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Chapter One – May 8th 1999

Baby Surprise!

"I'm pregnant…" Draco Malfoy paused looking at the other boy's face. Harry Potter's expression turned from surprize to horror in a manner of seconds as he studied Draco for signs of jest.

"How is this possible?" he asked in disbelief rubbing his temples as the room grew warmer.

"I don't know! I didn't know it was possible! But I'm pretty sure it's yours from when we…." He trailed off blushing, which was impressive on his pale skin. He loosened his green and silver tie and sat down on the bed next to Harry. Sparks flew between them and the boys blushed even more.

"Someone's cursed us…haven't they?" Harry cleared his throat and tried to come up with a reason how this could have happened.

"Maybe…but whom? Who knows about…us?" Draco said in a strained voice, acutely aware of the closeness of Harry's hand resting on the bed next to his thigh.

"I only told Hermione…I didn't even tell Ron." Harry assured him taking a deep breath. The smell of Draco's shampoo filled his nose and he winced with restraint. The air around them felt like it was electrified.

"I didn't tell anyone." Draco swore, tracing the line of Harry's jaw with his eyes and noticing the way the afternoon sun streaming in the window of the dorm room made his dark hair glimmer.

"How did you find out?" Harry asked looking seriously into his stormy grey eyes.

"Well…after we…you know," He took a breath. "I started feeling sick and very tired for a couple of days, then I noticed this…" He pulled his shirt loose from his slacks, exposing his lower stomach. A small even, protrusion was growing there, prominent on his normally athletic form.

"But it's only been a week since…" Harry gasped.

"I went to Madame Pomfrey…she said judging by the current progress, the baby could be delivered by the end of next week." He said in a panicked voice.

"But how….duh…magic. I shouldn't be surprised by it anymore, but this…"he said shaking his head. He reached out to touch the small bump. Draco gave a small hiss with pleasure as he touched him and lay back on the bed. Harry grinned and pushed his shirt further of his chest, running his hands up this smooth, pale skin.

"You're having my baby" Harry growled his voice becoming husky with arousal. He lowered his head, to rest his ear on the small lump. Draco's hips rose automatically to meet him. He could hear a small shuffling noise inside, as if he could hear his baby growing. He turned his head and pressed his lips gently to his skin, causing the blonde to sigh happily. Harry wasted no more time and made quick work of his belt buckle and zipper, exposing his emerald satin boxer shorts. Draco sat up quickly placing a hand on his lovers head.

"Should we?" He asked concerned.

"You're already pregnant, what more trouble can you get into?" he asked sincerely and Draco shrugged laying back down on the bright red, Gryffindor bedspread and helped him to remove his pants and kicked of his shoes and socks. Harry stood to remove his own clothes and Draco unbuttoned his white shirt and wiggled out of it. Harry dipped down and planted another kiss his swelling belly, then moved to the swelling in his boxers. He licked a line along the elastic waistband causing the blonde to wiggle with pleasure.

"Harrrrry" he whined in a heated voice urging him forward. They had only been together once before and they had be reserved, unsure and cautious, this time would be different. Harry confidently gripped the garment between them and pulled. He grinned happily at the site on the bed before him. This blonde Slytherin boy was naked, ready for him. He captured his hard member in one hand, and used his foreskin to rub over his sensitive head. Draco writhed, gripping the sheets and Harry's body pulsed at the sight. This beautiful creature would soon give him a family, one of the only things he ever wanted growing up, family that loved him. He would always be there for his child and Draco if he would let him. He worked up a good rhythm on his soft spot and took pleasure in stopping suddenly just to watch him shake and gasp with the sudden change in sensation; sometimes the absence of sensation is as powerful as the touch itself. Draco started to thrust his hips into Harry's hand and he could tell he was getting close. He stopped again suddenly and Draco gasped and gritted his teeth. Harry sat down on the each of the bed next to him with his feet firmly on the hard wood floors.

"Come here" He ordered. Draco wasted no time in climbing into Harry's lap, putting one knee either side of Harry's hips, the blonde wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck and engaged him in a passionate kiss.

"Lube…" Harry gasped when they broke their kiss to breathe. Draco bent his slender body towards the bedside table, without leaving his lap and wiggled the draw open grabbing the small bottle of lube and sitting up. Harry lent back on his hands and admired the view; this boy who had once been his enemy was now eagerly applying the slippery liquid with a look of desire on his face.

"Are you sure about this?" Draco whispered as he chucked the bottle onto the bed next to them.

"I have never been so sure of anything in my life" Harry grinned and sitting up, he captured the other boy's lips again while pressing the tip of his penis to Draco slippery entrance. Draco rocked eagerly, accepting his girth. The pair sat still for a moment entangled together, just enjoying the sensation of being as close as they can be.

"I think I love you" Harry whispered into Draco's neck. Draco pulled back looking his lover in the face for reassurance. Harry smiled lovingly at him and pushed a little deeper inside. Draco let his head roll back, enjoying every inch.

"I love you too" he gasped at the celling, bracing himself on Harry's shoulders he move his hips up and down, riding his cock with abandon. Harry could talk no more as Draco's muscles clenched around him. As their rhythm increased so did their noises, Harry covered Draco's mouth as he moaned loudly, Harry bit his tongue and grunted with effort. Sweat began to bead on their skins, which glisten in the afternoon sunlight. It didn't take the boys long to reach the point of no return, Harry gripped Draco's hips now and push as deep as he could before empting his load into his lover at the same time Draco was exploding over Harry's well defined abs. The two collapsed back onto the bed, breathing heavily and cuddled naked together on Harry's bed.

"What are we going to do?" Harry asked after a while. Draco raised his head from Harry's chest to look him in the face.

"Have a shower?" Draco asked with a grin. Harry raised an eyebrow at him and chuckled.

"Well…yes. But I mean with the baby?" He asked becoming serious. Draco sat up, pulling his knees up to his chest, fear leaking into his features. "Where will we go? How will we hide it from the rest of the school? Or those who would wish us harm?" Harry continued firing of questions before he could answer. Draco put a finger to Harry's lips to quiet him.

"We will talk to the Headmistress. She will know what to do. No doubt Madame Pomfrey has informed her by now, perhaps she already has a plan?" He wondered hopefully, because he sure as hell had no idea what would happen next.

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