a short, post-TAHITI Skimmons ficlet, because that episode was damn fantastic

When Skye wakes, barely cracks open her eyes and lets the light filter through, it's Jemma waiting there for her. And she doesn't know why her mind provides that name, when the girl went from Simmons to Jemma, but also doesn't quite care.

"Jem" is all she can manage, voice weak but resolute, and immediately Jemma looks over with something like amazement.

"Skye. You're awake." She stands to run and call the rest of the team, just like Skye knew she would. It was so kind, so thoughtful. So Jemma. And she finds herself smiling even though it hurt.

The room is small to begin with, but soon enough it's more than crowded, the entire team plus some unfamiliar faces bumping shoulders and craning their necks. It's a flurry of questions and exclamations that Skye can't even begin to decipher, and she ends up shrugging and shaking her head almost continuously.

Then it calms, leaving simply Skye and one of the unknown agents.

"Agent Triplett," he offers, and Skye responds with a nod. "It's great that you're okay."

He seems to hesitate then, Skye notices, before deciding to continue. "She's been in your room all day and all night," Triplett adds, and it takes a moment for Skye to figure out who he's speaking about. Jemma. "She said she couldn't live without you."

There's something in his tone that means something, and although she's lucid enough to glean that she cannot figure out its significance. But right then Jemma enters, and Skye's attention is drawn away.

She looks beautiful, Skye realizes, the thought striking her quickly. She looked entirely flustered and worried and disheveled, and she would be horrified at her appearance at that moment, but she looked beautiful.

And she gets it, gets Triplett. "Me neither."

He laughs quietly and goes to leave, not missing the grateful smiles both girls offer him.