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Roy Mustang tapped the snow from his boots as he entered the small outpost. He set his small pile of wood near the fire, and tossed one log in before hanging the small kettle near the fire to heat. He sat, mesmerised by the flames. Two years. I haven't seen her in two whole years. He knew the Fullmetal Alchemist had been declared dead for some time now, but in his heart he just didn't want to believe that. He wouldn't believe it. He had lost everything else. He wanted to believe she was out there somewhere and that she'd eventually keep their final promise.

Dietlinde Eckhart observed as the other members of the Thule Society moved the dragon into place. To think that dragons actually exist. It's like Fate itself wants us to succeed. The dragon would be the final piece of their circle, opening the gate to Shamballa. Once we finish, we'll have the means to conquer the world.

Roy had heard news of an attack on Liore. An attack consisting of strange armored beings that appeared from a glowing gold portal. His instincts told him that was only the beginning. He decided it was time to end his self banishment. It was time to head back to Central.

Edward Elric snuck around the grounds observing the guards. She had been hearing strange rumours of a group named the Thule Society and the things they were trying to do. This just seems more and more suspicious. She noticed a broken window above her. She reached down and as quietly as she could tore off the bottom half of her skirt. Annoying women's fashion. I should have just kept pretending to be a guy. She eased her way carefully through the broken glass.

Ed walked along the dark hallways. She heard voices echoing hollowly from somewhere ahead. When she reached the end of the hall she slowly peered through the door to the chamber beyond. She saw troops entering a large rocket. Then she noticed the floor and gasped. There was a large alchemy circle inscribed on the floor. But alchemy isn't suppose to work in this world. Why is it there?

Edward observed a woman who seemed to be directing the troops. She heard the woman yell, "Hurry up! As soon as you all are in the rocket we can activate the circle and open the portal to Shamballa, just like Hohenheim taught us!" Edward felt a sharp spike of surprise jolt through her body at the mention of her father.

The troops finished loading onto the rocket and the woman followed behind. The rocket door shut and for just a moment everything was completely still. Then the circle began to glow. An amorphous gold glow appeared in the air above it. It looked like an opaque gold liquid. The large rocket shot out a billow of smoke and rose towards the glow, passing through and disappearing.

Edward shot out of her hiding spot. A quick scan of the chamber and then she saw the smaller red rocket near the wall. She ran towards it and jumped in. It didn't take her long to figure out the startup sequence and then her small red rocket was shooting upwards, heading toward the glowing gold liquid.

Passing through the portal was mildly disorientating and before she regained her bearings she found herself headed straight for a building. She only had time to adjust the rocket so that the crash wouldn't kill her but was unable to avoid the crash entirely. She scrambled out of the partially crumpled rocket, coughing at the smoke. When she glanced up she saw the chaos around her. The large rocket was dropping armored troops all over the city and firing on the buildings. There was already rubble falling to the streets below and signs of fires starting all over. The city was under siege. The city that looked exactly like Central. I'm home? She shook her head to dislodge the distracting thought. It didn't matter if she was back in Amestris or not. What mattered was protecting the people who were under attack.

She started to run through the city streets, trying to head towards the combat. As she skidded around a turn she caught sight of another person running in the same direction. She nearly stumbled in surprise. Even with only seeing his back she could recognise that person anywhere. "Al!"

The figure slowed and turned. "Brother?" He saw her and his eyes went wide. "Brother!" They ran to meet each other. The hug was practically more a bodyslam than an actual hug and then they were apart again and running toward the fight once more.

Edward gave her little brother a quick once over, noticing the red coat with a black Flamel design on the back. She snorted. "Nice duds."

He grinned. "It's good to see you again."

She smiled back. "Yeah, you too, Al."

A few more blocks brought them to the military blockade. Her heart felt like it skipped a beat and a swarm of butterflies arose in her stomach. His uniform was as pristine as ever and his black hair just as unruly. When she stopped in front of him he smirked. "So, Fullmetal, you finally decided to make an appearance."

She gave an impish smile ."Yeah, I think I remember something about owing some bastard a date still."

He grabbed her and pulled her into a hug, tucking her head under his chin. They could hear explosions and the shouting of the other military men around them, but it felt somehow like they were separated from it all for only this moment. "I didn't get the chance to tell you before. I love you."

She smiled up at him. "You didn't have to. I already knew." She extricated herself from his arms. "Now we have an army to defeat." She once again started to run to the center of the battle. She turned her head to shout over her shoulder, "By the way, I love you too!" And then she delved into the melee.

The fight was difficult and not without its casualties. The military did its best to protect the civilians from the strange armored beings. Ed and Al teamed up to go after Dietlinde Eckhart. Edward distracted her while Al suffused parts of his soul into her armored minions, putting them under his control. Dietlinde was rendered unconscious and with that her control of the remaining armored beings was cut. Edward used her alchemy to cut part of the rocket's wing away from the rest of the vehicle and then changed it so it was lighter, allowing her and Al to glide down to the ground. Next to her Al concentrated on controlling the armored minions that still retained parts of his soul. He used them to send the rocket back through the portal and to destroy the circle, disrupting the portal and forcing it closed. He recalled the parts of his soul to himself and smiled at his sister as their craft slowly glided downwards. "It's done."

She ruffled his hair. "You did it."

The craft finally landed and as she departed she could see Roy not that far away. She couldn't hear what he was saying but she could tell he was directing the troops to help organise the clean up.

She smiled. "It's good to be home."


-Author's Note-

Yeah, had to "fix" Shamballa of course.

So… it's done. I'm honestly not happy with the previous chapter, but it did at least give it an ending. Will probably work on it more at some point in time if I ever figure out how to make it not suck.