A/N: My first Frozen upload, which will be a series of one-shots or short multi-chapter stories about Anna and Elsa, before, during and after the events of Frozen. I wanted to give them some stories that just focus on them rebuilding their relationship as sisters, that didn't focus on Elsa's powers so much. Hope you enjoy it, and more will be coming soon!

Written from Elsa's POV…

The knock on my door shocks me, nearly to the point I fall off my bed. I glance out of my window, the sun barely peeking over the mountains on the horizon. It's very early, too early for the staff to be rapping on my door, unless it was an emergency.

No, I think to myself, they know they can come in immediately if that were the case.

Then who? I rise, waving away the icy patterns that coat my floors and ceilings, both practise of my abilities and a way to pass the time on the days I rise too early to go for breakfast immediately. I pull open the door, both confused and happy at the face I find waiting for me.


I'm barely out of bed, my nightgown still hanging loosely around me, my hair pushed up out my face and braid over one shoulder. Yet my serial late riser of a sister is fully dressed, hair neat and everything! I peek out of my door, hoping there's no staff patrolling my corridor. Thankfully, there's nobody out there but my little sister, whose carrying a tray of…

"Is that breakfast?" I ask, stepping backwards to allow her to walk into my room, carefully balancing the hot tea and pastries she must have gotten from the kitchens. I can't help but notice how she peers around my bedroom, eager to try and fill the gaps in her knowledge of well… me that 13 years of isolation has left her with. She placed the tray down on my desk, the metal falling with more of a clatter than she intended, judging by her jump at the noise.

"Yeah! I didn't know if you'd be busy with meetings and stuff, so… I thought I'd come with a treat and check and if you're not busy, I thought maybe we could spend the day together? I mean, if you want to be alone today that's totally okay, or if you've got other plans or whatever_" I recognise that she's about to start rambling, her nerves around me sometimes bubbling up when she has a request. I'm thankful it doesn't happen too often these days. I raise my hand to press a finger against her lips, effectively pausing her midsentence.

"Anna. This is lovely. Thank you."

"Is there a 'but' at the end of that?" She mumbles against my finger. I can hear disappointment creeping into her voice, the edges of her smile threatening to dip at the thought of her plans being discarded for my work.

"No! Well, yes, but just a little bit. I do have one meeting today with some honey traders about supplying the Spring Festival, but once that's over, I'd love to spend the day with you."

"Yay!" she actually hops in excitement, and I can feel excitement swelling in my chest as well as I watch her. Anna's emotions are always infectious to me, "I bought enough up for two, I hope you don't mind. I can take it to my room if you're getting dressed or something?"

"No, it's okay. We can have a picnic in here," I pause, then, as an afterthought, I tap her nose sternly as I add, "As long as you don't get crumbs in my bed again!"

Her giggle is worth it, and she hurries back my desk, pouring out two cups of tea and handing me one. I hold it beneath my chin, my skin especially sensitive to the heat as steam curls upwards and warms my face. I breathe it in, humming in appreciation as I smell the familiar scent of my favourite blend, "You used the tea from Corona? I thought we'd run out!"

"We had, but I asked the staff to send a message to Princess Rapunzel to bring more for your coronation, since you like it so much. I was going to surprise you with it that evening, after the party, but… well, things got a bit hectic, didn't they?"

She shrugs, brushing off the matter, like it means nothing. But it does.

I've never mentioned to her like I like Corona tea the best. Even when the door separated us, she managed to work out what tea I liked. Still determined to be my sister, not a stranger who shared my home but not my life. The question falls from my lips before I can stop it.

"But how..?"

"No one else in the castle drank tea, apart from me, Mama and Papa. After they died, the tea cabinet still ran out of that one long before it should have, if it had only been me drinking it. It didn't take much to figure it out," she looks down at her mug, embarrassed, "I was just trying to get to know you better."

"No, Anna. It's… That's so good of you. I'm lucky to have you."

Her tea is discarded upon the nearest flat surface, and she throws her arms around me, hugging me tightly. I feel myself flinch at the contact, the years of not touching another soul leaving a lasting impression upon me; the fear of causing her harm remains lodged in my subconscious, as I suspect it will for months, if not years to come. I feel frost form on the back of my hands, the panic breaking through my newly found control. But Anna knows this, through my whispered confession some weeks before at an impromptu sleepover in her room, and her arms around my back stop me from pulling away, and her quiet utterance of "it's okay," calm my heart rate, and the frost melts away. My arms curl around her, and I press a kiss to her cheek.

"Come on. We'd best get on with this picnic if I've got to be in this meeting by 9:30!" I pull back, grabbing her hand and pulling her to my bed, "Make yourself comfy - not on my side you pest! – and you can help me do my hair if you'd like, since you're all ready to go. It's a mess today."

Anna grins widely, flopping herself back onto my pillows, her legs still taking up a good proportion of the side she knows I prefer, "You look beautiful anyway Elsa. You should wear your hair like that for formal things, everyone knows you have that look now."

I blush at the compliment, and hand her both her tea and one of the jam filled pastries she brought up. I perch on the end of my bed, nibbling at a French bread thing with chocolate inside. "Yes well, I have a certain image to maintain as Queen unfortunately. I suppose it just helps me separate Elsa and the Queen of Arendelle, y'know? Anyway, looking formal keeps all those men in their place. Have you heard the latest gossip? Me being unfit as a single woman to keep the throne?!"

"Ugh, really? The last 'suitor' tried to kill us both, and it's none of their business who of if you date anyway!" Anna complained through a mouth full of food, "You'd think they'd move on from such silly ideas…"

"Indeed. Not that I have any plans to find myself anyone anytime soon."

Anna giggled softly, "You don't plan for it Elsa, it just happens! Like me and Kristoff!"

"Like Kristoff and I, Anna. There's no excuse for poor grammar."

"Shush you, don't avoid the point. But I know that's not your priority, so that's cool," the younger princess conceded, stuffing what remained of her breakfast into her mouth in one, decidedly unladylike go, "You're doing a great job as Queen all on your own."

Smiling broadly again, I unpick my braid quietly as Anna talks about her plans for the coming weekend. The simplicities of family life had been lost to me for years, but, by spending time with my sister, I find myself falling into them easily.

Like we've never been apart.

And I'm glad, thankful even, we can feel that way again.