A few years later…

A high-pitched shriek echoes through the house, which means my little terror is no doubt decorating the entire kitchen with her breakfast.

"Daddy's sleeping, Grace." Bella's tired voice filters through the walls. She must've had a rough night. I sigh. I wish she'd wake me up, so I can at least try to help her.

"Noooo! NO! NO! DADDDYYYYY!" my little terror screams, followed by thumps and clatters. My God, she's loud. I grimace. We're going to have to move into an independent house if this continues.

Before Bella can respond, I run into the kitchen, imitating an airplane. My little terror lets out another ear-piercing squeal, her gap-toothed smile engulfing her face as she throws her arms out for me to lift her. I maneuver her out of the high chair and spin her around. Grabbing the towel hanging off the back of the high chair, I wipe the food off of Grace and the high chair.

"How's my baby girl?" I coo into her ear.

"You promished zoo, Daddy. Promished," she accentuates with frantic nodding.

"Of course, baby. We'll go as soon as you eat." I bite my lip to stop the laugh that threatens to escape at the speed of which the excitement drains from her face.

The corners of her lips drop until her bottom lip is jutting out. "But daddy," she whines.

"Nononono," I whisper, nuzzling into her soft cheeks, and she giggles even though she's mad at me. "You hafta eat first, baby girl." I set her on the table and grab her some more Cheerios. Her pout intensifies, but I merely chuckle and kiss her forehead. "Daddy's gonna shower. You are gonna eat your breakfast, and then zoo!" I pump my fist in the air as an attempt at excitement. Mind you, we've been to the same zoo almost eight times this year. Grace never gets tired of it. Yay!...not.

Once I make sure Grace isn't going to make a fuss the second I leave, I sneak up on the momma. Wrapping my arms around her protruding belly, I kiss her neck.

"Good morning, love," I whisper, caressing my two babies.

She huffs, and I'm sure if I was facing her, I'd see her roll her eyes. "Morning, my ass," she grumbles while scrambling eggs with a force that would dent metal. So, it's extra grumpy today.


My wife is not a morning person. I learned that the hard way, and I obsessively check the house for instant coffee at all times since. Not that she could drink it now...which is the problem.

"I bought those scented salt things at the store yesterday," I say conversationally.

Bella freezes in my arms. "You did?" she squeaks. I drop another kiss on her shoulder to hide my smile at the excitement in her voice.

"I did. So you know what I think? I think you should use them today while I take Grace and go to the zoo for the entire morning."

She squeals in my arms before turning to face me. "I love you, you know that?"

I grin and take her face in my hands. "I know. Good thing too, since we're all married and have 1.2 kids."

"I don't think I've ever been more glad that my laptop broke," she whispers, slipping her arms around my neck.

I dip down to kiss you. "Me neither, love."

...and they lived happily ever after.

See ya next time! xox