Legolas snarled as he faced another orc. Tauriel had disappeared – he didn't know where. He was worried for her, though he should not have been. She could take care of herself. He knew of her skill well – they had known each other for many years.

"Saura yrch!" he spat, lunging forward and driving his sword toward the despicable creature. Roaring, the orc sidestepped his blow, slashing with his own sward. Legolas evaded the wicked blade with a twist, spinning around as a flash of movement behind him caught his attention. With a well-aimed stab, he killed the orc that had been creeping up on him. (Foul orc!)

Then arms swept around him, tightening their hold as he struggled. There was a laugh in his ear, and raging, he threw his head back, loosening the orc's grip. The orc shoved him away, and he crumpled forward onto the ground.

Pain exploded through his head as it hit the hard stone, and Legolas cursed, trying to leap onto his feet, trying to protect himself as the yrch moved ever closer.

With deadly speed, it had reached where Legolas was trying to stop the flashing before his eyes. The orc grabbed his torso and pulled him to his feet. He laughed, ad Legolas could feel his hot breath on his face, smell the scent of rotting meat coming from its mouth. The orc was different from the others – smarter, stronger. It was meant for more than just killing.

It was meant to lead the others in battle. Legolas thrashed around, ignoring the sparks of fire in his head and the twisting of his vision.

"Leryalyen," Legolas protested, pushing against the orc's chest. The orc laughed louder, ignoring Legolas' attempts to free himself. (Release me!)

"The master needed an elf, and you will do just fine for him."

"Mapalyen vá," Legolas snapped, struggling harder to reach his elvish blades. The orc twisted him around, pulling at his arms until they were secured behind him. (You will not seize me)

"You do not have a choice, firstborn." The orc held both of Legolas' wrists in one of his hands and pulled his knives off of his person with the other. He then took Legolas' bow and, with a cackle, snapped it and dropped the quiver beside it. "You aren't going anywhere, elf."

"Nay! Nánye –" The orc growled and shook Legolas, jarring him and making his head spin. (No! I am-)

"You are what, elf? At my mercy? My master has a good use for you. You will serve him loyally, elf, and perhaps, you might get to kill that little she-elf of yours, too."

" Vanyë!" (I won't!)

"But you will, elf. Once my master has you." Legolas wrenched his arms and shoulders, now even more desperate to break the orc's grasp. He pulled an arm free and twisted, slamming it into the orc's face. The orc's grip loosened, and Legolas stumbled as the orc let go. He heard the clang of steel and grasped one of his knives. Spinning, he met the orc's blade.

"You will fall, elf," the orc growled.

"Vá!" Legolas exclaimed. Legolas knew that the orc was skilled – it had already proven that. He wasn't sure that he could win this battle, especially without being wounded. Legolas had to flee. (I will not!)

Where was Tauriel?

"Tauriel!" he called as the orc lunged again.

"Calling for your she-elf," he snarled. "She will not help you." Legolas knew that Tauriel would have answered if she could, and the fact that she didn't was worrying. She couldn't be dead, right? He shook his head.

Battle was the last time for thoughts such as those. He dodged and struck, trying to at least wound the powerful enemy. The orc slashed, and it caught Legolas' hand. With a small cry of pain, his knife fell from his grasp. Wasting no time, the orc grabbed him again and pulled back with a yell.

Legolas closed his eyes, waiting for the blow. It came as expected, slamming into his temple. He felt a brief pain, and then black nothingness.


Tauriel leaned over Kili, watching him sleep, now peaceful, no longer dying. She had saved him in the nick of time. Even minutes later would have caused him to fall into darkness. Stepping back, she watched him breathe for a moment, remembering what he had said.

He had believed seeing her was a dream, but he was sick, and what he said could not be taken as truth. She could not believe in the ramblings of a dwarf near death. Besides, it should not matter what he said. She loved Legolas, did she not?

"Legolas," she breathed aloud. Turning, she looked at Fili. "Has Legolas arrived?"

"Er –" Fili mumbled. "No, my lady. I haven't seen him."

"That troubles me," Tauriel admitted. "I am going to see if he is alright. Watch over Kili. He should sleep peacefully."

"Of – of course, my lady. But someone should go with you. Just in case. There are enemies and spies in this city – not to mention the orcs."

"I can take care of myself, dwarf," she said, a bit sharper than she meant to be.

"I – I know," Fili said. "But I'll still come. Just in case. The others can watch over Kili."

"Alright," Tauriel muttered, knowing that if Legolas was in trouble, then she had to help him now.

She spun and left the small home, allowing Fili to follow her.

"What is your name, master dwarf?" she asked, her eyes scanning the road.

"I am Fili, brother of Kili. Thank you for saving my brother."

"You are very welcome. He did not deserve such a death." Tauriel froze. "Vá," she whispered. Fili looked across the stones. There were weapons on the stones, lying abandoned. Fili could easily recognize the elvish make. Tauriel ran to them, already knowing that something terrible must have happened. Legolas would never willingly let go of his weapons.

Tauriel passed the bodies of orcs, ignoring them, until she heard a small laugh. Turning, she saw one of the orcs was alive – mortally wounded – but still alive.

"You – you search for the elf!" he rasped. "You will never find him." Tauriel lunged to him and pulled him up.

"Tell me where he is," she demanded. The orc showed his teeth in a strange imitation of a grin.

"Bolg. Bolg takes him to Dol Guldur. To his master. The Necromancer."

"No," Tauriel breathed. "Why?" The orc laughed.

"The Necromancer has plans. Plans to defeat Mirkwood."

"Legolas would never give away our secrets!" Tauriel snapped.

"Perhaps not," the orc groaned. "But the Necromancer is not looking to find your secrets, she-elf! He's looking for someone to lead the troops into Mirkwood. Someone who knows it. An elf."

"He will not betray his people!" Tauriel shouted, shaking the orc. The orc wheezed out a laugh.

"He said the same thing when captured. But the Necromancer has dark magic that corrupts and alters, that sneaks and destroys. Your friend will change, Tauriel. He will not have a choice."


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