Chapter 4 - Training and Battles part 2

Misaki's POV

I knew Enlai had a crush on me. Heck, I knew the whole of Ling's gang had a crush on me, but they don't know that I know that, so I used it to my advantage.

"Okay, thanks for battling with me Enlai, and please don't hold back, I may be a bit rusty though, after all, I haven't battled for nearly half a year," I said, adding a cute smile at the end which made his face turn a shade of red that would put tomatoes to shame.

"I-It's okay, M-Misaki, I would love to h-help y-you" he said. Poor boy, still can't stop the stuttering.

"Okay then, are you ready?" I asked. He nodded. I spotted Team Wang hu Zhong and Ling on the sidelines, watching us.




"Let it RIP" we all shouted. In no time our beys were clashing head on. When our beys hit each other, I quickly analyzed his strength and power. He was fairly strong but in a few moves and he will be out of the stadium before he knows it, so I decided to play a bit and let him knock me around for a while.

"Aries, you know what to do" I said.

Da Xiang's POV

"Aries you know what to do" Misaki said. I gotta say, in the short time I've known her, I kind of admire her strength and bey spirit. What she did for Mei-Mei was really noble, and she is just so cute. Hang on, I don't say cute.

I feel like I've known her forever, we're so similar, yet so different, she definitely holds my interest, it would be awesome if we had her on our team, by my, I mean our side.

Looking at the battle, she seems to have slowed down considerably like she was about to be knocked out any second. Her beautiful face didn't give any indication that she was worried in the slightest. Hmmm.

"Wow, you're really really strong and I like that" said Misaki

Misaki's POV

"Wow, you're really really strong and I like that", I said, giving him the cutest smile ever.

"I also love, how you launched your bey, you must be very strong physically," I said.

Poor Enlai blushed, but then he puffed his chest up. I looked confused at the sudden change of posture. Even everyone else looked confused.

"Well, I do, do weight training every day, it helps when you launch you bey" he said in a slightly smug tone.

I gave him another smile when I noticed that I accidentally dropped something. I bent down to pick it up, everyone gave me questioning glances.

"I just dropped something" I said, as an answer. They all nodded.

When I bent down to pick it up, I noticed Enlai looking at me with something in his eyes that I've seen many guys have when I walk by.


Da Xiang's POV

When Misaki was about to bend down, we all gave her questioning looks.

"I just dropped something" she said, and we all nodded.

When she bent down, I noticed the look that Enlai was giving her, and let me tell you I didn't like it one bit. I subconsciously tightened my fist 'till my knuckles turned white. I didn't even notice the smirks Ling, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin and Chiy-un were giving me. I remember seeing my fangirls give me that kind of look when I walk by.


Normal POV

Misaki didn't like the look that Enlai was giving her and raised an eyebrow in question.

He just licked his lips in reply and winked.

Misaki looked at him, disgusted. Da Xiang did as well, that's when Ling, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin and Chiy-un noticed what Enlai was doing. He was making Misaki uncomfortable.

When Enlai thought Misaki was weak enough, he asked.

"How about we make a bet?"

"What kind of bet?" she asked.

"If I win, you give me something and if you win i'll give you something." he replied.

"What are the stakes?" asked Misaki.

Team Wang hu Zhong and Ling, were quiet the whole time, listening to their conversation.

"If I win you will be my girlfriend and I'll have my way with you for and if you win, well I'll let you pick" he said.

Mei-Mei let out a loud gasp, "No, Misaki don't do it, and hang on what do mean by have your way with her?" she asked.

"Oh, I think you know what I mean" said Enlai, licking his lips again and giving a wink.

Everyone else looked angry and Da Xiang just looked down right furious

"Sure, I accept, if I win, you will stay away from me for the rest of your life, deal?" she asked.

"Deal" replied Enlai.

"Misaki, what are you doing? You can go against the dare and use your special move Misaki, don't lose" said Ling.

"Oh Ling, do you actually think I need special moves to beat this sick bastard? Well just so you know, I don't"

"Your bey is wobbling like it's going to stop any second, you have no chance of beating me" said Enlai, smirking. "Special move, water wave" he shouted.

It was misaki turn to smirk.

"Bey Teleport" she said. "Use solid Iron wall" she shouted.

Just when Enlai's special attack hit, Misaki's plan was put into action.

When the smoke cleared, they saw Enlai's bey wobbling and Misaki's bey was nowhere to be seen. There was a huge crack on the corner which no one saw except for Misaki.

"Nooooooo" shouted Mei-Mei. Da Xiang was as angry as hell, he was about to storm up there and steal Misaki away, when he noticed the smile Misaki had. He gave her a confused stare. She replied with a look that said "Wait and see".

"Yesssssssss! I win babe" said Enlai and commanded his bey to return.

"I win by forfeit" said Misaki.

"What, no you don't!" shouted Enlai.

"Actually I do, let me explain, you returned your bey without the match finishing" she said.

"What the hell do mean? the match is finished." said Enlai.

"no it isn't, observe" said Misaki pointing at the crack.

Enlai and everyone else looked at the crack, there was a whizzing sound and out jumped misaki's beyblade, looking fine.

"Noooooooooo" shouted Enlai.

He walked over to Misaki and grabbed her wrist.

"That was a dirty trick, so I win" he said. Misaki was about to retort.

"No, you returning your bey without checking for the other bey was just a stupid move, she wins, so back off" cut in Da Xiang. His voice was harsh, that it had Enlai frightened, but his grip on Misaki's hand didn't loosen. Misaki and Da Xiang both gritted their teeth in annoyance.

"I don't care, she's mine" said Enlai.

"She won the bet fairly, so you either remove your hands or I'll remove them for you" said Da Xiang, his voice deathly calm but still had a edge to it. It made Enlai shiver, Misaki couldn't help but think. 'He sounds and looks so hot when he's angry'. By now the rest of them which were Mei-Mei, Chiy-un, Chao Xin and Ling were quietly seething.

When Enlai's grip on Misaki's arm loosened, Da Xiang took that moment to pull Misaki back, lightly. She easily fit into his arms and he put an arm around her waist. Misaki put a hand on his side, and leaned her head on his chest. They both didn't even notice what they were doing. Ling, Mei-Mei, Chao Xin and Chiy-un looked shocked. To any passerby, they would have looked like an actual couple. "Leave" Da Xaing and Misaki said together.

Enlai just looked at them and ran away.

They all let out a breath of relief. Misaki and Da Xiang still didn't realize the position they were in.

"Misaki are you okay?" asked Ling. "I'm so sorry about Enlai, if it makes you feel better, I'll kick him out of our gang"

"That's okay Ling, he changed from when we were kids, hasn't he? and where the hell did that sudden boost of confidence come from?"

"I have no idea" replied Ling.

"oh Misaki, you had no idea how worried I was" exclaimed Mei-Mei.

"It's okay mi-mi, no harm, no foul right?"

"Yeah I suppose" she replied.

"Glad you're okay" said Chiy-un and Chao Xin.

"Let's get some rest then we'll start our training in our pairs" said Ling.

Everyone agreed, then left, Da Xiang and Misaki were still standing there in each other's arms thinking how warm it is. Before Mei-Mei left she said

"Take good care of Misaki, Da Xiang". Misaki blushed and Da Xiang nodded in return.

When Mei-Mei left, they were the last ones in the room.

Then they finally realized what position they were in. They both blushed and jumped apart.

Da Xiang coughed a bit before saying "We should go rest before we start training, we'll meet by the arm training exercise area, okay?" he asked.

"Sure" Misaki replied, nodding.

They both started to walk out, before Da Xiang could reach the door, Misaki called out his name.

Misaki's POV

We were heading towards the door, and I finally thought of a good way to show my gratitude.

"Da Xiang" I called out. He turned around to look at me with those beautiful emerald eyes of his.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Umm, I j-just wanted to say t-thank y-you for h-helping me" I replied, cursing myself for stuttering like an idiot. And I do not stutter. You hear me?!

He laughed lightly due to my stuttering. "No problem," he replied.

"Plus, you look cute when you stutter and get embarrassed" he said, this time we both blushed.

"Y-yeah, thanks again" I said, our faces were quite close so I got on my tip toes because he was quite tall and gave him a light peck on his cheek.

"S-see ya," I said, and rushed, no walked speedily out of the training area.

Da Xiang smirked, as a thought came to his mind.

In the Arm Training Exercise Area

"Sorry I'm late" said Misaki, as she walked over to Da Xiang.

"You're not late, just a few minutes early" he replied.

"But I still made you wait" she stated.

Soon they were off practicing with the weight-on-a-stick.

Da Xiang went first, he controlled it with ease, also twirling it with one hand.

"Wow, you're strong" complimented Misaki staring at his muscles.

Da Xiang gave a smirk when he noticed and Misaki looked away.

When it was her turn, she had a bit of trouble lifting it up but after 5 minutes, she got the hang of it. She twirled it around and even managed to do the same with one had.

They continued practicing for an hour, they decided to move on to the logs.

Misaki was a bit hesitant, so Da Xiang went first, launching his bey onto the targets without even a hint of trouble.

"Think you can top that?" asked Da Xiang playfully.

"I did this before, in fact this is my second favourite training exercise, no doubt I could beat you," she replied and went onto the first log.

On the last few she did cartwheels and flip, launching the bey whilst she was in the air with such grace, as she silently landed on the spot next to Da Xiang.

"Impressive" is what he simply said.

They continued that for an hour as well before they decided to go to the wooden dummies.

"Can I go first? This is my favourite exercise" said Misaki.

"Sure, go ahead," replied Da Xiang.

Misaki got into position and soon she started doing a series of gymnastics moves, using her petite body to glide across the dummies. When she finished doing he final series of flips, cartwheels and whatnots, she launched her bey onto the target.

"Nice, didn't know you were that flexible" commented Da Xiang.

"Well, I did do gymnastics, it comes in handy, plus the technique my dad taught me requires a lot of physical capabilities so I definitely had to look after my figure as well as my mental state," replied Misaki.

"Interesting, now my turn".

Da Xiang did the same thing Misaki did, but bit more dodging and Misaki, dare she admit it, though he looked hot like that, when he was sweating slightly and his face was deep in concentration. When he went past the last dummy, two were sneaking up behind him ready to strike.

Misaki's eyes widened in fear as she though he was going to take a hard blow, instead he smirked and used his hands to pull a dummy over his shoulder breaking it to wooden pieces and kicking the other one back so that it fell tp the ground with a thick thud.

He launched his bey onto the target and the attacks stopped.

Misaki stalked up to him and poked him on the chest.

"Don't. Scare. Me. Like that. Ever. Again!" she exclaimed, eyes full of worry.

"Please like that would hurt me" he replied.

Misaki turned around pouting.

They continued it for another hour as well and decided to take a break in a secluded spot.

"Well, that was the most fun I've had since like ever!" exclaimed Misaki.

"You're right, I had fun as well," replied Da Xiang.

They were sitting there in silence, until Enlai again.

"So, Misaki, we meet again, it must be fate" he said.

"Or it could be you stalking me" she replied, annoyed that he interrupted her time with Da Xiang.

"Oh, please, I know you actually want me, so tell me you're place or mine?" he asked giving a disgusting grin.

"Both. You go to yours and I'll go to mine, as long you get out of my face, I'm fine" replied Misaki. "Damn, I'm good with rhymes" she mumbled under her breath. Da Xiang heard gave a smirk.

"Oh come on," he said making a move to go to Misaki.

"Leave her alone, you're annoying" said Da Xiang.

"Da Xiang, didn't realise you were here," he said.

Enlai continued to look Misaki up and down, causing her to shiver. Da Xiang caught that and snaked his arm around her waist, bringing her closer, whilst Misaki placed her head on his very muscular chest.

"Get out Enlai, we don't want to deal with you," he said.

"In one condition, tomorrow, I challenge you to a battle, if I win, I'll take your place and become Misaki's partner in battle" said Enlai

"Okay, now get out of my face" replied Da Xiang, clearly pissed off.

With that, Enlai left, once again leaving Da Xiang and Misaki alone.

"Sorry for dragging you into this," said Misaki, her tone a bit sad.

"Don't worry about it, at least I'll have some extra training," Da Xiang replied smiling.

They sat there in silence, looking at each other's eyes. Emerald against emerald. They didn't even realise how close they were until their lips touched.

It was a soft kiss, Da Xiang licked her lips for entrance, but Misaki didn't open her mouth, she smiled whilst Da Xiang smirked against her lips, he pulled her onto his lap which caused her to gasp. Using that advantage, he plunged his tongue into her mouth, both fighting for dominance, with Da Xiang winning in the end.

That little kiss turned into a full make out session and it was quite obvious they both enjoyed it, if it was someone else they definitely wouldn't have given a second glance.

Both finally stopped to get some air. That was when Misaki noticed their position and blushed, she was straddling THE Da Xiang Wang after making out with him. Yeah, she never thought that would happen, but then again, Da Xiang never thought he would ever kiss a girl so today was full of surprises.

Misaki tried to get off of him. Note the word tried. His grip on her tightened, so she just put her head on his chest. Again.

"Let's get going" his deep voice snapped her out of her trance. She gave him a questioning look.

"You must be hungry" he said. Before she could reply, her stomach grumbled instead. She blushed and Da Xiang smiled. They both went to look for everyone else for dinner.

Dining Room

"Hey, guys where were you two?" asked Chao Xin.

"We were finishing up our training" said Da Xiang.

"How did your training go?" asked Misaki.

"Really good, turns out that Ling and I are really compatible so we didn't have much trouble" said Chiy-un.

"Great," said Da Xiang.

"Chao Xin and I did great as well, after all we have worked together before," said Mei-Mei.

"I'm not surprised," Misaki said.

"It's kind of surprising you two aren't even dating yet," Misaki continued.

Chao Xin and Mei-Mei chocked and started coughing uncontrollably.

"Hell no!" they both yelled at the same time.

Misaki giggled until she was out of breath. "I'm just kidding," she said.

Misaki's POV

"I'm going to go now, see ya guys," I said as I got up.

I walked outside, sitting under a shade, looking up at the sky and just letting the breeze play with my hair.

I heard a twig snap and someone trying to touch my shoulder and before I could register what happened I flipped the person behind me as an act of self-defence.

"Enlai? What are you doing here now?" I asked.

"Trying to surprise you, I guess that didn't work," he replied.

"No it didn't, now go away and keep your part of the bet and stay away from me,"

"No, I want to stay here,"

"I've dealt with people more persistent than you who have wanted to stay with me, but did I let them? no, so what makes you think I'll let you, just go away, there's nothing you could do to make me like you," I replied harshly, he was getting on my nerves.

He pulled me close to him before I had a chance to react, "Even if I kiss you, watch, I'll be the person to take away your first kiss, just watch," he said.

I struggled and thrashed about but his face was still nearing mine, I prayed that Da Xiang would come and rescue me and like as if my prayers were heard, he did. He punched Enlai straight in the face and said,

"If you annoy her or try to pull a stunt like that once more, you'll be kicked out of Beylin Temple for dishonouring it,"

With that being said, Enlai ran away like the chicken he is.

I hugged Da Xiang and snuggled against him saying 'Thank you' repeatedly. He put his arm around my waist.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I am now, thanks" I replied. "How did you find me and how much did you see?" I asked

"I often come to this place after dinner and while I was making my way here, I saw what Enlai was doing to you and was close enough to hear him, then he tried to kiss you and I punched him. Simple as that." he replied.

"Aww, look at you, my hero" I said and was about to give him a little peck on the cheek, he saw that coming and turned his head so I ended up kissing him on the lips. He kissed me back hardly and I did the same, both fighting for dominance, he pushed me back against a nearby tree, with one had wrapped around my waist and his other hand on the side of my head flat on the tree.

We were getting a bit more heated but sadly oxygen became a necessity so we had to stop.

We were both breathing hard, I was flushed and he was smirking down at me.

He then opened his mouth to tell me something.

Dun, Dun, Dun I put you on a cliffy. What is Da Xiang gonna say.

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