I can't believe I actually wrote this, but I couldn't resist. After seeing this movie for the billionth time, I just had to write this up. Well, here's my shot at a Naruto/Tangled story.

Pairing: Naruto/Rapunzel, of course.


"The outside world is a dangerous place, filled with horrible, selfish people. You must stay here. Where you are safe."

Even though they had been spoken hours ago, the grave words of her mother had not for one moment faded from her thoughts. It echoed relentlessly, without end, in her young mind, never ceasing in its intensity as it settled tentatively upon her heart.

For the first time in her short life, she had received the answer she had always wanted to know.

The answer to why should could never leave their tower. The answer to why she would never see the world beyond her tiny window, or feel the green grass swishing beneath her feet.

"Why can't I go outside?"

She didn't know how many times she had voiced that question to her mother, but it must have reached a thousand. And every single time she asked, her curiosity had been dismissed without a real explanation—without a good reason why she was to forever be locked in her home.

Not until today, that is. Today was different.

Just as always, once in the evening, her mother had sat her down to brush her lengthy blonde locks, prompting her to sing their very special song. The song that she had known since she was able to talk. And as it had been since her birth, the golden glow of her hair illuminated their living room as she sang that special song.

"Flower gleam and glow…"

She whispered to herself, feeling at ease as the familiar words left her lips.

Today was her birthday.

Earlier, she had nervously looked up as her mother continued to brush her golden hair, and then asked that same question one last time. To see if her mother would finally give her a real, genuine answer.

And she had…

"The outside world is a dangerous place…" Her mother had said, just as the last golden wisps of her hair died down.

But even after being given a reason to never leave, she couldn't help but wonder. Where people out in the world really as horrible, selfish and dangerous as her mother had recently proclaimed?

Where they really so vicious?

"Are they?"

She asked herself, inwardly debating the sensitive matter. After all, her mother wasn't vicious, selfish, or horrible… right? And she had lived out in the real world, among other people, beyond the high tower she now called home.

So people outside couldn't be that bad.

Part of her wanted to believe her mother—to trust every word she had said concerning what lay beyond her window. But she couldn't. Something within her didn't allow her to believe it.

It was like there wa-

Oh, it's time!

Six-year-old Rapunzel opened her emerald eyes to a dimly lit room, ending her recent train of thought in an instant.

Excitement flowed through her every inch of her body once she realized that the time had arrived once again.

The young girl leapt out of her bed with great enthusiasm, nearly getting entangled with her long vibrant hair in her haste. She landed on the floor as softly as possible, eyeing her first destination.

The door.

She crept slowly, silently, to her door, feeling the soft carpet swish beneath her feet, feeling her long hair gliding across the surface of the floor. That door was the only thing she could use to leave her room. Without it, she would always be in here, locked away, looking out her tiny window, wishing, dreaming that she could get a better look at the event that was to come.

Thankfully, her mother wasn't that protective, and she let her move about freely. Only as long as it was within the tower's walls.

Snapping back to reality, She hadn't even realized she had left her room until she heard the soft breathing of her mother. She was sleeping. Her own door open widely, just in case she would need to quickly get to Rapunzel in the event of an emergency.

She stopped her movements abruptly, only inches from her mother's open door. Before her was a hall that led to her final destination.

Here comes the hard part. She thought, nervously fidgeting in place. If she woke her mother up, then there was no question that there would be punishment in store for her. Even if it was her birthday, her mother was still very strict about almost everything she did.

She sucked in a deep, shuddering breath and moved as silently as she could. The wooden floor underneath her was hard and unstable, and she always hated trying to sneak across, because most of the time there was this annoying little sound…


Rapunzel froze in place, heart pounding hard against her chest, thudding in her ears as the high-pitched sound filled the air.


Her mother shuffled in her bed.

Rapunzel could feel her little hands shake. That was it. She would be in trouble soon, punished for disobeying her mother and not going to sleep.

A tense moment past.

Followed by another.

And another.

Nothing. No more movement from her mother's room. No angry words streaming from her mother's mouth.

Just silence.

She turned her head to the open room, chancing a tentative glimpse at her mother.

Relief washed over her, and she could feel a small smile tug at her lips.

Mommy's still asleep. Thank goodness. She let loose a silent, reassured breath before creeping past the open door with a lot more gentleness than before. Once as far away from her mother's room as possible, little Rapunzel broke into a fervent run, stopping for nothing until she reached her favorite place in the whole tower.

The window.

She opened it gently, tugging on its handles softly. And gasped.

Her eyes shining with amazement, she leaned closer, taking in the sight before her. The sight she had waited a whole year to see.

"The floating stars." She sighed happily.

They came only during her birthday, and it made her feel special—as though they were meant for her to see. She couldn't explain it, but she just knew they were hers to enjoy. And no one else's.

Golden stars floated freely in the night sky, filling the blackness of space with beautiful, twinkling stars.

Were they stars?

Rapunzel could only wonder.

They looked stars, but they moved and acted with the wind.

If only she could leave this tower for one night, just one night, then she would be able to see what they truly were.


Or floating lights…

Rapunzel didn't know how long stood there, watching the beautiful glow of the night sky, but it felt like hours. And when sleep finally started to overtake, she yawned, her mouth parting widely as she rubbed her eyes with tiny hands.

Even though she didn't receive many things for her birthday, she could confidently say that this was the best one out of any.

Just as she decided to close the window and head back to her room, strange sounds reached her ears.

She froze in place, listening intently for anything that could aid her in deciphering the new sound.

They sounded like grunts. Grunts of effort… and pain.

Her heart pounded hard once more.

Was someone trying to enter the tower?

For the first time in her young life, true terror filled her entire being, so much so that her legs felt heavy and her hands trembled at her sides.

Someone was trying to enter the tower!

Someone was trying to enter the tower!

What do I do? She asked herself, turning to look behind her. What do I do!

Should she tell her mother?

Or try to prevent the person from entering?

But if she told her mother, she would be in major trouble. But if she didn't, there would be potential danger. If she tried to stop the person, she could get harmed in the process.

Yet, before any of that, she had to first of all move.

But she couldn't, her body and mind were stricken with fear, freezing her entire being in place.

The grunts grew ever louder and ever closer.

Am I going to die?

She could feel tears in her eyes, threatening to fall as a bloody hand burst through the open window.

Her heart nearly stopped as she jumped back in alarm.


She heard a grunt, and then another hand reached for the inside of the widow, trying with great effort to pull its owner up and into the tower.

"W-who's t-there?" Her voice was barely a whisper.

Yet the person behind the window didn't respond.

She was about to scream at the top of her lungs for her mother, but the words died in her throat when a person's face became visible.

This person looked small, young, and in pain.

They pulled them self through the window and collapsed at her feet with a pained groan.

The first thing Rapunzel noticed about the intruder was his hair. It was as bright as the sun, spikey and messy, and matted with… blood.

She turned her face away for a moment, alarmed by the shear amount of blood that covered the stranger. Even then, she couldn't keep her eyes away for too long. Her curiosity overtaking her fear.

And the next thing she saw was his face—the face of a man.

No, the face of a boy, with peculiar whiskered cheeks.

For reasons she could not explain her own cheeks warmed up at the sight of his face. She couldn't explain it, but something about his face made her body feel warm and her eyes unable to look away.

"The outside world is a dangerous place, filled with horrible, selfish people."

The words of her mother echoed in her head once more.

But she ignored them, pushing them far from her mind and focusing on the young boy panting and bleeding at her feet.

He had on a cloak, she realized. His face was scrunched up in agony, his hands clenched tightly at his sides. He had a golden breastplate around his chest and a menacing sword in its sheath.

Who is he? Rapunzel thought. Had this boy actually climbed up the hundred-foot tower on his own?

The blonde male finally looked up at her with desperation and disorientation in his gaze.

And when she saw his deep, sapphire eyes her heart skipped a beat.

Even though he only looked a few years older than her, his eyes, his big sea-blue orbs looked far older and sadder than they should have. As though he had constantly lived through horrible things and never had any rest.

"Please, help." He wheezed out, saying something for the first time, looking up at her hopefully.

She stepped back unconsciously, and watched as disappointment filled his gaze.


She stammered, her hands tightening around her pink dress.

"…filled with horrible, selfish people."

Should she help him?

Or go tell mother?

If she told her mother, she would most likely throw the boy out into the cold, dark night.

Where he would die.


Did she really want him to perish?

To die without being given a chance?

Of course not!

She knelt down at the boy's side, surprising herself as much as she did him.

And for the first time in her life, Rapunzel truly went against her mother's words.

She would help this boy, who came from the world beyond their tower.

And that's a wrap!

Naruto is a few years older than Rapunzel, but is still pretty young. Why he's so young, I will explain if I continue this.

I'm not expecting much responses with this story. It was just something I had fun writing, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Until next time.