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Summary: "They're the dragon slayers. You don't even have to know them personally to know that you shouldn't mess with them." Getting accepted into Fiore's prestigious high school exclusively for wizards is one thing, and falling in love is another. Join Lucy Heartfilia as she embarks on a new territory in what is called high school.

Pairings: Natsu/Lucy, Jellal/Erza, Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy, Romeo/Wendy, Laxus/Mirajane, minor Zeref/Mavis, along with other small pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail in any shape or form. Hiro Mashima does.

Chapter One
Meeting the Students

"Yo Sting! You bagging again?"

What the fuck? Where the hell did that come from? Sting knew that he was no child molester. Holy Earthland, these people never learn.

Wanting to throw a string of curses at the fellow student, Sting restrained himself from doing so. He had a little innocent girl with him now – well, she's fourteen, therefore she's still pretty young – and Natsu was going to kill him if he noticed that his younger sister started to swear profusely. He didn't want her to start cussing, courtesy of the white dragon slayer. Instead, Sting threw a sharp glare at the student, making his smile falter a bit.

It was highly advised that the student should shut his mouth, which he did. No one messed with a strong mage, and an angry dragon slayer at that. As soon as he was out of earshot, Sting's ferocious expression contorted into a teasing grin as he looked down at the blue-haired girl.

"Ahh Wendy you've gotten so much cuter!" he started to taunt, pinching one cheek in the process.


The dragon slayer laughed as he draped his arm around her and dragged his younger cousin down the hall. "It's true though!"

Wendy huffed as she was dragged further and further into the building. Blinking slowly, she glanced at her older cousin with curiosity. "Where are we going?"

"To your dorm. You're sleeping near where the others are staying at – and don't worry, we got permission from the headmaster."

Wendy bit her lip, though it eventually turned into a smile. It was good to see them again. "Okay."

Sting smiled at her gently – which is quite a sight to see since he never really does that – and stopped at the designated door. It was a double door made out of fiberglass with a lacrima embedded on each half, thereby preventing almost any magic from damaging it. The door was practically magic-proof, but it was possible to destroy the door. Sting remembered Natsu doing it at least ten times, much to Makarov's frustration.

Sting let out a sigh. Natsu can be such an idiot. Natsu would sometimes burn down the door despite it being unlocked. He usually does that when he loses a fight. Ha. Sore loser.

There was a small little indentation above the door itself; it was shaped like a wing.

More specifically a dragon's wing.

Wendy blinked. "Is this it?"

Instead of answering, Sting swung it open, and through the door was a room. Filled with doors.

(well there were only three but still. That's a lot of doors for a room.)

Raising an eyebrow, Wendy looked at her older cousin for an explanation. He didn't have a chance to explain when a door swung open. Out walked a muscular young man with long, spiky black hair and red eyes. Parts of his face was studded, along with his arms. He was wearing his usual black, sleeveless tunic along with the studded belt and beige pants.

"Keh. I thought I smelled something."

Wendy's lips widened into a smile.


Sting nudged Wendy as he looked at Gajeel. "Wendy's here."

"Wow I didn't notice Sting." the black-haired man deadpanned.

Rolling her eyes, Wendy looked behind Gajeel curiously.

"Is Natsu-nii here?"

"That little shit? No," Gajeel snorted as he absentmindedly and nonchalantly waved his hand. "He said something about wanting to fight Erza."

"And we all know how that'll turn out." another calm voice said dully. Wendy's smile – if even possible – broadened, and glancing to the right, was her other cousin. Rogue Cheney. He had messy black shoulder-length hair: most of it concealing a portion of his forehead. He has red eyes with slit pupils, along with a thin scar that is almost invisible to the naked eye across the bridge of his nose. He was sporting his usual cape, along with the usual gray shirt and pieces of cloth with a cross underneath.

He smiled lightly in greeting as his Exceed companion, Frosch, flew towards the girl. Frosch was a small green cat, with large round eyes and large lashes. The Exceed also sported a pink frog suit. Lector – another Exceed though was this time Sting's partner – padded into the room. Lector's fur was a brownish-maroon color, with large ears and black eyes.

"Sting-kun! Wendy-san is here too?"

"Hi Frosch! Lector!" Wendy laughed as she poked the green cat's rosy cheek before smiling at the other Exceed. "It's good to see you guys again!"

"Fro thinks so too!"

"Where's Happy? Carla? Pantherlily?"

Wendy brought most of her luggage a few days before, that way she only needs to bring a small little bag with her today. She even entrusted Carla to Natsu for a couple of days, much to Carla's discomfort. Carla believed that she had a duty to protect the female mage, though she believed otherwise. She was freaking fourteen for god's sake. Wendy's sure that she can take care of herself.

"As touching as this is," Gajeel interrupted. "Do you want to see your room or not?"

Wendy merely stuck out her tongue as her cousins led her to her room. Apparently the dorm room for the fellow dragon slayers were uniquely different. There was a meeting area (or living room, whichever you prefer to call it), and there are three doors. One door led to a room with two beds: Natsu and Gajeel were staying in a room. The other door houses Sting and Rogue, while the last room was specifically for Wendy.

It was a significantly smaller than the other rooms, though the room is moderately large for one person alone. There were three bow windows that were all against one side of the wall; to accompany it are small little couches with small little pillows and blankets. The window displayed the view of the large courtyard that was surrounded by the school itself.

Near the windows stood a small little bed – fit for Wendy's height. The bed mattress was covered with a pale green covering, along with some white blankets and olive green pillows. There was a small little dresser beside the bed, with a simple digital clock and a lamp atop of it. On the other side of the wall stood closet, with many small compartments fit for boxes filled with personal items. There was also a small little desk for studying and completing homework.

Her luggages were all on her bed, all closed and perfectly intact.

"For a boarding school, isn't this too much?"

"Gihi. This is how every room looks like."

"Then where are my roommates?"

"Oh, except that. You don't have roommates."

"But- what- you guys said- huh?"

Sting laughed at her spluttering. "Oh little Wendy. That room back there connects your room with our room! So if you think about it, you do have roommates!"

"But that makes no sense!"

"Sting-kun is right! Just shush and be grateful."

"Fro thinks so too!"

"You guys seem to pamper me too much..."

"Anything for our little cousin. ~"

Wendy wanted to slap them all.


"LEVY!" Lucy roared. Where the heck was she?

Lucy huffed as she trudged down the hall. If she recalled correctly, she was on the sixth floor... or was it the fifth? She honestly didn't know.

But wait. Wasn't her dorm room on the fourth floor?

Lucy sighed. She walked the couple extra flights of stairs for nothing.

And hey look! There was an elevator over there too! Probably there in existence to help with the luggage.

Lucy wanted to slap herself. She's failing to notice a lot of things these past few days hasn't she?

Standing near the elevator, Lucy glanced around in an observant manner. Even the hallways were intricate and nice. They must've put a lot of money into the construction. Not that she didn't like it but still.

Perking up after hearing the elevator door open, Lucy ran in without noticing the other occupant inside. The doors slammed shut as the blonde felt a tremor beneath her feet. Feeling one's gaze on her, Lucy glanced curiously at the observer. The person was female and was around Lucy's age, with short white hair and blue eyes. She wore a simple striped shirt along with shorts. She was pretty.

Smiling slightly, the white-haired girl motioned towards her bags. "New student?"

Lucy inwardly smiled. "Uh, yeah."

The girl laughed. "What floor? Since you're hands are full, I can help you press the button if you want."

Lucy's insides warmed. How considerate of her. "Thanks. And fourth please."

Her eyes flickering towards the floor panel, Lucy noticed that the button for the designated floor was already lit. "Oh, you're going there too?"

"Uh huh... wait by any chance, are you assigned to Room 418?"

"Oh ah..." Lucy gave a quick glance at the paper she was holding firmly within her hand. "As a matter of fact, I am."

"Oh! Now that I think about it, Levy mentioned you! We're roommates! I didn't know you were coming today!" the female extended her arm to shake the blonde's hand. "The name's Lisanna. Lisanna Strauss."

"Lucy. Just Lucy." She didn't want to reveal her last name yet.

"No last name? Suspicious," Lisanna laughed as the elevator doors opened, reaching the fourth story. "Here, lemme help."

Lucy smiled. She made her first friend, with the exception of Levy of course.

Maybe the school won't be so bad after all.


"Erza! Fight me!"

With a heaving sigh and the flick of her wrist, Erza's fist was suddenly in contact with someone's stomach. Erza let out a small laugh as her eyes flickered to the male on the ground. He groaned in frustration while Erza smiled wryly.


Glancing up from the paperwork that he devoted most of his time into, the president of the Student Council, Jellal Fernandez, fought back a chuckle as he glanced at the victim near his feet.

"You know Natsu," he chided, watching in amusement as the salmon-haired mage got up slowly but steadily from the ground. "It will be very much appreciated if you would sit down and help me."

"Urgh." the young man groaned in response.

"Again, why did the people voted him as the Vice-President?" Erza wondered. "What were they thinking?"

"Not funny Erza," Natsu frowned as he plopped into a seat. "I didn't realize that being the Vice-President would mean more work."

Erza blinked at him incredulously.

Natsu's palm was pressed against his cheek as he watched Jellal with utter boredom. "Yo. What do we have to do again?"

The senior barely spared him a glance as he continued writing. "It's not like you're going to help me even I told you anyways... but we have to prepare for the orientation for the new students."

"Right right..." Natsu yawned. "Mhmm. Carry on."

He heaved himself out of the seat and walked straight out the room. Jellal swore silently as his attention was directed towards the requip mage beside him.

"Geez. And you'd think that he'll be more responsible after receiving this position."

Erza laughed, albeit silently. "That's Natsu for you. Hey, where's Ultear and Meredy?" It's weird to see that the treasurer and secretary are nowhere in sight. Though the scarlet-haired girl was not part of the Student Council, she liked to stay here just for fun. Not that she was going to admit it or anything.

"They're getting supplies." Jellal responded coolly as he set the quill down beside the paperwork he was working on. Erza hummed as the young man started to play with her long scarlet hair. It wasn't long before he picked up the quill again and continued writing.

"JELLAL!" A distant and familiar voice yelled. "Did you know that there's an orientation in two days?!"

There was a crackling sound as the quill suddenly snapped.


"Juvia's very happy to meet you."

Lucy whispered to Lisanna. "She's Juvia right?"

Lisanna merely nodded as Lucy's mouth formed an 'O' shape before smiling back at Juvia. "Likewise."

The female blue-haired teen smiled as she helped Lucy unpack. Not wanting to work in an awkward atmosphere, Lisanna tried to strike up a conversation.

"Say, Lucy, what kind of magic do you use?"

"Me?" Lucy wondered. "I'm a Celestial Spirit Mage."

"Really?" Juvia smiled. "Juvia knows a girl who also summons spirits. Her name's Yukino."

Lucy smiled. "Aha, well... Celestial mages are pretty common anyways..." Lucy knew a couple, and most of them were descendants of Will Neville.

The door swung open, revealing Levy. Her blue hair was tied back in a small ponytail, while her headband was firmly in place. "Hey guys! Have you seen- oh hi Lucy!"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "You ditched me back there before!"

"And you're here now, so that's all that matters," Levy smiled. "I see you met the others?"

"Yeah, and we're almost finished unpacking," Lisanna glanced at one on the four beds. "Speaking of which, Lucy, you still didn't meet Bisca yet!"


"She's the other roommate." Lisanna responded helpfully. Levy's eyes lit up.

"Oh right, there was something that I was planning to ask you guys anyway. Everyone's hanging out at the courtyard today. It's what most of the students do before school begins. Bisca might be down there as well. Do you want to go? Lu-chan, I could introduce you to the others."

Some students stayed in their respective dormitories over the summer, but with permission granted from the headmaster, they are able to spend time with the family over the break. Since school was starting in two days, waves and waves of both new and old students have been showing up these past few hours in the courtyard.

Sliding in the last box – which was filled with Lucy's assorted photo albums and books – Lucy smiled. "So kind of like a get-together party?"

"If get-together parties include brawls in the courtyard... then yeah you could say that."

Lisanna laughed lightly. "This'll be fun."


"You wanted to see me?"

A hesitant head popped up in front of the doorway. She had long, wavy blonde hair that reached her legs and bright green eyes. She bit her lip tentatively as she waited for the old man to respond.

There was a slight rumble in his throat as he nodded.

"Come in First Master."

The female let out a puff of air at the nickname as she walked in, unveiling all her features. She was petite, with a long pink robe and white-winged adornments on her ears. An aura of tranquil nature seems to practically be emitted off her as she walked delicately into the room.

She was Mavis Vermillion, the great-granddaughter of the first official headmaster of the school.

Makarov Dreyar, the headmaster of Fiore Academy itself, is an elderly but extremely short man with black eyes and an almost completely bald head, though he had white hair along the rim. He also has a thick white mustache. Headmaster Makarov wore his typical attire, which was a red vest over a white shirt, along with black pants. He had robe, with an emblem etched in the back, signifying his position as a Wizard Saint.

The elderly man cleared his throat as he shifted in his chair. "Are most of the things necessary completed?"

"By Jellal-san? Then yes. He's actually organizing the orientation at this current moment."

"Have most of the students arrived yet?"

The girl's eyes flashed momentarily before she nodded solemnly. "Most of them, yes."

"And Wendy Marvell?"

"She reported to her designated room, sir."

The headmaster released a sigh as one eyebrow twitched. He recalled Natsu and Sting begging him for her to stay with them. Rogue and Gajeel were part of the little act as well, although they merely stood in the back, glancing once or twice at their cousins.

After hours and hours of voices practically bouncing around the room, Makarov agreed. He recalled accepting her request of auditioning for the school itself, but he never actually met the auditioning students. They were typically a bunch of brats anyways. He normally let the staff handle such a job.

Wendy was apparently a dragon slayer, like the others. She was Natsu's little sister and the daughter of Grandine and Igneel.

With people piling in, saying that they are dragon slayers, Makarov wouldn't be surprised if another one popped up, declaring that they were the dragon slayer of rainbows or something.

Not that he wanted one anyway.

Those dragon slayers were such an annoying (also endearing, though he wasn't go to say that) bunch. The man could only pray that Wendy was different.


The group was sitting on a patch of grass, along with the rest of the remaining students that were also in the courtyard. It was a large field, with tons of greenery occupying most of the spaces. Different kinds of flowers lined up side by side, and as stated before, there were different statues displaying historical figures. A pavement cut through the courtyard – one leading to the dormitories, and the other leading straight to the school building – and in the middle of it all, stood a tall fountain. It was made of white marble, with fresh water being spouted out. The top of the fountain had an intricate figure, and that figure held a small lacrima crystal.

Lucy shifted in her position, and listened carefully at the boisterous laughter that emanated out of most of the mages. This was the type of environment that she was going to deal with for the next two years. This excited her greatly.

The four were leaning against a tree, watching the students whom were either (a) running around while displaying their magic, (b) just simply hanging out and talking, (c) pointing at one another in amazement, (d) just arriving at the school itself, or (e) flirting with each other endlessly.

So basically typical high school behavior.



"Juvia missed you so much!"

"Get offa me!"

A flash of blue streaked past the students before colliding with the other, resulting in a pair of tangled limbs.

Watching from afar, Lucy blinked, raising one eyebrow in question. Wasn't Juvia just sitting with them a moment ago?

"Her boyfriend?"

"Not exactly," Lisanna laughed. "Juvia's been pinning him for months now."

Juvia suddenly popped up next to the blonde, making her jolt in surprise.

"Don't make a move on him, or you're Juvia's love-rival!"


"Anyways," Levy giggled. "That's Gray Fullbuster. He's an ice-mage."

"Wow," Lucy gaped, looking at him from a distance. She sweatdropped as she noticed his lack of clothing. Wasn't he wearing something before...? Lucy was sure she he was. If Lucy said so herself, she was quite observant. "Hey- uh- wasn't he wearing- ?"

"Are you watching him?" Juvia's eyes were ablaze.

"Ah- well- no-" Despite her persistence, Lucy couldn't help but inwardly smile at her devotion. It would be nice if there was a guy who cared for her quite deeply.

Not that she was looking for a boyfriend anyways.

"He has a tendency of stripping..." Levy laughed uneasily.

"Gray-sama should stop doing that," Juvia mumbled furiously, though her cheeks said otherwise. They were stained bright red, and puffed out. "Juvia doesn't need anymore girls leering at Gray-sama!" (*)

Her thoughts that was voiced aloud received a strangled smile from Levy and a chuckle from Lisanna.

"He's also strong," Levy commented thoughtfully, though there was a slight edge. "Definitely not the strongest, but still one of the best in the school. He's a difficult opponent."

Huh. Seems like Levy knows this from experience.

"Fought him before?" Lucy guessed. Levy's eyes flashed.

"I don't want to speak about it Lu-chan."

Ah okay. She was correct.

"Gray-sama is popular with the ladies," Juvia was gnawing on a piece of cookie that Lisanna supplied for the four (she was gnawing it quite ferociously may Lucy add). "Juvia understands why."

Lucy can too. Gray was a tall male with spiky black hair and dark blue eyes. She also had to admit that he had a good build (and even though she just met Juvia, she knew that it would be a bad thing to say out loud). He had on a necklace with a cross pendant. He was hanging out with a group of what seems to be unique individuals: one with silver hair, one who looked suspiciously like a dog although he had a humanoid body, a female with pink hair, and a male with ridiculously large eyebrows. Though he was chatting conversely with them, Gray looked like he preferred to be somewhere else.

"He has an adoptive-brother. Lyon Vastia. Those are Lyon's friends."


"Do we even have a sports team?" Lisanna wondered.

Levy blinked at her.

"You've been in this school for almost a year!"

"But do we?"

"I think we don't."

"Even Juvia doesn't know."

"Huh." Levy blinked. "Anyways, we do have the usual high school norm." She flicked one finger towards a group of female mages near a large oak tree; they were all giggling (for a ridiculous reason probably) and wearing skimpy clothing. They were sitting near a group of guys, almost pressed against them completely while blinking at a rate that seems impossible. "Sluts." Her finger then proceeded to a group sitting around in a circle. They were all holding at least three textbooks, using gale-force reading glasses and frantically writing down notes with their own light pens.

Lucy would probably fit right in.

"The so-called 'geeks'," Lisanna picked up. "They're not that bad."

The four then glanced at the marble fountain, which was surrounded by a group of mages. Though not near them, Lucy suddenly had goosebumps.

All of them emitted raw power.

"The popular crowd," Levy murmured. "They're... um..."

"What?" Lucy questioned.

"How should I say it... they're an... ah...an anomalous bunch."

"Anomalous... ?" Lucy echoed. They definitely seem interesting.

"Aha, well," Lisanna laughed, scratching the nape of her neck lightly. "There's different levels of popularity."

"Oh oh!" Juvia's eyes lit up. "Juvia researched about this!"

Researched? Juvia sure was one-of-a-kind. Lucy couldn't help but smile.

"There's different kinds of popular. The ones over there are known because of their power." Lisanna continued.

"Like the school version of the ten-wizard saints...?" Lucy questioned.

"Exactly!" Lisanna smiled. "One of them over there is Mira-nee, my sister!"


"There are ones known for beauty."

Naturally. That's expected.

"Some are known because of the reputation they uphold." the female continued. "Like Minerva Orlando? There's rumors that she slept with every male mage in her grade."

Levy was barely able to suppress a snort. Juvia blushed at the thought while Lisanna gave the petite girl a look.

"Levy. Anyways, some are for talent. Others are for notorious purposes. Oh, and I almost forgot-"

The white-haired girl was interrupted as there was suddenly a series of startled gasps as an echoing boom filled the air, followed by something that suspiciously sounded like a roar.

Eyes dilating with terror, Lucy jumped up and whirled around. She thought this school was danger-free.

"What the heck was that?"

Her question was answered enthusiastically in a heartbeat.

"Then there's that," Levy smirked. "The dragon slayers."

(*) Line was inspired from Chapter 338 in the manga! (;

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