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The school bell rang as a mob of children filed in through the doors of Shiz Elementary School. They walked down the halls, chatting with their friends and bothering those who weren't. Reaching their separate classrooms, they hugged their buddies quickly before darting into the open rooms.

Elphaba Thropp sat down at her desk at the front of the class. Hearing the snickers behind her back, she twisted around, her black braid swinging.

"You wanna say that to my face, Shenshen?" She glared at the short, redheaded girl sitting behind her. "'Cause I don't mind one bit."

Shenshen giggled to her friends, then, leered at the green girl. "We were just saying that we think you look really pretty today."

Elphaba crossed her thin arms in front of her chest. She was not convinced. "You must think I'm REALLY stupid. I won't fall for that. After all, we ARE in the fifth grade now."

Shenshen and her friends giggled once again, irritating the green girl even more. She turned back around in her chair, and pulled out a book. Ignoring the constant derisions coming from the rest of the class, she pushed her glasses up onto the bridge of her nose and continued reading.

Galinda Upland ran down the halls of school. LATE. On the first day. Galinda hastily pushed her curly blond hair away from her eyes as she dashed into her classroom. She hurriedly threw her coat into the coatroom and sat down at her seat; right next to Elphaba. She smiled piteously at the green girl, then turned to gossip with her friends.

"I heard that she can breathe underwater like a frog." A young, dark-skinned girl named Milla stated.

"I heard that her blood is green, too." Phfanee added.

"Oh yeah?" Questioned Shenshen. "Well, I heard that she's an alien. From outer space."

Elphaba slammed her book shut, fed up with hearing all the rumors about her. Exasperated, she turned around in her chair.

"That one's true." She said, smirking at her classmates. "And if I don't like you, I might just eat your brains!"

The trio of girls behind her screamed, and Galinda scooted her chair a good six inches away from her. Elphaba leaned over her desk and whispered to Galinda

"You know I'm kidding, right?"

Galinda shrugged. "Better safe than sorry."

"When are you gonna stop hanging out with those spoiled brats?" She asked as Galinda scooted her chair back into place. "They're REALLY starting to get on my nerves."

Galinda looked down at her desk.

"You're my friend, but they're my friends too."

"Aw, come on Glin. They're just a bunch of airheads who wouldn't know compassion if it smacked them in the face!"

"Well excuse me!" Galinda exclaimed, turning to face her. "Does that mean that I used to be one of those airheads?"

Elphaba blinked. "No!" She said, staring at her. "You're different than them. And you're my friend."

Galinda glared. "Well, maybe not anymore!"

Elphaba just stared at her. Finally, she realized what Galinda had said: they were no longer friends.

"Fine!" She snapped.

"Fine!" Galinda echoed.

Feeling upset, Elphaba turned away and opened the book sitting on her desk.

Finally, their teacher; young Goat in a sweater vest and a bowtie, walked into the classroom.

"Good morning class!" He bleated cheerfully. "I am Doctor Dillamond. I will be your fifth grade history teacher."

A young dark-skinned boy in the back of the class raised his hand impatiently.

"Yes? What is your name?"

The young boy stood up. "My name is Fiyero Tiggular, and I'm awesome."

The Goat laughed. "Well then, Mr. Awesome, what is your question?"

"'Cause you're a doctor, does that mean you're gonna operate on us?"

"Ah…no. I am not a doctor of medicine, I am a doctor of history. But…" He said, turning to address the rest of the class. "From now on, why don't you call me Professor instead?"

The class nodded in agreement. Then, Elphaba raised her hand. A few snickers were head from the back of the class, but the Goat held up a cloven hoof to signal silence.

"Yes dear? And what is your name?"

Elphaba grimaced. "My name is Elphaba Thropp, sir. And, uh…is it alright if we call you Professor D?"

The rest of the students liked the idea, but no one supported the peculiar green girl in the front row. Not even Galinda, who turned and looked at her feet. There was a collective silence.

Professor Dillamond smiled. "That would be entirely fine by me, Miss Thropp."

"Now," He said, turning to a book on his desk. "Let's open our books to page thirty-five. Who would like to be our first reader?"

Elphaba looked around the classroom, sighed, and unenthusiastically raised her hand.

As class let out, the children ran out of their classrooms and met once again out on the schoolyard. Galinda ran out with her group of friends: Milla, Shenshen and Phfanee. Elphaba walked out alone. They found places on the ground to sit, and began to eat their lunches brought from home. Galinda and her friends sat down under the big oak tree, Fiyero and some of the more popular kids finished lunch quickly, and ran over to the baseball field.

Elphaba trudged slowly over to the swing set, and sat down. She sat in silence. That is, until her younger sister Nessarose wheeled herself out onto the playground, and approached her older sister.

"Hi Fabala!" The seven year old greeted cheerfully. "How was your first day? Mine was great! I made a friend!"

"That's great, Nessa." Elphaba said glumly. Her sister noticed her sadness, and poked her on the arm.

"What's the matter? Didn't you have a good first day?"

Elphaba smiled halfheartedly. "Yeah, it was okay." Then she added quietly. "Galinda said I'm not her friend anymore."

Nessa leaned over in her wheelchair and hugged her sister. "I'm sorry."

Elphaba fidgeted, uncomfortable with the closeness between her sister and her. "I'm fine, Nessa. Really." She said, squirming out of the hug. "Why don't you go play with that new friend you told me about?"

"Okay!" Nessa turned around and wheeled herself towards the baseball field.

"Hey, Boq!" She called after a short, spiky-haired boy. "Wait up!"

Elphaba grinned at her little sister's enthusiasm. She then averted her eyes to the ground, and began to gently push herself on the swing. She was happy. The perpetual movement of the swing and the gentle breeze blowing in her hair was enough to make her forget her troubles. That is, for now.

Suddenly, a small, round ball hit her on the head, knocking her to the ground and sending a sharp pain shooting up her the front of her skull. Rubbing her head, Elphaba squinted, trying to focus her vision. She was able to make out the blurry form of a person running toward her. As the person got closer, Elphaba's vision returned and she saw a short, dark-skinned boy running toward her. Fiyero. Elphaba shook her head and attempted to stand up. A wave of vertigo hit her and she fell over.

Fiyero stopped in front of the green girl and offered his hand out to her. Elphaba eyed him warily, and reluctantly took it. Unsteadily, she got to her feet. She felt dizzy again, and she leaned against Fiyero for support.

"Oh, my gosh. I…I'm so sorry. Are you okay, er…"

She realized how close she was to him and she pushed away.

"Elphaba." She snapped, trying to regain her bearings.

"And you're Mr. I'm-Fiyero-Tiggular-and-I'm-awesome."

Suddenly a wave of unsteadiness hit her once again, and she lurched forward. Fiyero grabbed her around the waist.

"You okay?"

Elphaba gulped, uncomfortable in such close proximity with a boy. "I-I'm fine." She muttered, pushing away. She walked a few steps, then, swayed and fell once again.

Fiyero walked over to her.

"You are obviously not fine. I'm taking you to the school nurse." He reached for her and lifted her to her feet.

Elphaba mumbled a few swears under her breath, but allowed him to lead her into the school.

"So," she inquired as they made their way down the halls of the school.

"You've got a pretty good arm."

Fiyero looked confused.

"Which one?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"I meant how far you hit the baseball. You hit it pretty hard. Were you aiming for me?" She asked cynically.


She sighed. "It was a joke, Fiyero."


The two continued on in silence, until they reached the school infirmary. Elphaba, who was a little steadier on her feet than before, hastily walked through the doorway and sat down on a cot by the window. Fiyero followed tentatively.

"You know, you can leave now." Elphaba said, rubbing the side of her head where Fiyero's baseball had hit her.

"I'm not leaving." He insisted.

"I'm staying here until the nurse comes."

Elphaba blinked.

"Are you serious?" She asked doubtfully, fingering a strand of hair that had come loose from her braid. She stared at Fiyero, secretly hoping he was.

"Yes." He said. "I was the one who hit you, and I want to know if you're okay."

She shook her head in disbelief. "You're serious? Like REALLY serious?"

Fiyero looked at her strangely.

"Why wouldn't I be?"

Elphaba sighed. She lay down on the cot, staring up at the ceiling.

"Well, if you hadn't noticed, I'm not exactly the most...ah…popular person in the school. People aren't exactly lining up to be friends with me."

Fiyero walked over to the cot. He smiled, looking down at her.

"I know. On account of the whole green thing."

Elphaba grumbled. "Yeah, that."

"Sorry!" Fiyero reacted. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say that!"

"It's fine, forget about it."

Just then, the nurse walked through the doorway.

"Alright," She croaked. "Which one of you needs medical- AAH?!"

Elphaba grumbled, not startled in the slightest.

"That would be me. And, NO. It is not because I'm green. I'm normally this way."

The nurse cautiously approached her. Standing over her, she glanced over at Fiyero.

"And what about you?"

Fiyero pointed to Elphaba. "I hit her in the head with my baseball. I'm staying to make sure she's okay."

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Do you know how cheesy that sounds?"

Fiyero stuck his tongue out at her.

The nurse then motioned for her to stand up. Elphaba cooperated, but swayed a little once she did. The nurse then told her to sit back down.

"How many fingers am I holding up?" She asked, holding two fingers in front of the green girl.

Elphaba rubbed her head.

"Is this a trick question?"

The nurse shook her head. "Alright, you're staying. Minor concussion. I'll send for your father-

"NO!" Elphaba yelled, clearly frightened by the idea.

"You really don't have to do that. I'm fine, just fine." She struggled to her feet, and walked towards the door.

The nurse stopped her.

"Well, miss Thropp, if I won't send for your father, who will I send for? You need to go home with somebody, and you're not going home with me."

Fiyero looked over at the terrified green girl, thinking of what he could do. She obviously didn't want to go home. Then he remembered: she was friends with Galinda. Maybe she could help Elphaba out!

"I'll…uh, I'll be right back!" Fiyero announced, and then went running out the door and towards the playground.

Galinda was sitting on the swings, listening to her "friends." As she swung back and forth, listening to endless talk about boys and gossip and clothing, she thought back to what Elphaba had said earlier:

"-You're different than them. And you're my friend."

Galinda sighed. She was wrong to snap at Elphaba like that. She shouldn't have gotten so upset at her. But, where was she? Galinda looked around the playground, and didn't see any trace of Elphaba. Which was strange, considering how her…verdigris…made her stand out pretty visibly. But still, no Elphaba. She glanced in the direction of the school, only to nearly fall off her swing in surprise. That new boy, what was his name again? F-something… was running towards her and yelling her name.

Fiyero! That was his name! Galinda got off her swing and ran over to him. Shenshen grabbed her by the arm.

"Hey, where are you going?" The redhead asked insistently.

"Fiyero was calling me. And-"

"Why are you talking to him anyway? He's weird."

Galinda glanced over at him. Fiyero pointed to the school and mouthed two words: Elphaba and Trouble.

"Elphie's in trouble?" Galinda asked him.

He nodded. "I…uh, I accidentally hit her over the head with my baseball, and now I…I think she has a concussion, and the nurse is going to call her father and I thought you could help."

Galinda was worried about her. She had met her father, and he was anything but civil to Elphaba. And just because of her skin color! She had to do something! If her father found out, who knows what he would do to her?

Galinda turned to Shenshen, and announced,

"I gotta go. My friend needs my help." Putting extra emphasis on friend, she left with Fiyero, running towards the school.

Elphaba was sitting on the cot in the nurse's office. She was still trying to reason with her.

"You know, you don't have to call my father. You can leave me here. I'll manage."

The nurse groaned, "For the last time, Miss Thropp: I already sent for a messenger. I'm sending you home."

Elphaba tried again.

"But my father's on a…uh…um…business trip! Yeah! A-And…well, we're all alone anyway, so I might as well stay here."

"Miss Thropp, I highly doubt your father would leave you home alone. Especially, with a seven-year-old handicapped sister."

Oh, you have NO idea. Elphaba thought to herself as she fell back onto the cot.

Just then, Galinda and Fiyero burst through the door of the nurse's office. Elphaba sat up quickly.

"Galinda? What are you doing here?"

The nurse was irritated that all these children were running around in her office. She stood up,

"Alright, where's the fire?" She said, glaring at Fiyero and Galinda.

Galinda looked at Elphaba. "Elphie, are you okay? Fiyero said-"

"I'm fine Glin. Just a concussion."

Galinda walked over to her friend, and sat down next to her on the cot. "What about your father? If he finds out he'll-"

"I know, Glin. I know. I'll deal with it, I always do." Elphaba sat up and pulled her knees up to her chest.

"Besides," She said, looking at Galinda. "The nurse says that I have to go home with someone, and my father is my only option."

Galinda hugged her friend. Then, she gasped.

"No, he's not, Elphie!"

"What? Glin, I already-"

"No, Elphie, listen to me. You can come home with me! I'll send for my Ama, and she can take you back to my house. We can tell your father that we have homework to do and that you're sleeping over!"

Elphaba just stared at her.

Galinda nudged her friend. "Elphie, are you okay?"

Elphaba blinked a couple times, letting her friend's suggestion sink in.

"You-you, you would really do that?"

Galinda smiled at her. "Of course I would, Elphie. That's what friends do."

Elphaba hugged her. "I thought you were mad at me."

She shook her head. "I stopped being mad. So, do you want to come back to my house with me?"

Elphaba smiled. "Yes."

Galinda stood up and walked over to the nurse. "Excuse me," she said, tapping the woman on the shoulder.

"What?" She snapped.

"I just wanted to let you know that there has been a change of plans. Elphaba will be coming home with me and my Ama, NOT her father. Is that clear?"

The nurse scowled, disliking being told what to do by a child. Mumbling something inaudible under her breath, she wrote a note on a piece of paper and turned to the children.

"Alright, fine. At least that's taken care of. I'll notify your father, Miss Thropp. And as for you two…" She said, turning to Fiyero and Galinda. "GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!"

Hastily, Galinda and The young Winkie hurriedly dashed out of the room, and back onto the playground.