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Summary: "They're the dragon slayers. You don't even have to know them personally to know that you shouldn't mess with them." Getting accepted into Fiore's prestigious high school exclusively for wizards is one thing, and falling in love is another. Join Lucy Heartfilia as she embarks on a new territory in what is called high school.

Pairings: Natsu/Lucy, Jellal/Erza, Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy, Romeo/Wendy, Laxus/Mirajane, minor Zeref/Mavis, along with other minor pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail in any shape or form. Hiro Mashima does.

Welcome to Fiore Academy!

It's funny how it all began rather unexpectedly. Though it may have started a year ago, it still lingered… no – more like burned brightly – in the back of her mind.

It all started as an average mundane afternoon in the Heartfilia household. Lucy was just finished with her daily stroll through the gardens, and now she was currently walking through the grand halls of the mansion. As she sharply turned to head towards her room, she almost ran straight into Spetto.

"Sorry!" Lucy involuntarily gasped, taking a few steps back, stumbling while she was at it. Lucy blushed crimson. Even on solid ground, she sometimes tripped for no apparent reason. Simply lovely. Spetto, the maid, let out a startled cry.

"Ma- Madam Lucy! Where have you been?!"

Lucy blinked.

"I was in the gardens…?"

"Mistress Layla has requested you!"


Lucy's mumbling remained unanswered as she was whisked away towards her father's office. Lucy couldn't help but squeak in surprise as she almost slammed against the door.

God, this is another perfect example. She could be so clumsy and awkward at times.

Disregarding her thoughts, Spetto gave her a small nod as the doors were pulled open. Giving small nods and murmurs of appreciation, Lucy hesitantly walked in, her long and slender fingers digging into her palms. Her leg trembled slightly, but regaining her composure, Lucy took a deep breath as she entered her father's study.

Jude Heartfilia was both Lucy's father and the owner of the famous Heartfilia Konzern. He was a tall man with a firm stature. Being a middle-aged man, he had firm black eyes and neatly trimmed blonde hair. He normally wore expensive suits, and today was no exception. With his crisp red tie and brown suit, Lucy knew her father meant business.

Despite his appearance, her father was soft at heart. The crinkles around his eyes and cheeks also proved this. He may have been busy with piles and piles of papers and tasks, but he always managed to find some time for his daughter. Lucy recalled a time when he accidentally ruined a rice ball that Lucy made when she was young. After getting berated by his wife, he apologized profusely, even dropping down to his knees in the process. It was rather funny, really, because the man was always very prideful. Layla Heartfilia, both Jude's wife and Lucy's mother, even had it on camera.

Lucy gave him a small smile before glancing around the room. "Where's mom?"

Her father laughed. "Always to the point I see. No greeting?"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Hello Father."

Jude smiled as his eyes wandered towards the door in which Lucy had just entered through. "Your mother is in the garden. I suggest you should start walking there quickly."

Lucy was barely able to suppress a groan. "Really? You guys just want me to walk around for the heck of it don't you?" The blonde smiled and complied nonetheless. Running out, she gave her father a small wave. "Thanks Dad!"

As soon as she was out of earshot, Jude's lips quirked into a barely evident smile.

"And she's off."


"Mom? Mom!"

Lucy doubted that she'll be able to locate her mother like this, but hey, it was worth a shot.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Lucy headed towards the center of the garden. Though it was long, and it was going to take a while to get there, Lucy remembered giving up walking there halfway earlier in the day. She walked through the entire garden today with the exception of the center. Lucy had no idea why, but there was a nagging feeling when she was near the perimeter.

Rounding the corner, Lucy almost ran straight into Spetto, the maid. Yet again. Geez, maybe Spetto was a ninja in disguise.

This was really not her day.

"Lucy! Thank the heavens! I was just looking for you!"


"Come come!" Lucy was suddenly ushered (again) further into the garden as the short, middle-aged woman started to comb Lucy's hair while she was at it. Lucy blinked, slightly astonished.

What the hell was happening? Was someone visiting today? Lucy was not aware of any of this. Lucy parted her lips tentatively to raise the question.

"Uhh- Spetto-"


Lucy let out an undignified shriek. Standing in front of her were all the residents of the Heartfilia Konzern and some of her distant family members. There were also half of the people there who Lucy had no idea of, making her assume that they are part of a neighboring city nearby. Five long tables stood side by side one another near the greenery, and she watched silently as some people continued to snip away the bushes with large shears. Different foods were piled up high on each table, and there was a large banner overhead: CONGRATULATIONS LUCY.

Lucy had never felt so clueless in her life.

Smiling at their daughter's expression, Jude and Layla walked up to their daughter as Layla placed her hand momentarily upon Lucy's shoulder.

"Congratulations sweetheart."

"… Eh?"

"We are so proud of you!"

"But- what-"


That voice… it couldn't be…

Lucy was suddenly wrapped into a hug from behind. Eyes suddenly flickered left and right, Lucy caught a glimpse of shoulder-length blue hair, along with the traditional bandanna.

Lucy gasped.


Levy released the girl from her hold as she gave a slight wave once Lucy turned around. "Hi Lu-chan!"

Standing in front of her was her best friend, Levy McGarden. Levy was a petite teenager with a slender build and a below-average height for the age that she was in. Her wavy, shoulder length blue hair was tied back with a colorful bandanna, revealing most of her face and neck. She was wearing her favorite orange dress that reached her upper thigh.

Levy smiled at Lucy's surprised expression. "How's it going?"


It was a surprise since Levy barely comes over nowadays. She was a dear friend to the Heartfilia household, but since she attended a boarding school, coming over has been quite the hassle.

"Levy, my dear," Layla commented, smiling. "It's been a while. How have you been?"

"Great actually," Levy responded, answering back with a soft smile. "I'm sure you guys are pleased with the news as well."

"It isn't everyday people are able to witness such an event." Jude agreed affirmatively.

Lucy was assuming that they were talking about the reason why they threw such a party. Suddenly snapped out of thoughts, she jutted her lips into a pout, biting her lip in the process.

"What am I supposed to be proud of exactly?"

Her mother laughed.

"We never told you, didn't we? Well, sweetie, you've been accepted into Fiore's Academy!"

There was a small moment of silence between the group as the people chatted endlessly in the background.

"Say what now?"


Turns out Lucy got accepted into Fiore Academy. But it's not just any academy. It's Fiore Academy for the Gifted: the most prestigious wizardry high school throughout the region. Lucy may have not attended the school, but she definitely knew about it. Saying Lucy was surprised when she found out was definitely an understatement.

Earlier During the Day

"Say what now?"

"Its great news isn't it?" Levy cheered. "We could see each other every day now!"

"Oh! You go to that school don't you?" Lucy grinned, as she clasped her two hands tightly together.

"We received the news this morning," Lucy's mother continued excitedly. "We are so proud of you dear! We organized this party as fast as we could."

"I can't wait to introduce you to the others!" Levy laughed. "There's so much to talk about and- oh wow where to begin-"

"Calm down Levy." Lucy laughed. "But wait- don't you need to receive an audition or something in order to apply?"

"Technically, you did," Levy responded back, undeterred, much to Lucy's confusion. "Remember that festival held a couple of months ago? Well, we got it on tape, and I submitted it to the Headmaster. He said that you were one with plenty of potential."

The festival was the only day of the year when Lucy was able to fight other mages that weren't in the household with her Celestial Spirit Magic. It left such a wave of exhilaration in her body that thinking about what happened made the blonde smile. She remembered fighting another mage in the semi-finals… what was her name? Flare Corona? Flare was definitely a worthy opponent through Lucy's eyes, and she recalled that she had to use one of her special attacks to defeat the redheaded mage: Urano Metria. Flare was – much to Lucy's amusement – pleasantly surprised that day.

Despite the sudden news, the corners of Lucy's lips started to twitch, eventually turning into a grin.

Lucy didn't remember much after that. If she recalled correctly, she was dancing around excitedly, while her mother glanced at their close family friend.


"Yes Ms. Heartfilia?"

"Please. Enough with the formalities. Call me Layla. Take care of her."

Levy was relaxing on Lucy's beanbag chair as she glanced up at her friend.



"You're coming right?"

"Of course! What did you expect?"

"School's starting in a weeks," Levy smiled. "Maybe we could be dorm buddies!"

Lucy bit her lip. "My mom gave me some documents about the classes I would be taking. Hang on…"

Lucy glanced down at the pamphlets that her mother had given her. They were all brochures all about the school. Fiore Academy was a wizardry high school that was located in Magnolia City. It was run by headmaster Makarov, one of the strongest mages throughout the region. To be able to meet him in person… Lucy flushed and smiled in excitement.

Fumbling towards some sheets, she held a crème-colored paper with her schedule on it.

Congratulations! You have been accepted and are now eligible to attend Fiore Academy! Fiore Academy is the top high school in the country; it is exclusively for wizards and is a four-year course in which the teachers are devoted to helping you reach your full potential as a mage. It will be a plentiful experience to all; most of the alumni who were previously in this school are now famous across the country!

Talk about prideful.

Something that is done in the academy that differentiates the school from all others is that students are ranked based on their ability. Students originally start off as a regular mage; if they work to the best of their abilities, they would be recognized by the Council and would be promoted to an S-Class Mage. If you strive and work even harder, you just might be considered as one of the ten Wizard Saints of the School yourself!

Although this may be the case, the school also values the safety and health of students as well. For this reason, depending on how much destructive power your magic may contain, it is decreed that every student must wear at least one power limiter. These power limiters restrict the amount of magical energy the student can use, nullifying their magic for a short period of time. The power limiters are allowed to be taken out only when the student is in one of the school gymnasiums, outside of the school grounds, and other areas in the school where magic can be used freely. There are also days in which we hold Magical Tournaments, it is then when the power limiters are taken off. Some students who hold too much energy, are advised by the Headmaster to wear it at all times.

Lucy tore her eyes away from the paper momentarily to look at Levy. "Ten Wizard Saints?"

Levy hummed in response. "You know how there are the ten wizard saints that are recognized by the Council? It's the same thing; just this time, it's a title that you could earn if you're a student in the academy."

Lucy wrinkled her nose. "Why would they do that? Won't it just inflate their egos?"

"This has been happening for years Luce. The school's traditional like that..."

"Traditional...?" Lucy echoed. "And those power limiters?"

Levy extended her arm, revealing a thick bracelet around her wrist. "These are power limiters. You'll get it when school begins. No matter how hard you try, you can't take them off. Only certain teachers who has Headmaster's trust has the authority to take them off. Naturally, Headmaster Makarov can do this too."

Lucy blinked. "You're still wearing it now?"

"It's not in effect."

"Oh. Do they hurt?"

"Of course not!" Levy laughed, eyes turning serious. "Although some students have to wear more than one power limiter."


"You see, although we're all mages, some students have more magic power than others. For example, you heard about Dragon Slayers right?"

"Oh! Mages who have the characteristics of dragons?"

"Yeah. But anyways, you heard those news reports about the destruction of cities?"

Lucy's eyes bulged out of her head.

"Holy... you don't mean-"

"Yeah, those are done by dragon slayers. Since they hold that much power, they have to wear at least three power limiters. As do I, I only wear one."

"I see..." Lucy's eyes wandered towards her own wrist. "Curious though, what's the record number of limiters that was worn by one person?"

Levy's smile fell off her face as her eyes glanced left and right, as if she was looking for people who were trying to eavesdrop into their conversation. "Well... there is this one student... he graduated two years ago. His name is Zeref."

"How much power limiters does he normally wears?"

Levy grinned wryly. "He wears five on each arm."

"Wha- ten? How much power does he have?"

"A lot of people originally rejected the decision of him being accepted into the school," Levy continued. "But Headmaster Makarov insisted. You see, Zeref is a master of the Black Arts. He's one of the best."

"The Black Arts?"

"Mhmmm. He could even release a wave of black energy that steals away life."

"You know I kind of feel a bit scared now..."

"The power limiters didn't allow him to do that. And he graduated already, so it's okay." Levy laughed, her voice wavering a little. "He's considered an alumni, and I think he's one of Headmaster Makarov's many advisers... not sure. But yeah. He was just that powerful."

"Wow..." Lucy bit her lip. This was a lot to take in.

"Hey," Levy leaned forward. "So how about your schedule?"

"R- right!"

Name: Lucy Heartfilia
July 1st, X767
11 / Junior

Period 1: [8:00 – 8:45] Gildarts Clive / Physical Education

Period 2: [8:50 – 9:35] Jura Neekis / Earth Science

Period 3: [9:40 – 10:25] Jean-Luc Neville / Fiore History

Period 4: [10:30 – 11:15] Daphne / Calculus

Period 5: [11:20 – 12:05] Caprico / Celestial Spirit Training

Period 6: [12:10 – 12:55] Lunch

Period 7: [1:00 – 1:45] Zekua Melon / AP English

Period 8: [1:50 – 2:35] Yajima / Home Economics

Dorm: Room 418

- If you want a schedule change, please report to the main building Room 237 and request to see the counselor. -

Classes begin on September 9th. Make sure to bring necessities that you would normally use considering you would be staying in the dorm year-round. Occasionally, the student will be allowed to go home, though that would only be allowed on non-school days and special emergencies. Your uniform package has already been sent to your dorm room!

If you accept the offer, please send the paperwork to the school at once. We hope to see you there! - Headmaster Makarov

"Dorm 418?" Levy frowned, though it was almost instantly replaced with a small smile. "Dang it. We're not roommates. I'm in Room 420 though! That's right next door!"

Lucy breathed a sigh of relief. "At least I now know I can't really get lost…"

"I think Juvia is there though…" Levy murmured, though Lucy was slightly confused. She didn't know this Juvia… she didn't bother asking.

"Isn't it weird though that I'm suddenly entering in junior year?" Lucy wondered, biting her lip. Levy laughed.

"Many of the students didn't start there as a freshman; I entered the school as a sophomore."

"Well, yeah, but-"

"It'll be fine Lucy," Levy reassured. "No one is going to judge you on this."

"If you say so…" Lucy bit her lip. "What's today date?"

"Classes are starting in a week- precisely five days from now," Levy smiled. "It's September 4th. I suggest you start packing."


"And here we are!"


In front of the two girls were two buildings, one larger than the other. It was made of red brick and the occasional glass. The larger building was shaped like a crescent moon, and the smaller building was shaped like a dome, in the middle of the larger one. The school took up a large portion of the land, even though the large building was only six stories high. There was a large garden with plenty of benches to sit on. The occasional trees and greenery occupied small parts of the land, along with some statues of some famous historical figures. There was a large pavement that brought you straight into the main building.

"That's the main building," Levy pointed. "It's where the classes are held. The smaller building is the dormitory; it's a lot bigger than it looks. There's also a small little rooftop above in which most of the students just hang out. Boys and girls both sleep within the same building, although obviously there is a gender separation obviously for the roommates policy. Each room houses four students, and the room has plenty of space, so don't worry."

Lucy gaped.

"Where do I begin…?" she breathed. Levy laughed as she ran towards the dorms with her own luggage.

"Let's go Lu-chan ~ ! There's some friends that I want you to meet!"

Lucy barely had a second to blink as she watched her blue-headed friend run off towards the building.

"W- Wait!"

Lucy turned around to grab her suitcase when she almost slammed into a small girl. She had long, dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist, with bangs that reached her chest and brown eyes. She wore a simple little dress along with dark stockings. She was considerably shorter than Lucy, and she had large eyes and a petite stature.

Startled momentarily, the girl dropped her small little bag on the ground as she quickly started to apologize profusely.

"Ahh - Go-gomenasai!"

Lucy laughed slightly as she helped the little girl up. "It's okay. It's my fault for startling you... eh... are you looking for someone?"

The girl bit her lip tentatively as she nodded shyly. "Actually umm... do you know where Natsu onii-chan is?"

Natsu onii-chan…?

Lucy's eyes softened. "Sorry... this is actually my first year here so I don't know…"

"Oh okay. Thank you anyways. Sorry for the trouble!" The girl bowed her head before craning her neck to look at someone behind Lucy. Eyes lighting up, the little girl started to run off towards a boy in front of the dormitory; he was blatantly older than her - about the same age as Lucy though - with blonde hair with spiky strands that jutted out in every direction along with slanted blue eyes. There was a thin scar along his right eye, along with a prominent metal pendant adorned on his left ear. When he grinned, he revealed his sharp, canine teeth. The two started to converse, with the male patting the girl on the head while the little girl smiled, slightly embarrassed. The two started to walk into the building themselves, jarring Lucy out of her train of thought.

Was that Natsu? Lucy didn't really care though... it wasn't like she was going to see them often anyways. Though that girl was fairly young… a freshman perhaps? She must be quite powerful.

Lucy forgot to ask her for her name.

Shaking her head to get rid of her curiosity, Lucy ran towards the building. She needed to find Levy.

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