"Luka!" The boy's voice rang out through the house.

The girl hurried down stairs and slipped her sandals on, grabbing the hat from the mantle and planted it on her black, curly hair. "One moment!" she called back. Going through the doorway to the kitchen, she grabbed the backpack from the table and swung it on her shoulders. Luka stood in front of the toaster, already noticing that the piece was burnt. "Oh well," she mumbled under her voice and took a bit. At least Dragon tried.

The front door swung open and the girl came out in her usual outfit, a red shirt and jean shorts. She looked at the motorcycle that the boy was sitting on and smiled with her bright brown eyes.

"Getting on, or just staring?" He questioned, pressing the handle forward and causing the engine to roar.

"Aye," she nodded, taking the seat behind him. She held his shoulders, even though he told her time and time again about the handle bar in the back. "Thanks for the ride."

"As long as you don't forget about the gas money," he replied with his normal cold tone. Though she took it as a joke and nodded eagerly.

This was their relationship, but she wished for more.

Law, the boy, was a silent person who tried to avoid as many as he could. How they became to be friends was something Luka couldn't even answer. She made so many attempts to talk to him, but he either ignored them or replied without meaning just to get it over with. Over the years, the two started to share more and more time together. This was a fact that Luka held proudly of.

Her lips rose in a smile as they road down the old street with several bumps and sharp turns. She saw this sight so many times, but each time made her smile. The tree where she climbed to the top, on a dare, and shout her dreams into the heaven's sky. Then they passed the old brick bridge, that was breaking down so the city decided to rebuild a new one along it.

And there were the smells as well, of the river water, the decaying flowers and the ink and oil from him. His preious hands were freshly cleaned, but the sleeves of his shirt were marked with ink from his sleepless night shifts at the hospital. His family ran the hospital for several years, and he used whatever time he had to help out. The rest of his time was sent working nail and tooth on this motorcycle, Bepo he would call it for all of the sounds it made just from pressure alone.

Much like how much he taken care of his hands, his motorcycle was his precious.

It was brought with the money he saved up from the hospital.

From her knowledge, she was the only person allowed on. Usually she walked everywhere, but when school started back up again, he offered her a lift to and from the school.

After the last sharp turn, the school came into view. The parking lot was loaded and the buses just pulled away. He slowed down and passed a line of motorcycles, heading to the end where there was more space for his own.

"Are we late, Traffy?" She questioned with a tilt of her head.

"Nah, it's like seven? So we got a few minutes," he answered uncertainly. He never paid much attention in school, it was just about leaving one class to the other. Sometimes there would be work, sometimes there wouldn't. He just never paid much attention, because he covered most of the subjects over the summer, when he went to his cousin and stayed in the next town over.

As soon as he parked the car, Luka hopped off, "Come on then! It's gonna be boring if they already went to class!" She was talking about Usopp and Nami, her two friends who usually hang in the main hallway before heading to their classes.

Locking his bike, he was forcibly dragged into the school, where the other two stood. "Usopp! Nami!" Luka smiled in greeting.

"Morning!" The tanned boy greeted, coming in close and hugging her. He turned around to look at Law, and his tone went from friendly to caution. "Hello Law."

"Mornin'," he greeted back with a slight nod.

Usopp quickly turned back and slide his arm over her shoulders. He walked her down the hallway and stopped in front of the vending machine, "So…did you bring money?" He asked, hopefully or else he will be a brain-dead zombie for the rest of the day.

She nodded, "Ace gave me some last night," she paused, reaching down into her pocket, but she felt nothing. Her face turned into stone, "Oh no…" She bit her bottom lip.

"Not you too," he moaned, "I need at least some caffeine or the Nurse will be seeing me… Nami wouldn't even loan me any…"

Luka didn't pay any attention to Usopp's complaining, she was more focused on something else. "I can't give Traffy any gas money…"

"Oh man," Usopp paused, "Maybe he will let you off today? You haven't missed one day so far…"

She bobbed her head, "Yeah, he will. He's my nakama!"

The two moved back to Law and Namii, who stopped all attempts of small chatting. Usopp leaned against the lockers, already wishing he could head to the Nurse and rest in there for a little. Opening his eyes some, he looked at Law, trying to force any type of conversation with this guy. "How's your motorcycle?"

Even though Law and Luka were friends, Usopp couldn't exactly get friendly with the guy. It felt like running through a mine field when talking to him. Plus, he showed no emotions, so Usopp couldn't even tell if he was getting anywhere. At least with Luka, he knew his limits and what to joke about.

Law looked up from the ground and stared at him for a moment, "She's going well. Made a few adjustments last night on the engine, so she sounds better than before."

"How much work do you put into 'her'?"

"Every night, about an hour or so."

"Sounds like a lot of work."

"But it pays off."

Nami looked at him with a smirk, "I thought you took this much care just so you could live your dream." Luka's ears peaked up at the sounds of this. "Riding home together with your girlfriend."

Law stared away from the group, a slight blush on his cheeks. This is why he never went drinking with her again. "Yeah? Cheesy too much for you?"

"I'm just saying… just asks a girl out already. It's a cute dream, but why are you waiting?"

"It wouldn't feel right if it was any girl I went out with."

"Then ask your crush out all ready, Bonney isn't getting any younger, you know."

It took Usopp a moment to process it. "Bo- Bonney? Why? What?!" He couldn't possibly see that happening, not when Law is so gloomy with everyone. And why Bonney? He never saw those two having anything to do with each other.

"Can you just please shut up?"

Nami didn't really seem to let this down, instead she swirled one of her hairs around and looked at Luka, "What about her?"

"That is completely different. She needs a ride, and it takes a lot to handle the gas money and repairs prices on Bepo."

Luka stared at the tiled floor. It became so interesting with how the black tiles were facing one way, while the blue was another. Though, for some odd reason, he cheeks were flushed as if she gotten a cold.

"Luka!" A voice echoed down the hallway. She lifted her head and saw Zoro walking closer to her group. He looked around at the others, not mentioning the blushes or anything and just recited the message he gotten from Garp. "After school meeting. Don't forget unless if you want Garp pissed." He yawned once more before leaving.

The girl sighed and wiped her forehead. Not only did she forget about the money, but the practice as well. She was in a club, forced into by her grandfather, where they trained students for combat and fighting. Only a club that Garp could think of creating. "Guess there's no need to wait for me."

Law shrugged his shoulders and then the bell rang. The four students quickly separated, heading to their classes.

The sun shined through the window, lighting across the last column of desks. The black-haired girl stood on the opposite end, closer to the door as if using it as a chance to leave before the others. She tapped the wooden surface in rhythm, hoping that this meeting would hurry up so she can leave the school already.

Garp, with a wave of his hand, dismissed the students. At the same time, he sent Luka a disappointing glance as she practically flew herself through the doorway. He set back in his computer chair and sighed into his hand, before glancing over at the ever-growing pile of papers. Maybe that should have been him jumping through the door.

As she hurried down the staircase, her thigh started vibrating. Quickly she slide her hand into her pocket and grabbed her phone, glancing at the screen that read:

"New Message."

On the next screen, it read:

"From: Trafy

Parking lot. ASAP."

Lifting one of her eyebrows, she slowed her pace and glanced out one of the windows as she passed by. Right by the entrance, where the bike rack stood, was a single motorcycle with its rider.

Pressing her phone back inside, she ran down the last two remaining stairs and pushed past the doors. Where she was greeted by a new sight.

"Finally," Law remarked as soon as he lifted his eyes onto her. He was leaning on the side of his bike, picking up his helmet and placing the second in Luka's hands.

She ignored that, and asked, "Did you get detention?" She couldn't help but question his appearance.

"Do I ever?" he took a slight pause, "Thought you needed a ride home."

Luka nodded, mostly glad that he stayed in the first place. He took his place, and she hopped on back, squeezing his shoulders. "Just got done with baseball practice, still sweaty," he warned before turning the key and firing up the engine. Instead of smelling the usual ink, she smelled an odor of sweat and gym socks. For some reason, she took another whiff of it.

His bike soared past the cars, turning after two blocks into a meadow. He was taking a new path from the usual trip across the bridge to the grand tree. Scents of flowers and pine entered her nostrils.

"The two of us riding together… it's kinda nice, I guess." He said out of nowhere. Luka wasn't even certain those were the words he say at first, craning her neck to get a better hearing. "Even if I got a girlfriend, I would still pick you up in the mornings. So don't worry about that. You're an exception." He pressed the handle forward, gaining speed past the meadow.

Her shoulders slumped. Those words hit her like a rock. She never knew anything about Law's dream of riding with his girlfriend, yet now that she did, she wished she never had in the first place. This seat could be gone by tomorrow, and she couldn't do anything about it. She was only a friend, even though he was one of her best friends. She wasn't even close to girlfriend level.

She puffed her lips out and itched her head. Maybe it would be better walking home than riding with Law; regretting that she ever accepted this in first place.

He will never think of her as girlfriend material.

Only a friend.

She sighed.

And somehow he heard her though the breeze and helmet, "What's wrong?"

She sucked in her lips and looked about. There was no way she could say her thoughts out loud. Sweat started forming under her helmet, which she tried to rashly wipe It off. "Uh… well… I don't have the money with me, Law."

'Law?' he thought to himself. It has always been Traffy, never did she once call him his actual name. "That's all? Don't worry then, no need to pay."

She nodded her head as if that was her concern, while her thoughts were elsewhere.

The girl regretted ever entering this room. Why did she come back? Did she leave something, or was she supposed to pick up a paper? Whatever the reason was, she completely forgotten it when she walked through the doorway.

Her blood ran cold.

Her mind went blank, trying to register this information.

What was this feeling?

Only thing Luka knew for certain was that she hated this feeling. She felt so muddied and lost.

It all happened because of three words, uttered by a girl who she didn't even know the name of.

"You love Law?!"

And no, the question wasn't meant for Luka, but another girl instead. She had long, pink hair that was straight as a ruler. The girl slouched in her chair and pulled an apple from her pile of snacks, taking a large bite from it. "Yeah," she answered her friend with a smug smile.

This was Bonney.

When she heard Luka's backpack fall to the ground, she gasped at the newcomers and threw the apple core at her friend. "Oh crap, crap, crap! Did you hear that? Just now?"

Her friend looked at Luka, and Usopp who came with, and asked for a favor, "Please keep it as a secret!"

"Yea, sure," Luka nodded quickly, with a disgruntled smile. She closed her eyes and with Usopp's guidance, gotten out of the classroom and out into the hallway.

"You okay?" he asked out of concern, noticing how pale she gotten within several seconds.

"Yeah…" she slurred, "Just a lil hungry."

"That isn't new…" he itch his head, still wondering otherwise.

"Oi!" Bonney dived out from the room, looking straight at Luka. Glad that she caught her in time, she held out a piece of paper, "You know Law's number? Like, aren't you two close?"

Her teeth pressed pressure against each other as she took the paper. She could say no, rip the paper, or give the wrong number, but something stopped her from doing so.

She looked back at Bonney, the girl who was say to be Law's crush. He didn't try to deny it at that time, nor did he say something else.

Luka handed the paper past, say goodbye, and headed into the bathroom, leaving Usopp to his own merits. She felt like she should visit the nurse, but after swallowing and washing her face, she headed back to class.

She held onto the handles, avoiding all touch with Law. So many questions went through her head, as when was Bonney going to ask, how was it going to play out, should she say something, should she just tell him that she didn't need any more rides from now on, or ask him about his crush. But her tongue stopped her from saying such. Instead, she only stared at the back on his head; somewhat hoping that he would turn around and look at her as well.

"Quiet," he said out loud, "Forgot the money again?"

She didn't even reply, feeling like she couldn't even fake it if she tried. She was in her own world, and the only thing that took her out of it was the ringing that came from his back pocket. Her stomach quickly turned. "Lu, can you get that for me?"

The girl nodded her head, even though she knew that he couldn't see, and grabbed the phone. Immediately the screen light up to shows a new message from an unknown number.

There wasn't much of a guess on who that could be.

"It's from Bonney, she wants to talk to you."

"She…has my number?" his eyebrows lifted, "Just send, 'Alright.'"

Luka's head bobbed and she thought. This wasn't her seat anymore. Instead of grabbing onto the back of the seat, she wrapped her arms around his waist and took an everlasting sniff of his scent. Of the workouts, ink, flowers and oil that stained his clothing. She blushed at this contact, and he did likewise.

"She's lying," Law said to the girl behind him, keeping his body stiff and his hands firmed.

The girl behind him held onto his waist, with her head rested on one of his shoulders. To him, it felt strange having that much physical contact, but he didn't say a word, as this was something he always thought about. Even then, it felt strange on actually doing it. This was his girlfriend, Bonney. She placed her toast in her mouth and mumbled softly into his ear, "What do you mean?"

"Luka," he stated, "She lied about the early morning meetings. I checked, doesn't exist."

Bonney shrugged. She didn't know much about Luka other than seeing her a few times in the classroom and what Law told her about. She knew that several people are trying to host an eating contest between them.

"Why would she lie? There's nothing to gain from it," he questioned out loud, "Aren't we friends?" In according to his memory, she went out of her way to see him, even switching classes and trying out for the Boy's Baseball Program. Luckily the coach knew boys from tomgirls.

"I don't know… Isn't her, uh…father in charge of it? Maybe he needed some help?"

"Maybe…" he shrugged, "And it's her grandfather."

The black-haired boy stood outside of the house, leaning against the column and waited for the door to open. He didn't try to knock, since no one answered anyway, so he stayed there patiently. When the door opened, he lifted his head and gave a small smile at the girl in overalls. "Morning."

Luka stared as if she saw a ghost, "Good morning…?" Her eyes scanned the area as if looking for Bonney or even Usopp and Nami. Did someone tell him to come? Interrupting her thoughts came a yawn.

"You always did wait till the very last minute," he gave a small jab before heading over to his bike, handing the helmet over and taking his place. She sat behind him, hands on the back of the seat, and waited for any moment now for this moment to go sour.

They headed out onto the roads, pass slow grandmas and other high schoolers. Pass the old tree where Luka's stomach started grumbling. There was a time where she would sit there, staring up at the sky and whispering that she loved Law.

That felt like a century ago.

Nearing the bridge, her whole body started pulsing up. Something wasn't right, she wasn't right. She tried to avoid him, so he could spend his precious time with his girlfriend, living his dream, even though that didn't even feel right to her. But if you love someone, weren't you supposed to be happy when you let them go? Yet it felt like their whole friendship was broken. That one of her friends was completely tore away from her.

Straight out, Law say, "If it's about Bonney, don't worry about it. Who I date has nothing to do with our friendship. I won't bring her up, and I will always be here in the morning for you. Okay? Nakama?"

This was the moment where something inside of her snapped. She tried her best to help him, to avoid him, yet he was undoing what she built up.

"Not true," she muttered, "It has everything to do with it."

"What? What the hell are you saying?" His foot pressed on the brake, sending them into a jerking halt. He quickly turned around, cranked the helmet off and looked straight at her, wondering what the hell her problem was. "If you got something to say, then say it. Come on, say it to my face."

Her fist clenched, and then swung across his face, knocking him back from the seat. He held his hands up, shoving her off, and this was where she grabbed him, hurling him down the hill with her, with the bike following their trail. The glass broke, the metal bent, the mirrors broke completely off, and not to count the damage from the river water.

She didn't fall completely down, gaining firm ground right before the ditch, while Law and his bike wasn't so lucky. Luka could only stood there, staring at the mess. At Law with the deep gash across his nose and cheek, the blood that stained her knuckles, the scraped skin on their knees, at all of the damage to his bike.

There weren't many things that interested Law, other than doctoring, writing, and baseball; while his bike was on the very top of that list. His family may be stable, but the bike was the first thing that he brought on his own money and repaired on his limited time. Everyone in his family was excellent in medical and other things, yet if questioned about motor repairs, they would be clueless, because this was the only thing that set him apart from them.

And now it sit in the watery ditch, barely looking like the motorcycle that she came to loved and then hated.

Law stood up from the whole, ignoring Luka, and walked to the top of the hill, taking out his phone and calling a trunk. He kept a calm demeanor even after the emotional outburst. Then he called the school, telling them he and Luka had an accident on the road, and it was uncertain when they would get there. As soon as he hanged up, he turned back around and glanced at her. "If you walk now, you can get there before second hour begins."

"And you?"

"It's best for me to stay."

She nodded, gulping a little at the softness of his voice. Yet she did not move from the spot, only heading uphill some and picking a place to sit.

Law didn't say another word, and the two waited for the blue trunk to appear.

The sun moved above them, clouds took their time across the sky, and the wind whistled. The trunk appeared, with two men, after a small discussion, the bike was fished out of the ditch and taken back to the lot. Law and Luka were pushed into the middle seat of the trunk. They weren't heading back to school, not with those injuries. The men drove back through the neighbor, stopping in front of Luka's home. And she said goodbye, first word she said since, and headed inside.

The bike was a goner. Nothing could be done to get it back in working shape, unless if Law wanted to save up money for the next three years; though his parents still kept it in their garage. Every morning he would walk past it, and every night, he stayed up until his mom started howling, trying to work as much as he could with the tools in his procession.

It didn't take long for the others to hear about it. Bonney opted for them walking to school, thinking that it was her job to drive his thoughts elsewhere. Nami and Usopp stayed on their toes whenever he would appear in front of them, because they were Luka's friends foremost.

And Luka and Law didn't seem to be on good terms either, keeping their distance away from each other.

This was not how Luka ever wanted it.

In her mind, she thought that he would end up with Bonney, and her feelings would change. Yet her emotions were all over the place.

Yet Law was supposed to be her friend. She was supposed to get over him, and they would go back into being best friends.

Instead she made him hate her guts.

Nami was the first to start seeing this mood change of Luka's. She seemed so carefree, yet she was lost in thought. Which was something Nami thought was impossible for the girl.

She dragged Luka to the side, raising her arm up, blocking the girl from escaping. "Missing Law?"

Luka's face went dopey for a moment before she stared at her with a focused gaze. Taking a moment to realize that Nami knew exactly what was going on.

"So you don't hate each other."

She nodded, feeling her voice has disappeared.

"And you're not gonna do anything? Just let it end?"

She took a huge breath, and leaned against the wall. "I don't know what to do anymore. He makes me mad, and now he's mad at me."

"Maybe I should be paid for these therapy lessons…" the orange-haired said, noting how fast Luka opened up, while she hasn't said a word otherwise. "What do you think will make it up beween you two?"

"I dunno, a pie?"

"Or?" she stressed the word.

"Blueberry pie?"

"Or something completely different?"

"Cherry pie?"

She facepalmed, "Not relating to pie. Maybe apologize? Explain yourself? Try to fix what got broken?"

The girl shook her head. There was no way she could tell Law about it all happened because of her crush. Not when he was in a relationship. "I can't."

"Then get him a gift? Not pie, but maybe a fancy pen?"

"His motorcycle!" Luka's mind went straight to his bike. That was the thing he cared most about.

"How are you suppose to get the money for that?"

This question led to Garp's delight. The two girls shown up in front of him, asking for such a favor, in return for Luka leading his club, actually getting involve instead of just going because he said so.

A woman sat on the staircase, overlooking the driveway where a red motorcycle was parked. She tapped her foot, her hands grasped together, and her heart skipped a beat when the door opens.

This was the moment.

"Tra-Law," she switched mid-sentence, "Sorry I couldn't fix Bepo."

"It's okay…?" Law stared at her, scanning her for any facial features, not understanding what was happening. "In a year or three, she could get back to running." Even his tone of voice sounded uncertain of that claim.

"You know what? Let me ride with you again," she stated clearly, taking his hand and walking over to the end of the porch, where he could see the bike from. "Even when you don't have a girlfriend, let me ride with you."

"Wha-?" he said out of shock.

"I love you," she took a deep breath, "So let me ride with you."

She meant those words, unlike the fakeness she has been showing for the last month or so.

She always lingered for this moment, and it was finally happening. There were no troubled feelings about rejection or worries.

Because this was how she truly felt.

He stared at her with widen eyes and a blank mind. A confession was never in his thought process.

Luka and Law, together once again, road each and every day past the old oak tree where M.D.L. and T.D.L. were craved in the bark, to last for the years to come. They rode together in harmony and played like they used too. Luka loved this all, and squeezed him in his arms, enjoying his scent. She loved this time that she spent with him, it was sweet and wonderful like a summer's breeze.

Everyone knew of their names, of the mysterious boy suddenly smiling each day in class, and of the carefree girl without a single worry in the world.

Sitting on the bike, with her arms wrapped around his waist, and her head resting on his shoulder. With the breeze blowing their hair, with papers from unzipped bags trailing their way, and an older brother right at their heels.

This was what she wanted.

This was her seat, right behind Law's.

The End.

Who would have thought this would have been updated? Well, after taking a long break and having a fit of writer's block, I decided to try to get back into writing by redoing this oneshot (plus, with several reviews asking for it to be redone). Now that I'm redoing it, I found out that this could have had two endings, one where Luka moved on, finding Bonney to be a good girlfriend, and enjoying the small moments with Law. Or having her feelings finally accepted, accomplishing her and Law's dream, and Law seeing that his crush on someone he never knew really well wasn't true love. The first draft (which was taken down in favor of this mostly because of grammar/spelling mistakes) was the first ending listed, while this draft is of the second.

I am a fan of people moving forward in their love lives. Because it shows character development, but if I don't show the characters getting over their love, then it doesn't count (which was what happened in the first draft).

So, thanks for all who reviewed so far, and I hope that new readers enjoy this fresh reboot!