Character X Reader.

The character is Dashan Wang (Da Xiang Wang) from Beyblade metal masters, from the Chinese team Wang Hu Zhong with the reader.

The reader which is you is also a beyblader and the information below is your profile.

Name: Misaki Xia Zhong (misaki means beautiful blossom, Xia means hero and Zhong means Loyal middle. You can change the name if you want to)

Hair: Long, straight jet black that reaches past her waist with a few yellow highlights on her bangs which fall on her forehead and some yellow streak on her longer length hair. (Search Traditional Japanese 'Princess Hair Style' on google and try to match the description given if you want to see what the hair style looks like)

Eyes: Emerald Green just like Dashan's.

Clothing: Plain silky red Chinese blouse and White jacket unbuttoned and the sleeves reach up to the elbow. She wears fingerless gloves exactly like Dashan's. She wears White Skinny Jeans and the same shoes as Dashan but her ones are red. She is sometimes seen wearing a red tank top and a pair of lose white pants that end just above the ankle (like Dashan) and a white unbuttoned coat with yellow fur on the sleeves that go up to the wrist.

Parents: Deceased. Mother - Japanese. Father - Chinese.

Personality: Proud, Loyal, is Respectable, Kind and Giving to those she knows and cares about. Strong and Calm beyblader with intense spirit when battling and is swift, graceful and very determined when it comes to beyblade. Shares knowledge with close ones to help them improve. Displays friendship to tolerable people but has a special place in her heart for her close ones. Can be harsh if someone hurts her loved ones or wants something good for them. Proud of her training in Beylin Temple.

Beyblade: Rock Aries R145CS

Type: Defense

Friends: Too many to name but some of them are Gingka, Mei-Mei, Masamune, Madoka, Tsubasa and Yu. (Dashan and her haven't met yet).

Rivals: Gingka Hagane and Julian Konzern.

Enemies: Johannes.

Crush: Dashan (later in the story)

This is the character profile in the next Chapter the story will begin.