Premonition - Invisible ties

Two sleeping dragons – one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons' awakening – and the worlds ending.

(Unknown Altar)


That was the battle cry of the young blue haired swordsman as he charged towards his opponent, followed closely behind by a light browned haired lad of around similar age. His eyes focused on the man in the sorcerer garb front of him, his fiendish red eyes staring back into the blue eyes he possessed. Gripping his sword with both hands he made a swift stokes towards the red-eyed man, but despite his swiftness the tall sorcerer proceeded to sidestep his first swing then spin to avoid the next swipe from the blue haired youths' blade. As the youth swung again as the sorcerer spun around the sorcerer's hands started to crackle with what appeared to be purple like lighting. Turning back to face the lad he raised his hand the lighting appearing to catch the blade. The blue haired boy grunted in frustration as this happened as the sorcerer grinned slightly and started to swing his arm around appearing to try to throw the weapon out of his opponent's hands. As they struggled however the sorcerer out of the corner of his eye spotted the brown-haired boy charging a yellow-orange ball of energy in his hand apparently using the blue haired boy as a diversion to gather energy for the spell.

However the sorcerer was no fool, and with a flick of his wrist he intensified the force of the spell in his hand causing the blue haired youth to slide back a bit. However that was all the sorcerer needed as he raised his hand summoning immediately a ball of dark energy, which with another flick of his wrist shot towards the blue haired youth. At the last second however the youth rolled forward dodging the blast and swing his sword aiming to slice him in two. However as he looked up to see his target he saw the sorcerer had disappeared from that spot and reappeared a split second later above them, another ball of dark magic aimed at them.

"Up there!" he shouted to his brown-haired companion who upon hearing his warning looked up just in time to see the sorcerer fired the spell downward in a huge blast of magic. However the blue haired youths warning was enough for the brown-haired youth to react, jumping away while at the same time taking aim at the sorcerer floating in the air. Suddenly from his hand a blast of lighting shot forward aiming directly for the sorcerer's heart. However just seconds from impact the blast phased through him as he teleported again the lighting blasting the ceiling.

For a split second neither of the two youths knew where the sorcerer had disappeared too. However that question was quickly answered as the brown-haired youth saw his companion barely raise his sword to block a sudden blast of dark magic coming at him from his right. With no time to prepare for the force of the spell this time the blue haired youth was blasted into one the altars pillars, his sword canceling out the spell and sparing him most of the damage. However the attack had taken the wind outta him as he struggled to get back on his feet using his sword as a crutch.

However the sorcerer was not going to wait as the brown-haired youth turned to see him produce a huge purple sphere of dark magic, planning to finish him off while he was regaining his breath. Laughing as he prepared to snuff out the young swordsman's life with one blast.


With that said he released it the blast coming in too fast for the still shaken swordsman to dodge. However the brown-haired youth was already prepared firing another blast lighting at the sorcerers attack. The two spells collided in midair a few feet from the blue haired youth canceling each other out, producing a small dust cloud from the force of the two spells. As the dust settled the brown-haired boy's green eyes and the sorcerers red eyes locked, neither saying a single word as the sorcerer gave a slight 'hmph' sound as if he was irritated with his meddling.

The browned haired youth seeing his blue haired companion finally recover his breath quickly raced over to his side as the sorcerer teleported towards the back of the ruins standing near a large dragon stature like shrine smirking a bit as the two youths stared him down from across the room.

"Can you still fight Chrom?" The brown-haired youth asked his blue haired friend.

"Yeah… it takes a lot more than that to keep me down, especially when the stakes are this high" He replied back as he raised his sword "How about you Ryan?"

"I'm hanging in there" he replied back his right hand gripping his Thoron tome a bit tighter now "Still I can't believe how strong this guy is" he said staring at the sorcerer with frustration clearly written on his face.

Seeing this the sorcerer gave an evil snicker, his long fingers curling as his eyes focused on the pair or to be more precise Ryan. "Why do you resist?" he spoke to them with a maniac like smile "You cannot unwrite what is already written, struggle all you want but nothing will change" he added.

Ryan the brown-haired youth clutched his free hand tightly into a fist at the sorcerers' words. From the way he had stared at him it was obvious that his words were more directed at him than Chrom. As much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to doubt it was possible to stop the sorcerer's plans, and that he would-

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a hand on his shoulder. He looked to see Chrom staring at him with a friendly but serious expression on his face.

"Ryan, don't listen to him he's only trying to weaken your will" Chrom said stepping in front of him readying his sword. "Your one of us Ryan and no destiny can change that, now let's kill this dastard and be done with it" Chrom said to him his voice full of confidence in their ability to win. It was one of his talents, and it was something Ryan respected as Chrom was a brave man, and a loyal friend. Seeing him full of confidence made Ryan smile softly a bit as he stepped forward as well standing side by side with his closest friend.

"Your right Chrom lets end this here and now" Ryan said as both he and Chrom prepared to attack the sorcerer again with weapons at the ready. A few seconds after they did both rushed towards the sorcerer again, there movements in perfect harmony with each other.

Seeing that the sorcerer charged up another blast of dark magic firing it directly at them. However Instead of dodging Ryan charged up another blast of lighting and fired it straight at the incoming dark magic attack, canceling them out again. This in turn caused another cloud of dust to form obscuring the sorcerer's vision of the pair. However he knew the only way they could come was towards him as he prepared another blast. As he thought Chrom appeared first through the cloud, but before he could laugh his spell a lighting blast shot towards him from inside the dust cloud barely missing Chroms side but locked on target with him. With a panicked grunt he fired his blast quickly at Ryan's attack canceling out them both again, but creating another cloud of dust in the process blinding him. However he knew Chrom was still there and barely jumped back in time to avoid his aerial downward strike. Chrom didn't stop however, giving him no time to think as he charged swiping at him. The sorcerer was able to dodge the first blow but was unable to dodge the second as he was slashed across the shoulder, yelling in pain as he quickly teleported away from Chrom as Ryan ran up to meet him.

"Damn you!" The sorcerer shouted to them, his once cocky like attitude replaced by anger at being wounded. Clutching his shoulder which was bleeding hard he started to channel his magic from the purple tome in his hand his body starting to produce a dark purple aura. His eyes glowed a bit as both Chrom and Ryan saw he started to produce an even stronger dark magic attack then they had seen him do yet.

"Not good" Ryan said as he prepared a spell as well "Chrom get back!" he shouted as the sorcerer fired the blast towards them, with twice the speed as normal. Ryan immediately fired his Thoron spell at the dark magic blast. However this time the sorcerers spell wasn't canceled but instead diverted towards Ryan's right and Chrom barely jumped away as the spell hit the ground near Ryan blasting him backward a few feet.

"Ryan no!" Chrom shouted as Ryan laid on the floor not moving. However he had no time to check on him as the sorcerer teleported directly in front of Chrom. Chrom attempted to slice him in two right then with his sword, but like before he caught it and this time with a swift swing of his arm ripped the weapon outta Chroms hands with it landing a fair distance away. From there the sorcerer prepared another blast, but Chrom was quick to react and leaped outta the way as the blast barely missed him. From there he lunged for his weapon, but with a quick blast of magic from the sorcerer Chrom was blown away from his sword, rolling a bit as he hit the ground.

The sorcerer's smirk returned in full force now seeing the lad trying to get up again. With one hand raised in the air he started to create a much bigger blast then before, wanting to make sure Chrom didn't get back up this time.

"It's as I said, you can't change destiny!" the sorcerer shouted as he prepared to fire the spell.

However just a spilt second faster than he could act a blast of lighting was shot at him blasting a hole through his stomach. This sudden mortal injury made the sorcerer lose control of all that energy in the spell he was creating, and within seconds the spell exploded in his hand engulfing him in his own attack. Screaming out as he did.

Chrom blinked a few times not sure what happened until he saw a familiar face running over to him. He smiled softly as he was offered a hand by Ryan, which he gladly took to help him get on his feet.

"Sorry I was late" Ryan said smiling as well as both turned to face the sorcerer. Surprisingly his body remained intact after the blast, but both could see without a doubt that he was fatally wounded. His body engulfed by purple flames he slowly fell on his knees and then fell face first unto the ground, not moving.

Seeing him fall the two friends breathed a sigh of relief. For Chrom and especially Ryan this was an important victory, for they had done it, they had altered their destiny.

However just as Chrom was about to speak a demonic voice shouted out in defiance.

"Urragh this isn't over, DAMN YOU BOTH!"

Ryan was the first to see it; the sorcerer had managed to get back up on his knees and with the last of his strength fire one more blast of magic at the unsuspecting Chrom. Ryan with no time to think shoved Chrom out of the way, the dark blast filling his vision as he took the blast head on. The attack sent him flying backwards about a couple of feet, his body flying a few feet away before landing on his back everything going black for a few seconds.

When his senses returned to him Ryan saw Chrom rushing over to him in a blind panic.

"You alright?!" Chrom asked a panicked look on his face sweat covered in cold sweat searching for signs of life in his friend. When Ryan slowly gave him a nod Chrom calmed down a bit and helped him sit up. Just in time for Ryan to see the Sorcerer's body disappear in a cloud of purple smoke.

"That's the end of him…. Thanks to you we carry the day, we can rest easy now, at long last" Chrom said helping Ryan get up on his feet. However as he did Ryan suddenly felt a pulse of energy shoot through him, followed by another. Suddenly his vision turned red as he looked at Chrom, it was then that Ryan realized he couldn't control his body anymore.

The minute Chrom looked back at him his joyful smile disappeared as he saw Ryan's eyes had turned red, almost as if he….

"What's wrong, hey hang on-

It happened in an instant, Chrom's eyes turned wide as saucers as his words got caught in his mouth. His body staggered backwards a bit revealing he had been stabbed in a vital spot by a lighting spear. A lighting spear that Ryan had created. As Chrom tried to keep on his feet one of his hand clutching the spear impaling his body Ryan's eyes swiftly returned to normal. Neither spoke for what felt like a minute as Ryan looked down at his hand which still crackled with electricity. He then turned back to Chrom his eyes filled with shock and horror at what he had just done.

"This is not your… your fault… promise me… your escape from this place… please… go….." with that said Chrom's knees gave out and he collapsed his life fading in an instant. Chrom, his best friend… was dead.

Ryan backed away slowly from Chrom's lifeless body shaking his head slightly in shock. A few seconds after that he hit his knees before staring at the ground, tears slowly falling from his eyes. Chrom was dead, and he had been the one who killed him.

No, he had been forced, forced by the monster that now lived inside of him.

"It's no use…." Ryan said softly his voice filled with despair "I…. we… can't change destiny" he said softly to himself as he suddenly went quiet. A minute after that he slowly got to his feet his eyes glowing red in the darkness of the room, smiling at the sight of Chrom's corpse.

Inside his body the person known as Ryan was dead and a new being took his place, laughing in its moment of triumph.