but the damage was done, the tall man slipped and his feet left the ground. He clung onto the rock but due to the wonderful welsh weather the ground was wet, his fingers slipped. Alex grabbed his wrist but the momentum he had drove him into the sheer rock face they had just climbed, Alex was grabbed from behind and slowly they were pulled to safety.

"That's it." Rat gasped out as Alex tended to his injuries,

"You'll be fine, a cracked rib or two and some lacerations but that's all." Alex informed him,

"Aren't I the medic?" Cheetah teased as he clambered up the last few metres.

"Well he almost came down for a check up just now so I thought I'd wait for you to come to him, you know, like an on call doctor." Alex teased as Cheetah checked him over.

"As usual you are right." Cheetah ruffled his hair,

"That's it, I'm out." Rat gasped,

"No, don't!" The final member, the one who had grabbed Alex, gasped.

"Fowl, I can't do it. You have seen me struggling for weeks. As leader you must have seen it." Rat sat up slowly and pulled out his emergency call button. It was a small weather resistant square with two buttons on it, one red, one green. Red called out mountain rescue, green the SAS. He nodded to the rest of his unit.

"It's been a pleasure being a member of this unit, but I was never going to make it through selection." Rat sighed and pressed the button. Thirty minutes later a truck pulled up.

"90 percenter?" Sir called out,

"Yes sir, and three cracked ribs with some nasty lacerations along with severe bruising." Cheetah replied helping his, now ex, team mate to his feet.

"There is a RV point two hours away on foot. You can all pull out now and repeat this at a later date due to injury or you can complete it now." Sir stated flatly,

"Go on. See you in the infirmary." Rat told them. Then was whisked away in the truck.

"Let's get going." Fowl told them glumly.

"Poor sod." Cheetah sighed,

"You lead Jaguar." Fowl ordered, Alex took the lead and they trudged on in silence. Not an hour after they had left the heavens opened and the Brecon Beacons suddenly turned into a quagmire.

"Hey!" A shout made them look up. Above them on the hill was another training SAS group, they too were one man down, as they watched Peacock took a wrong footing and slipped, somehow pulling the other two down with them. They travelled at speed towards the other unit then collided. Alex's world went black.

"You know, when you said you'd see us in the infirmary Rat, I doubt this was what you meant." Alex mumbled when he woke, a low chuckle went around the room.

"No, but the company's nice." Rat laughed as Alex sat up, head pounding.

"Lovely concussion you have there Jag." Cheetah added from a neighbouring bed. They were in a room with eight beds, all occupied.

"Ah you're awake." Dr Manning came into the room,

"Yes sir." Alex replied as the doctor checked his vitals,

"Any nausea, tiredness, dizziness?"

"Nope." Alex replied shrugging.

"Nearly done doctor?" The colonel was standing in the doorway,

"Momentarily colonel." The doctor straightened, "You know the drill." He told Alex,


"Good, follow it this time." The doctor scolded.

"I'll try to sir." Alex mumbled,

"All yours colonel Sanders." Manning left the room.

"Now, you all know you are the last two units in this selection. Due to four drop outs today your two units are being merged." The colonel paced the room. "You will be discharged tomorrow and your training will continue. Understood?"

"Yes sir." All eight chorused, he left the room. Leaving four unhappy SAS prospectives and four ashamed ex SAS perspectives. It was soon discovered that the four leaving had good reason, broken bones among them. There were three broken legs and one arm from the tumble Peacock had caused, and many sprains and fractures, and concussions.

"It'll be a god unit, Bear as the leader, Cheetah as the medic, Jaguar as the communication and Hawk as tactics." Fowl told them speaking wholly truthfully. But that was not to be.

Wolf woke up grumpy rolling out of his bunk and frowning at the still empty bunk across from him,

"Up and at 'em." He barked waking Eagle and Snake who pulled on clothes then headed to the mess. They hadn't gone ten feet before a soldier stopped them,

"Sanders wants to see you sirs." He stated before sprinting off. Grumbling they headed to the command hut. Wolf knocked apprehensively,

"Enter!" A voice called, he didn't sound angry, just disgruntled.

"Sir, you asked to see us?" Wolf stated as Snake shut the door.

"You must have heard about our recent intake of recruits." Sanders put down his pen and clasped his hands,

"No sir, we only got back yesterday." Wolf replied,

"Well five months ago we took in the usual twenty applicants. After one month we were down to sixteen and they gradually demised. Last week we were down to eight, yesterday four and now due to the storms we are dealing with high winds and resultantly six broken bones and four concussions and many fractures. The truck they were in flipped. Jaguar managed to pull his unconscious team mates to safety then passed out himself. Not after carrying them to a concrete building sheltered from the elements nearly three miles away." K unit were confused, where was this going,

"Now we have three more 90 percenters and one remaining member. Jaguar." Sanders frowned,

"With all due respect sir, how does this concern us?" Snake asked slowly.

"You need a fourth unit member, Fox has been gone three years and you can't keep new members long." Sanders commented pointedly, Wolf shifted uncomfortably, they couldn't stand his temper so left. "He has one month of training left and you need rest and recuperation time. Train him and he will complete your unit." Sanders looked back to his desk then glanced up, "He is in the infirmary." They recognised the dismissal.

"We have to train someone!" Eagle squeaked as they headed towards the infirmary.

"If it means a new comm man I am OK with it." Snake commented,

"He must be good otherwise he would be told to repeat next time, happened before." Wolf sighed, "I don't want to be saddled with a recruit who thinks he's amazing."

"I don't want to be saddled with a recruit full stop." Eagled muttered.

"Be that as it may we have been. Let's go meet him." Snake stopped the argument and approached the doctor.

"Where is Jaguars room?" He asked,

"This way."

OK. What do you think? And do you think K unit should recognise him? Can go either way...