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Summary: "They're the dragon slayers. You don't even have to know them personally to know that you shouldn't mess with them." Getting accepted into Fiore's prestigious high school exclusively for wizards is one thing, and falling in love is another. Join Lucy Heartfilia as she embarks on a new territory in what is called high school.

Pairings: Natsu/Lucy, Jellal/Erza, Gray/Juvia, Gajeel/Levy, Romeo/Wendy, Laxus/Mirajane, minor Zeref/Mavis, along with other minor pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail in any shape or form. Other than the plot, everything is owned by Hiro Mashima (you go dude)

Chapter Two
The Dragon Slayers

Judging by the students' reactions, Lucy had a suspicious hunch that this was a rather ordinary day on campus.

There was a loud roar as some of the windows on the dormitories exploded, causing some windows to rupture and debris flying everywhere. As soon as the smoke cleared, Lucy watched in awe as the students stopped what they were doing and ran to the scene. They all had small smiles etched on their pretty little faces as Lucy watched her new friends – including Levi –heave themselves up from their positions as their faces made it obvious that they were going to run towards the building as well.

Lucy blinked incredulously.

"What are you guys doing?"

"Isn't it rather obvious?" Levy laughed. "We're going to see what's up this time!"

This time. Geez. And just when Lucy thought that she was getting used to the atmosphere.

"Are you coming or not?"

Lucy looked up at Lisanna. She had a look of endearment on her face, much to Lucy's surprise.

Letting out a hesitant sigh, the blonde got up steadily. Smiling slowly, she nodded.

"I guess it's time to meet the infamous dragon slayers…"

"Oh trust me," Levy smiled. "You'll love them."

"They scare Juvia sometimes." The water mage whispered as the four girls started to catch up towards the crowd of students.

Lucy could barely let out a laugh as the group of people drew nearer and nearer with each step.


From inside the other building, the platinum blonde's eyes dilated as she noticed the east end of the dormitories erupted.


"Already?" the elderly man hummed as he glanced almost absentmindedly out the window where the two were able to witness the explosion. "The semester hasn't even started yet."

Mavis's surprised expression was quickly converted to one of exasperation. Smiling slightly, she started to laugh.

"It's a new record," Mavis commented wryly. "Should I go check on them?"

A second didn't even go by before he made his decision.

"Go," he agreed. "Fetch those troublemakers for me would ya?"

"Yes headmaster!" the female agreed before treading lightly out the door.


Slowing to a stop, the blonde had to stand on her tiptoes to survey the scene. Judging by the rising temperature, Lucy assumed magic was involved. More specifically fire-magic.

Fractures of glass dotted the freshly-cut grass, along with some chunks of rock and cement. There was still some smoke lingering in the air, and when it cleared, Lucy saw a guy around the same age. He was tall – not as tall compared to others, but taller than her – and had salmon-colored hair. It was arranged in spikes, though it's arranged naturally instead of hair gel. Lucy couldn't see much considering he was facing the other direction, but from what she could see, he was wearing a sleeveless, gold trimmed, black waistcoat. He also wore white knee-length trousers.

It wouldn't look like this unless there was a confrontation. Standing across from him was a very tall and muscular young man. His blonde hair was slicked back, with occasional spiky strands jutting it in different directions. He has fierce eyes, but the most noticeable thing about him is the lightning-bolt shaped scar on his right eye. He wore a simple cloak, with a dark shirt under a long jacket. The jacket is closed by a single belt, with loose dark pants and boots.

"The Salamander," some bystanders muttered. "That's him."

"I heard about him," another bystander agreed. "Is that the master's grandson over there?"

Noticing the sudden crowd, the salmon-haired man bristled.

"So can we?" his voice was deep and confident, with a tinge of excitement.

"No," the other replied flatly. "I just got here."

"Oh c'mon," the Salamander guy started to protest. "Please?"

The blonde mage stared at him blankly before turning away.

"I don't have time for you," he murmured lowly. "I need to see jiji."

The crowd started to part as he took a step.

"Oi!" Salamander called. "Are you scared?"

There were small gasps as the headmaster's grandson turned around. Lucy saw his lips twitch into a small smirk.

"Your attempts to sway me are futile. But you should be."

Salamander grinned as his arm was suddenly engulfed in flames. Lucy's jaw fell open as Lisanna, who was right next to her, gripped Lucy's left arm.

"Should we stop them?" Lucy asked. "They're really close to the building."

"They would knock us out in a heartbeat," Levy mumbled. "Even if we tried, we won't be able to."

"Juvia is getting nervous," the other mumbled.

"Mira-nee," Lisanna muttered. "I should go get her."

She started to run off, leaving the girls to glance back at the scene in front of them.

The blonde guy (Lucy should really ask for their names) sneered. "This'll end quickly."

Salamander lunged at his opponent, only for him to sidestep. The crowd took a step back and let out yet another shriek as the blonde let out his arm. He raised two fingers and lightning began to spark between the two. It crackled with energy, and its pulse got stronger and stronger within each second. Pointing at the other mage, a stream of electricity began to be directed towards the other.

Bracing himself, the Salamander raised his arms and positioned himself in a defensive stance.

Before the lightning hit its target, the lightning froze. It froze for a few seconds before it dissipated entirely.

The Salamander's eyes widened. "What–?"

"I didn't do that." The blonde gritted his teeth. He was slightly peeved.

The Salamander pursed his lips. "Then who did?"

"That would be me."

The ground parted as a petite figure stepped forward. She had long blonde hair and green eyes. Despite the short stature, the fact that she stopped the lightning made Lucy knew that she is a force that shouldn't be reckoned with.

There are too many powerful mages in this school that Lucy could barely keep track.

"Laxus," her lips stretched into a smile. "I see you made it."

"Mavis." the guy named Laxus responded.

"Headmaster would be surprised when he hears that you were involved in the destruction of the building," Mavis smiled. "I think he would like to see you."

She turned towards the Salamander. "You too."

"Aw man," the salmon-haired man complained. "Alright."

Laxus simply nodded as he started to walk off with the other trailing after. He was a few steps away from the crowd when he was stopped by a slim young woman. By the looks of it, Lucy can tell she just arrived. She has long white hair curled slightly at the ends. Her bangs framed her face and reached down to her chest. She had large blue eyes and a tender smile.

Lucy was confident in her sex appeal, but this girl made her self-conscious.

"Mira." Laxus breathed. There was a small smirk upon his face.

"Hello," Mira smiled. "You didn't tell me earlier that you were on your way here."

"Sorry," he stepped forward, putting one arm over her shoulder. "I need to go see jiji. I'll see you shortly."

She hummed as he dropped his arm. The crowd soon dissipated, leaving the girls standing alone near the building. Lisanna came back running, panting heavily. Seeing her sister, she let out a weak laugh.

"Mira-nee, you got here so fast. I didn't get here on time did I?"

"The fight ended." Levy smiled.

Lisanna's older sister walked up slowly, smiling at the girls.

"It's great to see you girls. But I never seen you around before," her last statement was directed towards Lucy. "Is this your first year here?"

"Uh…" Lucy began to stammer. "Yes."

"My name is Mirajane. Lisanna's older sister," Mira's smiled widened. "It's great to meet you."

"It's great to meet you too," Lucy smiled.

"Juvia suggests we should go too," the blue-haired mage responded weakly. "That's enough for today."

The girls – including Mirajane – all agreed.


They were all heading back when Lucy decided to walk on her own.

"You guys go ahead," Lucy smiled. "I want to explore the school grounds."

"You sure?" Levy asked. "We could come with you if you want."

Lucy's eyes sparkled. "It'll be nice to have my own personal bodyguards," she started to joke. "But that's okay."

"Remember," Lisanna smiled. "Room 418."

"Got it," Lucy laughed. "But thanks."

The three started to walk towards the dormitories as Lucy bit her lip tentatively. She wanted to see the gardens. Where was it again? She had a map of the school, but it was back in the dorm.

She didn't want to ask the others to fetch it for her. Also, she wanted to find everything around her herself.

Mirajane, who was still right beside her, smiled lightly. "Do you want me to show you around?"

Lucy gave her an appreciative look. "Thanks." At least she didn't need to worry about stumbling blindly around campus. Lucy noticed the way the crowd was watching her. She was well respected, and it seems that Laxus respected her as well.

By the small commotion before, Lucy could tell that Laxus was one tough cookie.

Her thoughts were shattered at Mira's sudden question. "Where would you like to go?"

Oh right! Lucy's eyes widened slightly before stammering. "The gardens."

Mira gave a small nod before the two set off towards the designated area. It was silent almost the entire time, making it very awkward for the two. Lucy attempted to start a small conversation.

"Mira, is this your second year?"

"Ah, no," Mira laughed quietly. "I'm a senior. This would be my fourth."

"Wow that's amazing!" Lucy grinned. "You came as a freshman?"

"That's right." Mira smiled.

"You must be very powerful!"

"I know plenty of people who could beat me instantly," Mira blushed modestly. "It doesn't really matter when you start here. This school really does nurture every student."

"Even if so, I know there will definitely people who would judge you over when you start." Lucy muttered sadly.

"Don't say that," Mira comforted. "You're strong in your own right."

"How do you know that? We just met…" Lucy mumbled bitterly.

"If you're here then I know you're very much capable," Mira was undeterred. "Don't doubt yourself Lucy."

"With all these different kind of magic the students have, I'm starting to…"

"You'll get used to the atmosphere in no time," Mira smiled. "And here we are!"


The garden was almost designed like a labyrinth. Cyprus trees towered above the two, all trimmed in such a design that it resulted like a maze. It was almost just like the one back home, though a lot bigger and extravagant.

It was as if she was hit in the gut. She missed home.

"You miss home don't you?"

Lucy bit her lip.

"Uh huh."

Eyes softening, Mira patted her gently. "You'll like it here, trust me."

The two started to venture deeper and deeper into the greenery, and the two sat on a small bench. It was tranquil, with the birds chirping and the soft breeze. The garden was also pretty too, with beautiful multi-colored flowers everywhere.



"Were you nervous when you started?"

"Isn't everyone?" the senior laughed at Lucy's terrified expression. "Despite the title and reputation the school receives, this is a typical high school. Relax."

"But still…"

"Be more specific. What are you worried about?"

"I know this may sound weird, but…"


"My classes!" Lucy rambled. All the emotions that were bottled up suddenly poured out of her. "This is my junior year you know! And I was in another high school previously… I know all about the electives they have there, along with the different classes and the advanced courses… but this is a school exclusively for mages! I don't know where to start! Unlike some others, I'm not accustomed to the atmosphere!"

Mirajane blinked for a couple of seconds. Then she burst out laughing.

"You know, others normally worry about fitting in… not their grades..."

"That too!"

"You seem like a smart girl Lucy. You'll do fine."


"You want me to give you my secret?" Mira commented. She smiled at Lucy's stunned expression. "Arriving freshman year… it was a terrifying thing for me. I had no experience with high school prior, and the fact that I was away from my family… my brother and sister…" her voice broke. "I honestly wanted to just drop out. But then I joined a guild."

"A guild?" Lucy asked. What was she talking about? There are guilds scattered throughout the Fiore region, but they were usually involved in trade and commerce. Furthermore, the people in the guilds were definitely not high schoolers.

Mirajane was interested in trade and economics?

Mira laughed. "Oh, sorry. They didn't explain to you didn't they? There are guilds – or clubs, whichever you prefer – in the school. There are many guilds here, and you can join anyone you choose. There are some guilds that have certain requirements you must achieve in order to get in."

"Oh," Lucy's eyes lit up. She should definitely join one. "Which guild are you in?"

"Fairy Tail," she simply answered. "I was intrigued by the name and what it meant. Anyways, so I joined Fairy Tail, and I met people that I cared about and they cared about me in return. And here I am. Fairy Tail's a second family to me."

"Huh." Lucy smiled. "So you suggest for me to join a guild?"

"Well you don't have to," she smiled. "But there will always be a place where they would welcome you. Some students don't join guilds. It just depends on the person."

"Thank you Mira," Lucy thanked sincerely. "I'll take your thoughts under consideration."

"Since we're on good terms, I'll call you Luce then," she smiled, though it fell almost immediately. "Hang on." Narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips, Mira turned towards a bush. "Show yourself!"

What? But there's no one there…

Her thoughts were discarded when she heard a small snicker. A figure materialized, revealing a slim young woman of average height. She had pale skin and long, straight and glossy black hair, with some strands tied into a pair of bun-shaped loops on both sides of her head. Parts of it were also braided. She wore glossy dark lipstick. Her dark eyes glittered with interest.

"Hello Mira."


"Don't you have anything better to do? Being friends with a younger student…" Minerva laughed bitterly. "Pathetic!"

"Don't you have anything better to do then spying on us?" Mira retorted, eyes darkening.

"Just observing some new students," Minerva replied almost cheekily. Her slanted eyes focused on Lucy. "So you're Lucy right?"

"Yeah." Lucy blinked.

"Well, allow me to introduce myself," she grinned wickedly and mocked a curtsy. "Minerva Orlando. Senior."

"You're not wanted here." Mira interrupted.

Minerva's head whipped towards the other female. She gave her a dirty look.

"You know you're not as nice as they say you are." she scoffed.

"I have my reasons." Mira snapped.

Lucy watched silently as the two continued their little stare-down. The air was thick, and she could feel the two mages power emanating dangerously.

Mira tore away from her gaze as she looked at Lucy. She gave her a smile. "We should go. I think the others are going to worry about you."

"Okay." Lucy agreed quickly. She would rather be anywhere than here.

"The great Mirajane backing down?" Minerva laughed. "This is rich!"

"Clearly something like this would be entertaining for you," Mira muttered. "See you later."

The two started to walk away, but before they were out of earshot, they heard Minerva call.

"It was a pleasure to meet you, Lucy Heartfilia!"


The two continued to trek down the path. Lucy watched as Mira bit her lip.

"I'm sorry about that."

"About what?"

"Minerva. She's bad news. I suggest don't be friends with her. But whatever you do, don't be her enemy."


Mira smiled softly, as her eyes focused on something up ahead. She stopped.

Following her gaze, Lucy met the eyes of Laxus. His eyes were stormy as it seemed that he was talking to Mira silently.

"I'll see you later," Mira said. "My dorm is 536. If you need anything, you know where to find me."

Lucy grinned. "Thanks Mira."

"No problem," she blushed lightly at the wink Lucy gave her. "Ah, see you around!"

Mira started to jog to the male as he leaned down to whisper something to her ear. They started to walk off, hands brushing one another occasionally. Lucy smiled.

Young love.

Tearing her eyes away from the two, Lucy looked around, looking for the dormitories. Where was it again? Oh lord, she needed help. She spotted someone leaning against a tree, eyes closed.

Might as well ask for directions.

Walking up to him tentatively, Lucy's eyes narrowed, scrutinizing him carefully. Blonde hair... where did she see him before?

He was the same guy that was with that freshman girl. The one that she almost crashed into her when Levy ran off.

Lucy really needed to know these peoples' names.

Might as well start now. Plastering a fake smile on her face, Lucy walked up to him. "Hello."

The guy cracked one eye open.

"Um," Lucy's eyes flickered left to right. "I'm new here, and I'm kinda lost… which way back to the dorm?"

He watched her silently before hoisting himself up.

"You know you shouldn't be asking me for directions."

"Oh. Well," Lucy blinked. "Surely you know the way back."

He rested his back against the bark.

"And what makes you think that I'm going to tell you?"

"Because you're a nice person?" Lucy laughed weakly.

The guy cracked a small smile.

"Hey weren't you that girl who crashed into Wendy?"

The girl was named Wendy?

"Wait, she was the one-" she faltered as his eyes suddenly darkened. "Never mind. Yeah, I suppose."

His smile broadened a bit.

"Oh?" Lucy smiled shyly. "So you're Natsu?"

The guy snorted and smirked, one hand trailing up and down his body. Almost immediately, he lightened up.

"Like hell I would have that prissy name. Do you think my name would mean summer?"

Despite the cockiness in his voice, Lucy couldn't help but let out a very small chuckle. Oddly, he was like a breath of fresh air.

"Well, I guess you don't seem suitable for such a name."

Sting nodded as his smile dropped and extended his hand towards the blonde. "But then again though, I am pretty hot…"

Normally she would feel repulsed by such an arrogant teen, but this one made her smile. Perhaps it's because of the aloofness nature that seems to be emitting off of him. She can tell he is not very serious.

"Yeah keep telling yourself that," she laughed. "If you're not Natsu, then…"

He blinked surprised.

"Surely you have heard of me. Well!" he feigned a wounded look as he staggered back, to emphasis his point.

Ah. So he was a theatrical one maybe? Lucy tried to suppress yet another smile, though her attempts were frivolous. "Sorry to offend you, oh great one."

He smiled. "Name's Sting."

"Lucy. I'm new."

Sting let out a laugh. "Yeah. I've noticed."

Lucy's lips pressed together and shook his hand with her own.

Sting grinned lopsidedly as his head cocked to the right.


"How did you know?"

"Lucky guess." he smirked as Lucy blinked.

"Really now?"

He made an indignant noise at the back of his throat.

"Your friends back in the courtyard aren't exactly quiet you know."

Lucy's face lit up in recognition. "Ah okay."

He nodded awkwardly as he cleared his throat and his eyes flicked from side to side. "So I see you met Minerva?"

"Oh," Lucy raised her eyebrows. He must have witnessed that little confrontation earlier. But that was all the way in the gardens. How did he-?

"I have very good ears." He offered helpfully.

"What, are you guys, like, sleeping-buddies or something?" Lucy joked.

He laughed and leaned forward, face darkening and eyes lowering. "Maybe."

Lucy must have flashed an incredulous expression on her face because he pulled away, smirking with warmth laced with it.

"No, I never bedded her. She wishes she did."

"Anyways," Lucy's eyes flickered from left to right, anxious to change the topic. This was scandalous terrain they were walking on and she needed to get away – fast. "Ah… so if you're not Natsu, then who is he?"

"Anxious to know more about my cousin I see," his eyes flashed with interest momentarily before being concealed with a solemn one. "You know that guy earlier who had that fire around him like it was consuming him? The guy who had pink hair and seemingly-red eyes?"

"Oh!" Lucy smiled. "I heard they called him the Salamander?"

"If he was literally a salamander I would like him more," he laughed. "He's the guy you're looking for. Natsu."

"Oh," Lucy gulped as he gave her a predatory gaze. So he's a dragon slayer too. "Eh?"

"Why are you so interested in him? You one of his fangirls?"

They have fangirls? What? Lucy smiled awkwardly. "Ah… no… I ran into Wendy earlier. She asked for Natsu, so I just assumed…"

"Well if you are attending classes here, you'll know him soon enough," he smirked as his eyes sparkled. "We're notorious here ya know."

"Nice to hear." Lucy laughed weakly.

"You know, you're not that bad. I like you kid," he grinned. "It was nice talking to you. But I gotta go. Catch ya later!"

He took a couple of steps, before walking back and whispering in her ear.

"Keep walking down that path. You'll find the dorms soon enough."

And with that, the blonde dragon slayer walked off, rendering the other blonde speechless.


With a harrumph, the girl collapsed on the couch. Raising her eyebrows, the other mage glanced at her.

"Chelia. What is it this time?"

Chelia is a young girl who has blue eyes and an innocent pale face. She was petite in size, and her pink hair was tied in pigtails with orange bows. She wore a pale blue mini skirt and a pink top.

"I tried everything," the girl moaned unhappily. "Lyon is still yet to notice me!"

Gray Fullbuster, who was sitting on the opposite side of the couch, looked up momentarily.

"With him fawning over Juvia, I wouldn't be surprised," he grumbled. "And with her constantly bugging me, I'm always smack dead in the middle…"

Chelia's cousin, Sherry, let out a laugh. She had long pink hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a black vest top and a matching skirt.

"Oh you know you like it."

"Actually, no not really…"

Chelia pouted as she looked out the window. "I'm jealous of Juvia."

Sherry sighed as she gave her cousin sympathetic glance.

"I have no time for this…" Gray growled as he abruptly left the room.

Chelia blinked, slightly confused as she watched him storm out.

"What's up with him?"

Sherry bit her lip, before it turned in a small yet sneaky smile.

"I have no idea…"

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